White House tries to salvage Obamacare, Democrats in distress

The White House scrambled Wednesday to find solutions for the glaring failures in Obamacare as rebellious congressional Democrats pressured the administration over their increasing political predicament.

In a closed-door meeting at the Capitol, House Democrats blasted administration officials over their handling of the Obamacare rollout, and the White House’s failure to address Mr. Obama’s broken promise to Americans that they could keep their health insurance plans.

Top Senate Democrats, meanwhile, were giving more support to a legislative proposal that would allow people to keep their insurance plans. The White House said the proposal from Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, has more merit than a House Republican plan scheduled for a vote Friday.

Presidential aides wouldn’t commit to a specific fix.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president is trying to reassure congressional Democrats that he will decide on a solution “sooner rather than later.”

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  • mariowen says:

    This is all meant to play into their political game of chess. Put it all off for 1 year – TILL AFTER ELECTIONS – and then we will be right back here where we are today. There is no real changes coming. It is all a political ploy. This is all calculated and well planned long before today or this week or this month began. It is playing out as they intended it to. Don’t stick your head in the sand!

  • john says:

    Landrieu is just trying to cover her rear and increase her re-election chances. Up until she was running, she strongly supported the Unaffordable care act, and everything else Obama was doing.
    Sure hope the citizens of Louisiana are not that gullible. After the election, she will just continue with her blind support of Obama.

  • Thomas Viveiros says:

    The DemocRATs are like pigs laying in it’s own feces lol . Good luck as “you bought it” lol .

  • James Maxwell says:

    All they are trying to do is delay any “fix” that might come up. They know
    that if it has to go back to Congress and the Senate and House get their
    hands on it then the “Obozo Fiasco” will go down in flames. It is so
    corrupt with BS that even the EPA would have to call it a “Toxic dump site”
    and have it condemned. O’socialist knows that if this “can of worms”
    is opened then it will be tore apart and what finally gets to his desk he
    would balk at signing it further delaying any possible repair that might
    salvage parts of it. This is nothing more than a rehash of the old
    Kennedy garbage that was dug up and thrown out again. It is all
    delaying tactics so let this pile of crap get in the system so he can
    spend the next 3 years trying to convert it to a single payer system
    which was his stated goal all along.

  • mudguy1 says:

    Trying to fix Obamacare will be like trying to fix the old Seattle Kingdome after the imploded it. It can’t be done and will cost too much money.

  • Jack Parker says:

    Repeal Obama care and throw our Obama with it,

    1. Thomas Viveiros says:

      I’d suggest arresting , convicting , and sentencing him to a public lynching in the village green after Sunday Church services are over. I’ve hear in the day’s of old that the throngs of spectators of these lynchings always had a huge hunger and thirst and I can see profit in this though when the no good lazy smelly Muzzie in Chief’s feet are kicking @ the end of a noose I also heard their thirst and hunger diminished quite a bit but that’s life kiddies

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    The dumbocrats made their nest, let them lie in it. What we need to do now is keep the dumb ass Republicans from bailing them out.

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