Watch: MOAB makes impact against ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan

April 14, 2017

Video released by the Pentagon on Friday showed the “Mother of all Bombs” plummeting from the sky and exploding in eastern Afghanistan, as military officials said it flattened a cave-and-tunnel complex controlled by the Islamic State terror group.

The Department of Defense released the video Friday, less than a day after it dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) atop the Achin district of Nangarhar province, which is close to the Afghan-Pakistan border. Officials said 39 ISIS fighters were killed.


In the 30-second video, the 21,000-pound bomb – the largest non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. military arsenal – could be seen dropping before it exploded midair. Smoke quickly rose from the impact zone, which officials said was more than a mile wide.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    If that little idiot in North Korea attacks anyone outside of his country, he just may be in line to get a personal greeting from the MOAB. His parade army is all bluff and can disappear when that bomb goes off.

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    That MOAD is so powerful it can cleansweep an area 5miles in diameter. If that North Korean is not careful, one of those might “accidentally” fall out of an airplane over his palace.

  • justinwachin says:

    How does any government official know how many people were in the caves and tunnels when they collapsed? I’m going to guess no one went into the tunnel beforehand to take roll.

    Is it possible that the bomb exploded high enough that it did not completely seal off the exits and kill those inside?

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Seems to me that evidence of an effective bombing with MOAB would be videos of collapsed tunnels, not simply a falling bomb. Righties are so gullible and accepting of anything they see and they don’t look with informed eyes. This is a good example of Paul Harvey’s “now for the rest of the story”, that doesn’t materialize here. Let’s be a little more critical of what’s spoon fed to the public.

    1. chucklc says:

      Right on Bill,and I am skeptical of “Dr”

      1. Janis says:

        More like “Mr. Bill”.

      2. Retired says:

        Dr. of Bullshitsky !

        1. chucklc says:

          He may be a Professor at “PO DUNK UNIV.” sounds Liberal enough.

          1. Retired says:

            I came right out and asked him that ,but no answer. Asked if he went to collage to avoid the draft , same thing no answer .

    2. chw2000 says:

      You are such an a$$ hole you need to take your a$$ to North Korea. DrBill you are a total idiot!

    3. Retired says:

      You have swallowed everything the media ever presented against any republican good or bad .Yet you forget LBJ -Clinton and Obama the worst in your life time, but then you liberal educators are all alike .

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You forget I was raised Republican with both parents elected officials and friendly with Prescott Bush. You also overlook my being invited by the Republican National Committee members to run for office, any office as a Republican and by Trent Lott and Bob Dole to join the national policymaking commission in DC for Republicans. And I also helped run the Convention in New Orleans in 1988. I’m well aware of Republicanism and choose Progressivism after all. It’s a weighing of pros and cons for both groups and making my decision.

        1. Retired says:

          Your writing does not support what you are claiming Any one claiming what you wrote would not support Clinton – Obama or a independent .

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Those bygone days were productive for the country at large, something sorely missing today with right wing extremists ruling aka the tail of the conservative dog.
            After 2000, conservatives became fearful of stealing an election, allowing 9-1-1, starting 2 unfinished wars, attacking ordinary workers–as in wages, unions, education, jobs–and completely selling out to fat cats who are not interested in anything but their own greed. Republicans once were more even handed, before the all-professional military settled into practice. See the difference yet?

          2. Retired says:

            Yes there is a difference , Trump is a different breed that the elected and people like you do not understand . The war against workers started in the late 70s as well as Insurance increases The hate for Unions started with the fat cats in corporations . You forget the fat cats that are democrats . The next hate for Unions came as democrats catered to the Educators and Government Unions . Some teachers are paying close to $100.00 a month to the union , teachers are really smart ha ??? You forget who pushed to stop the draft and let the cowards back into the US . The big difference is Democrats forgot to take care of the working people and watched the jobs leave the country and all they cared about is giving free handouts . The ACA is proof of that as well as the tax credits from the IRS . People are getting back way more than what was paid into the IRS , it was another welfare program .Big business is also a welfare milk cow .

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Lots to dissect there. I’m interested in providing equal opportunity for all detached from socioeconomic status. Republicans prefer the privileged and monied class. Dems prefer the disadvantaged more to my liking if you believe the Constitution’s goals and Bill of Rights written for the common man. The rest was written by and for elites. I hope you aren’t equating personal budgeting with the nation’s. They aren’t the same in number and variety of income sources, are different in many other features ignored by conservatives. Guess you don’t believe the purpose of government as promoting the ‘general welfare’. It comes from the founders belief in government established to assist individuals in ‘pursuit of happiness’, a God given right.

          4. gvette says:

            Funny, I noticed your nigger never hung around with poor people. All he did, was create more of them!

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            You really are detached. Bush Republican policies caused the biggest recession since the crash in 1929 with resulting loss of millions of jobs, families losing homes, inadequate unemployment compensation, employer refusal to retrain workers. Who caused those poor people???

          6. gvette says:

            I see you don’t follow time lines very well. That actually all started with your butt buddy Billy KKKlinton. That was his housing bubble that burst. Now a fact or two on your gay Muslim Nigger.

            It’s official.

            With Thursday’s final revision of fourth-quarter GDP growth to 2.1 percent from its previous 1.9 percent level, President Obama is the only president since Herbert Hoover to not have guided the US economy to 3 percent growth in any year he was in office.
            Stop with your DemoFUCK talking points. They make you look dumber then you really are!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Once again there’s a problem with your logic, you conclusions drawn from facts. It’s Trump and Bannon and House Whip Steve Scalese (R-LA) who cater to the KKK which group is conservative and so Republican.
            Do you know how mortgages were gotten: robo signing, low documentation, banks making risky loans from deregulation. That’s the problem, not Clinton again.
            I’d be careful comparing the last Republican business president Hoover to anybody. He caused the Depression after 1929 which took 10 years to recover somewhat and WW2 to eliminate with government spending galore. Obama had no soup lines, no ongoing job deficits after 3-4 months, no suicides on Wall St. and recovered quickly from the almost Depression, called the Great Recession in 2008-9. You also don’t know why Trump wants the same jobs creating infrastructure spending Obama asked for and Republican congresses wouldn’t give. Those are official facts, not your trash talk. You haven’t a clue about finance or healthcare.

          8. gvette says:

            You might want to read this. then again, maybe not. It shows the pattern of Clintons fail.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            I once subscribed to this rag and dropped it for adding nothing to my stock trading. The Clintons have been smeared by better than you and them for decades and still tread water. She was robbed–and we are maybe getting to the basics of why with Russian interferences, Comey press releases, and FBI leaks. Keep dreaming.

          10. gvette says:

            You only read your liberal trash, Bill. truth, and facts found by others pisses you off, so you call them trash. typical DemonRAT! The facts are true, under your nigger, GDP was the worst. Like I said, you hate facts, and there are lots of news services to prove it.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are not following my thread(s), presuming my brain and conclusions are a snapshot stuck in time like many posting on these blogs–NOT–that I don’t read these conservative essays so incomplete and slanted–ALSO NOT TRUE. You also overlook the administration and deregulations that produced the radical drop, interrupted economics due to gov’t shutdowns and ongoing efforts to deregulate that disrupt stability leading to problems. You never learn, maybe the same as your DC reps on their own alternative tracks. You still refuse to accept the differences proposed by conservatives as counter productive to consumer economics, what drives our economy. You ignore the offshoring of jobs and refusal to accept that Rs wanted to allow auto bankruptcies just 8 years ago; you don’t accept the fallacy of ‘trickle down’ and ‘supply side’. Those are proven wrong, facts you hate. Either you wake up or are a fatcat supporting anti-worker policies and laws. And you still refuse to respect others who are different from you, and stop the non-Christian name calling even around Easter.

          12. gvette says:

            Trickle down. That’s funny. Did you ever get a job from a poor person? You say you are a doctor. I guess you work for free. When I look arond the country, and see what you DemonRATS destroy, CA, NY come to mind real fast!
            I laugh, you talk about government shut downs. It doesn’t really shut down. Only you demonRATS actually believe that. Non essential parts of it shut down.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Get a job from a poor person–that’s funny. Rich people don’t create lasting jobs except maybe around their estates. Corporations create some jobs when expanding, something hardly seen in the States for some time with Republicans enabling offshoring of jobs with no tax returns. Entrepreneurs like me create jobs that expand and give people paychecks. That’s not ‘trickle down’.
            NY; CA? You are looking at two thriving states. Care to look again. Nothing under R Schwarzenegger, but big steps under D Brown.
            You might try asking Rs who like public parks if government ever shuts down, like the Washington Monument last time. You are too ignorant.

          14. gvette says:

            LMAO, I think it’s funny you say CA is successful.

            Stanford University’s pension tracker database pegs the market value of California’s total pension debt at $1 trillion or $93,000 per California household in 2015. I guess, being a DemonRAT, you would call that success. As for NY, that’s where I lived for the bulk of my life. Businesses, and people are fleeing the state, as I finally did! DemonRATS love spending other people’s money!
            When It comes to shipping jobs out, I guess you forgot about NAFTA. That was done by a DemonRAT.
            Of course big business wanted to leave. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. We are the third highest, with only United Arab Emirates, at 55.00, and Puerto Rico, at 39.00. We fall in at 38.90.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            We all know, and statistics prove, which states contribute more to the federal government than they get back. Line up red and white states and you’ll see another irrefutable fact about success.
            Try looking at every pension fund, most of the state ones run by Republicans, and see which states are successful. One of your guiding lights Brownback has virtually sunk Kansas with Republican policies for taxes and business–no surprise to me.
            New York, where I also lived, had its tax problems driving away business but no more contrary to what you say. And you are oversimplifying about spending other people’s money which is always true for tax money. It costs money to make good things happen.
            About NAFTA, Trump and you are again short sighted. Can you imagine immigrants from Mexico across our borders if Mexico was less successful without it. Maybe we are looking at our 51st state after Trump gets through tanking business there.
            Big business didn’t leave under Eisenhower with 90% taxes; again you are blowing smoke without background facts. Business offshoring of jobs has made Americans poorer in this consumer driven economy, another fact you cretins ignore. Republicans have enabled offshoring without retrieving the American share of taxes to keep us advancing. You can’t top Democrats with facts as the broad sweep of history is forward and upward for Democratic led America with short stints of retreat, regression and retrenchment under Republican leadership.

          16. gvette says:

            Wow! You really don’t get any facts where you live. The economy has already picked up, in just a few short months of Trumps time. It took 8 years for your gay, Muslim nigger to destroy our economy. I’ve already given you the facts on that. Oh, i forgot, you hate facts. You live in an illusion. As with the bulk of your ilk! Oh, and I was a business owner in NY. I’m very familiar with the cost there. NY city, and that area is what makes it so tough on the rest of the state. I laugh, a long time ago NY city wanted away from the rest of the state. They would have starved to death, which the rest of us were in hopes of!

        2. NM Leon says:

          You are a lying sack of schitte (still, again). I know Pete Domenici from my time on the NM Republican Central Committee and had met Trent. I called Pete, caught up with him, and got Lott’s phone number. Neither Pete or Trent has ever heard of you and there has never been a “national policy making commission for Republicans” that either is aware of (that would be the work of the Platform Committee of the Republican National Committee which no Lemoine has ever in history been a member of).

          As ever, you are a blatant bald faced liar.

      2. Karll says:

        That clown is not an “educator”, and he’s never divulged
        what he holds a “doctorate” in.

        1. Retired says:

          One of Clinton – Obama Or Soros henchmen .

        2. CharlieSeattle says:

          It is in BS

    4. George says:

      “Righties are so gullible and accepting of anything they see and they don’t look with informed eyes.” Leftists only look at events with so-called informed eyes when a Conservative is in the White house, otherwise their brain lay dormant.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Superficially you could appear to be right. Dig to any depth below the surface and find McConnell vowing to deny Obama anything of substance, Boehner unable to control his Tea Party/Freedom Caucus members amounting to the same thing. I envy some of the right’s organization abilities like ALEC but their aims and means are wrong. Count on the left to prioritize citizen rights and freedoms first, corporate and fatcat desires second.
        The difference is in attention to democracy and voting by Democrats that disappears midterm between presidential elections, a clear deference to those in office–right or wrong.

    5. Brad says:

      Way to over-generalize conservatives there, Doc.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        My ‘over-generalizing’ is scant compared to rightie posters. Gotta make a point.

        1. Brad says:

          Two wrongs don’t make a right. I can’t speak for all conservatives, but since your generalization covers me as well, I thought I’d mention that it doesn’t describe me accurately.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            My point being made, I know most of the posters/readers on the blogs I read are something else. They might call you RINO. It’s not wrong, just a difference. Personally I know many regular Republicans, was one myself once, but no more considering the aims and methods of the right now. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

          2. Brad says:

            Conservative with a mild lean toward center. At one point in history, I might have been considered a center leaning liberal, but unfortunately liberalism has shifted much more to the left, and has become synonymous with being a progressive leftist and communist. I believe JFK would have been considered fairly conservative if judged by today’s standards. As far as a party affiliation, I don’t have one. I believe both sides have a percentage of equally worthless participants, but with democrats and neocons taking the trophy.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            You should stop reading Tom Clancy novels which blur the vast differences between democracy and socialism or communism to be entertaining. The political spectrum has always been around and circular as I’ve said before. Not much difference between a Libertarian and Liberal, just involvement of government. Definitions of political parties change and are followed by their supporters. Former Democrats called Dixiecrats are now alt right conservatives ala KKK and white supremacists, a complete reversal in party but not ‘isms’. Trump and his choices are more commies than you should tolerate, you just don’t know without tax returns released or FBI/NSA/CIA investigations complete yet.
            You are leaning today toward communism more than you know, not liberals or Democrats.
            Re your lack of party, you must have no aims, no guiding principles for living. My Christian way prompts a strong turn to Democrats, like the Pope who is ordinarily know as Conservative and like moderate Republicans who love their former party and can’t leave the label despite the miserable policies of a Ryan or McConnell. Get some principles and weigh the party differences like I constantly do and see what happens.

          4. Brad says:

            I have never read Tom Clancy. In my opinion, lack of party is not an indication of my direction or lack thereof, rather a distaste for both. I’m a Christian conservative, and I value those with conservative values. There is a lean toward communism, but not with my personally. I don’t see how being a Christian prompted you toward Democrats.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you read Clancy and Patterson, naming just two good popular writers, you could see some differences in your definitions from reality. Maybe you can explain how ‘your’ Christian conservatism points you away from harming fellow citizens taking ACA away, banning neighbors called Muslims from our borders, supporting splitting families of immigrants, building walls instead of ‘doing unto others’ what you would have them do to you. It’s a misrepresentation, called iniquity, of the Christian Gospel, something I’ve challenged into silence many clergy who run for office, want to make huge salaries, mislead their congregations, and flout national laws for personal/ corporate gain. I follow Gospel, not the reprobate examples of publicity seeking televangelists and ill educated self-styled preachers. If you follow me long enough, you’ll see why ‘conservatives’ are not natural Christians.

          6. Brad says:

            I see. Now you’re going to lecture me on reality. It always seems to come to this. The progressive leftists seems to think that every conservative has lived their entire lives in a paper bag, and only they have the intelligence, the moral superiority, to tell us ignorant little people how we should run our lives.
            How can you have a doctorate, yet not understand the naivety of your statements? Splitting families apart? Sorry, but they split their own families apart by coming here and setting up household illegally. And yet they brought children into the world in that situation knowing full well they could be deported at any time. Speaking hypothetically, say I robbed a bank and the cops came to my house and hauled me to jail. Could my wife then go crying to everyone that the cops split our family apart? Absolutely, but everyone, except most leftists, will think she’s a loon. They broke our laws and got deported, so don’t put that guilt on those who follow the law. They are resented by those who immigrated legally, and had to wait in line. The wall? You do realize that gang members from Mexico are coming through and dealing drugs, right? 1/3 of the federal prison population is filled with illegal alien drug dealers. Heroin is epidemic in even small towns now. In your Christian heart, why are so soft on heroin dealers? You know naloxone is being issued to high schools now to counteract opiate overdoses, and guess who pays for it?
            You do realize that illegal aliens are coming in who are not screened for diseases. You know that we have a resurgence of TB and other infectious diseases in our schools now, right? I wonder how that happened? Why doesn’t your Christian heart care about the other children getting TB from our classrooms? If you are a good Christian, and I’m a bad Christian, then why don’t you go down to the border and invite some of those gang members into your home for a while? See how that goes. And muslims? You mean that tolerant group that is supporting the beheading of Christians? You mean that tolerant group that is taking over Dearborn Michigan? That group, that when their population density is high enough in a given area, insists on Sharia law? Sure, we should just leave them all in our borders unvetted. The ACA? You mean the socialist plan that made my premium go from $129 a month to over $300 for less coverage? That one? You mean the plan that has insurance co’s leaving many counties of each state like mine? Our county only has one insurance provider now, and now they have a monopoly, so the premiums represent a monopoly. The ACA that threatens to leave 40,000 people in Knoxville TN high and dry next year because the insurance cos are calling it quits? The plan where I can know longer see the doctor that I’ve been going to for years that I trust? I can’t make a yearly checkup anymore because I have no idea if my doctor will be covered from one year to the next. That ACA? Is that enough reality for you? Oh wait. I’m just that ignorant little bad Christian who needs you to tell me how limited my thinking is.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            From your own statements thoughtful readers get a picture of your ‘reality’. I’d say from posts on conservative blogs that ultra-conservatives DO have a limited and ill-informed knowledge of life outside their own blocks, called block dwellers by sociologists. You added the rest on your own, not my words.
            No, people cross our border to make a better life than they had, not just to break our laws. Most are productive beyond your words here and deserve the same consideration our Constitution gives us living here. Plus you conservatives brag on ‘family values’ but never support them, advocate splitting families, deporting elders and leaving children on their own as young citizens. Not a fine record. Deportation is a political decision, not ethical or moral or religious.
            Your story is not comparable ‘crime’.
            When you mention drugs, you conveniently omit that it requires a demand supplied by Americans, yet Republicans hate legalizing marijuana, etc. Not great thinking to stop trafficking. Ditto, human trafficking. I don’t do drugs or visit prostitutes, so your argument holds no water with me.
            Whew! You dumped a lot of stuff here, impossible to address completely, and off topic.

          8. Brad says:

            “Most are productive beyond your words here and deserve the same consideration our Constitution gives us living here.” You are incorrect and illogical, and I expected nothing less. There is actually a net loss from illegals productivity due to the burden placed on infrastructure, such as medical care and other subsidies. The constitution was provided for citizens, not or people who break our laws and enter illegally. Furthermore, my reply was not off topic. You only see it as off topic because because the subjects I mentioned are things you have never considered. Doesn’t mean I’m off topic.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            Clearly you aren’t well informed. ‘Illegals’ operate for the most part in the shadow economy that shows no measures of their productivity in routine statistics. And anyone on our soil get Constitutional protections, whether you like it or not. Why do you think knowledgeable conservatives don’t want Guantanamo detainees on our mainland soil? They get protections that will show everyone what severe punishment and non-constitutional treatments they are getting. Plus they get all the legal protections needed to win acquittal in court. Nobody on the right wants them anywhere near our soil, something you don’t understand.
            On top means issues related to military usage of our big non-nuclear bomb. That’s military, Afghanistan, chain of command, non-combatant injuries/deaths, and more you just ignore for a political smear job.
            You don’t have to write sophomoric term paper type footnotes/links like the Russian bot stalking me but I expect you to think and know more when debating.

          10. JB Wright says:

            You have a good heart but your head is in the wrong place, illegals are a burden to our society and that’s the fact. To all those who wish to immigrate to our country and be productive, there is a process. I know it works because I used it and so has my wife.

            My wife came here from the Philippines on a fiancé visa, she has now received a visa for her parents to immigrate here. Her mother is already here but her father tested positive for TB. He is currently being treated for the TB, it takes six months. Once he is cleared, he will be allowed into our country.

            There is a reason that we have a process for immigrants and that reason is for the good of our people, not the evil plan of greedy racist conservative fat cats. It is for the safety and well being of American citizens like (assumedly) you, and myself.

            Many illegals come from countries that are rampant with unchecked disease, how you can think it is okay for these people to waltz across our borders and risk infecting innocent people who follow the rules is beyond me.

            There is a “demand for drugs” from Americans? There will always be a demand for drugs, some of them should be legalized as you correctly point out. Other drugs should NOT be legalized, drugs like Heroin, Methamphetamine, PCP, Ecstasy, (crack) Cocaine, etc. Perhaps they should be “decriminalized” but not made legal.

            America, left and/or right, has rolled out the welcome mat for immigrants since its inception and I suspect this welcome mat will remain firmly in place, but it simply can’t be a free for all. God wants us to be “good stewards” of what he has blessed us with.
            God himself is quite aware of the importance of borders, otherwise how do you explain “the promised land”? As I recall, not everyone was allowed into the promised land back in Moses day. Think about that one for a while.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Aaaah, a light of reason in the darkness. Good thinking with just a few modifications from me.
            Illegals are a burden only if you count them by the numbers. Lawbreaking is not good, but many from the South are escaping drug lords, human traffickers, rapists and the like who threaten life and sanity, if not limbs. Asylum is also a long tradition here so future legislation should seek to stabilize Latin American nations with few resources south of Mexico, help the Mexicans eliminate cartels like we did for Colombia, and ‘advertise’ hemispherically our immigration laws and procedures to insure law and order. One never knows about individual productivity but the evidence is in favor of those seeking our country to do well. I don’t include family and (future) spousal visas in the mix like yours, but I’ve sponsored and aided many foreign students studying and working here, know many immigrants who are beyond all expectations of productivity as doctors, both spouses working hard, and the like.
            You are too optimistic about fat cats, employers, etc. as illegality drives down wages they pay, keeps workers docile, drives them into the shadows where your statistics don’t measure them at all in, say, the underground economy. Remember it’s local laws that admit anybody to welfare programs, legal or not. The small portion of illegals who are major lawbreakers is small and they are dealt with accordingly, if not deported. Those border crossers who are ill are small compared to Americans who can’t get healthcare (due to your conservative pals) and carry TB or pheumonia, venereal disease and worse. Planned Parenthood is a boon to them. Leave out Obamacare, another benefit.
            Despite a decades long war against drugs by Republicans, I think of Bill Bennett as czar, its average Americans I’ve found in my own extended family who buy them for recreation, pain abatement, and fellowship. Mostly they are less well off than most Americans and can’t afford vacations, recreation vehicles, trips anywhere, expensive game hardware and software we enjoy. Again it’s conservative legislators in DC who won’t change to adapt to reality in lawmaking while some states do.
            Real immigration is hardly a free-for-all when the process today takes 18-24 months of vetting. We have a bigger problems with terrorism and crime from citizens who are mentally ill, social rejects, maladjusted to family and communities or rebuffed by other Americans with prejudices. By that standard we have not enough Christians taking action. And I’d like you to ponder this about the Old Testament, not Gospel which is clearer: in the ancient times there were existing tribes in Palestine with no discernible borders in your ‘promised land’. Hebrews wiped them out; Christians do not in yesteryear or today. Are you advocating borders when there were none, genocide anywhere, maintaining religious exclusivity like the Hasidic Jews or Israelites of then and even now? Nonsense.

          12. JB Wright says:

            “a burden only if you count them by the numbers”

            Well, that’s how I count

            I don’t believe that the Mexican government is interested in stopping the cartels, it is mostly run by the cartels. No matter, yes we could help Mexico clean up its act, but I don’t know that we’d be all that successful, Would you feel comfortable walking the back roads of Columbia today? Or even the main roads? The cartels are still there, they are still drug producers, and they are still just as violent as ever. All we did is take out the old and make room for the new, we can’t even keep our own streets safe.

            “You are too optimistic about fat cats, employers, etc. as illegality drives down wages they pay” That is one reason why we don’t like illegals, they drive down the wages we earn

            “Those border crossers who are ill are small compared to Americans who can’t get healthcare (due to your conservative pals) and carry TB or pheumonia, venereal disease and worse” Americans who can’t get health care is a good enough reason to not increase the burden on the healthcare ‘system’ with illegals. The reason Americans can’t get healthcare is, in part due to an incredibly greedy legal system. Lawyers have created an environment of sue-happy consumers and the courts have let it run rampant.
            Big-pharma has served up some of the most devastating drugs on the planet and is constantly getting sued for putting bad drugs on the market. Who pays for that? We do, every time we go the doctor, every time we pay our insurance premium (if we can even afford it). People sign waivers when they get surgeries but even so, as soon as something doesn’t work out as they hoped, here come the lawyers urging them to sue, to get what they got coming. Honestly, most of us wouldn’t like it very much if we got what we have coming, if we got what we deserve.
            I agree that we need to care for people from other countries, but we can’t help them much if we can’t help ourselves, when we allow them into our country, we are also taking on the responsibility of caring for them. We make it our responsibility to protect and care for their wellbeing. To take on this responsibility when it is beyond our ability to carry out is just wrong. For every illegal we give medical care, an American citizen grows further from getting care for themselves.
            . I’d love to be able to say let e’m in, care for them, but the reality is that we have limited resources to do so. We have to maintain control of who gets in and in what numbers, because numbers add up whether you or I are counting them or not.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Well, the situation with Colombia was similar except it was not on our immediate border making it more urgent than before with the same drug cartels. We were successful beyond belief of many conservatives blogging here, if they even consider it. Everybody seems so pennywise and pound foolish. I have walked the streets of Bogota with great awareness before the change, and Cartagena afterwards with embassy chief and wife, no problems. Can’t do that today in Mexican cities like Juarez or Tijuana on the border, even MX citizens.
            So you absolve employers giving low-paying jobs to illegals and blame those who escape harsh conditions, including death and physical abuse? What a heart. Bet you don’t talk to your congressman about the differences? Just condemn the innocent and excuse the fat cats. . . .
            I’d like to suggest that citizens hunker down in school more than the kids I taught and learn enough to get better jobs than those you say are available to illegals who don’t have our good schools.
            I also submit that lawyers aren’t seeking suits in healthcare. I could have sued for false pregnancy of my wife from one guy and malpractice extracting kidney stones by another. You must be confusing ambulance chasers with reputable attorneys. Big difference. But drug companies do put out drugs approved by FDA that cause harm–including the most popular drug in America that causes 40% negative reactions in practice. Nobody wants to kill the golden goose. Patients hire lawyers, not the reverse typically. Are you stereotyping somebody?
            Maybe you could agree that we must do more to aid Mexico and nations farther south to solve their cartel problems. It could be cheaper than wall building. And it worked in Colombia against drug cartels.
            I like you thinking that America could possible continue it’s ‘nation of immigrants’ policies, but somebody somewhere has to spend a penny. That’s the problems with most bloggers who seem short-sighted and cheap. That’s not to mention how many citizens are in need of ‘help’ you would provide–maybe. America is still far better than most other countries where immigrants originate. Yet Trump talks about cutting foreign aid, severing trade deals, pulls out of organizations with Asian countries and rebuffs Europe. That won’t stop people from coming here by hook or by crook or by any other means.

    6. Rodney Steward says:

      Well this is behind enemy lines, maybe Doc you’ll put on your big BOY panties and go check it out!! After all it was your BOY that said they needed better education and jobs to help stop terrorism! No wonder Carter can’t stop smiling, he’s no longer the moe stupid!!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        If by enemy lines you mean the territory bombed by MOAB last week, the military cleared out civilians before unleashing the havoc. If you mean enemy lines, that you disagree with me, you ignore my own citizenship, every bit as good and valid as yours, certainly not your enemy in any sense.
        In more thinly veiled commentary, your ‘BOY’ comment is racist towards another fellow citizen who happens to think differently but again is not an ‘enemy’. And jobs with good incomes are certainly the favored way to stop terrorism based on dissatisfaction with living in America by anybody. Why don’t Republicans favor infrastructure building which everyone agrees is good for jobs and full employment, not simply Keystone or 1200 Carrier jobs, or threatening NAFTA and Mexico with Canada a side casualty? You haven’t thought any of this through any more than Trump and company. Yep, we’re looking at Mr. Stupid right now in the highest office.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          “W-O-W”, but NAFTA SUC$S ! One thing about Trump, he’s about action not BJ-ing everybody!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Canada and Mexico, parts of NAFTA, are thriving under that trade program. Any renegotiation by Trump must not undermine success by either of our partners. Just how do you think it ‘sucks’ knowing that? If we had adequate employment and citizenship laws (like infrastructure spending and immigration rules), there would be no need for a MX border any more than we have a nominal border with Canada. No problem in the North, but much whining about the South. Like we stabilized Colombia with success against drug cartels, we could do the same with MX if you conservatives would get busy in congress and the executive to make North America better, including El Salvador, Costa Rica and the rest of Central American poor nations. After WW2 we had a Marshall Plan that could be applied to this hemisphere, but Conservatives and their Republicans are too greedy about spending and too narcissistic to open their policymaking to neighbor nations.
            Unlike the Russian bot that stalks me elsewhere in this thread, you can think as an American and make things better instead of whining and penny pinching.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Yes there is problems in the North, it was on the news just this past week about Canada is now taking a double take on these refugees! So many muslims are going there from here because of Trump, now their head man is saying wait a minute! And what part of these 3rd world South of the border trash are you not seeing flood over here to live for free and have their babies, the ones that YO BOY invited to flood the country, but actually a front to hide all the muslims pouring through! Hell, even mexico has better borders than we do! You get caught going into there illegally, it’s 2 years mandatory prison, what did Opey do, make our border patrol turn their heads! D’N these illegals that are and have bankrupted our country! No doubt, you are a full blooded Dem.!!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            The ‘problems’ you see are generated in the absence of suitable legislation that Republicans under their corporate donors refuse to write. There is no assimilation problem here like in elite dominated Europe, only you radical white supremacists and ISIL-fear mongers. There was/and is no such flood of Muslims by Obama or anybody. As is American practice, we take various immigrant groups from the Irish famine to the Haitian earthquake. You are calling ‘border trash’ people who are often escaping sex and drug trafficking, death threats and other criminals. Have a heart and get your DC legislator busy.
            Your fear of Muslims is palpable and fits the profile defined by ISIL to abet their recruiting. Get over it, America is not threatened in any substantial way.
            You can’t compare MX borders with ours. And their military/police are far more corrupt than you admit, turning heads, etc.
            The only bankruptcy I see with a broad perspective is marginal white border workers hating that Latinos are more willing to work in nastier jobs than you like. Till you wake up, get a better education, get national legislation to create infrastructure building jobs, you’ll simply continue whining over a global problem. Just wait till global warming raises water levels world wide and millions of people go on the move to avoid drowning.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I thought you said above these Southern rats had it great because of NAFTA! Have a heart, have you ever lived around these SOB’s, nasty isn’t the word, dead dogs and chickens everywhere where the fight these animals, they through them out in your driveways, ditches, just anywhere they feel like it! And I bet you’ve never had your hands dirty unless it was playing with somebody’s butt, no body has had their hands as dirty as mine! No fear of the muslims, just waiting!! Are you pathetic Dems. going to kill them with LOVE and a HUG the Pelosi way!! No wonder the Dem. club is considered a low IQ bunch, notice I said club, because your party is GONE!!

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you’re going to talk about IQs, you should know first that it’s passe among educated people and second your is showing bright and clear in your posts.
            I don’t know your definition of ‘Southern rats’ and don’t care to learn as it’s more bigotry than I have.
            What does ‘waiting’ for muslims mean?
            ‘Dirty hands’ are not the measure of intellect.
            Immigrants are not terrorists; lose that thought. Our 18-24 month vetting is adequate; no fear.
            You want love, go see my friend’s Muslim family from Syria taken from a refugee camp to Sweden, given jobs and a home. You prepared to do that?
            As far as party goes, watch 2018 elections with fired up minorities and disaffected Trump supporters. Did you see the Democratic vote advance in Wichita election this week? Nobody likes Trump, but you.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            Sorry Doc, didn’t realize I was over your head too, but you are from the low IQ club, and you wouldn’t know what real work is, it’s called getting your hands dirty! So go along and play with your Maxine Waters, E. Warren and Pelosi dolls! TA, TA !!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            The pile grows higher and deeper every post. Anybody with a job works, some without much thinking and some doing nothing but. Keep your dirty hands and thank a progressive for your job, unless you are still farming with hoe and spade. Better get ready for a Democratic election wave next year. You’ll thank me when the jobs suddenly materialize, individuals have no more fear and the nation starts humming again under those ‘dolls’.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            If the Dems. take over you better get a gun, the communism will start then! But ain’t happening! And you got the humming part right! 🙂

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            Dems need no guns, only the power of their thoughts. You righties with Trump are the commie puppets and lapdogs, the victims of Putin bots and faux news. Your posts are getting wilder and crazier now–must be out of ideas and truth or facts.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            LOLOLOL, Power of their thoughts, as in we have to pass it to know what’s in it, PELOSI STYLE, the IQ of a dead horse PELOSI!! LOLOLOL…………….

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Someday you might want to study how legislation of national scope is put together by pieces, each one specializing in a separate area. Few know the whole picture in a 1000 pages. You righties can’t read anyway so anything beyond a paragraph like what Trump signs on air is too long to read and understand. Sheesh. Your lack of knowledge is infinite and you claim to be an educated American.

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            It was plan and simple, the pubic headed B-TARD wanted to destroy our healthcare system and basically did! Don’t talk about knowledge to ANYONE it makes you look so much like Pelosi! 🙁

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Once again you ignore reality. Most ACA participants want it to continue. Only retarded Republicans led by Ryan want it repealed, and can’t find a replacement after 6 years that isn’t simply improving the current law. Base R voters are among those who will suffer and maybe die with Ryan versions fronted without hearings from healthcare specialists who also want ACA to continue, reject Ryan/House ‘substitutions’. You know there are some folks like you who ‘know not that they know not’.

          14. Rodney Steward says:

            This BS was set up for the minority, he$$ it’s free to these leeches, it has almost destroyed mine, everything has tripled, lost doctor’s, my wife’s doctor quite, he$$ yeah, it’s great if you’re not White!

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            The ACA program was set up for poor workers, many of them base Trump supporters by current reports, town hall meetings and marches–hardly ‘not White’. Again you don’t have current facts. BTW it’s not free; have you ever run the software to sign up? Some people can’t even afford ACA so go to Planned Parenthood, now in jeopardy too.
            You realize–absent universal healthcare–it’s the job of providers to raise prices in private healthcare, one reason I think they should be run like utilities. With Republicans refusing to stabilize Obamacare, providers are raising prices like before ACA. You just got caught in your own nasty cycle–Republicans refusing to update and upgrade ACA which problems spill over to all in the sector. Congratulations, you and Speaker Ryan both. With utility regulation or universal healthcare drug and providers and insurers will be practically capped and you will pay less each year. Call your congressman to get busy saving ACA.

          16. Rodney Steward says:

            My Ins. started going to crap 6 years ago, long before Ryan and Trump! We have the same thing as the TEACHERS have, or state, my wife retired from the cleaning Dept. from the college! They didn’t make any money and their Ins was half their pay, they had the Cady plan! It was great till the Obama crap, and then he said he was going to destroy the Cady plan, and he has hurt it bad!

    7. gvette says:

      The point is, at least Trump is doing something unlike your gay Muslim nigger. Barry never wanted to hurt his own kind.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        And just what is Trump doing of value to ordinary Americans who voted for him? He supports repealing ACA–healthcare. His Executive Order is diminishing Planned Parenthood–women’s healthcare. He wants to ban Muslims–a productive part of our nation as citizens. He threatens Syria lobbing warheads and has no impact on Syrian operations. He hires former Wall St. gurus from the swamp while promising to drain it, meaning deregulate all roadblocks to another recession or depression. He hires secretaries with NO EXPERIENCE in their agencies and expects improvements. His nepotism violates the Constitution and national laws. And we have all intelligence agencies investigation collusion with Russian kleptocrats of which he is a close pal and recipient of their financial support, but can’t tell without his tax returns. You know how to pick ’em–for movement toward fascist dictatorship.
        Your smear of Mr. Obama shows your true colors as a fatcat.

        1. gvette says:

          You are a dumb fuck liberal. ACA, is imploding on it’s own. As for PP, that’s nothing more then a taxpayer supported abortion clinic.

          WASHINGTON, D.C., January 4, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions and received $553.7 million from U.S. taxpayers during the 2014-2015 fiscal year, according to its most recent annual report.

          Although it saw 200,000 less patients and provided 11 percent fewer services than the previous year, its taxpayer subsidy increased by nearly $25 million.
          He has been getting rid of gay Barry business destroying regulations. Just to name a few, Bill.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            By law no taxpayer money was used for abortions by Planned Parenthood. Saying so makes all your other statements suspect and you fairly ignorant.
            ACA needs tweeking, something you won’t see from Ryan and McConnell who are locked into repeal. But 20 million people want it upgraded and made financially stable and sound.
            Your PP source is not widely known or respected. Try media sources that everybody can agree are valid and reliable.
            As poor working people find they can’t even afford ACA costs, PP attendance goes up naturally requiring more funding. You just can’t cancel either or both without killing people. Are you that cold hearted?
            Mr. Obama made Executive Orders in the vacuum of congress. They are subject to replacement or elimination as Trump is doing. No biggie unless you are personally affected. Regarding business that’s congress failing to act, to hold hearings, to draft legislation acceptable even to your own Freedom Caucus, a big roadblock. Tell me one business ‘destroying regulation’ by Obama? It’s nonsense, do you even know that?

          2. gvette says:

            Liberal media is getting desperate. For more than a full year now, they have proven perfectly inept at reporting on American sentiment and predicting political and economic outcomes. Far from the overwhelming crash they originally cried as the inevitable outcome of a Trump election, the economy has rallied much faster than even optimistic Trump supporters imagined.

            March saw a stock market plateau, and liberal news sources were all over it, but if you pay attention, you might notice a big change in typical economic reporting. During Obama’s tenure, any chance to talk about job additions or other non-negative economic changes was seized. Apparently, in Trump’s economy, positive progress is no longer news worthy.


            January and February were great for Americans looking to get back into the workforce. The official report from the Labor Department has not been released, but third-party tracking shows that March enjoyed another hiring boost.

            The ADP report shows 263,000 private jobs were created during the month. Among those, manufacturing added 30,000 new jobs, sustaining the complete reversal seen since Trump took over the country.

            The first mainstream media lie that is being exposed here is unemployment. For years now, reasonable economists have attacked the outdated metric that is unemployment. A year ago, Obama decreed that the American economy was great because unemployment finally fell below five percent.

            The predictions were that hiring would slow because labor markets were saturated. Hiring did in fact slow, but only until Trump was elected. Since then, job growth has been explosive, despite a virtually unchanged unemployment rate. It shows that the numbers were padded to paint a false picture of economic growth that wasn’t happening. That real truth was reflected in other metrics as well.


            The next big number is GDP growth. When Trump was elected, it led to a monstrous fourth quarter gain of 3.5 percent, which was larger than the rest of 2016 combined. To be fair, Christmas season usually has a big impact on GDP growth, but now we can compare first quarter numbers under Trump to those of Obama.

            Early estimates for Trump’s first quarter are sitting at 2.9 percent. That doesn’t just beat Obama’s first quarter in 2016. It comes 0.2 percent shy of beating Obama’s entire 2016 before the election.

            Still, you don’t hear about this on mainstream outlets—CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, none of them are reporting on this and the only reason is because it makes the work Trump is doing look good. Instead you hear about how deregulation is going to kill the planet. In reality, the small but meaningful changes Trump has pushed through in his early days are creating jobs and feeding American families.


            As someone who regularly reports on the economy, I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. Confidence is very important for investment of all kinds, and that extends to hiring and expanding, not just putting money into stocks. Consumer, investor and business confidence levels are all at five-year highs or better. This is after a month of stagnant stock growth.

            That confidence is the driving force behind the GDP growth and great jobs numbers, and it has led to a fast stock market rebound in the first week of April. Most impressively, this confidence has been fostered directly in the face of a mainstream media blitz that has been solely manufactured to produce the opposite effect.

            Make no mistake. Mainstream media doesn’t just want you to doubt Trump; they need it.


            If I had a dollar for every headline I’ve read screaming that Trump is leading us into the next Great Depression, I would be comfortably retired. The market slowed in March, and everyone supporting the liberal agenda was in a hurry to say “I told ya so” first.

            That mentality completely missed the important facts. Indexes never even came close to dipping to pre-2017 levels, much less pre-Trump levels, and ultimately the country maintained a bull run throughout the month.

            More importantly, the market shift was a predictable reaction to Congress’s failure on health care. Small and medium businesses were anticipating at least minimal reprieve from Obamacare regulations that have made it difficult to hire and expand, and they were sharply disappointed.

            Ultimately, this plateau was good news because it showed us that not even Congress doing what it does best (nothing at all) can hurt our economy for very long. Most importantly, the end of the debate was met with a rapid recovery across the indices and record highs are once again within sight.

            Liberal media is going to hold out as long as they can. They will fight to the bitter end. Ultimately, their stubborn refusal to abandon political manipulation and report actual fact will be their undoing.

            You will hear every potential negative consequence of every decision Trump makes. It’s a facade. If he had Bernie Sanders himself draft the Obamacare replacement they would still criticize it just to remain in opposition.

            Thankfully, in the information age you can still find the facts, and they continue to support Trump and his agenda. The economy is not fixed, but it is recovering, and it is doing so at a rapid pace.

            ~ Conservative Zone

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Out of your own comments, you resort to pasting copy from others, just like the Russian bot following me with sophomoric term paper quality footnoting/citations. This is months old stuff if you have even read it before posting here. Like much published on the right, there are no names, please. While there is a sparse factual basis to much there, the commentary is more spin than economic tale. As a close observer of markets and the economy, it’s plausible but more hopeful than real. To wit: jobs are not jumping up; markets are idling sideways; mainstream media relies on their business equals for commentary; Trump isn’t going anywhere with foreign or domestic policies and actions. We still don’t know how close he is to Putin and Russian kleptocrats (read thieves) with no tax returns released; 17 intelligence agencies and congress are probing the guy’s hidden background and lamenting his nepotism and cronyism. He has no friends, just rabid rally supporters making the worst citizen support for a new president ever. His 1200 Carrier jobs ‘saved’ were far outstripped by the 3800 jobs Carrier shipped abroad. His ‘Muslim ban’ was deemed un-Constitutional: twice. He spends more on himself for weekend vacations in 3 months than prior presidents ever did. His family businesses continue to rake in the cash against the law. He and your explanations are a mess.

          4. gvette says:

            I don’t feel like typing as much as you do, Bill. Then again, what you type, is all liberal bullshit, that I can prove are lies, most of the time. One question here for you, Bill. Name one tangible thing that Barry Onigger built, that you can go out ant touch. Remember, he doubled our debt, with nothing to show for it.
            Again, as for business, ther are several that have reopend, since Trump took office. Your liberal rags won’t report it. They are still owned by the left. They aren’t reporters, thay are stenographers for the left, nothing more. It took Onigger 8 years to destroy our economy, and Trump has only been in office not quit 4 months.
            As for poking fun at you, that’s just a bonus! You bill yourself as a doctor, but anyone can do that.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Unlike bigoted, maybe white supremacist, you, I survey more than just ‘liberal’ media. You have shown yourself unable to prove anything is either right or wrong here. Debt not doubled, ACA generating marches to retain a good thing, projection of fat cat Republican ownership to your opponents, investigative reporters getting intelligence agencies to seek Trump basics he hides–that’s all conservative nonsense. And you can’t accept anything different without flying off the handle toward name calling and demeaning posters like me, just like we expect Russian bots to do. You don’t sound American at all.

          6. gvette says:

            First, the only one I call names to, is you. You are deserving of it. I’ve noticed I’m not the only one that sees you for what you are. A legend in your own mind. As for the ACA, It’s imploding on it’s own. It worked out good for the low life folks. Others lost their good plans, and when you have a policy that the deductibles are so big, they can’t afford to go to the doctor. You say you are one. I still doubt it.As for the marches, they usually comprise the lowest for of people. DemonRATS, and they don’t just march, they destroy whatever they get near. That’s proven. Back when Barry Onigger got elected, we didn’t like him, but we didn’t go out and burn, loot, and break everything. Nice try Bill.
            You talk about me proving things. I send you proof. Which by the way is something you can’t, and never do.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            No Christian calls anyone names. We are all fellow citizens too. Truth and facts are always attacked by those without them, like you. But you are condemning here many of your fellow conservatives who like ACA. Will you admit that many phony and inadequate health policies went away as designed? Every national program needs fine tuning, but you racial bigots don’t want Obama to get any credit when he’s deserved it for ACA, despite uniform opposition by your kind.
            You also aren’t paying attention to marches like after Inauguration Day conducted throughout the nation and many cities abroad. We have yet to find the full truth about you and Trump being covert commies like many who you found oppose me. But the teacher in me keeps me coming back to illuminate various subjects that go ahead in the dark under your noses. Like everywhere there are always know nothing and do nothing types who pillage and burn–I’m thinking of ISIL–under false colors or false cloaks like barbaric and criminal terrorists. You are alike in your hiding icon and bio information whereas you can google me for much information, a stand up guy for America. For all we know, you are just a Russian disinformation bot.

          8. gvette says:

            LOL…I’ll type slower Bill. The ACA IS imploding. It will go away on it’s own. That’s why i hope Trump will wait, till it does. You say you are a teacher. Most are destructive. Well, you fall under that.
            Funny, there was pleanty of footage of the carnage you DemonRATS caused during the marches. A lot of them arrested, and went to court, and got fined heavily,as it should have been. Like I said, your initial news sources fail to repot anything that shows how low, you DemonRATs are!
            You’re not a stand up guy Bill. Like I said earlier, you ARE a legend in your own mind, nothing more. I feel sorry for any student that you indoctrinate with your DemonRAT lies.

          9. ezekiel22 says:

            Here I thought you might have relaxed a bit after a month. Oh well. Please stop calling people names in the same paragraph as you say they must. It screws your whole statement.
            When it comes to ACA you know my position on it and it has been nothing but re-inforced as of late as the feedback I get from doctors and those in their offices voice frustration. The concern is the degradation of care promoted by ACA. Look up Kathleen Sebbelus of HHS and breast cancer. That kerfuffle foreshadowed the attitudes of the designers. For that you can’t blame conservatives of any stripe. I know people that have died due to the degradation of standards which my saying that will set you off so go ahead. I have yet to see anyone explain how the misnamed ACA is such. Whether or not there are subsidies involved with sky high rates how do people afford the deductibles? Senators and representatives will not answer when challenged. I have done so repeatedly and publicly. I was even nice.
            I know you like to blame republicans and fat cats as you call them. And long as you continue to do that there will be no solutions. I will use drug prices as an example. Bush junior revamped the Part D Medicare that banned the bidding process for the government to reduce drug prices. Obama had a democrat Congress designing the ACA that could have ended that situation and they did not! They even extended the patent length on drugs! Shall I say that is wrong in so many ways and stinks of corruption? If you study the pricing of certain drugs it will piss off a saint. Like I said both parties one of which you support.
            You might ease up on the commie calling. Outside of the investigations to date have turned up nothing connecting trump to Russia. It has however connected the obama administration syncopates to immoral, probably illegal dissemination of information to unauthorized sources. Unfortunately, it leads to the assumption that our government has been weaponized against the citizens to hear what others say. It makes them more credible. You know I can bring to bear all sorts of Russian and Democrat connections which will drag us into more fun. Instead how about this? Prosecute everyone for the same infractions of the law in the same manner as they wish to prosecute others. The Dems want to prosecute people for dealings with Russians then fine. Let’s prosecute them for the same things. As a matter of fact can we go to Congress and see if members of Congress can fly like Superman.

          10. DrBillLemoine says:

            Resting your brain hasn’t improved your thinking here. You must agree the names called here for me are cursing names, not the accurate labels I apply. An a$$ is not the same thing as one ignoring facts.
            Even with Ryan/Trump and congress failing to ‘repeal’ Obamacare, you haven’t learned that most participants, 20 million, want the program, just put financially stable. That’s reworking that Ryan in his ideological fervor won’t do. Plus a second barrier is his own Tea party fanatics, the Freedom Caucus. People aren’t stupid like that and want the healthcare-sound law IMPROVED not repealed. Wake up! And any reduction of standards is on providers, not insurers. There’s no degradation of standards by reputable physicians or hospitals, a fantasy of yours. And you are demented enough not to realize that ACA (with your hated 1000+ pages to read) was a handful without including the massive drug price problem. You wouldn’t read 1500 pages if it was included, and don’t even criticize Bush2 for his faulty law.
            You must have been sleeping for that month, as intelligence agencies are digging up more and more connections between Putin/Russia/kleptocrats and Trump campaigners. The man himself is no doubt in hock to his eyeballs to Russia(ns). It will all come out and I’m eager to see you dodging and weaving to evade electing the commie sympathizer. Never heard the names Flynn, Manafort, Page, all tied to commies. Next are Sessions and Ross, the money launderer from Crete banking. You really are a shill.
            And any prosecutions are for lawbreaking which Dems didn’t do.

        2. ezekiel22 says:

          Doc, I still do not trust everything about the Syrian bombing. I didn’t trust the so called red line drawn incident under obama either. That being said and all might I bring up the fact that Turkey under Erdogan is rubbing his hands together in anticipation of Turkey being the peacekeeping force in Syria soon. It is a fact that Russia does not want to stay in force in the area. They like the influence and the warm water port of course but it is a drain on them. We do not want to stay around either but Saudi Arabia wants us there. Check that one out for fun! Our job is to check Iran which is cooperating with Turkey and an ally with Russia. See how that will work?
          When you start to say I am wrong go back and read the nations that Daniel and Ezekiel as well as Revelation talks about. All I will say is Hal Lindsey was wrong. It is neat the way nations are lining up.

          I know that you question the lack of politicraps in the Trump administration. It is hilarious how the previous administration lost half a billion dollars in HHS. They were professionals under obama! Maybe it is time to we had real life people around instead of insular professionals that are disconnected.

          BTW your definition of fascists is questionable by your usage. You see when I see masked individuals and friends attacking people on stage or otherwise including BLM I consider them fascists. If they block traffic and attack people in vehicles as they have before i will promise if my life or those of my passengers is in danger I will go through. There is no excuse for their actions.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Zeke, I can only hope that someday you will follow the facts and trends so apparent to me. Russia was uninvolved in Syria till he got the Obama opening, now has another warm water foothold for his tiny fleet. He’s proven to have lied about removing WMDs from Assad’s arsenal, but you don’t care. No red line erases the bonehead and inconsequential 59 missile bombing of an empty air field with no personnel injured and which resumed operations the next day. Ineffective but got him your increase in poll support for bellicosity.
            We are not in Syria except for ISIL/Al Qaida.
            Now Turkey is moving toward dictatorship resembling Iran, Syria, Egypt and others in the neighborhood. I just hope the Kurds get their own homeland after all is done.
            I’m not looking for the end of days.

          2. NM Leon says:

            “Russia was uninvolved in Syria till he got the Obama opening, now has another warm water foothold for his tiny fleet.”

            As usual, Bullschitte Billy is a baldfaced liar in the service of the the Father of Lies.

            Russia (and USSR) have had a long standing relationship with Syria.

            The Russian Naval Base at Tartus was opened in 1971.

            The Russians have had an airbase at Palmyra since at least 2013.

            Identified in 2006 by Jane’s Defense Weekly, there are at least 4 Russian/Syrian spy bases in Syria.

            Since at least 2007 the Russians have provided and bolstered Syria’s air defense system.

            Russia has been selling military hardware to Syria since the ’70s, including SS-21 “Scarab” short-range missiles, MiG-29SMT fighters, SU 24 Bombers, Pantsir S1E air-defense systems, Iskander tactical missile systems, Yak-130 aircraft, two Amur-1650 submarines, S-200 (SA-5), S-125 Neva/Pechora (SA-3 Pechora + Pechora-2M), and SA-2 S-75M Volga Strategic SAM systems.

            Syria has been a “client state” of USSR/Russia for almost 50 years.

            Stop lying, BB.

          3. ezekiel22 says:

            Been busy sand if you are not looking forward to the End of Days I am sorry but it is too late. They are here. Turkey if you read and study the old names and maps is most assuredly Gog Magog as well as Togomorah. Sorry but even Pergammon is in Turkey and that is where the Seat of Satan is. Erdogan some say is the Anti-Christ and by his acts alone should be watched. He is intent on setting up the Caliphate and is hailed as such even to the point of wresting control of the OIC from Egypt. If so then by the news of today get ready. Turkey will invade Israel to the border of Egypt but only after peace in Israel. Todays meeting at the WH with Abbas says something is up. Israel has offered a two state solution to the “Palestinians” multiple times. Five times Israel was turned down by them. Abbas did lie on TV of course about teaching peace but that is another story. They still want East Jerusalem as their capital. Israel won’t go there but a compromise could be had and since Israel made a treaty with Turkey just over a year ago opening Jerusalem up for pilgrimages you will soon see a country of unwalled villages. Pretty sure I told you to look into Erdogan a while back. Please do.
            We are in Syria sad to say. Not exactly a military secret. Basically if we chose to we could have a rock throwing contest with Russian troops. Yes, to say that the gas and biological weapons are gone was a lie. I was sure of that when Lurch stated that they were gone. The former administration needed a win to feed an insatiable ego and so they made one up. Time did tell. No problem with the missile attack. You say no casualties but I hear differently. I also hear differently on the damages. Since then a lot of posturing and a change in attacks by parties involved except for the rebels whose loyalties should be in doubt. The Kurds will not get their homeland. They are the Medes of old BTW. Turkey considers them a threat and that is why and where they interjected themselves into Syria in order to prevent the uniting of both Kurdish enclaves in Syria.
            It is funny what you learn from people that live in the areas we talk about. They have a completely different take on things than what we are being fed daily.

          4. DrBillLemoine says:

            Zeke, we’re told about a ‘thief in the night’ so you are not following scripture by awaiting Judgment Day. Just keep yourself pure and go on living as normal.
            Are you equating Erdogan and Baghdadi both wanting a ‘caliphate’? Which one is it? Un-biblical speculation and gossip.
            Turkey will invade? That country didn’t even want American presence at Insurlich AFB in Turkey, let terrorists run amok for a long time, fabricates terrorism like the best ISIL, Syrian, Iranian barbarians. I regret my friends are losing a Christian-tolerant homeland, and Turkey fabricates nonsense akin to Trump about the PA-resident Turk leading anti-Erdogan insurrection and hires former Trump guru Flynn to subvert American democratic procedures for extradition. You got your wish in Trump, now live with all the intrigue he produces that also subverts America. Watch out for the Caliphate in your backyard soon. lol

          5. ezekiel22 says:

            No doc sorry but you really need to read what I pointed out. Why you brought Trump into this I have no idea since he has nothing to do with this. You know I study the Bible and prophecy happens to be something that holds special interest. What I pointed out to you was a very basic outline of prophetic events that happens to better fit the Bible than say Hal Lindsey and Dispensational eschatology. That is why I suggested you check what I said against maps and the ancient names.
            Turkish or Iranian/Persian Caliphate which is it? According to muslim scholars it can only be Turkish. According to Shia apocalyptic theology you have Armageddon which they want to usher in for their Mahdi. Yep, koran there. What will happen is that Saudis will lose all that they have schemed for. Iran has plans for Mecca if you were to investigate.
            I know the thief in the night references and even why. We both know that there is a thief out there and we also know that the night is coming. Some people prefer to not know either.

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            You think those in ‘The Way’ knew what you bring forth by analysis 2000 years later? It’s immaterial for living in the Word. And your brain is not the center of Love, it’s the heart, as Christ said. So all your rationale is for skeptics as the faithful simply believe in their hearts.
            As an official and devout believer, I have no need nor do parishioners in my charge want your analysis. My prayers and healing stand alone without footnotes by you or speculation about the end times which I have also studied. God said he’d leave us a mystery but you won’t leave it alone. Get out there and embody your faith; stop analyzing it.

          7. ezekiel22 says:

            You are about half right, maybe. That’s okay I guess. You might be surprised what you might just learn from me if given chance. You see we are told to be as wise as serpents yet gentle as lambs. There is a reason for it not the least of which is for false preachers. There is nothing wrong with working while a train comes down the tracks. As a matter of fact it gives impetus to work harder.
            The only things I told you was about the nations mentioned in certain prophecies. It is to me curious and interesting how things are turning out. You can reject it if you wish and that is fine as your vast trove of knowledge is so much more than mere mortals can comprehend. The fact is that I am correct. When things get lit up over there be prepared to act because when people realize that Pre-Tribulation Rapture is wrong their faith will be shaken. As a church official you will need to minister in their collective hour of despair. Yes, people can follow Jesus and still be wrong on minor points. Talk at you later!

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            As I’ve already said, God gives us a mystery in the end days. Analysis like yours–a head game–can mislead believers to stray from Gospel. I’ve seen it as teacher, preacher and bible student operating in the real world, not just church or university classroom. I prefer to hold to gospel meekness and open to edification but your ‘head’ isn’t edifying me. It’s all about the heart; what’s in the heart (not head) will come to light, scripture says. And finally we will have no warning about the rapture timing, so must always be ready–no ministering at that time. The ‘thief’ in scripture gives no warning, something you overlook here. And we are all sinners in following ‘all points’, forget dwelling on minor points.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The U.S. has concentrated heavily on combating them, while also supporting Afghan forces battling the Taliban.

    But what about the Pakistani ISI that actively support the Taliban?????

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  • tim says:

    I wonder what the fall out from using this weapon will be here from here and abroad and if these tunnels were really heavily used the casualty level should be more than they say there was “‘MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS’ KILLS 36 ISLAMIC STATE MILITANTS, AFGHANISTAN OFFICIALS SAY”

    1. teamglock says:

      Infrastructure, slick . . .

    2. chucklc says:

      World is full of “arm-chair”military experts!

      1. Carriewmcfarren says:

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