Trump’s troop makes pitch to delegates at RNC meeting

by Ben Kamisar
April 22, 2016

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Top Donald Trump aides descended on the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting to sell their path to victory to the very party insiders the GOP front-runner argues are helping to “rig” the nomination process.

Trump’s landing party included top aides Paul Manafort, Ed Brookover, and Rick Wiley, as well as former GOP contender Ben Carson.

RNC members packed into a small conference room at the ritzy Diplomat Hotel & Spa in Southern Florida for the Trump presentation. While the members were greeted with heaping displays of antipasto, as well as raw oysters, shrimp and crab legs, some people fled the room in search of some space.

“It was like sardines in there,” one RNC member said. “But sardines have more room.”

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  • Gary Smith says:

    Just a loudmouth egomaniac

  • TOM says:

    Kathy keep them in line, problem with this country is the frickin bottom feeders Just watch waters on O’Reilly show that explains allot. People don’t even know who the current VP is. One lady also thought Bengazhi was someone Clinton was running against. Then we wonder how Barack got elected.

  • Pete says:

    Any other republican primary in the last fifty years would have designated the candidate with a 300 point lead this late in the race the presumptive nominee. This time they are still trying to place someone they can control in as the nominee. At least a third, (8 3/4 million Trump voters)and more likely two thirds (6 1/2 million Cruz voters added to Trumps 8 3/ million),of their voter base is angry enough with the GOP good old boys to turn the entire lot out into the street the next time they come up for a vote. Talk about self destruct, the GOP establishment are killing themselves.

  • Seedman says:

    This is chameleon Donald’s Republican in name only attempt at let’s make a deal. Immoral and prideful to the core of his being, Trump and his tag along groupies are being set up by God for a fall which will be well deserved. America is sin sickened which only a massive revival can change.

  • champion2211 says:

    They will mingle, eat your food and accept the rest that is offered but more than likely will stab you in the back. They go by what the bosses say to do. Being it was so crowded in that people could hardly move and all they wanted was the goodies Trump provided just as they do in their jobs. Greedy. We will see but I don’t see any of them changing their minds. Expect the best but end up with the worst.

  • PEGIDA USA says:

    If you can’t beat TRUMP you better join TRUMP. The future of the Republican Party depends upon it. Cruz can’t get away with his “gotta SIN to ‘win'” policy in the general election.

    1. helensatmary says:

      What B. S.

    2. Reasoned thinker says:

      PEGIDA USA — I totally agree with you . . . including the part about “. . . future of the Republican Party . . .” Go Trump 2016.

    3. truthseeker says:

      Trump has dealt with all kinds of characters. Cruz thinks he is so smart to cheat in Iowa, Colorado and in Utah ., but forgets- ” Nature has a way of paying you back in your own Coin”. A Criminal can devise a Perfect Crime, but there is no such thing as a Perfect Criminal . Just like there is no honor amongst thieves .

  • Kanawah says:

    Hopefully, the path to victory that Trump is mapping out is for Hillary and the democrats.

    If we do not kick every last republican out of elected or appointed office, our nation will not be safe.

    1. Marvin Harris says:

      what rat hole did you crawl out of

      1. champion2211 says:

        He is still crawling around in the oval office.

        1. truthseeker says:

          Remember our Muslim President had a Mole/rat that ran right out in front of the News Cameras during the day. The White House has had a Bee infestation also., or was it actually a Fly infestation. The First year there was a Party at the White House ever 3 days. That is a lot of garbage .

    2. mike cook says:

      Hillary is a Socialist…that is enough to disqualify her for the presidency. The US is a Democratic Republic, not a Socialist country. That is the issue with Obama, he is a Socialist. Say NO to another Socialist, un American leader.
      Those who want Hillary are nothing but takers, not producers.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Hillary should of went to Prison a long time ago, but we can still hope .

    3. Joyce Brogan says:

      Yes,we are safe now,Right??With Isis knocking our door and drugs pouring across our border.That makes us all bet!

  • kathy diamond says:

    empty pockets, Having a meeting and making sure the guests had something to eat is ” HIJACKING THE PARTY, EFFORT TO RUN FOR DICTATOR ???? do you realize how stupid that sounds?? It appears you have no objection to the sleeze Cruz people do !! Get a life. This shows Trump has mannors & is classy enough to provide food for his guests. Not a DAMN thing wrong with that

    1. catfish says:

      What are “mannors”????????? Do raw oysters and crab legs solve the nation’s problems? Trump has no clue as to how the world turns, so trying to buy friends is his only recourse.

      1. kathy diamond says:

        catfish, Spelling is not the subject, that shows no manners. I guess if you were hosting a lunch you would probably do hot dogs & hamburgers. Now if oysters & crab legs shows according to your counterpart helensatmary Ego Liar, & disingenuous your idea of lunch would get you thrown out of your trailer court

      2. HENRI says:


        1. clem says:

          A catfish is all mouth, no brains and a bottom feeder.

          1. HENRI says:


          2. clem says:

            Typing in all caps just means you are too stupid to correctly use punctuation.

          3. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

            dont be a punctuation nazi, its very annoying

          4. HENRI says:


      3. truthseeker says:

        Trying to buy. They are up for sale. You know as everyone knows they will sell out to the highest bidder.

      4. TOM says:

        Catfish, Trump has no clue as to how the world turns? Are you frickin kidding yourself. He knows more about how the world turns than most current elected officials, His problem is he will go something about it, where is most today look the other way.

    2. helensatmary says:

      Classy, he is not, Proper English, he knows not. Ego, through the roof,
      Truthful, no, no, not quite. Disingenuous,oh yeah!!!!

    3. HENRI says:


  • empty pockets says:

    He’s trying to stage a cuckoo bird-style coup and hijack the Party and its infrastructure for himself since his past efforts to run for Dictator never got off the launch pad for lack of infrastructure and laziness on his part in not wanting to spend the time, effort and money to build his own. His Trump-sters (and him) have offered enough near and outright threats to let us know if we fight him, he’ll make it a hostile takeover. A real garbage human.

    1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

      The republican establishment along with the Cruz super pac are spending 70 million per week on negative ads all over TV, radio and the internet against Trump.
      Trump is funding his own campaign, is under budget, and also in the lead for a probable win of the nomination. He has the most delegates, he got the most votes, dictators dont get voted on.
      The 70 million the establishment is spending to ruin the man is sickening, the coup d’ etat you speak of is the republican establishment undermining the election process and scheming to put in a candidate more to their liking in Cleveland at the republican national convention. I dont know where you get your information, but clearly you are a sheep who bought into the 70 million in negative attack ads against Trump. Dig alittle deeper, Trump cant be bought and they are all bought and paid for and they dont make a move unless approved by their puppet masters the lobbyists or special interests ,
      They are afraid they will lose their power and gravy train of cash they get from lobbyists and special interests if Trump gets in, because he doesnt accept money from special interests or lobbyists.

      1. helensatmary says:

        Trump is the one spending $70,000 a month to destroy Cruz!!Got your facts a little mixtem up!!!

        1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

          70 million!!! the republican establishment spends every week on negative attack ads against Trump. Thats why you think of Trump the way you do, your a sheep.
          No one has ever had this much money spent against them by their own party. you need to think about why they are doing it. It should make Americans very angry that our party leaders think they know whats best when they have had the majority in both houses of congress and they have done nothing to secure the border, nothing to help veterans and nothing to help get jobs back, they all platforms of Trump’s that he brought out into the open, Cruz did nothing on any of those issues. Now suddenly he’s going to help vets and get jobs and secure the border with a wall. as a sitting senator he did none of those things.

          1. jug says:

            “By their own party?”

            Trump’s party has never been anything but liberal democrat, and still is! (No matter which one he was registered with at any given time! And that is something like 5 switcheroos to date!)

            It was Bill Clinton’s idea that he run on the republican ticket, and an absolutelly brilliant idea at that! A win-win situation, any way one looks at it!
            Yep, Hillary’s very own Trojan Horse!

          2. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

            yes right he’s going through all this to be a trojan horse. geez. why?

          3. jug says:

            Because he is good friends with the Clintons and has been for years!
            Slick Willie dreamed up having him run on the republican ticket as opposed to the more natural, for him, democrat ticket.

            That way, a democrat wins, which ever way the national election goes.
            A truly brilliant, win-win scenario!

            What Trump is doing, is for HIM, not YOU!
            You are being lied to, again and big time!

            “They” call him an “honest” businessman, but dont fool yourself, he lies second only to his friend Hillary!

          4. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

            someone investigating the Zapruder film spotted Trump on the grassy knoll. He may have been the second shooter in the Kennedy assassination and as a favor to the Clintons they say Trump knocked off Vince Foster.too. now thats a conspiracy.!!

      2. empty pockets says:

        Well he DOES hire lobbyists to run his campaign. Manafort is just such a one and has lovely dictator friends, too and lots of practice in influence peddling just like Donald. As for funding his own campaign, he’s “borrowing” money from himself (and one or more of his companies?) and “leasing” his plane from himself. If he gets the nod he expects those “loans (spending overinflated) to be paid off by the RNC and//or those big corporate crony-sts you loathe so much. LOL…you Trump-sters buy anything.

        BTW, many millions more voted NOT Trump but in your warped view all of US and OUR votes don’t count for as much as yours. As for dictators not getting elected, your ignorance of even fairly recent history is abysmal. Hitler was elected. So were others and then there’s the tyrannical oligarchy of the USSR with a…yes…dictator at the top who was elected in supposedly “free elections’ a lot like those in Iran, I imagine. .

        1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

          , Funny you cant see the difference between the lobbyists and special interests paying our lawmakers for special attention and Trump financing his own campaign, who cares how he does it, its been done with his own capital. Thats the point.
          in the republican party which is all we are concerned with here millions more voted Trump, millions who never even voted before.
          wow man are you simply a sheep? or a recent high school student? either way u funny.

          1. empty pockets says:

            Ah…just another “poorly educated” and proudly ignorant Trump-ster with a comprehension deficit….and a waste of time. You’re determined to remain fact free so…Good bye.

          2. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

            You stick with the establishment candidates, because we have all been treated so well by the Washington establishment. Let the astounding amount of money our lawmakers receive from lobbyists and special interests influencing everything they do continue to be the rule of the day.

      3. gf says:

        Bingo, my man! Donald J. Trump, will end the DC shuffle. This is what scares, the hell out of them. The gravy train, of screwing the US taxpayers, will come to an end.

    2. Triple J Jackson says:

      Your a straight ignoramus! I guess you prefer Hildabeast

      1. empty pockets says:

        The unindicted career criminal…you have some kind of delusions going on. Drug induced or psychoses?

    3. jcadla says:

      You need to wake up from your fantasy dream and face the truth. Trump is the only one who knows what our problems are and is willing to sacrifice his time and money to fix them. The “Party” of which you speak are who got us into a near BK mess in the first place and deserve no support from any real American.

      1. Lilly Putney says:

        The Dems was in office a long time till we got smart and changed the senireo. If they was so great why didn’t they get something done right when they had the chance. Both the house and the senate was in control for Os first term. Not very bright all the succeeded in doing was saddle us with the worst health plan in history. Are you really sure that is what you want? Be careful what you wish for. You could be cutting of your nose to spite your face. Even Canada’s health plan is better than what we have.

        1. empty pockets says:

          Then you support Ted Cruz since he is the only one left who will repeal Obamacare and work to get free market reforms that really will get gov’t out of your health ins/care thereby making it more affordable and more efficient.

          Bernie, Hillary, Donald and Kasich all support gov’t health care/Obamacare.

          1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

            I was actually liking Cruz for awhile then i saw an early debate and learned that Ted Cruz is a puppet for the high tech lobby, he aggressively supported the H1B visa program which gets 650 thousand American high tech workers fired each year and replaces them with cheap foreign labor from mostly India, this is the same program that got the Disney workers fired.
            Ted Cruz also wanted to increase the program by 500% which is outrageous,
            Cruz also added two amendments to the gang of 8 and wanted the gang of 8 amnesty to pass,
            Cruz also got a “loan” for 1 million from Goldman Sach’s where his wife is a top executive, he failed to mention it ,its being investigated by the federal elections committee. So whats he got to do for that money?
            Ted Cruz is part of the establishment, he takes money from lobbyists and special interests just like the rest of our bought and sold lawmakers. so no thank you Ted Cruz is a freaken fraud, I would never vote for him.

      2. helensatmary says:

        Pure Baloney…He just wants something else to brag about…You will get ILL from all his BRAGGING!!! Even if he does nothing….LIke his bragging about all the men he sent to help when this tragedy occurred on 9/11, which he refers to it as 7/11!!! but he didn’t send anyone! He also said he was there and picked up a little of the debris but he wasn’t!! He strolled by three days later. Liar!,!!!!!!! Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. empty pockets says:

        Trump has no clue what our problems are, less about their causes and is utterly out to lunch on what needs to be done to fix them. He’s not really even curious about learning either. He could not debate Cruz on the issues for 5 minutes without even you recognizing all he does is blurt, boast, bloviate and bully. He’s sacrificing nothing. Some believe he’s just doing this as a protest and to build his “brand”. Others think he’s doing it to ensure his good friend Hillary gets elected (since he loses to her in every poll and that convo w/ Bubba two weeks before he entered). He’s gotten way over $2 billion in free advertising from the media that will run exposes of him wall to wall if he’s the nominee so he could be the guy who does what even the worst dem pres candidate did (lost 49 of 50 states) by losing every state including his own.

        1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

          empty pockets you’ve got nothing, you sound like a freaken cry baby, 17 polished politicians down and two more to go. Not bad for an outsider, Polls say he loses to Hillary? he hasnt even started on crooked Hillary yet. Also there are 70 million in negative ads attacking Trump seeking to ruin the man. It has consequences, Trump will weather it and absolutely be the last man standing!!!
          TRUMP 2016

          1. Lilly Putney says:

            The problem here is she must have voted for Mr O and thinks that Trump will be as useless as O was. Mr O never ran a business hired a person for a job. All he was a first term senator. Knew nothing about any thing.

            At least Mr Trump has built a business hired people to work for him and made a lot of money for them and him self. Just a spoil sport. Go Trump

    4. kbfallon says:

      Now we see why your pockets are empty….

      1. Joyce Brogan says:

        So is his head.

      2. empty pockets says:

        I doubt you see much truth at all. But just for grins and giggles, I’ll attempt to fill the void in you head with at least an iota of understanding…maybe. That screen name was born during the tea party coming to life and signified I, like many thousands of others, was sick of having my “pockets” picked to support bigger and bigger government. “Taxed enough already”…or maybe you were not paying attention waaaay back then fairly early in Obama’s first term.

        1. kbfallon says:

          There you go ! Now we KNOW why you have lint in your pockets. You stick with Turd Cruz-see what that gets you.

    5. Joyce Brogan says:

      You make no sense,please try to grow a brain.

      1. empty pockets says:

        Went right over your head did it? Poor thing…Take your own advice.

        1. Joyce Brogan says:

          Nothing that makes sense goes over my head,just have have a hard time understanding ignorance.

    6. jug says:

      Of course!
      A liberal democrat trying to impersonate a conservative republican!
      Doing a pretty good job of it too, right up until he starts to surpass the person he is being a Trojan Horse for!
      She, or her husband who came up with this brilliant plan, must have just given him new marching orders, to “pull back a little”!

      Otherwise, he wouldnt have let the cat out of the bag, when he just made the statement that “transgenders”, or those that claim to be, should be able to use the restroom of their choice!

      Yep, sounds pretty conservative to me, NOT!

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