What happens in the extremely unlikely scenario the Electoral College goes rogue?

Donald Trump is busy building his Cabinet and planning his agenda, but he isn’t really, officially going to be President quite yet. One of the peculiarities of American democracy is that it’s a group of 538 “electors” — members of the Electoral College — in this nation of 318 million who actually pick the president.

They’ll do it, meeting in their respective states, on December 19th. The outcome is a foregone conclusion, but there is room, however small, for a surprise: an uprising, as called for by some Democrats and even some Republicans, of “faithless electors.”

None of the electors are constitutionally bound to follow the will of the people they represent, and so in this bizarre election (and post-election) season, an arcane system that was established at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 could — and this is very unlikely, but could legally — go rogue and potentially deny Trump the presidency.

Scenario 1: The system works and Trump wins

More than 136 million Americans cast a ballot for President on Election Day in November. While Clinton outpaced Trump by nearly three million votes, the Republican’s narrow victories in a series of battleground states secured him a clear victory in the Electoral College.

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  • justinwachin says:

    Anyone who betrays the trust of the citizens they represent will not be seen as heroes, regardless of what some Hillary supporters would have you to believe. Republicans will view them as traitors. The Democrats who claimed to see them as heroes will view them as unreliable and untrustworthy.

    Any fool who thinks he/she will become some sort of hero by changing their electoral vote will soon see that was the worst decision of his/her life.

  • Askjrsk says:

    One protester today, hear about that one? MICHAEL MOORE offer of paying fine and fees for rogue electors, well nobody wants to be counted with this scraggly Jenny Craig failure it looks like. Glad Obama staying in Washington DC east to gather him up FOR GITMO.

  • Michellemhall says:

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  • Askjrsk says:

    Elector on FOX tonight says she doesn’t know how she’s voting tomorrow. Constituents voted for Trump. This convoluted woman insults American voters with her prideful arrogant haughty attitude. Something like this is unredeemable and folks such as these should be held accountable by American voters, if she votes again our obvious choice. We need a full list of names and back ground information on these that deem they have the authority to supersede American voters, and vote for someone else.

  • NJ Lady says:

    Thank the gods for the Electoral College! May it always “monitor” our Presidential elections.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Not to “Quibble”, but you only have to thank the one God for the rights He’s given you, me and all of us as Americans.

      1. NJ Lady says:

        Yes, Myron. I agree 100% with you. I was only loosely using a common figure of speech!

        1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

          LOL! Forgive me, but my “Senseless Humor” overwhelms: My favorite kind of “Lady” – a “Loose Woman”. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

  • Lougjr1 says:

    My dear fellow Americans, I do not need to tell you that this is a Democratic Republic, not a straight Democratic system. and for a very good reason. If it were, only 2 out of 50 states would say who would rule the nation which would be unfair to the other 48 states. Get it ? The people of each state are represented by electors who respond to the people in their states. Understand it now before the liberals try to screw up the nation and the peoples rights !

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Yes, Democratic, the “Party the Stands Up for the Rights of the Minority”, except if they’re the minority of the nation’s total population that’s living in “Flyover Country”, and not the nation’s “Enlightened Coasts”.

  • codycollie says:

    I hope they do the Right Thing and vote for the person that won their State.

    California gave the bimbo the “popular vote” but how many of them were illegal! The rest were Fruits and Nuts!

    The beautifull City of Detroit also voted overwhelmingly for her even tho there were MANY more votes than people that voted……strange. I imagine my home town City of Chicago had the same experience?

    Oh boy, I forgot there is NO Voter Fraud according to the Demonrats!

    Do these “Electors” actually think there will be NO reprocussens if they vote against the people who voted for Trump?

    “Stupid is as Stupid does”!

  • NM Leon says:

    Newsflash, virtually all of the Trump electors ran for their election to be electors as Trump electors. There is exactly zero chance they would “flip”.

    The idiot libtards need to go to their safe spaces, suck their thumbs, pet puppies, and leave the adults alone so that we can clean up 8 years of their messes.

  • Patriot159 says:

    The reason for the second amendment will be found out first hand.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

  • EprofGCP says:

    I’d like to see the Electoral College modified to eliminate the “Winner Take All” system that exists in most states. If a system similar to that of Nebraska and Maine were adopted it would give voters in every state some hope in having their vote mean something. The system in Nebraska and Maine is:
    2 Electoral Votes for the popular vote winner and one Electoral Vote for each Congressional District.

    Voter participation would significantly increase since voters would be vying for an Electoral Vote in their Congressional District. Currently I feel that my Presidential vote in California is meaningless due to the preponderance of Democrats in the state. However, I’d have a much more positive sense of my vote counting if it could help my choice of President win my Congressional District Electoral Vote.

    In a given Presidential election it is logical to conclude that the Electoral College vote would (almost) mirror the vote for the House in that year since most of the Electoral College votes would be won at the Congressional District level. Of course the Presidential candidate of one party could win the Congressional District and the other party could win the House seat.

    In recent years the Republicans have controlled the House but we have seen the House change parties every few years so there is no lock that Republicans would continue to control the House (and the Electoral College). Recall that the Democrats controlled the House 8 years ago (Nancy Pelosi as the fearless leader). However, after seeing the country’s direction after the 2 years of Democratic control (POTUS, Senate, House leading to ObamaCare), a good part of the population voted to put the House in Republican control to balance the ensuing legislation. This, to me, was a clear example of how the entire country (not the 319 square mile area of NYC) could exercise it’s voice in running the country.

    Can you imagine what a future campaign would look like if my Electoral College modification was implemented? EVERY state, EVERY state would be in play, not just OH, PA, FL, IL, MI, WI, etc. so it’s not unreasonable to expect future presidential candidates campaigning in WY, ID, AK, HI, etc. Trump stated recently that he campaigned in Maine hoping to get just one of Maine’s four electoral votes (Trump 1, HRC 3). Clearly, one could imagine a Democratic candidate campaigning in WY or ID to pick up one or more Electoral College votes as Trump did in Maine. The “Winner Take All” mentally would vanish and every citizen would feel that their vote counts.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Great idea. Exactly like mine. Unfortunately, the “Uncertainty Factor” is exactly why it will never be implemented. The Good Old Boys, Insider Network might actually have to pander to way more to their voters and far less to their donors every election cycle and that would greatly reduce their power, perks and (especially) their bottom line.

  • Climax says:

    Think about this, Obama has already said that he will support anything to keep Trump out of the White House. What if he and his buddies create a situation in which he declares Martial Law across the USA. It is now January 22ed and he refuses to give up the office. He is illegally occupying the office of the President of the United States. Who will the Military follow, who will law enforcement follow, who will need to be protected and by whom, from whom?

    1. Anouk says:

      I also suspect Obama is preparing to declare Martial Law. I never trust him and everything is possible with a pathological liar like he is.
      With Soros and the Clinton behind him he is capable to completely destroy the election.
      Let’s hope it is not going to happen.
      God help America.

  • Rick D. says:

    If Trump’s election is stolen from him even though he won 30 states (60%), carried 3,084 out of 3,141 (98.2%) of all counties in the US, and won 46 of the 62 counties in NY State (74%), this will definitely lead to a revolution of apocalyptic proportions!! If this happens, I want the names of defectors.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Address phone numbers place of employment emails and social security numbers, in addition to the names of those who think Americans can be toyed with.

      1. Rick D. says:

        I’m packed and ready to go if necessary. LOL!! As they used to say on WWE…..”IT’S TIME TO RUUUUUUMBLE!!!

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Time for us all to fall into line.

    2. NM Leon says:

      I would bet money that there will be exactly 1 faithless Republican elector, Christopher Suprun. All the rest will do their duty and vote for Trump.

  • paul filing says:

    solution-line up the rogue electors and shoot them. Kids learn by examples.

  • snowyriver says:

    When to electoral college goes rogue and changes the election, Well then the American people go rogue and restores our Constitution.

  • Nina814 says:

    I don’t understand why they keep saying that Clinton won the popular vote when there is clear evidence of voter fraud from her side. The boxes and ballots that have been found contain fraudulent votes for Hillary. The recounts have shown it. If my math works well, when these fraudulent votes are subtracted from the legal, true votes, they diminish or wipe out any margin she would have had above Trump. And I bet the total of these fraudulent votes exceed 3M. Therefore, she did not win the popular vote.

    1. American Me says:

      The only thing Hitlery won was the fraudulent vote.If the electors would try to flip the election then the decision goes to the House of Representatives.Im pretty sure Trump would still win.But you just never know with some of the two faced losers in congress.We must push hard for voter ID laws across America,term limits for congress and we must stop employers from hiring illegal aliens.Remember America and Americans first.Time to take back our country.The DEMONCRATS have tried to destroy our country.There is a lot of hard work ahead to restore her to her former greatness.We can do this.GO TRUMP

  • stan lee says:

    The Electoral College was originated to represent constituencies in this republic, be those constituencies representing rural areas or big city regions full to capacity with constituents. There is no other vote system anywhere else in this world like it.

    It is unique in the fact that it is an original American idea designed to allocate vote power across this land as equally as possible. But for the Electoral College, the votes of highly populated areas such as the largest cities, would control government policies by simple dominance of raw numbers of votes that a democracy can generate, again,especially in big city areas. This, the Founding Fathers took into consideration.

    There was a time when the Electoral College system was taught and explored in schools as part of understanding how this republic functions….but schools have come to neglect the subject, ergo a mass misunderstanding exists.

    The article dealing with the Electoral College Electors (above ) originates from journalists of CNN. I think it is calloused by way of its representation that 538 Electors really elect the candidates when the Electoral College meets to execute its purpose for existing. The article states the 538 Electors are the deciders of the results of the millions upon millions who have voted representing the national will.

    The idea was not for one Elector to “go rogue” and compromise the votes of a people in any given state were the winning candidate was declared after all votes, in all districts, were counted. The votes of the people DO Count, they inform the Electors who it was who won an Elector’s particular district. The Electors are charged with representing the will of the people who voted. “Going rogue” as an elector is when thousands of voters in any given district voted more for one candidate than another, thereby that district was won by the winning candidate.
    The Elector is supposed to vote in the Electoral College vote count for the candidate most voted for by his/her constituents, not to decide to reverse the will of the whole district by using his single Electoral College vote to reverse an entire district’s voting result.

    The CNN writer insistently returns to the popular vote count, which is not the method by which the election was originally determined and still is, but since CNN is as partial to the Democrat candidate, as I am to the Republican, CNN is still carping about the popular vote count. That count went on for days after the election was called. It was miraculous how those Democrat votes accumulated in days after Clinton conceded the election to Trump. Those votes were not present when counting officially was stopped.

    In the case of a baseball game,(i.e) 9 innings decide that contest, unless both teams remain tied. The the tied teams continue the contest until one scores more than the other. Then the winner is declared. (I repeat, only in the case of a tie after nine innings have been played)The scoring isn’t allowed to go on after the game is over.

    Here, we have a case where, because they felt sure of a win, the Democrats cannot accept what they insisted Trump should accept, during a debate and before the voting even started! He was not going to accept that until voting really started and was declared over. But, H.Clinton was all for Trump conceding before a single vote was cast, not anticipating that she could lose, was she so sure of a victory. A case of counting the chicks before the eggs were hatched!

    In any event, if the Electoral College issue doesn’t resolve this, the matter goes over to the Congress to resolve it by its votes.

    The Electoral system IS FAIR, fairer than a democracy such as Canada’s, where the votes from the largest cities, Toronto and Quebec literally elected a Socialist because the two city votes exceeded the rest of Canada;s votes.
    That is “Democracy” with a capital “D.” Our system is called a Representative Republic.

    1. deepthink says:

      Very well explained! I hope those dissenters will read your entire piece.

      1. stan lee says:

        If it’s not short and in headline letters, it’s too difficult for them. They’d rather whine for the next 100 years.

    2. Retired says:

      The Clinton Machine along with the media are not going to give up to the fact , they lost. The turn coats will be sent out to the pasture. The media and Democrats are only hurting themselves.

      1. ArcticGrayling says:

        Every time the media has doubled down on trashing Trump, his numbers improve.

        It started at the beginning of his campaign. It continues to this day.

        They just don’t get it.

        They try the same thing again and again, expecting a different result.

        Einstein called insanity.

    3. ArcticGrayling says:

      It’s simpler than that. It was not the objective of either Trump or Hillary to win the popular vote.

      The objective of each was to prevail in the electoral college.

      Trump succeeded.

      Hillary failed.

      End of story.

      1. stan lee says:

        Of course it’s as simple as you indicated. When a candidate wins the Electoral as handily as Trump did, it was a beautiful process. I’m just so darned fed-up with these dummies who feign anger at it, Partisan journalists trying to turn this thing inside-out to create doubt in the only system like it in the universe.
        The Founding Fathers devised a magnificent process, it’s not all that difficult to comprehend, but its unlike the systems of any other nations because the Continental Congress gave a darn for every vote from every state and assured it.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    They really don’t want to see what a mess they’ll have, and I don’t care what anyone says, Hellary DID NOT win the POPULAR VOTE, just like Obama’s approval ratings were BS, it was really around 20%!

    1. snowyriver says:

      Rodney: look at the rallies.. They told anyone with a brain who was going to win the election.. Trump drew ten times the people to his rallies that Hillary did to hers. There is voter fraud in every State that Hillary won.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I totally agree 100% my friend, she never pack a house like Trump did at EVERY rally!!

        1. NM Leon says:

          She had lots of packed rallies, they were just held in itty bitty rooms, lol.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, never looked at it that way, bus size rooms! I liked that!

          2. NM Leon says:

            Maybe mini bus sized.

  • olinda says:

    I believe if all the people in this grand nation vote for Donald Trump in the election and he win all the swing states and Hillary lose them……he win 306 we have to give him 306…..and the democrats has to take the lose…and keep goin…there is no time to be fighting for Hillary the people of this country came out and give Trump the vote there is no Russia hacking the election American people need to see the prove…..Hillary Clinton open her E-mail and let her maid go true and Winners wife too….Hillary Clinton open her E-mail to all the people that give her Big money for her Clinton Foundation.. .Hillary Clinton said she was Funding & running Isis our enemy…She Delete 33 thousand E-mails…13 Blacberry 3Laptop …Benghazi…four American Dead…take millions of dollars from other countries for her Foundation …and she want to be a president…with all this crimes …American open there eye and look and ask who is Hillary Clinton????and the answer was there in from of their eye…..she is a criminal…we the people love to have one day a woman president …but that person has to be honest…and we have to trust her…very intelligent…and with experience….Donald Trump win and he win by Landslide …coast to coast….and is ridiculos to see this people given a dead treat to the persons with the Electoral College Vote…all for Donald Trump.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      There was probably no Russian hacking, but there certainly was interference from George Soros. And we know for whom.

  • Janthony132 says:


    1. Askjrsk says:

      Trained for the military patriots will hunt them down.

    2. Retired says:

      The traitors will not succeed !

  • teaman says:

    Writers of this article, I find it very interesting you would call the Electoral College “ARCANE”! Do you not realize that without this process, many or most all of the smaller states would “NEVER” have their votes count for anything. Fact is, this is exactly what the totally perverted communist driven lefty idiots desire, since they have control over most all large populated areas. Another Fact, is that it worked perfectly this time keeping the most despicable idiot out of the WH…..at least to this point in time. Our Nation is driven and blinded by stupidity, for all of those who voted for Killary, love the fact that she is a crook and has been that way the majority of her miserable life. It’s a movement hell bent on bringing down the United States and all that it stands for from within, hopefully forming a Globalist One World Order. If this crap keeps up, we will have a civil war and that is exactly what our enemies desire…..what better time to attack.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      It did not keep OBAMAS out. That’s a problem.

  • Tiger says:

    This is not necessarily true concerning no laws binding them. Indeed there are laws that bind them and they can be fined and even jailed for going rogue. Now we are hearing that O is putting together, another Shadow Government displacing the one already on the 7th floor spoken of in the leaks? or all new? They have a strangle hold on this country and they will need to be taken out of our government the way the Nazi were taken out everywhere including America, this is a disease and if they pull something like this they will be sorry, very sorry.

  • Defend America says:

    Democrats are trying to say Russia’s interference helped get Trump elected.

    1. There has not been any proof to this accusation. Wiki leaks alley says in came from a discussed Democrat, that Thesis is being used as a scapegoat.
    2. Obama himself tried to interfere with the elections in Europe and was upset when it did not
    3. The information put out by who ever did hack the DNC and Podesta emails did not change the
    facts of the emails. We know for a fact that Hillary and the DNC rigged the nomination
    against Sanders. We knew for many months that the DNC and Hillary planned to stop
    Trump from becoming President.
    4. I personally did not read all of the hacked emails but I do know for a FACT that Hillary used
    an unsecured email address while serving our country placing our military in a highly
    dangerous situation which could have caused many deaths.

    The fact that Comey decided not to prosecute after Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch met
    on a private plane and Obama announced he was supporting Hillary ( something no other President has ever done ) does not make her innocent. Comey even said if anyone else would have treated government information with Extremely Carelessness as Hillary did, they would have lost their credentials and face consequences. This told me Hillary was placed above the LAW.

    Rewarding anyone know matter who you are, no matter what party you are affiliated with to the highest position in the land for committing an act of EXTREME CARELESSNESS possibly broke the LAW ( we may never know ) is unthinkable. Our Military and our Country deserves better than that.

    It has been said that the hacking has come from within our on country. Within the DNC itself at this point no one knows the truth. I do however know for a FACT that Hillary, Obama, Democrats and some Republicans stated they would do what it takes to stop Trump.

    I do know for a FACT that Obama himself tried to influence this election in favor of Hillary.
    I do know for a FACT that Obama himself tried to influence foreign politics.
    I do know for a FACT that Obama himself tried to influence this election when he said if you do not vote Democrat you will be insulting me.

    I am in no way supporting the hacking, if it was even hacked at all, it is unthinkable and should be handled with completely and with consequences no matter if it was an outside hacking are from with in. I do not however believe that our electoral voters are hypocritical and they will stand by their vote.

    We have learned from this election that politicians will say and do anything to win. The truth is the truth no matter how Americans came about the truth. In Hillary’s own words: What difference does it make.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      As recently as June, shit skin Obama tried to interfere with the Brexit vote.

      Yet the media continues to shill for that nigger, they expect to be believed.

  • Albert L Biele says:

    Clinton beat Trump by 3.6 million votes in just 2 states, California and N.Y., however Trump beat Clinton by 1.6 million votes in the remaining 48 states. This is the reason we have an electoral voting system and, have selected 2 senators to represent each state. The voting system has nothing to do with population, but rather, purposed to give each state representation in a presidential election, and no one has the right to take that away from them (Otherwise, the 2 states would control most elections). If the electors did not honor their obligation to vote the “peoples will;’ the civil war that would occur, would permanently fragment this country into a third world country. The Trump supporters in a majority of states have spoken, heed their warning. I’m a war vet and love this country, and strongly advise America; do not mess with our voting system! And certainly do not take advice from broken down celebrities, of whom, 90% lack the ability to govern their personal lives. If our voting system can be changed to benefit conservative or liberal candidates, this country is finished—The day we lose confidence in our voting system, this Republic will fall!

    1. Defend America says:

      Should the electoral voters Deni Trump his rightful place as the leader of our country we need to call for a recount in California and New York. It was said that California Governor granted drivers license to the ILLEGALS in order to vote. Truth or Fake I do not know. New York is also ran by Democrats so anything is possible. This is why they are constantly trying to change our voters law. They do not want a fair election.

      I personally do not believe Hillary received the popular vote legally but we may never know for sure.

      Thank you for your service.

      1. Climax says:

        Of course she did NOT receive the “legal” popular vote. How could anyone vote for the likes of her with her past, suspected illegal activities, calling groups of people nasty names, just being a complete nasty person all her life and as far back as the 1960’s being known as the most unethical person known? Only idiots and fools would vote for something like that. She is not a woman of any quality, of any dignity, of any substance other than just plain pure evil.

        1. NM Leon says:

          Unfortunately we have a lot of idiots and fools who vote, and our screwed up public school system is churning out more all the time.

        2. Defend America says:

          I agree completely but unfortunately I do know some he did vote for her. They are good people but they heard only the lies the media feed them and they did not like the way Trump degraded people. With no charges brought against Hillabeast they believed she was careless but innocent.

          I love these people as human beings but common sense does seem to be lacking.

      2. Askjrsk says:

        California should be called on the crap they pull at high government places. Start with full investigation of the Pelosi crime family. Governor a Brown, who hides behind his Jesuit past as if he’s a saint and not a deceiver of mass destruction. New Yorks De Blasio and other crime families next.

      3. Bill Hartman says:

        Here is a little math regarding the popular vote and the People’s State of California.

        Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2.6 million people. But in the state of California, she won the popular vote by more than 4.2 million. California election law (CA2111) establishes that for voting purposes, US citizenship is “by affidavit only”. Sign that you are a citizen and you can vote. The next statute (CA2112) makes it clear that the writers of the law knew that this approach is subject to fraud. It states that the voter affidavit cannot be used to determine citizenship for any other purpose! It is, of course, very difficult to prove that any particular voter is not a citizen (although it should be easy for the voter to prove that s/he is). So cleaning up the voter rolls is difficult, and we can only have a rough idea of how often this occurs.

        As quotes from the new California House Speaker make clear, California officials are offended by any treatment of aliens, legal or illegal, different from citizens. Thus it is a reasonable assumption that millions of aliens (non US citizens who are ineligible to vote, even according to California law) voted for Hillary.

        Ignoring the California popular vote (as it is obviously bogus), looking at the other states only, Trump won the nationwide popular vote by 1.6 million. This is why the Electoral College must be retained. Otherwise, a single state can determine the president through fraud. And recounts would never end.

        1. Defend America says:

          I totally agree. Should Democrats get their way in changing voters rights we might a well just give the country to California are New York.

          They have been trying for years to take complete control over this great nation so far without success, but the way they are brainwashing our children in schools I wonder if we can continue to have fair and balanced votes in the near future.

          DEMOCRATS seem to believe that Americans are not intelligent enough to live their own lives without them telling us to breath. We are only good for keeping them in luxury and making them feel superior.

    2. Climax says:

      I too am a vet 12/66-12/69 RA16897089, I would add that all these people who said they would leave the country if Trump got elected, none of which have left, lied to us. We should hold them, and our Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg’s toes to the fire and give them 90 days to find a new home and leave the country as promised or be detained as seditionists. Ginsberg should be removed from the bench for her statements that were totally inappropriate for a person in her position.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        I couldn’t agree more.

    3. Askjrsk says:

      Wow! You speak wisdom and truth.

    4. NM Leon says:

      What the MSM is missing is that those Republican electors are almost all Trump supporters who ran for election to become electors as Trump supporters. Not a snowballs chance they will flip.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        That’s true, but even more assuring is that, the electors, by law, must vote for the designated candidate who won the state primary.

        1. Defend America says:

          I agree but it has been said that Hillary and her cronies will pay the fine if they change their vote. A Harvard university Professor has offered them a free council are education I forgot which, maybe both if they change their vote. Others have tried to intimidate the Electors to change their vote.

          Do Democrats have any pride are morals? If I were a Democrat I would be totally ashamed of my party, turn my back on them and never look back.

          Hillary had the nerve to call us deplorable?

          1. Albert L Biele says:

            If it happens, and I don’t believe it will, the House of Representatives, having a Republican majority, decides the candidate to be our next president, and I can assure you that Trump will be chosen.

  • Never fear, do you actually believe that a Republican House and Republican Senate, the House would chose the election of POTUS(if the 37 electors didn’t vote for Trump) a Democrat and lose their powerhouse grip on the reins of government? Not in one hundred years would they lose that power.

  • RuFus92 says:

    One word will suffice to make the description of what will happen. “REVELOUTION!”

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    The EC vote has to be ratified by Congress. If the EC goes rogue, there is no way congress will approve it.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Good thought

  • Smitch says:

    Lock & Load!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Now is the time

  • Jmanjo says:

    I agree with APB. The recount in Michigan has already shown that the Democrats were fraudulently inflating their votes as the tallies in Democratic strongholds were reporting more votes than voters that showed up! With popular votes being inflated like that there is doubt that Hillary Clinton won a popular vote! The electoral turmoil has all been created by Soros to try and steal or at least make shoddy an election. If the nation can get fired up by a possible Russian influence what about this Soros fool makes it any more kosher! The electoral representatives that are balking are not doing their duty to represent the voters and should be chastised for going along with this nonsense! Hillary and Obama should be ashamed for their part although I’m quite sure they are not! History will be bare out that they have deceived their supporters. I believe that the two of them have done huge damage to the country while they were in office. They have for sure used the federal administration under their control to abuse the US.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      Yup. As far as that ghetto shit skin is concerned, it’s OK for the rigged voting machines that Soros supplied to be used.

      1. Larry says:

        Let’s run Soros out of anything to do with the USA. take his money for the good of the people not the Clinton’s and Obummer

        1. Climax says:

          Soros should be secretly detained, put on a military airplane under guard, flown to Moscow, and given the boot. I am sure the Russians would approve that flight with joy as they want him for crimes committed over there. If Trump has any hair on is b-lls he will do something just like that to get rid of the source of socialist problems.

          1. NM Leon says:

            Russia banned his organizations, but there’s no arrest warrant.

            That’s okay, we could still fly him to Moscow, just give him the boot from 30,000 ft.

        2. Askjrsk says:

          We will know how to spend it wisely, not give it to the likes of CLINTON

    2. Defend America says:

      The electoral voters are Democrats with one Republican, who gave their vote to Hillary the one’s who do not know what the meaning of no means. Hillary never denied the accusations of the emails which tells me they were the original emails no matter if they were hacked are leaked by a discussed Democrat as wiki leaks has said.

      The fact they have found possible voter fraud in Detroit. The fact that Obama himself tried to influence this election with his announcement of supporting Hillary ( something no other President has done )before the email investigation was completed. The fact that Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch met privately before the investigation was completed. The fact that Obama himself tried to influence this election saying if you do not vote Democrat you will be insulting me. I say What Difference Does It Make. Truth is Truth no matter where are how we receive the truth.

      I in no way support the hacking of any government are personal systems, but at this point we have two different opinions the Democrats opinion, who has said they will do whatever it takes to stop Trump from becoming President and Wiki leaks who received the emails. I personally truth Wiki leaks and hope the electoral voters do the same.

      1. Askjrsk says:


    3. stan lee says:

      I reside outside of Phila.,PA, a city which has elected over 60 years of consecutive Democrat administrations. As a large city, it does not enjoy any pristine voting reputation. There have been vote counts, from certain of its districts, in the past, where the percentage of votes of a particular political party, exceeded the percentage of its voters in that district.

      1. Climax says:

        How can that be? A new rule should be instituted whereby if any precinct or district has more votes than voters registered for THAT precinct or district, all votes for that area are declared null and void. End of story.

        1. stan lee says:

          There are registered voters still counted in voting who died 20 years ago!
          It’s the “Democrat way,” permanent voting rights, dead or alive. And, these are the clowns who can’t take a loss even if their candidate should have been in federal prison instead of on the ballot!

      2. Retired says:

        Inner city politics at its finest.

        1. NM Leon says:

          Democrat politics at it’s finest.

    4. Askjrsk says:

      They should be, absolutely. Obamas have lack of character. Federal prison might cure that. GITMO.

      1. ArcticGrayling says:

        As long as Obama is not given solitary, he would probably be happy in prison, especially if he were given a prayer rug and Reggie Love as his cell mate.

        His own Man’s Country in prison.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          That’s not prison for OBAMA. That’s a Chicago bath house!

    5. Defend America says:

      So true. They said Trump gained 132 votes in one county multiple that by the millions of counties in our country and see how many popular votes she actually received that were legal. My guess 2.5 million minus. Leaving Trump with over 3 million plus.

  • Cleverfun says:

    Funny… it wasn’t “arcane” when Barrack Hussein Obama was Elected (twice) and it wouldn’t have been “arcane” if HRC hadda not been a douche bag & won.

    Maybe someone should start pushing the thought of how nice America would be if there were no more Liberal Assholes pushing their “arcane” agenda!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      What a concept!

  • Mort Leith says:

    How bad do these Electoral Voters want a revolution ?
    Because THAT is exactly what they’d be getting..

    and it won’t be like these little spoiled pu55y libT ard-commie protests either.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Simple solution… enforce the Constitution! Speech or press against Constitutional authority is insurrection & acts against it are rebellion. “ENGAGEMENT” in insurrection, rebellion, or comforting/aiding an enemy of the Constitution automatically bans (FIRED ON THE SPOT) any allegiance bound official from any US office per Amendment 14-3&4… Supreme Law – ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY “NOTWITHSTANDING”!!

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Pelosi CLINTON are part of electoral college. That should be illegal.

      1. Climax says:

        One from Kalifornia and the other from Kew Kork, so they don’t count anyway. We know who they will vote for. Now who is going to protect Mrs. Prissy Pelosi?

        1. Askjrsk says:

          An out of work postman that can go postal on her. Put a stamp on her and mail her to another planet.

          1. Climax says:

            Would that take an international or intergalactic stamp?

          2. Askjrsk says:

            Space cadets special stamp I’m sure.

          3. Peter Smith says:

            Couldn’t do it if you tried. Even the other planets protect their borders …….. Only in America, ….. damn it!

          4. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            Yep, I think we’re stuck with the batty Looney Tune.

          5. Peter Smith says:

            Unless we could “persuade” Obama and Michael to leave “voluntarily” ……. it has possibilities …… Hawaii would take ’em ………. MAYBE?

          6. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            I think they should all be in California. Trump can make a great deal. Trade California to Mexico for the Mexico’s payment of the construction of the wall. Almost like killing two birds with one stone. Get rid of a couple of “bats”, spare the United States the illegals in California, and same some money by no longer having to pour $s into CA. A win, win situation.

          7. Peter Smith says:

            I like it! Add this to the fact it would also assure no progressive liberal Democrat in the White House for the foreseeable future ……… We have got to get President-elect Trump on this issue ASAP. But then, I read that California is putting session on their 2019 state ballots, we may not have to do anything except sit back, watch, and laugh ourselves silly.
            Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

          8. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            From your mouth to God’s ears! Let them go; let them go. Fly away little “birdies, aka “Dingbats”!

          9. Askjrsk says:

            Even man from Mars smarter than OBAMA

      2. Retired says:

        Who gives a shitsky about either one, they are both destructors of the US.

      3. NM Leon says:

        Anybody can run for election to the position of elector. Nasty Pelosi isn’t an elector, but her daughter Christine (from the same pile of schitte) is. Hildabeast isn’t an elector, but Slick Willy is.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Thanks. I know. It’s all in the family, which is not just another vintage situation comedy.

      4. Buford says:

        If that is not nepotism and conflict of interest, nothing is.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Our country shows it

    3. Jim Strong says:

      They better prepay for their final day.

      1. Michellemhall says:

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        1. ArcticGrayling says:

          Muhammad’s mother was a whore.

    4. Joan Freda says:

      You got that right. They won’t be bothered by little Snowflakes tho. They’ll be inundated by a freakin’ blizzard!!

  • David Stewart says:

    The College should be made to vote within ten days of the popular vote; give lying sneaking underhanded Dims less time to cast their dishonorable plots!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Reasonable suggestion.

  • APB says:

    If the EC for any reason votes for anyone but the man who won over 270 EC Votes, meaning Trump, then this nation will have a civil war and rightfully so.
    The hacking of this election was done by Geo Soros and his cronies on the behalf of Clintons, Obamas etc. That is how Obama got in 8 yrs ago and stayed.
    One thing out of this Obama cannot pardon himself, and I pray Trump and Congress take treason of Obama et al, very seriously and have the military courts try this prick from Kenya Odumber and Clintons and upon conviction no appeal, take them and do what we always did with traitors.
    Only I would hold a lottery as to method, time and date of the sentence to be carried out

    1. ONLYJB1 says:

      Method? rope
      Time: immediately
      Place: oak tree front lawn white house 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Banana and watermelon?

        1. ONLYJB1 says:

          Hey let’s not forget the fried chicken and grilled pork chops!

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Porkchops hell, pork butt and bacon and pigs feet. Sounds like Michelle now huh?

          2. NM Leon says:

            Hey, wait a minute, I like fried chicken and grilled pork chops.

          3. ONLYJB1 says:

            Hey, me too. I just ate 5 wings and 2 biscuits from Popeye’s! Spicy of course. Yum!

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Soros bigger threat than the Russians. Him and his one world government. Soros would turn in his own Jewish mother to the Nazis.

      1. ONLYJB1 says:

        He did, didn’t he? If not his mother he turned in several thousands of Jews to be slaughtered! And soros took their wealth.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          He knows how to get a good deal. Free is a very good price. Too bad about six million Jews. George Schwartz Soros should be slow cooked until well done!!!!

      2. Anouk says:

        You are 100% right!

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