Why do 57% of Democrats Want Trump to Succeed?

by RasmussenReports.com
January 5, 2017

Even most Democrats want Donald Trump to succeed as president, but voters are far less confident that things will play out that way.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 39% of Likely U.S. Voters think Trump’s presidency is more likely to be a success. Thirty percent (30%) say it’s more likely to be a failure instead, while 26% believe the Trump presidency will fall somewhere in between the two.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Republicans think Trump is likely to succeed, a view shared by only 17% of Democrats and 35% of voters not affiliated with either major party. Just over half (52%) of Democrats believe Trump is more likely to fail, but only seven percent (7%) of GOP voters and 28% of unaffiliateds agree.

But 57% of Democrats want Trump’s presidency to be a success. Of course, that compares to 91% of Republicans and 73% of unaffiliated voters. Twenty-six percent (26%) of voters in Hillary Clinton’s party want Trump to fail, while another 17% are undecided.

Among all voters, 73% want Trump’s presidency to be a success; 14% want it to fail, and 12% are not sure.

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  • mica says:

    I want the president to succeed in providing leadership for this great country we live in. I don’t agree with this current one’s policies. But I don’t want any of iur presidents to fail, no matter what party they are from.
    This one has failed us miserably. It is only by the grace of God we have not been taken over by a foreign power (completely), or been completely annihilated. THANK YOU GOD! AMEN!

  • cathylovesyou says:

    Only Communist would want the United States to fail regardless who the President is. It the statistics are correct we have too many sicko’s in the country posing as American.

  • Wayne Thorson says:

    We all want Trump to succeed. If Trump succeed we all succeed. It is just to bad Trump is going to self destruct.

  • ToniStimmel says:

    If Trump limits himself to using Constitutional means to reverse Obozo’s unconstitutional actions, he won’t get it done.

  • Jose says:

    Those that want Mr Trump to fail are those who are so used to failure that they still think obama is in charge.

  • Retired says:

    As more people wake up and see Trump wants the US to be successful , things will get better for all and the Plantation people will be the losers like the Clintons and Obamas. The Democrat Party hurt themselves and the American citizens.

  • Kenneth Hadler says:

    I don’t see an answer to the question in your article. But I think the answer would be that these people want our country to be a great country and a great home for us and our children for many years to come. To be that great country , we must all do our part and stop the crybaby attitude of “not my president”.

  • justinwachin says:

    Intelligent Americans want a president to succeed at least in regard to creating a strong, prosperous nation. Voters, our work is not done. We will need to do our part to make America great again. We will need to contact our congressman and senators when they begin to have problems following the Trump agenda. We need to remember all these people work for us. We need to make sure we remind them of that fact when they get off message.

  • Not A Farmer says:

    I did not vote for Obama but I wanted him to succeed for America. Unfortunately I think he did America great harm. If Hillary would have won, I would have wanted success for her as well. For some people to want America to fail with
    a certain President is sadistic.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Of course demoncrats want Trump to fail because by succeeding they know they will lose upcoming elections, the African American vote, and possibly more of the house, senate, congress and the supreme court majority. Although most of that was because of Obamas failed policies, when democrats decide they will filibuster because it’s Trump, they are really saying f-off to we the people. They could care less about America except the part of America where they have the power.

  • Roxanne says:

    Thankfully, some inherently understand that it is their own best interest that he does succeed. As for the sore losers, that reveal themselves with their every utterance and immature action, will still nonetheless benefit from Trumps policies. All the while continuing to not comprehend the correlation.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Trump will succeed

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • Ah nutz says:

    ’cause a bunch of ’em voted for him?……:)

  • Dennis says:

    Anyone hoping for a failure of the president and of congress is a vote for failure for the American people and this country. If people would help in getting this country going with work and jobs they would be a lot happier, and also closing the borders would help our economy by not “parasiting” our economy with Illegals getting benefits they have no right to receive. Must stop that immediately.

  • Murph68 says:

    Somehow, I don’t think the 57% of Dems who want him to succeed are a part of the congress (based on their leadership seemingly being out to disrupt Trump at every turn). Hopefully those 57% will be very vocal about letting their representatives in Congress know that they expect things to get done!

  • dmttbt says:

    When the polls show that people want a certain thing over another you have to consider we are living in a country that elected a Muslim as president twice. We live in a country that has a 20trillion dollar deficit and entitlements we cannot pay for. We seem to think our politicians are doing a good job when they bankrupt the country and raise taxes and still can’t balance a budget. In fact we live in a country that has not had a budget in seven years. So if those things that politicians have done make them electable, we don’t need any more of them.

    1. theseer says:


  • Bill Sturdivant says:

    Looking at those numbers , 26 percent of the country are more concerned for their own interest than for the best interest of the country. They want our duly elected leaders to fail, at the expense of the country. because they just simply cannot accept defeat and are too self centered to accept that the masses have spoken. Does that not sound like and Obama brain washed agenda?

  • Steven Swanson says:

    Fed Up With The Obama Politics Type Of Bull Shit ? ? 57 % That Does Care About Our Country ? ? ?

  • jemb says:

    this whole thing is ridiculous. Although many of us thought Obama would fail we did support him. The only different thing now is that those Hollywood people will do nothing to support Trump – thanks to Hillary and her attitude. Maybe they don’t think they got their money’s worth since Hillary lost the election.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      They should show their receipts and ask for a refund. LOL

  • Jeri Schroeder says:

    As Trump has shown, polls are quite fallible. Beyond that, If Trump fails, the country fails. Why would anyone want that? Our country has devolved into a mess of individuals wanting their petty personal feelings and issues addressed politically regardless of the social dysfunction it creates. How has that worked for us? In MHO, those are probably the only ones who would like to see him fail. Plus Old Guard Dem Politicos who still wonder how they lost.

  • Raymond Charron says:

    My god morons, Trump won the election. Now, shut the F up and get on with business. Killery is not going throw him under the bus. The people voted him in, leave it alone.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      agreed, but now we can choke on this;

      How big of a narcissist is President Barack Obama? Enough that his own White House administration has begun awarding himself medals – and holding small ceremonies to celebrate the honor.

      Wednesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter — an Obama appointee – held a congratulations ceremony where he presented the president with the Defense Department’s “Medal of Distinguished Public Service” as the administration’s token of appreciation… to itself.

      How embarrassing can you get?

      The self-awarded medal was pinned on Obama during a small ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, a short drive from the White House, Wednesday.

      Addressing the small crowd of men and women from the various military branches, Obama made sure to mention how great he was by telling them there is “no greater honor” than serving as commander in chief.


      When social media users got wind of the self-congratulatory ceremony, they were ruthless —
      I know what I would like do . with that medal

      1. texexpatriate says:

        Obama likes things stuffed up there. He was a “pro” in Chicago before he got into politics, and stayed a pro afterward for a good while, until he met Michael Robinson.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          yes, true, he just might like that

          1. Retired says:

            Chitcago Bath House King was his title.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Yup, too bad he hasn’t had the “royal flush” yet.

      2. Retired says:

        What you are posting about Ash Carter and Obama is enough to make one puke.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          At first I laughed, then I got angry. The sooner that P O S Obama is gone then better.

          1. PatriotGal says:

            Can you believe that he is having a “royal party” for all big donors on the 19th which means that staff must clean up from that, move the OWEbamas out and the Trumps in by noon? What a selfish, narcissistic individual to do that to staff. Historically, it had been my understanding that the POTUS et al, stayed overnight at the VP residence allowing staff at the WH to move the departing first family’s possessions out and the new first family’s possessions in in time for a smooth transition. No wonder the staff can hardly wait for the OWEbamas to leave…I know a staff member who after working for the OWEbamas for a short period, resigned…couldn’t stand how they treated staff and this proves it.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:


  • DOC says:

    No wander we messed up the clowns running the country are dumb as a rock.

  • Tiger says:

    I don’t believe this article. At all.

    1. James in Texas says:

      Tiger always remember that “Opinions and Polls are like a butt-hole, everyone has one”! This is one of the reason our nation is now $20 Trillion in debt, because it was opinioned and polled to be so! All the Lib politicians took a poll and then an opinion and then made it “Law”!

    2. ArcticGrayling says:

      Neither do I. I think most Dems are terrified at the possibility of Trump being successful.

      1. Robert G says:

        As a democrat, why would I want any president to fail? This is my country just as much as its yours. Just because the person I voted for lost doesn’t mean I want the country to fail. That’s like saying I hope I wake up in the morning and my car doesn’t start because it’s not the one I want. I still need the car. It still has to work.

        1. PatriotGal says:

          Robert, agree with your point but can see what Arctic is saying, too – Demonazis are scared witless that PRESIDENT Trump will be a success proving how useless and corrupt the Demonazis have been. Remember, the Demonazis had control of both Houses of Congress for the last two years of Bush’s admin…and all they blamed on him for those two years plus the years OWEbama had both Houses – all problems were Bush’s fault. Then when the Repubs took over both Houses the Repubs were obstructionists…Now, when PRESIDENT Trump shall be successful, it will prove how useless and corrupt the Demonazis really have been, thus they are scared that PRESIDENT Trump will succeed and you mark my words he SHALL succeed BIG LEAGUE!

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