Who is for and against the Senate ObamaCare repeal bill

by The Hill
September 21, 2017

The Senate could potentially vote on the latest ObamaCare repeal-and-replace plan next week, but the bill has won mixed reviews inside and outside Congress.

The proposal, sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.), would largely dismantle ObamaCare and convert its funding to block grants.

States would get the funding to design their own programs, leaving some states with more money and others with less. Just what states would decide to do would likely vary across the country.

Here is where key players and stakeholders stand.

Health care groups: against

Powerhouse health groups like the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association have come out against the Graham-Cassidy proposal in strong terms, warning that it could lead to coverage loses for millions of Americans.

38 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Patricia Gleitz says:

    Repeal Obamacare or be stuck with no insurance!

  • Carl Pyzowski says:

    The Federal Government has no business in Healthcare….. Everything that they touch becomes wasteful, corrupt, over regulated, out of sight expensive and ineffective. Let the free market deal with healthcare. Government just oversee and stop the frivolous lawsuits and fallacious claims of the users. The government knows only one thing… Tax and spend!! Punish law abiding citizens and let the crooks, protestors, illegals get what they want. What about taking care of the tax paying citizens and Veterans for a change? If O’Bama care is so great why aren’t our representatives on it? They voted it in but don’t have to use it. And if they do they get subsidies???Repeal of O’Bama care is just one of the many government programs that have run amok! People say O’Bama spent too much time on the golf course. I say he should have spent more time there instead of cursing the American citizens with his insane ideas.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Passing a bill to say you passed a bill is a stupid thing. This is a bad bill, no one wins except the insurance companies. Why is it we are the only developed nation that is having this problem with our healthcare system. We out spend every other country on earth but have have far from the best healthcare. Funny we can build the largest military in history but can’t keep our people healthy. I guess other countries just value the lives of their people more.

    1. chw2000 says:

      If anyone knows stupid, it’s you. Why don’t you just move to one of those “every other country on earth” and then you wouldn’t have to worry. With you and every other liberal in this country it’s always the government’s job to take care of your health care. You don’t like it, move.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Explain why we pay more and get less in healthcare then every other developed nation on earth. Don’t you care that we are getting ripped off, I guess not. Why is it those other countries live longer and are healthier then us. Why do our business have to pay for healthcare for their employees when businesses in every other country don’t. Do you think this is good for business? Our system is broken and works poorly and is only going to get worse if some major changes aren’t done.

        1. chw2000 says:

          Liberals democrats!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            No moderate Republican with an education. You seem to like being ripped off, I don’t.

          2. chw2000 says:

            I’m sure I have more wealth than you and I didn’t get it by being “ripped off”. You’re not a “moderate Republican”, you’re a liberal Democrat. Now go see if you can “qualify” for more “free stuff”.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I would be very surprised if you had more wealth but I’m pretty sure you don’t even know you are being ripped off. Any time you deal with healthcare in this country you get ripped off. I also believe I’m a republican since I have had elected office in the republican party.

          4. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Lets set some ground rules. First claiming to be a Republicain is like Nancy PELOSI claiming she isnt a lying flaming lunatic.. Though you may claim to be a republicain; like so many other RINO’s,-Republicain in name only. Doesnt Quailfy you to be a Member of the Grand Old Party. ( GOP) For one to qualify you would have to be A true fiscal conservative.
            YoU Bobnstuf are not. You my friend are as hard left as left can be. Now this is not to say that the modern Republican party is anything one should be a proud member of. Hence My non party affiliation . Yes 100% Independent. Now as for The Democrat party. The blue dogs are long gone. That party is made up of the elite Billionaires, Who are your slave masters then there is the Hollywood ass wipes who have as about as much common sense as monad ,then there are your proud member Baby killers,rapist ,terrorist murders socialpaths, sociopaths socialist, communist an the progressives,They who merely hide their socialist immorality behind the term progressive.
            Time to eliminate all the above from our society; those are the undesirables,the deplorables, those are the useless worthless dead beat freeloading scum.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I have been a active member of the Republican party all my life. I have worked on campaigns and held party office. What you think is the republican party is all wrong, that’s why only about 80 members of congress think they are the true republicans and the rest they call RINO’s. It’s in fact those Freedom Coalition that are the real RINO’s.

            I hate to break this to you but most of the party are moderates like me. The party believes in business and trade. I have no idea were being fiscal conservative mean just always saying no to everything. I’m cheap, I want my moneys worth out of my tax dollars but I expect the government to do things, create government programs that work and are good for all the country. Remember the republicans created the Interstate highway system, the EPA and made Medicare work. Also when did the republican party start being the party of the religious conservatives. Thing like being Pro Life and anti gay marriage where never part of the party.

            Don’t you ever wonder how every great leader in the history of the party are now called RINO’s as well as the present leadership?

            The democrats are a mess, But at least they aren’t fighting over who is a true democrat. All it will take is a great leader to show up and the democrats will take control. Their problem is they don’t have a JFK in the wings that I can see.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Most of the party are moderates Horse shit. As a Heritige Sentinel The interactions for which ive experience with most or other Republicans is the majority are fiscal conservatives 67%, 38% social conservative you my hard left friend are not a moderate. Your a John McCain SUSAN COLLINS LISA Murkowski, Jeff flake libturd rino.

          7. mrpoohead says:

            Do “true” Republicans go to some “special” school for the retarded. Unfortunately, for you, “true” Republicans (your definition) probably only make up 5% of the electorate – I think a culling would be a good idea or at least castration of this small number of people. Probably lead to smaller numbers requiring mental health medicine.

          8. chw2000 says:

            Well Bob, I’ve been elected to several public offices and am still an elected representative of my community. I serve my community, not my political party. You, on the other hand, think you’re some kind of political guru because you make stupid comments on a comment page. As for my wealth Bob, I have no debt, have paid cash for everything including my home and farms, my autos and everything else I own. My worth is in the 7 figures and that dear ass hole is a fact. I pay my bills on time and have never, NEVER been late paying a debt. I seriously doubt that you can make any of those claims. You want free health care. I pay my way. That’s the difference between you and me. You’re a free loader. I’m a responsible adult. I hope your knee ( the one that kept you from serving my country ) blows out on a regular basis. You deserve nothing better.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            I also have held office but in the republican party. As far as wealth, I have paid taxes in the seven figures. I’m not sure anyone on my street is worth less then that. I have owned four business over the years and been a industry leader. I have created hundreds of jobs and have always give Vets first chance at them because I respect their service. I’m listed in Who’s Who in America. Paying cash doesn’t impress me as much as walking into a bank and having them ask you how much money do you want and knowing you can give them any number and have say yes on the spot. I can do that but our president can’t. I’m retired and have gotten rid of my businesses. I owe nothing and have all the toys I want. I did get rid of the motor home, never used it. As I’m getting older I am beginning to wonder if I really need six bedrooms. And yes my knee does blow out on a regular basis always have. It pissed off my first wife when we would be on the dance floor and it would go out and I would hit the floor.

  • Who ever says:

    If anyone thinks Lindsey’s bill is great, they need to see how bad this can go!
    South Carolina, is a prime example, We have the most corrupt Gov, our Roads are some of the worst in USA, The State Gov has overseen the biggest
    failures in Public Energy. We will be paying for this disaster long after our children are passed on. Our taxes have been increased, but tthe roads aren

  • metheoldsarge says:

    HEY ALL YOU GOP RINOS! I suspect that you kept chanting Repeal, Repeal, for the last six years of the Obama Administration, just to try and earn brownie points with the voters. According to Senator Cornyn, there was no intention of doing any such thing. I think Trump winning the White House caught all of you flat footed because you expected a Hillary win. Now you are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    Can’t you, in the House and Senate, get it through your thick boneheaded RINO skulls that Trump and most of your fellow Republicans were elected and/or reelected to repeal Obamacare? Not try to fix it or amend it. The two biggest campaign promises by Trump and you Republicans in Congress, was the repeal of Obamacare and the construction of the border wall. Neither has been completed or really started yet. Seems to me that the Democrats are working to block or stonewall it and let you Republicans continue to fight among yourselves. The voters did not vote for a watered down, quick fix, throw together, doctored up, Obamacare band-aid that you will, most likely, exempt yourselves from. Starting to look like the promise to repeal is turning into a barefaced lie.

    If you in the GOP were sincere, you would have started working on a replacement to Obamacare after the election in November. You also could have worked on it for the last six years. You obviously didn’t do either. You will need to come up with something quick, that makes sense. You should also try to get some Democrats on board. What ever you do, you should get it done by this time next year if you want any hope of keeping the White House and control of Congress.

    As much as I hate to say it, a conservative Majority in Congress is a joke. The Liberals never lost control of Congress. All that you RINOs have done is to join with Democrats against Trump at every turn. Now your true liberal colors are showing. You have done everything to disappoint me and nothing to impress me. You work hard. I will give you that. You are working hard to make sure that two of the biggest campaign promises of 2016 will not be kept. Remember when George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips” in 1988? We all know what happened in 1992 as a result of that broken promise. This you weren’t even smart enough to put it all on Trump like Congress did to Bush in 1992. I hope you all lose your State Primaries next year by the biggest land slide your states have ever seen.

  • Glenn says:

    The end resutl MUST BE the REPEAL OF OBAMACARE. I have read the breakdown of the new bill that is suppose to help the people out, and it is a tweaking of the current ACA bill. I do not desire a single payer health care system. Just think on how long to get all these representatives to come to a agreement for the current system. Government run is government run. Get the government out of the health care system.

    1. NereidaCBecker says:

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  • astrojohn says:

    If anyone thinks Medicare-for-all ala BernieCare is a good thing (contrary to that nauseating AARP ad), they are sadly mistaken. Medicare is a joke – just wait until you youngsters are forced on it!

  • Jr1776 says:

    Don’t trust any one of these people

  • Ah nutz says:

    I’m for getting the fed out of it = more bureaucrats just make everything more pricey=but I still insist that ALL OF POLITICOS be mandated to carry the same policies…NO EXEMPTIONS.

  • dosadoe says:

    Follow the money and you will know whose pocketbook will be impacted by block granting funds to the states!

  • Humble Servant says:

    Health care is each personals responsibility. That being said every state is responsible for the welfare of the people of their state. So if the federal government gets out of healthcare funding business this is a win. Take it and run, run fast. Let the people of each state figure out how they wish to work a plan for their people. The federal government should provide enough healthcare funds to help each state with the INDIGENT portion of the population, not the non working class of people. If you are not working a full time job you are doing your fare share. This will provide enough funds to help those poorest people in each state. This will also close the checkbook on the unlimited funds the medical industry TAKES from all of us. There will be a portion of time were the medical system will need to shed the weight it has built up but it needs a diet just like all of America. We need a lean efficient health care system and not the pig we are pushing around today.
    Anything the Healthcare system or anyone affiliated with the Healthcare system does not want must be good for America.

    1. Glenn says:

      The government can take on the responsibility of pre-exiisting conditions authorized by a doctor. Take that risk off the insurance companies. Basic plans are between we the people and the insurance companies. I desire competition and a written policy.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Fuck that : Get the thieving rip off insurance industry completely out of Health care. The only thing health insurance provides is early RETIREMENTS for those selling that fucked up thieving crap. Regionalize hospitals & those doctors with in those regions. Then those residents of those regions may, then choose to join or not join their regional co-op.
        Health care is a private personal decision both State & the federal government should stay the hell out of Health care .

        1. mrpoohead says:

          And in the rest of the Modern World we all have state healthcare which ranks higher than the US’s – just ask the World Health Organisation. We’re next to Costa Rica and Cuba. How do they rank? Response time, quickness of procedure and value for money. Funny as!

          1. Glenn says:

            So why is the education of the doctors of the world come here for training. Other countries do have great facilities, but are charging much less. For your single payer, the day will come where you will fly out of the country to get a procedure done. I run a business, and competition makes my services and costs much better. Without it, as now with the health care, prices are uncontrolled, to which you or I pay a doctor over $100 for a general visit of 10 minutes or less. You get angry when you find that you paid too much for a auto repair. You then find better qualified repair facilities at more reasonable prices.

          2. mrpoohead says:

            And they don’t go to W Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia? Are you suggesting WHO don’t know what they are talking about?

            W Europe, Canada, Australia and NZ have state healthcare – no paying or it’s nominal. Fail!

          3. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Please those rankings your referring to come directly from Comrade UN ASS hole.
            As if any given word from the United nations can be Trusted. Thieves dictators an complete arrogant elitist ASS hole. 1 question shit head..
            When speaking of listings. The go to nation for life threatening injury or illness Is of course still very much the US Shit head. Take your spcialist propraganda an pack it. It is after all Just bullshit
            Value for money Shit head. When one has to wait a year or longer for major surgery. What is the value in that shit head.. Yea go on dreaming Shit head. As I’ve stated before the World health organization is little more then a gathering of money grubbing COMMUNIST, socialist ASS Hole. Fact . I live practically on the US Canadian border. Many at times I’ve spoken with Canadians. Guess where they go for their HEATH CARE needs. (Good old USA ) that’s where shit head. One last point. Many, many Canadians who have Married Americains have retained their Canadian citizenship but live in America. Three very distinct reasons for doing so. America is cheaper to live,lower tax rates ,lower food cost lower housing cost, better health care. The reason they retain Canadian citizenship is primarily for their nation social security payments. Cant say that about Britain, France,Belgium, Italy,Germany or most orher EU countries .
            Just look to The Rolling stones as a Great exsample. Taxed out of Britain, EU for puppets slaves , losers Puppet masters an Slave masters. YoU my friend are clearly a slave. PROMOTING THE EU IS A CLEAR INDICATION OF THE SLAVE MENTALITY.

          4. mrpoohead says:

            Think you’ll find WHO is there to forward medicine on a world basis – thus French number one; go there and learn how their system works. They are also the coordinators for dealing with infectious diseases, malaria, HIV. The only promotion is for better medicine for all – duh! Rankings: are based on efficiency and speed of service, plus value for money. Duh!

            2% of EU is Muslim, 0.5% have been there for 500+ years. Rolling Stone’s – most live in UK. Two were forced out by taxation in the 70’s, when there were stupid rates. Not since then; suspect they are still there as more debauched for Mick and medicine is for sale for Keith – legal heroin. Duh!

            I think I said I had to write a report ages ago – essentially I was being paid to be “here”. You’re the only one I bother with on my own time – you just make me laugh; your ignorance is comedic. First I thought you were just trying to get a “rise” out of people but I quickly realized how ignorant you are. Funny as! Thanks for the laughs.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Speaking of Duh Largest city in Britain London 47% Muslim. Country of Spain population of Muslims over 25% . Now shit head your the only joke here. For on each & every single occasion when youve claimed others statistical data was wrong. Such as those nations across the world where in sharia law was in use with in either city limits or nation wide. You denied ,claimed I was mistaken. Well Proof of your ill concieved, failing knowledge is all over the internet.
            However when shitfilled CRANIUMs swirl around while swimming in the CESSPOOL of FAKE information (Wika-Stupidio) What then can the honest good folks expect from & illegal allien, interloper socialist A-Holes.

          6. mrpoohead says:

            London 12%
            Spain 3-4%
            EU 2%
            Sharia Law only exists in one country; other Islamic countries have a mixture of Sharia and civil, like we have a mixture of Biblical and civil.

            Not rocket science.

  • The Redhawk says:

    EVERY GOP Senator MUST be with this Plan…..They can offer Amendments nad stil get what they Need BUT states tat signed up for MEDICAID under Obama care and te FEW tat got 44% of the National funding of Obama care at the expense of the Many underfunded States Need to REORGANOZE their HC ways…. Get that CA, NY, MD,Mass, ?? You reaped unwarranted Benefits for VOTES and now the PIPER is Calling you OUT!!
    Let Obama WHIMNE about the Disaster he Created without Rdaing it and let him Act like a Va gina…Obamacare is DEAD!!!

    1. JamesJ says:

      I would prefer a clean repeal bill. There is nothing that gives our government the authority to own our healthcare system.

      1. dosadoe says:

        The only problem with a “clean repeal” bill is that it will never happen even with Rand Paul because any repeal bill will never meet his issues!

        1. The Redhawk says:

          YOU are SO RIGHT… With the (D) Anarchy party UNITED behind Obama and his DISASTER ..that they VOTED on without Reading it and refuse to be held Accountable for . NOTHING can be done Unless we get a GOP SUPER Majority …

      2. The Redhawk says:

        So would I ….But since Time is Running out on the 50 Vote rule, as Ronald Maximus said a half a loaf is better than NO LOAF , and Changes can still be made after OBLAMOCARE is DONE IN !!! At least under this Plan, States NOT DC Bureucrecy will run the Plan for each individual State …NOT PELOSI… SCHMUCKIE.. GRUBER.. KOSKINEN types!

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