Walmart Shuttering 100s of Stores

January 15, 2016

Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market.

The stores being shuttered account for a fraction of the company’s 11,000 stores worldwide and less than 1 percent of its global revenue.

More than 95 percent of the stores set to be closed in the U.S. are within 10 miles of another Wal-Mart. The Bentonville, Arkansas, company said it is working to ensure that workers are placed in nearby locations.

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  • Mitch Darby says:

    The Marxist just wants a job and then to pass the torch to another Marxist, if she’s not in prison. But then, she has a back-up. An old commie.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    I hope they will tear down the hundreds of ugly big box stores and rip up the 2 acre parking lots and plant trees and grass.

  • THOMAS says:

    Just like gaylords an so many large stores in the past they build them selves out of business !

  • lafaverj says:

    Walmart went from a regular discount store to oversaturating the market with Superstore, just within about a 50 mile radius of where I live there are about 10-12 superstores, now it is nice to be able to shop for clothes, sporting goods, food, etc. In one stop, but having all these stores so close, and lets face it Walmart is also easy to steal from. We see everyday that one Walmart or another is either arrested, or caught on camera walking out with stuff, even big ticket items like TV’s get stolen. Walk around a store and see how many items are taken out of packaging, even DVD’s, CD’s, jewelry, clothes, food, I’ve seen people walking around stores with items they get from hot food, eating them and discarding the package, not paying for them, including rotissery chicken. Open cheese yogurt, etc. Eating them as they walk around the store many with their kids, great example these people present to their kids, and even grandkids.

  • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

    That rumbling sound residents of Bentonville hear is not an earthquake – it originates from the Bentonville City Cemetery – where Sam Walton is spinning in his grave. 😐

  • supergun says:

    This was warned what would happen with the healthcare. This is what happens under the liberal socialist agenda. The last 7 years.

  • cutterguy says:

    wonder if they lost enough business after bone head decisions like booting the confederate flag, baking an isis cake, etc.?

    1. I Seigel says:

      Or how about the fraud they committed in Mexico and other countries? And the fact that they’re losing business to Amazon? I don’t think a flag or a cake has too much of an impact on their global business.

  • JCMILLIONS says:

    I wonder if this is where the Obama/Clinton dictatorship plan to take you and your children after they destroy the second amendment and take ALL of your survival supplies, food, water, etc. . I know that they have been using some closed Walmarts as anti-American training facilities to learn how to implement Martial Law. Stupid Democrats living at Wallmart 24/7 the new CHANGE you voted for.

  • Shane says:

    They built too many stores and drove other businesses to bankruptcy. Now they close these stores and the public is screwed.

  • robert h siddell, jr says:

    The new K-Mart.

  • Dmac74 says:

    So where is that great rebounding economy obutthead tried lying to the people about. He is either completely out of touch what is happening in America let alone what is happening world wide. How can anyone be such an idiot thinking Americans are going to buy all his lies. Or is his mental capacity so limited he really believes his lies himself? Would be wonderful to have Congress and Senate that had some real honest courage and fired and evicted the incompetent usurper.

    1. Treading Water says:

      Hi Dmac,
      I have a question for you, you and a hundred million other misinformed Americans seem to have this idea that the country’s private financial health has anything to do with what the president, or any other public servant promises you!!! Besides being good-feeling talking points in his speech, just how do you think what he promises has any effects on Walmart’s management decision to close stores???
      When the bottom line no longer reflects the big-wig’s expectations over work out-put VS. income, the pres’s words, or hopes means “didley-squat”!!! Unless a business entity is government owned, the gov hasn’t anything to do with the country’s finances.

      1. Dennis says:

        Mr. Treading H2O;
        Oh really! I’m pretty sure the Government can have an “indirect influence” on the economy! Take a look at the power generation industry & how people are “influenced” to purchase these “less than efficient solar panels” or be stuck with these sky high electric bills since Obama killed the coal industry! Look at how the totalitarian government of Mexifornia influenced businesses to support the gay movement!! Like PG&E giving $800,000 to help defeat Proposition 8!!! If you don’t play the Establishment’s game, then businesses don’t get their support!

        Not to mention how high taxes and regulations have ran off businesses to off shore locations! But, I guess this is not something that “one of your stature” would consider!!!!!!!!

        1. CharlieSeattle says:

          The lure of LARGE bribes, er, I mean unlimited campaign contributions to Congress, who then created laws that allowed large businesses to run off shore and create larger untaxed profits in the first place.

          1. Dmac74 says:

            Thank You.

        2. Dmac74 says:

          Thank you. People like Treading make me mad. Then I get to rambling on lists of crap about obutthead and the admin and the cowards on “The Hill”. You and several other posts here really made my point. And a lot more rational and even covered more topics. Thank you again.

          1. Treading Water says:

            Dmac, my friend,
            Why did what I said piss you off?? Exactly WHAT can the government, an elected body of decision makers who create laws, and throw away our tax dollars on “pork”, do which influences private corporations??? The government cannot “create” jobs, which do not already exist. These jobs are funded NOT by the government, but by private company finances. If those companies cannot justify the expense of those positions through gross profits, then those positions are eliminated. If there isn’t a satisfactory return for a corporation’s investments, such as Wal-Mart’s over building of stores, then the management axe must fall. What is incorrect about my thinking??

        3. boone1 says:

          Hey friend don’t you know by now you can’t reason with a liberal and can’t talk to one either.

      2. jondarmes says:

        You really don’t have a clue, do you??
        GO TRUMP!!!

        1. supergun says:

          They have lost the gift of seeing the truth anymore.

        2. Kent2012 says:

          I think treading water forgot to tread for a while…all I hear is gurgaling….

          1. boone1 says:

            That’s that obama Kool-Aid he’s drinking he’s drowning in it.

        3. boone1 says:

          Treading water is a liberal idiot and liberals no nothing.

      3. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

        Guess you don’t remember Barry HUSSEIN o`BeyMe’s trumpeting about how many jobs he’s “created,” then.

      4. James Paul says:

        I think Dmac74 was only pointing out that Obama is a liar when he makes claims the economy is doing well, no where in his post does he blame Obama for the poor economy. But since you decided to go there lets see if I can answer your question. Like someone mentioned already Obama started a war against the coal industry by imposing expensive regulations on coal fired power plants. These extra costs get passed down to the consumers. So instead of that money going to market place, it goes to the utility companies so they can pay government fees.

        Obama has been pushing for amnesty and opened the door illegal immigration. So what affect does illegal immigration have on the economy? Illegals provide cheap labor for big business but it also puts tax paying Americans in a unemployment line. The wages earned by the illegals is not enough to sustain them while they are here in the U.S. so the tax payer gets to provide them with welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, free medical and education for their children. All this gets tacked on to our $20 trillion in debt.

        Oh by the way, you are aware that Obama doubled our debt, correct? Do you know how much interest we pay on $20 trillion? Its around $400 billion/year. Imagine if instead we used that money to start some jobs programs like fixing our roads or infrastructure. We have so much debt the Feds are afraid to raise interest rates because we could not pay the interest, we would go bankrupt. So in the meantime, people who saved for retirement all their lives are getting zero percent interest on their savings accounts.

        Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, as a result many people have had to drop their coverage. My brother’s premiums more than doubled he dropped his coverage, he couldn’t afford it. He had to make the decision, eat or health insurance, he chose to eat. That’s ok though because now there are millions of poor who have insurance paid for by the tax payer but ironically, the tax payers can’t afford it. All of the hospitals are looking to get out of the system, all of the insurance exchanges are broke because only people who get free coverage is applying for Obamacare. Don’t worry, we will just tack it on to the debt.

        I could go on but its more than likely a waste of time. People can point out the waste and abuse but we would have people like you that say “prove it”. As witnessed a couple days ago when Rand Paul speaks up and says hey ” Why don’t we audit the Federal Reserve” you see all the Democrats vote against the bill. Obama was very quiet about the subject, I didn’t hear him mention it one time but I’m sure he didn’t have anything to do with the bill getting voted down.

        1. Dmac74 says:

          James Thank you. You put things better than I did. But I can get carried away and get to rambling and ranting the more irritated I get. Several postings here did so much better than me. And made more and better true and honest points. Thank You again.

        2. boone1 says:

          James Paul you know it’s hard to talk to liberals I my self had a talk with this lady that work forty hours a week and made a good living obamacare took that away this lady went from forty hours a week to 16 hours a week she use to live by her self now she had to move in with her son and his family.Like you I could go on about this but no body cares anymore most people in America would rather be RED then dead.

      5. Gnowark says:

        treading in the cesspool: Oh, when it “improves” by FM (altering the math) obamao can lay claim, but when the “oldstyle” evaluations are used and show more accurate analysis, it’s not his fault? Have some more KoolAid, you’ll feel better!

        1. Dmac74 says:

          Thank You. Obutthead never takes any responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault. Kool Aid must be making a fortune.

      6. moparfan54 says:

        You miss the point, he said our economy is great , and not everyone agrees

        1. boone1 says:

          The economy is not great when you have over 95 million people out of work.

      7. boone1 says:

        Every Wal-Mart in this country makes over a BILLION aday so why would they close down stores wake the F–K up fools Wal-Mart is helping out the government on your dime to put your lazy ass in camp FEMA this is why your friends at Wal-Mart are closing stores to look up Vets and people that don’t like this communist government.It’s now time for REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR PEOPLE GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES NOW OR BE A SLAVE TO Obama.

        1. Treading Water says:

          Just to correct your math, Boone, I worked in one of those Wal-Marts, and attended the shift change management meetings. On an average day, the store would take in around 750–900 K. While that is huge, it’s a far cry from a BILLION.

          1. boone1 says:

            I live in Pinellas County Florida there are two super Wal-Marts here both take in a billion aday.

      8. Jons_On says:

        What part of over regulation do you not get?

      9. CharlieSeattle says:

        …the gov hasn’t anything to do with the country’s finances?

        Why do you waste time here?

        1. Treading Water says:

          Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…..Tch,tch,tch. I have been in the private sector–working at jobs for PRIVATE companies for 60 years. (retired now–TG!)
          Your comment about why I waste time here, while civil, simply tells me that you must either have misunderstood my statement, or you are someone who thinks of the government as your private piggy-bank.
          What I meant was that the government, aside from creating mass inflation by the endless printing of worthless paper money, not backed by gold or some other intrinsic currency, and by playing with the federal interest rates, has no bearing on yours, or my income. Too many people have this belief that O’bama was somehow supposed to magically solve the private wage-earners low incomes, and now blames the government officials because there’s not “a chicken in every pot”!!! As a public servant, funded through public taxation, just how do you think that the pres, or v-p, or any senators or anybody else influences private industry??

        2. boone1 says:

          Dude you’re nuts the government has everything to do with the country’s finances.If the government goes broke so does every business in this nation.

      10. boone1 says:

        The government has everything to do with country’s private financial health.Because when the government goes broke so does everyone get your liberal head out of your liberal ASS!!!!

    2. I Seigel says:

      The 14 million jobs that have been created since 2009 is one example. The millions of people who are taking advantage of the supposedly job-killing Obamacare is another example. Inflation is still miniscule – another example. America’s credit rating still very high – another example.

      Examples of poor economic performance: wages haven’t been going up. One reason is the attack on unions, courtesy of the Repooplicans. Offshoring of corporate profits, stemming from a refusal to tighten tax laws, courtesy of Rebooblicans. Less jobs for younger workers, and older workers are being forced to work late into their sixties and even their seventies. Stemming from the social security rules and the continuing lack of proper funding, and caused by the Repooplicans refusal to levy Social Security taxes on incomes over $120.000/yr.

      1. Treading Water says:

        Hello I Seigel. That figure of 14 million is puffed up because they count how many jobs came open, not by individually counting people who report being employed, but rather by counting the absence of people on unemployment roles. That doesn’t take into account the hundreds of thousands who are no longer eligible to collect unemployment, and just give up looking. The millions taking advantage of O’bamacare signed up to avoid paying penalties—it’s the law—doesn’t mean that folks are happy, or even better off for it. The inflation rate is holding steady, more or less, but there has been talk that the world’s money standard is leaning toward the yen, because America has lost it’s century long credit rating.

        1. I Seigel says:

          America still has the strongest credit rating in the world. The YEN??!!?? Are you kidding? The Bank of Japan just introduced a NEGATIVE interest rate. How many investors are going to invest in the yen, when they’d get a NEGATIVE return on their money? Don’t you fret, the yen isn’t about to become the world money standard. We’ll be trading oil and commodities in dollars for a long time to come.

          If there are so many unemployed, why are they just mooching off the government? Why not work? Why are corporations continuing to move overseas for “tax inversions” and for cheap labor? Greed? Anti-Americanism? You tell me.

          1. Treading Water says:

            I maybe spoke incorrectly. I didn’t mean Japan. I meant China. I wasn’t sure if they were on the yen. And this info isn’t something I came up with–I’m not anyone privy to world finances. I just watch a shit load of news programs, and listen to people being featured as knowledgeable in their career field.
            As for not working, there aren’t sufficient higher level jobs available for people with college degrees, who are older. Companies only want recently graduated, younger people. I’m 64, and was bumped out of my job when I was 57. Despite my years of networking, I was financially forced to accept menial, minimum wage positions. Age discrimination is real, alive and well. Most ex-management personnel don’t want to flip burgers.

          2. I Seigel says:

            I’m sorry to hear of your work troubles. That seems to be a trend that started during the recession, and it looks like it will become the “new normal” unfortunately.

            Let me ask you a few questions:
            Age discrimination IS alive and well in the workplace. But one way that workers can protect themselves from it is by unionizing. Maybe you didn’t have access to a union at your place of employment, but if you had, do you think your employers might have been unable to discriminate against you based on age?

            You’re right, most ex-management types don’t want to flip burgers. There’s been lots and lots of talk the past few years about going back to school and re-educating yourself. Could that have helped you find something better? Would tuition assistance, free community college, etc, help?

            You’re now 64, and certainly legally entitled to retire. Why don’t you consider it? If you can’t afford to, that’s very understandable. Would a stronger, healthier Social Security system be something that you’d be interested in? You shouldn’t (WE shouldn’t) have to worry about working into our late 60s and into our 70s if we don’t want to. We should be able to retire with dignity and security. Americans seem to work longer and harder, with much fewer vacations and more stress, than Europeans do.

            Finally, do you blame government or Obama for your job problems? You recall when Boehner took over as Speaker, he said that jobs were there Number One priority. Do you recall him or the Republicans fulfilling that promise?

          3. boone1 says:

            You liberals are the problem in this country free this and free that you people are nothing more then white niggers.

          4. I Seigel says:

            If you pay taxes, then its not free.

          5. boone1 says:

            BULLSHIT it went from a AAA down to AA And soon America credit rating will be JUNK!! YOU MORON

          6. I Seigel says:

            It went from AAA (outstanding) to AA+ (Excellent). Courtesy of the Republican Party and Sen Cruz in particular

      2. boone1 says:

        Wrong Americas credit rating went down from a AAA rating to AA rating and Americas credit rating has never been this low and it’s because of the muslim in the white house this POS needs to be impeach.America credit rating is going to take another hit verysoon it will go from a AA to junk you watch it’s coming and you liberals can cry like little baby’s because it was the sorry ass liberal that pass obamacare people like you liberals make me sick there should be a hunting season out for all liberal demorates in that way we can clean up plant.

        1. I Seigel says:

          The government shutdown was engineered by YOUR buddy Cruz, and THAT’S why the credit rating dropped temporarily. It had nothing to do with the WH. Go get sick somewhere else.

          1. boone1 says:


          2. I Seigel says:

            Hey Baboone1, you really have no clue about anything do you? You empty-headed douchebag

    3. boone1 says:

      These stores are closing so the government can use them to put people in them it’s called CAMP FEMA fools.

      1. Dmac74 says:

        No Boone, It would not be a surprise to me. It has been talked about for many yrs along with body bags and caskets.. Nothing this admin of traitors does surprises me. What surprises me is the amount of people that don’t see it and “Still” stand up for this administration of un & anti American traitors , and the Democrats. They, dems, have changed so much as to be not recognizable from the old JFK Dems. It is dumbfounding to this old lady. And very scary thinking about the future for my 9 grand kids and soon to be 11 great grand kids.
        First time in my life I have been afraid of our Govt. Not even when I was a kid and we had school bomb drills. Or in Tacoma during WW2 and we had all the black outs and drills. And sit quietly in a dark doorway with head on your knees and mom making sure the black out drapes were set right so no reflection to be spotted from the air. . Always the faith in God and our Govt and strong Military and armed citizens. And 99% of everyone was patriotic . How times and Govt and people have changed and really not all is for the better.

      2. I Seigel says:

        You guys crack me up! Maybe try a comedy show next?

  • Duane A. Fisher says:

    What will the Latinos do for a baby sitter? They will have nowhere to drop off there kids while they go running around and partying with their friends.

    1. Treading Water says:

      Dear Duane,
      Folks might take you more seriously if when you wrote, you displayed a knowledge of English word usage; the word “there” denotes a physical location, not ownership!! I believe the word you wanted is “their”!!
      Please don’t be offended by friendly correction. These types of subtle word variations probably aren’t ever even noticed by 90% of readers.

      1. Thomas Crandall says:

        Treading water, Duane had it right in the second useage. Give him a break for a typo.

        1. boone1 says:

          Don’t you know liberals only see there side of the story and their and there means the same damn thing.LOOK the words up.

      2. mngriz says:

        @Treading Water: “aren’t ever even noticed” ????? Pot–Kettle…

        1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

          RIMSHOT! 😀

        2. Treading Water says:

          Yes, my mistake!! I was typing quickly

      3. Thechla says:

        I appreciate you correcting the spelling. Too many people are not educated in word forms. Two…to…too.

      4. jondarmes says:

        You’re an English teacher, now I understand why you don’t understand reality.

        1. Treading Water says:

          No….just a person trying to better himself through education.

          1. boone1 says:

            You know you are a real POS.

          2. boone1 says:

            You go to the school of liberal communist and you call that bettering your self obama loves you.Now go and play with him and his man wife.

        2. boone1 says:

          Liberals never do and never will.

      5. boone1 says:


      6. boone1 says:

        Hey dear leader is calling all liberals him and his man wife WANT a blow job and I see you fit right in with the rest of the democRATS IN THIS COUNTRY.

    2. boone1 says:

      And these wet backs love to party.

  • Merlin says:

    Where will people go to get their entertainment?

    1. Retired Marine says:

      Old intnternet postings, they will always be good for a laugh, or to make you throw up if you need to….LOL

      1. Merlin says:

        Marine, you might learn how to spell or at least use spellcheck.

        1. Retired Marine says:

          And you NEVER hit wrong keys while typing? So sorry to offend your self image.

          1. Merlin says:

            Spoken like a true Walmart greeter, try proof reading.

          2. Retired Marine says:

            Well gee professor, how about hi, go F–K yourself?
            Proof read that asshole.

          3. Merlin says:

            How long did it take you to type your reply, jarhead? Is it true to get in the Marines your IQ has to at least equal your hat size?

          4. Retired Marine says:

            Again f–k yourself, if you would like to discuss it I am in Brownsville Texas, come on down. Send an e-mail and I will give you a meeting place. Then you can say what you want to my face, but I guarantee you are way to chicken s–t to meet me in person. Any pussy can be a bad ass in front of a computer

          5. Merlin says:

            You’re late for work at Walmart.

          6. Retired Marine says:

            You must be upset that your still in the steno pool. I see why. So chickenshit, coming to Brownsville or not? Come on Merlin, impress me. Your nothing, nothing at all. But do keep up the stupid posts, I like a good laugh. Your rest break is over, back to the steno pool.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Walmart has too many executives who absolutely ignore what is going on. Like active support of Gay Pride day when gays are only about 1% of the population. And they have no way of knowing if they shop at Walmart or not. But they support gays and ignore the 25% of the nation who are active Christians.
    And they have a product that is good, but they make more money on the smaller size bottles. lForget the consumers. They refuse to bottle Clear American flavored drink in 2 liter bottles.
    And I have a relative who works for them in management. Bentonville just can’t seem to understand what is going on and they don’t care. After all. Executives are just another form of dictators. Until they destroy the company, like K-Mart has and continues to do.

    1. Thechla says:

      I agree with you. Walmart also has closed stores without notice for the government to implement Jade Helm.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        So they say. Personally, I don’t see it.
        That story just does not have wings and does not have proof that WOULD be forthcoming with a bunch of guys with cell phones.
        I choose to ignore this story as being over the top and making whoever puts it out look like a kook. Is that you?

        1. boone1 says:

          Well liberals will ignore anything that does not fit in there communist rule book don’t they liberal

          1. ADRoberts says:

            So since I ignore this story as being a likely bogus story, are you claiming that I am a liberal? That is what it sounds like. And if that is the case, what a buffoon.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        By the way. Jade Helm is over. So what happened? (crickets)

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