Will Common Core sink Bush?

by Jonathan Easley, The Hill
January 17, 2015

Jeb Bush’s Common Core problems may just be getting started.

Karl Rove has already said the former Florida governor’s support for the set of nationalized education standards will be his biggest challenge in seeking the GOP presidential nomination. His likely rival, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), has predicted it will doom Bush in the primaries.

That starts in Iowa and South Carolina, where conservatives there say backlash against Common Core has become the hot-button issue among grassroots voters in their states.

“It’s huge,” said Sam Clovis, an influential conservative activist in Iowa. “I think it’s a disqualifier…we have pretty strong feelings out here about life and marriage, and Common Core is right up there as an issue that really energizes the base.”

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  • 13gatorgrowl says:

    I HOPE SO!!! Pray America!!! No more Bush, No more Cuomo, No more Dynasty in WH!!!
    There are too many elitists who support Common Core as it is!!

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Will Common Core sink Bush?, in my part of the country it will, we are Clinton
    and Bushed out, not even needing common core to help us along.

  • James in Texas says:

    One can only Hope!

  • jcfriday says:

    Between Common Core and Illegal amnesty I will never vote for Jeb Bush no matter who is his running mate. I will just stay home in 2016.

    1. NHConstitutionalist says:

      Sadly I feel the same way as I have never missed an election. But I’ve had all I can stand of Bush, Clinton, and O-No.
      “No child left behind” was stupid enough, but Common Core goes beyond the pale of rotten worm infested Alinsky commie apples.

      you what Bush, sell that CC garbage to Mexico, herd the ignorant
      illegals back to their piece of Mexidirt and where ever else they
      slithered in from, and stay there with them. We’ll lock the gate behind
      you. I only wish there was a 12 ‘ fence with electrified razor wire that
      had a cast iron gate with weapons pointed south.

  • Ironhorse says:

    Common core, a foot in the door derivative of communistic communal control.

  • Ralphinphnx says:

    Abort Baby Bush Jeb, along with GOP Nutcases Rand Paul, Chinless Owl Face
    Mitch McConnell,Canadian Exile Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz,Eric Cantor,Randy Rand Paul,Amnesty John McCain and all the rest of the Goofy Old Party!

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Babble on Ralphy, babble on!

      1. Ralphinphnx says:

        Sure,sure motor mouth big shot 1ijohn1…The name is Ralph not “Ralphy” so got it now big mouth 1johnc1 okay?

        1. ijohnc1 says:

          Still babbling on there Ralphy

          1. Ralphinphnx says:

            ijohnc1 so is this old loud mouth former First Lady Barbara Bush or George P Bush or Jenna Bush that keeps posting this endless drivel here?

          2. ijohnc1 says:

            “Never wrestle with a pig in the mud, you both get dirty” …..Old Wise Farmer Saying

  • I Seigel says:

    Here’s a Fun Fact about Common Core: the first state to adopt Common Core was Kentucky, and since they went to that system, high school graduation rates have improved and students’ readiness for college has markedly improved.

    Common Core is an outgrowth of No Child Left Behind, which, we all know, was a program put into place by the George W administration.

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Most Bushes from the same strain look and grow alike

  • rowleya says:

    Abort Common Core

  • Jean Witte says:

    The public must be educated on Common Core to understand that it is detrimental to education. I just hope something sinks Jeb Bush’s chance of leading our country. We do not need another RHINO.

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