[Video] Hilarious… Hillary BeerParody

March 22, 2015

“She wouldn’t acknowledge you at a press conference if she had one. She e-mails on her own server, because it’s convenient. As a Clinton, foreign governments donate to her. She e-mails often and, when she does, the public can’t see it… Stay secretive, my friends.”

Hillary Clinton now finds herself linked to “the Most Interesting Man in the World” from those popular Dos Equis commercials, but probably not in the way she would have hoped for.

In a new online video by the Republican National Committee, Clinton is cast as “the least transparent person in the world” amid ongoing questions about her e-mailing practices as secretary of state. With catchy guitar riff and all, the video goes onto to list how Clinton earned that title in the style of the beer ads.  H/T NRO

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  • JT says:

    Hillary Bilary They are both soo dishonest here can’t see the forest for the Trees.They both need to go away FOREVER.

  • Retta says:

    Clinton Foundation money sources: Today’s post from rt (dot) com
    (backslash) usa/243017-ukraine-clinton-foreign-donors

    Ah yes, more transparency.

  • Kathleen Charnell says:

    Republicans have done nothing but obstruct. They have not put forth any plans that would help with health care, immigration, the homeless, veterans ,a fair minimum or a living wage., women’s rights, just to name a few. They love to build a bigger defense budget,more tax breaks & loop holes for big business. They refuse to acknowgle climate change.They want to destroy The affordable Health Care Act & return over 65 million to ranks of those who otherwise would not be able to afford healthcare.people with preexisting health conditions would not be able to get insurance. Others again could be wiped out with Catastrophic illnesses . They don’t want to give immigrants a path to citizenship.They want to limit disability benefits, unemployment benefits, gut Social Security.The 47 republicans who sent a letter to Iran telling them that whatever agreements were made under President Obama’s watch would be null & void once he left office are the treasonous ones. George Bush, Dick Cheney. Paul Wolfowitz, Condalesa Rice, Collin Powell took this country to war based on lies, they are the treasoness ones. This country was in financial ruin under the last Bush presidency, & is just now starting to recover. The country under President Clinton had no deficit & a balanced budget..

    After many months of investigation concerning Bengazi, it is a fact that Secretary Clinton had done nothing wrong. Now the Republicans are trying to destroy her with this overblown issue re: e-mails. Let them read the records . They are running scared. They have always used lies & the fear factor .
    They claim they are so Christian, yet they care nothing for the common man

    1. Retta says:

      Not going to waste a lot of time rebutting each of your arguments. However, 2007-2008, both houses of Congress were controlled by democrats. 700 bills were ignored. 2013/2014, before the mid-term election, over 300 bills were ignored. In the same time frame, 28 of 45 bills were ignored by the President, flatly stating that he will veto them. So much for Republicans not doing anything. Pro women? Really? Vincent Sheheen, NC gubernatorial candidate calls the female governor a whore, then laughs about it? Democrat John Foust’s snarky comment that Barbara Comstock never had a real job? He lost, she won. When she was elected, she declared that she guessed she had a real job. Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin, derisively compared Joni Ernst’s appearance to a 24-year-old pop icon. He too, lost to her, after feeding off the government’s trough since 1985. Yup, definitely a war against women. And OMG, the racist white honkeys of Utah, voted a black, female, daughter of immigrants, to represent them. That 2.5% black population must have been really busy (sarcasm alert) Wake up my friend. Smell the smoke.

    2. David Shelby says:

      Sounds like you are frustrated, and I really cannot blame you. I personally think about as much these politicians, as you have ‘love’ for the gop..Let us come together and have a nice? little reality therapy session shall we..I understand your sentiments that the repubs do not put forth ideas, I believe you said obstructionist…1) The american people most likely would never know of any plans the’pubs came up with as the media is anti-common sense (same with MANY POLITICIANS) 2). The current occupant of the address on PENNSYLVANIA AVE D.C. has done two things really well-first is talk-and talk..blame bush..AND LIE LIKE A DOG!! Great job Obama, YOU oversaw the only credit DOWNGRADE in U.S. History..and Obama you can surely SPEND money..as long as it is NOT YOUR PERSONAL money.. Lastly PLEASE do not allow B.O. to SEE MY POST, HE might feel the NEED to go PLAY GOLF and I just could’nt SLEEP knowing that HE was UPSET..I MEAN AFTER all his HARD WORK attempting to turn the u.s. into oh lets’ say KENYA………………………………………………………………………..

    3. JT says:

      I don’t know what you’ve been Smokin or maybe you drank too much of Obams koolaid ,But ,You need to open your EYES and see the REAL world ,He has done nothing but put our country on a muddy road with slick tires ,I hope we survive his reign God Bless America


    -JEEP- USN. RET.-

    1. Retta says:

      Life can be better, forget her.

  • DRKAHN says:

    Hillary and he husband are both immorally

  • Richard Hutchinson says:

    The cause of the problem’s of the American people can be seen at their
    own door steps !!!

  • L.E. Liersner says:

    As repulsive as it would seem to her, if she was elected to the presidency, it would only be a harder left third term for Obama. Her political ideology is even more to the left than Obama’s, I know that’s hard to believe. Obama is just a dyed in the wool communist, she is a hard core communist. To her, Honor, Duty, Country has been replaced with, I, Me, and My, with Obama it was merely I Won. What make it worst is the greatest share of Republicans are moving to the left with rapid speed trying to keep up with the Democrats quest for power

    1. James Maxwell says:

      I hate to disagree with you but her election would make o’muzzie look
      like a amateur terrorist. She and her party would create hatred, discontent
      and distrust on a scale that o’muzzie could only imagine. He opened the
      flood gate of corruption in our nation and the GOP RINO’s rolled over
      and kissed his backside. If she succeeded in getting elected she would
      push their game plan even further, faster and harder totally ignoring the
      United States Constitution and our legal system. She has already
      displayed a distance for the legal system since she was kicked off
      congressional committee for her vile nature and lies. When she was
      with Bill in the White House her evil nature came up again and again
      as the Secret Service members said after they left the White House.
      The scandals have followed her and grown over the years and she
      cannot change her strip, she is a vile, evil person who will circumvent
      or just ignore the law if it doesn’t suit her.

    2. Victoria DeLacy says:

      This is why America needs to elect Ted Cruz to the Presidency next year, to repeal every word of Obama-non-Care and begin restoring the nation back to her Constitutional foundations. An excellent ticket that would surely win would be Cruz/Pence, with Mike Pence of Indiana on the ticket as the VP.

    3. Winston says:

      Democrats are now composed of: classic (Kennedy), left, progressive(socialists), communists, and radical muslims. They cover all the bases which are anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Rule of Law, NWO globalists, anti-sovereignty, and Sharia compliant. As for the RepubliCANTs, yes, many (RNCites) are also left-leaning social justice NWO elites and a small collection of Tea Party patriots (Christian, Constitutional, Conservatives – C3). What’s wirse is that all the Democrates and the GOP elitists have been given over to their selfish lusts by God. He’s blinded them to their ways with a reprobate mind. It IS end times prophecies being fulfilled as we, who have spiritual discernment, observe it. Our problem is that it will only get worse as many will die when the SHTF.

  • Ray Ambrozaitis says:

    Can we talk about this far right fringe group referred to as Tea Potty Christian Conservative Confederate Republicans? They are all about individual freedoms. They parade around under not the US flag but under the Gadsden at the Capitol Dome above which flies “Old Glory”. They scream for what they call States Rights and of course they want individual rights. Well they sort of want individual rights. They want individual rights that suit them personally. They are so splintered they can not even agree on who founded their movement. Ask and it is guaranteed you will get multiple answers. Anyhow they interpret not only The Constitution leaving out parts they do not care for like “well regulated militia” but they now seem to have a real thing for grandfathering laws so that they exist before they were even bills. Oh and they definitely have a completely different set of laws for the Clintons. Ignorance is bliss and as I see it they are the most blissful on the face of this earth.

    1. GypsyCowboy says:

      Sounds like democrat talking points. I would venture to guess you are a kool aide drinker, no I would put a saw buck on it…

    2. Bob says:

      While I have never heard of this party you speak of, I have heard of the Tea Party, which is the “boogie man” of far left loons, which you seem to be. Let me dissect your post for a moment:

      “They are all about individual freedoms”; Yes the Tea Party is for individual freedoms. Too bad the left is not. You rule by Executive Order and pass laws with NO debate allowed.

      “They parade around under not the US flag but under the Gadsden at the Capitol Dome above which flies “Old Glory”. As opposed to the lie that “we stand for the troops but are against the war”, then go out and vote against or neuter any and all programs that benefit the troops or their families. Remember, the VA scandal was on the watch of a Democratic Congress and White House.

      “Anyhow they interpret not only The Constitution leaving out parts they do not care for…” A very favorite tactic of the left. Even SNL, long a bastion of liberalism, ridiculed this President and his use of Executive Orders to get his way and bypass and check or balance called for in the Constitution that he claims to be a “scholar” of.

      “Oh and they definitely have a completely different set of laws for the Clintons.” No they just wish the Clintons would follow the laws they swore to uphold. Remember, Bill was only the second President ever impeached.

    3. Doug says:

      Too much Kool-Aid for you my friend that is unless you are one many welfare people on the take from this Marxist bunch of radical idiots.

    4. Bill Hartman says:

      You made up the name, including the word “Confederate” (which anyone who knows history realizes means Democrats, not Republicans). As is nearly universal for liberal bloggers, you call conservative positions absurd, but fail to present any real arguments against those positions, and fail to identify an alternate position. So you don’t deserve a reply. But here goes.

      The word “militia” as used by the founding fathers was a reference to the whole of the people of appropriate age and physically capable of bearing arms. So the Second Amendment says that since the people themselves, organized as the militia, are a necessary part of a free state, all individuals have the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms (military-style firearms). There can be no militia (organized citizens who can fight as a military unit) if the people have been disarmed. Note that it is “assault rifles” (meaning military style personally carried weapons) for which we have a right to own and carry; there is no fundamental human right to have weapons to hunt animals, only to have weapons capable of killing humans.

      The fact that individual communities and states no longer organize the militia (armed people) does not eliminate the right to be armed. And it continues to be of value that the people as a whole are armed in the US: (1) to reduce crime (everyone knows that the states and communities where the right to bear arms is forbidden have the highest crime levels; (2) to make the US impossible to conquer (an EMT attack that crippled the military would not leave us defenseless); (3) to ensure that a despot, internal or external, could never rule the US; and most important, (4) so that the obvious unalienable individual right to defend yourself and your family against any attack of any source (even animal) is retained.

      Hillary Clinton purposely concealed public documents from required public scrutiny (including Freedom of Information Act requests and requests from congress) for two years. Then she only turned over those documents she wanted to. This is by her own admission. This is a felony, punishable by fine and imprisonment. And if guilty, by law, she is barred from holding any office in the United States.

      There is no doubt that what she did is felonious. The only question is, does she have any reasonable excuse for felonious conduct? Any reason other than to be able to personally control property which is not hers, that belongs to the US government and the people? Her excuses have been absurd. She said that she wanted the convenience of carrying only one cell phone. A lame excuse at best. But actually an absurd one, since she started carrying two cell phones after she resigned. That she was unfamiliar with the requirements which she violated is disproved by the fact that she punished a department member for violating those requirements.

      The way you and other liberals downplay this shows that you do not respect the law and do not recognize that it must apply to everyone. This is obviously Hillary’s perspective. She went to a lot of trouble to set up that separate server when she started the position so that she would have total personal control of her emails during her time in office. This is purposeful and flagrant, not some kind of unintentional oversight on her part.

      As for the question “who/where/when/how the Tea Party movement started”, I can see why you are having a problem. Progressive “movements” (such as OWS) only pretend to be spontaneous. They are always planned in detail. I had a co-worker who grew up in the USSR, and joked how they would be told “there will be a spontaneous demonstration this afternoon at 1pm”.

      The Tea Party movement is genuinely spontaneous in character. It arose from tens or hundreds of thousands of citizens realizing, in a short time frame, in reaction to absurd liberal programs and attacks, that our liberties are in eminent danger. As such, it spread quickly from multiple sources. It also has no central organization.

      1. Fred Kiely says:

        Outstanding reply Bill, You must soar with eagles.

      2. Retta says:

        Thanks, Bill.

    5. Bob says:

      Where do you hear of this party that you now attack? I have heard of the “Tea Party”, which is now the “boogie man” of far left loons (which you seem to be a member in good standing) but I have never heard of this other group tou rail against. Is it a figment of a delusional mind?

      Please allow me to dismiss your rant, point by point:

      “They are all about individual freedoms.” The Tea Party does believe in individual freedom. They do not believe that Government has the authority to demand citizens act in a certain way, but products from only approved vendors, or demand they pay fines for not voting (that’s in North Korea, not USA)

      “They parade around under not the US flag but under the Gadsden at the Capitol Dome above which flies “Old Glory”. As opposed to continue to spew forth the LIE that they “support the troops but not the war”, then vote to discontinue of limit any program that DOES support the troops or theirfamilies? Remember the VA scandal occurred under the Democratic “leadership” in the Senate and the White House.

      “They want individual rights that suit them personally…” Is this not a standing plank of the Democratic Party platform???

      “Oh and they definitely have a completely different set of laws for the Clintons…” No they just want them to follow the same laws they swore to uphold. Also, remember that Bill was only the second President impeached in the history of the US.

    6. Fred Kiely says:

      Ray you seem to suffer from opta rectomey. Translated that means you can’t see for shit because you have your head up your ass to far

    7. Winston says:

      Your mind is so blinded by your soul taint d by satanic kyats that you don’t know a thing about the Tea Party patriots. Most of what to criticise are the Libertarians, not Tea Party patriots. The Gadsden flag dies not replace Old Glory but brings emphasis to OUR Constitutional Bill of Right, which the Marxist left are hell bent on eroding into nothing. Why don’t you move to Cuba or Iran.

  • Patrice says:

    she is not only disgusting but dangerous, frightening. Satan’s handmaiden. If she’s prez after 8 years of the evil Jihadist Obama, we are doomed.

  • JAMES A. says:

    I come from a 10 kids Old Fashion Democrat family.
    My brother Jack, Carl Levin, Lt. Gov. James Brickley and I
    started the “MICHIGAN YOUNG DEMS” in 1953.
    Fast forward: J.F.K. was the last time I voted ‘Demorat’.
    When L.B.J. signed the New Society Medicare and Flipped
    on Vietnam , I was out of there. Libertarian were to ‘LOOSE’.
    So Ronald Reagan saved the Day for a while. The CAREER
    Repubilcan learned nothing from President Reagan and both
    Party’s have SLID backward til “WE” end up with an Islamic
    Idonesian-American I’ll take down America President.
    Remember Socialism inherent virtue is equal sharing of misery.
    Thats why I call myself a REAGANITE INDEPENDENT…
    Hillary will never fly because she shot herself in the WING…

    Peace with Prayers but carry a BIG STICK,

  • BILL says:

    She is totally disgusting, as well guilty of either murder or accessory to murder, and just like a little child are her actions are a poor example of a grown up. How many cases of treason is she guilty of?

    1. MORT MASON says:

      She has been one of the world’s most dishonest person since her first firing as an attorney, and from the Whitewater scandal through to today. Saints preserve us if she gets into our White House. We’ll be governed by the United Nations, heavily weighted by this nation’s enemies.

    2. sn says:

      Hopefully NO more. But if you vote for this witch (should she get nominated for prez); you will just let her and Billy boy have their run of the USA…. To the dumps

      1. Holice Pender says:

        Anyone who would vote for this liberal/marxist/socialist/witch is “an enemy of the USA” as far as I’m concerned. She is worse than Obama, she is a radical from the sixties, Her wishes for this country are far removed from what we as true, patriotic Americans stand for. If she runs I will not vote for her, I cannot express my disdain for her on a public forum such as this, they would not print it.

  • mustang6984 says:

    Billary is about as transparent as mud!

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