Will Romney run? The 2016 rumor that won’t go away

Think Mitt Romney won’t run again in 2016?

For those dismissing the possibility of the two-time presidential candidate launching another bid — and they may be wise to do so — a recent poll at least shows the former GOP nominee still has a loyal following in parts of the country.

First, the reality check. Romney, after two tiring presidential campaigns, consistently has said he is not running.

But the University of New Hampshire/WMUR-TV poll in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire recently showed Romney with 30 percent support — blowing away a crowded field of potential 2016 Republican candidates who fail to even crack double digits.

Despite the seemingly long odds of a Romney entry into this field, the buzz has been percolating for a long time, and has grown unchallenged by anyone in Romney’s inner circle.

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  • Don Jusko says:

    Romney is the man responsible for breaking fingers to stop Ron Paul in Tampa, he admitted that he stole the election. No Romney, elect Ted Cruz.

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    Either Mitt or Hillary in the WH will mean the 1%ers who contol them will control the WH.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      You would be very surprised at the good Mitt could do, I’m not sure about Hillary

  • james lloyd says:

    We do not need a RHINO in the next Presidential Election. WE MUST have a Real Constitutional Stalwart in Office. We must do something about UNELECTED bureaucrats making Regulations that not reviewed and accepted by the Congress. We need to return to a Government that is focused on the Rule of Law and in shrinking the roll of a Federal Government and returning many of the activities the Federal Government to the States.

  • Misty says:

    We need a President that will lift people up, not divide them. Obama is the bad apple in the barrel.

  • TedFernan says:

    We need Romney, he would be the best canidate and he can win. He ran a bad campaign last time because he would not campaign strong against Obama and his Scandals. He can easily win this time and should have Santorum as his VP. His VP did not help him in the last election. He must select someone that can help him govern and win the election. He was to nice last go around and I think he has learned his lesson. Those two will be the best candidates to serve the Nation and fix the Mess the carpet-bagger Obama has made of not only the nation but the world that is now headed toward WWIII due to his ignorance and criminal objectives for the Country!

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      The difference between Romney and Obama is Romney loves this country and loves to help people. He is a genius at job creation. Some folks seem to be jealous of his wealth but he created it legally so that shouldn’t be a problem . Obama hates The US. That is why his “change ‘ is not working .Do we really want to be a weak , overpopulated socialist country?

    2. Misty says:

      Santorum is to slanted to the right. Rick Perry is a job creator….he stole companies from California to come to Texas. He will open up oil jobs and it will be like the gold rush in the USA.

  • conservativeandproud says:

    I am LDS, I am a conservative, and I believe we should all work together for truth. Romney has evolved on many issues. As far as gay marriage, etc., goes, tell the truth. He tried, several times to get the Massachusetts legislature to put the issue on the ballot. It passed twice there, but they needed three times, and the Democrats took over and refused to approve the third vote. And, in 2006, who was it the Evangelicals called on to speak at the Justice Sunday event supporting original intent in the interpretation of our Constitution? It was Gov. Mitt Romney. Seem you like him when he can help us. And, his wife spoke as well. That was a big decision from him knowing it was not the most popular thing to do in such a liberal state. Now, having said that, Romney was not my first choice last time, and is not this time. I campaigned for Rick Santorum. I like Rick, I like Scott Walker, I like Ben Carson I like Ted Cruz, I like Trey Gowdy, in fact there are many good people out there we could get to run. But, we need to tell the truth on our candidates whether we like them or not,

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      I liked your comment until you said you campaigned for rick Santorum. The man gives me the willies.

  • Mimi says:

    When will the “establishment” GOP get it?? We want new daring blood – I want Ted Cruz!!!

  • Misty says:

    The political eye is on Texas right now. I think Rick Perry is the one to watch. The immigrants have now attacked the fence in a coordinated effort…..the next thing that is going to happen in this country is lawlessness….. Our President does not obey the laws; why should anyone else? The citizens are already demonstrating and stopping buses from dumping immigrants in their towns …..where is the law in that. The Obama administration is telling the world that you can do anything to America. The countries where the immigrants are coming from have three growing seasons…..they have plenty to eat….look at them….they won’t freeze to death….send them back. There were 82 shootings in Chicago over the 4th holiday……for God’s sake – send in the National Guard. Those people need help. This Administration puts the law last and it is filtering down to the local police. Someone stole the generator to my house and the police told me I should have had it chained up……I said I did…..end of story.

  • Warrior7Princess says:

    Earlier this year Romney said he was not planning to run and there were other good GOP possible candidates such as jeb bush. jeb bush comes from an open borders president family. jeb bush is more than likely a globalist and may be worse than his bro and dad. Anyone supporting jeb bush… does not get my support. Additionally, romney chose ryan. It finally came out that ryan had been working for years with guiterrez on amnesty. I can not support anyone who would pair up with the likes of ryan. romney, gets an F on my report card for him.

    1. Balto2 says:

      Jeb Bush, even his mother said “Haven’t we had enough Bushes in the White House” or something like that. Jeb is for amnesty big time, his wife Columbia is from Mexico. Bush is my 12th cousin and I still do not want him. We need someone trustworthy and with a clean record to be our leader. Ben Carson is limited with the 2nd Amendment and leans to being a third party, that would split the Republican Party and put the Dems in again. I would consider Dr. Carson as Surgeon General, he would be good in that area. Trey Gowdy is strong, clean and trustworthy, good choice for President and Judge Nepalitano or Judge Jeanine for Attorney General, Sarah Palin for Sec. of State – we have so many if ;put in place would just about please everyone in some way. I like Trey in the fact he is not insulting, and if so, in a nicer way that I think even Putin would appreciate him, he is honest and straight-forward and holds his ground. Romney might be good as an economic advisor as jobs are important and so is using our natural resources to bring down cost of transportation. If Romney could not stand up to Obama at the 2nd and 3rd debate, a moron without Valarie Jarret and his teleprompter, then I don’t think he would fare well as President.

      1. Warrior7Princess says:

        Gowdy is cool, calm, brilliant, and captivating. The thought of him being president.. is refreshing. I like the others you mentioned, too. I think it would be a winning team. I think all of them would help engineer safe guards to protect our nation. I wish they were in charge right now.

    2. Misty says:

      Romney made a fatal choice in Ryan.

  • Misty says:

    We need a leader, not a fiddler on the roof. Obama hates business people and I have never gotten a job from a poor man.

  • Misty says:

    Those children coming across the border are bringing in TB and other diseases. American elementary school children are now testing positive for TB for God’s sake. The Democrats are not protecting us against disease. Let your child or grandchild get TB and see what you think. America cannot save the world and let our country go to ruin. More people would vote for Putin than Obama.

  • Busdriver Bill says:

    Of course he’ll run. The neo-cons must have a candidate ready so it won’t matter, once again, who wins. The rumor is not going to die, as it is a number one agenda item in the totally controlled media to have his name out there. The fix will be in once more. (They underestimated Barry’s megalomania, I’m thinking, and I wonder if he’ll survive until January 2017).

  • CTH says:

    Will Romney run. I hope not. We do not meed a rerun of a loser.

  • iprazhm says:

    He will lose again.

    1. Misty says:

      This man has integrity ……Obama has none and was elected by black voters who to this day do not know what his platform was.

      1. iprazhm says:

        I can’t support Romney because he flip flopped on social issues, supporting homosexual marriage. Remember the dirty coup Romney agents pulled at the Fl republican convention, keeping Ron Paul supporters away from the event so they could change the rules to strip the balance of power away from state and local Republican committees, who elect delegates to the National Convention every four years, in favor of DC’s permanent political class? Mitt Romney whose entire family believed that if they were good mormons and followed the mormon bible, they would receive their own planet to rule when they die – that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers – and that mormons have holy underwear (made and sold only by the mormon church) that they wear faithfully. They believed also there is a ‘mother’ God. Remember RomneyCare, “…he too embraced an individual mandate in his efforts to win universal healthcare for his state as governor of Massachusetts. The law that was once considered Romney’s signature achievement is one that he now rarely mentions. Romney’s healthcare law, which required most state residents to purchase health insurance or pay a fine, engendered distrust among millions of Republican primary voters who viewed the law as the precursor to Obama’s healthcare plan. And Romney’s rejection of the president’s federal effort opened him to charges of flip-flopping from opponents on both sides…” By Maeve Reston latimes dot com
        The tea party didn’t need social conservatives to win…or so they thought. BIG mistake. Romney didn’t win. Many claiming to be Christians, did not want a Godly candidate. believing he could not garner enough votes from the ‘moderate’ conservatives(RINOs) or democrats, to win. They chose instead to vote for the candidate that promised to save their money. The Candidate who ran almost solely on his ability to return America to fiscal stability. The tea party supported Romney. They didn’t care at all about social issues. They didn’t care that as Gov of Mass Romney lit the homosexual fire that turned it into the nightmare it is today. Goto MassResistance and read, “What Gay Marriage did to Massachusettes”. I have seen no indication the presidential election in 2016 will be any different. Saw no indication the tea party will, this time, support an openly Christian candidate who runs on a socially conservative platform. Heard no news that the Republican Party planned to return to social responsibility, certainly the Convention gave us no hope of this. I’ve heard of no great awakening of church leaders/pastors to lead congregations to vote for a Godly candidate or to go vote at all. They are too afraid of risking their tax exempt status.

      2. Derrick E Truett says:

        He is the lesser still and a rat has more integrity than obombya, poison yah, rob ya, enslave ya, death panel ya, lie to ya, oppress ya, spy on ya, give ya an unexceptional example, o common core ya to a low iq, sell ya out to globalist, break ya laws, break ya pride, break ya life, break ya system…. so does the town drunk who could have been his son might I remind ya..

    2. Derrick E Truett says:

      Isn’t that the point of this

  • carlton goodson says:

    I hope not let some one that can win run.

    1. Henry Eymann says:

      Why NOT !!…..We need to stand by the MOST qualified Republican candidate whether it is Mitt Romney or someone else that will unite Congress into a cohesive unity…….No more executive orders and vote in congress for the American people…….As George Washington said it is BY THE PEOPLE !!!………….

      1. Misty says:

        Compare Obama to Romney……Romney looks like a President ….Obama looks like he should be flipping burgers.

        1. Henry Eymann says:

          Hello Misty….I do think that either Romney or Chris Christie will get the Republican nomination in 2016 at Cleveland……..These two men would unite the Republicans and Democrats together when business is conducted in Washington, DC…….

        2. Merle Dickey says:

          Romney would be a first place choice to put in for a cabinet position for creating jobs.The man is a genius at that . Who cares about his religion? Look what s in the WH now

          1. Misty says:

            I agree. This whole Administration from top to bottom is falling. No one leading.

  • Henry Eymann says:

    Well…..I want to say that JOBS and JOBS are my major decision of who I vote for the Republican nominee for President in 2016……There have been many times that I have bought lunch for a co-worker at Walmart and have even drove them to their apartment as they have not have been able to afford a car……There is NO bus transportation system here in Texas……..I would like to see the members of Congress to help the PEOPLE that are in the grassroots of America and especially those of Texas……..However, to get back to this article I feel that Mitt Romney will do MUCH for America however the media will tear him apart to be a BAD GUY !!…..WHY ??…….I am lost for words however the minimum wage does need to be raised for the hard working American…….Seriously, the only jobs available are those of minimum wage……OH !!….If you are reading this then have a nice day !!!!………….

    1. Texanne says:

      Henry, I agree that we need to back the most viable candidate the Republican party can put forward. It’s the only way to win. As to your other points – government help and trains for Texas, I don’t agree. We don’t utilize the buses we have, and trains are tremendous budget crushers. Come to Houston and take a look at our “money pit” train and empty buses. And the last thing we need from anyone in Congress is help. They need to get out of the way and let us do what works.

      1. Henry Eymann says:

        Hello Texanne…..I do STAND to be corrected for the State of Texas as a whole……I live in Plano and many of the city buses from Dallas seemed to stop off here…….However, I went to Lamar University at Beaumont in 1976 and I do remember that the city bus service from Beaumont to Houston was AWESOME…..Texanne…..Thanks for keeping me straight…….

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