President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Monday announcing his plan to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, according to multiple reports.

He will instead start individual trade negotiations with the countries in the partnership, NBC News reported.

Those who will head up the new deals include Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and the head of the White House Trade Council, Peter Navarro.

Trump vowed before he assumed office to withdraw from the TPP trade agreement as his first order of business in the White House.

He called the Pacific Rim trade agreement a “potential disaster for our country” and said he prefers bilateral trade deals.

The TPP was President Obama’s signature trade deal and the one he had hoped to push through Congress before leaving office. Withdrawing from it would unravel years of work and inject fresh uncertainty into global relations, particularly in the Asia-Pacific.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Between The TPP and the North American Free Trade Agreement, it was possible for American Companies making their products in Mexico, Phillipines, Europe, and other places and selling them her as “American Made” products from overseas. No matter how you spell it, it was still a foreign made product,
    imported “duty free”.so they could make a profit.Would you like to buy a car made in Mexico and pay the same price as if it was made in Detroit?

  • NM Leon says:

    Good 1st day, may he have many more.

  • justinwachin says:

    If memory serves me correct the TPP details were a state secret. I agree with President Trump. We need to negotiate deals that are going to benefit us now and in the future.

    For all the never Trumpers in the crowd, let me remind you that Hillary switched from supporting to opposing the TPP when she saw that popular opinion was against this deal.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      She just didn’t realize how bad people opposed her!! 🙂

  • maxx says:

    This will tell us whether it was a good trade agreement or a bad one. If the other nations also back out it means that the US was the country getting the shaft by the others, as now is the case with the UN. America gets nothing out of the UN but the largest bills. ROI = $0.00

  • Dan says:

    There was nothing in the TPP that would help the United States. This was a deal that wasn’t allowed to be read by congress but was given login access to special interest company representatives. What’s wrong with this picture? Good for the Trump administration!

  • vince says:

    AMERICA with PRESIDENT TRUMP is starting to wake up……..Thank GOD

  • Gregg Jensen says:


  • McFerguson says:

    Good. It’s always better to go the bi-lateral trade agreement route with individual nations rather than going the collective route. I’m with the Trumpster on this…Since Obozo was for it, and he usually wanted deals that would diminish the U.S economically, politically or culturally, I’m automatically against it.

    1. maxx says:

      The TPP was just another deal like the one Oblowhard made with Iran. The US lost and Iran won. The cost to the US was astronomical and that is only counting the money that was exposed. .

      1. McFerguson says:

        And on his last day in office, maxx, Obozo sent $221 million hard-working taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians – another shiv between the shoulder blades of the Israelis. When ever Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu were together for an official function of some kind, Obama seemed diminished, small, overshadowed by a true Warrior who fought for his country. And one could sense that Obama knew it since all he ever did was criticize his country. He never fought for it…

  • Tiger says:

    He did it and he was right to do it, most of Europe is against it and Obama was met with riots in Germany against the TPP when he made this last trip to Europe, they don’t want it and Obama went there to push it.

    1. Roy says:

      Whether or not the Europeans want it should have no bearing on whether we enter into the agreement or not. It’s the other side of the world from them and it’s none of their business, What’s important is whether it was good for the American people or not. And it most certainly and categorically was NOT. It not only was bad from a trade point of view but it also gave up a portion of our sovereignty to an international body – something we should NEVER do under ANY circumstances, not the way the world is right now. Obama and Clinton liked the idea of making the United States weaker by ceding parts of our sovereignty – to TPP, to the UN Small Arms Treaty and to anything else they could find to help hack off pieces of our rights. My touchstone over the last eight years has been if Obama liked it, it couldn’t possibly be good for our country or for the American people. January 20, 2017 – the end of a grievous eight year error!

      1. Tiger says:

        I am well aware of what you are saying and yes what happens across the pond is many times a reflection of what happens here. They are also fighting against Leftest like O and Hillary.

        I also along with millions of Americans watched in pain and horror as O gave our country piece by piece to the UN.

        1. gvette says:

          One of my customers in my shop was Davis Standard. They have several factorys around the country. One, being Fulton where I’m from. They also have a place in Germany. Anyway, as he was the comptroller for the company, he traveled there quit a few times a year. Germany had the same problem we have had. Factorys leaving. Germany finally said, if you want to sell in Germany, you’ll bring your factorys back. That’s how you protect your people.

          1. Tiger says:

            Exactly thank you for this post too many don’t bet that connection. I lived in Europe, the Orient and been to the ME and I am well aware of all the American corporations all over the world.

          2. gvette says:

            Ok. On to the next part of the story. That factory isn’t terribly productive. So I asked him why they don’t close it. He said, if they close the shop, the rules over there are, they would have to pay them the rest of their lives. Tiger, I always enjoyed the people that came into my business. Amazing what you can lean, when you listen.

          3. Tiger says:

            True that and I have spent a lifetime listening to those people in other countries, we are very much alike in many ways, once a person wasn’t totally educated until a trip to Europe, I know why.

      2. maxx says:

        The giving up of sovereignty was the major reason Britain got out of the EU. All power was headquartered in Brussels and all other member nations could pound sand according to Brussels. Germany should be the next nation to leave once they get rid of Merkel.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I agree, Merkel is Germany’s Obama, she’s been their worst ever!

  • Retired says:

    It’s a start in the right direction.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      along with the Use of the SHREDDING machine of MOST of ODUMBO EXECUTIVE DISASTERS!!! and MORE to come!! OORAHH

      1. Retired says:

        The train is rolling in the right direction.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          and Going by the Train Wreck of FUBAR OBAMA

  • James Maxwell says:

    Sounds good so far and a step in the right direction by someone who
    understand the bottom line and how to make business deals that do
    not destroy our economy. GO TRUMP

    1. The Redhawk says:


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