Will Tea Party, GOP establishment be ‘mending fences’ to win Senate in November?

by FoxNews.com
September 21, 2014

After a long, unapologetic effort to defeat Tea Party and other so-called “unelectable” candidates in GOP primaries, the Washington establishment will likely need Tea Party voters in November to help swing several tight Senate races and win control of the upper chamber.

Republicans appear poised to win three of the net total six seats required to take the Senate. But they are locked in six other, too-close-to call contests in their effort to win the remaining three seats.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Friday dismissed the notion that party voters are not united behind their candidates.

“Can you point to a race … ? It’s a false narrative,” said group spokeswoman Brook Hougsen, who cited a recent George Washington University survey that shows Republicans with a 16-point advantage over Democrats (52-to-36 percent) in a generic poll on competitive Senate races.

Kevin Broughton, spokesman for the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, a political action committee, singled out a few races, particularly in Kansas and Mississippi, but suggested his troops will rally for the general election.

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  • Dave says:

    Look, I have a problem with most politicians as most of them go into politics to avoid working hard for a living. They know that if they can just get elected once into Congress, they are set for life and will do or say anything to get elected as those in our government, elected or not, have become a protected class of Americans living off of those of us paying taxes at all levels of government and for just about every product or service we need to live our lives. Our tax burden is ridiculous when all variety of taxes and fees paid to various government agencies are added together. Instead of our government finding ways to become more efficient and affordable, they just do the opposite and both political parties are “on the take” to some degree although the now far left socialist Democrats led by Obama are setting new records of debt and growth of government.

    So…for me it has been made very simple, this country cannot afford any more growth in government or massive social programs like Obamacare or we are going to eventually crash and burn. It is an inevitable result of unbridled borrowing and spending and growth of government oversight and control and the question is whether or not it can be stopped and reversed or not at this late stage of the Mach into massive socialism.

    The only slim hope is a Congress and Whitehouse run by conservative constitutional Americans and, as of today, the only ones I see happen to be Republicans. Whether, if elected, they can actually make a difference and turn this mess around remains to be seen, however, this chance will only happen if the American voting public actually get off of their butts, drop their self serving, partisan, and ego driven attitudes and vote in conservatives and give them a chance. Taking control of the Senate and taking Reid out of his job is step one. If the public gets sucked into electing Hillary Clinton President because “it is her turn” or you like Bill, or because she is a woman, or some other irrational reason not based on the needs of the country, we are done.

    The ball is in the court of responsible American voters…do your job…please.

  • gtm615 says:

    After what the GOP did in Mississippi with Cockroach in their acts of false advertising, bribing voters and attracting voter fraud, they don’t deserve to win the senate. If I lived in Mississippi, I would be pushing a campaign for a write in candidate. If it split the vote sufficiently that the Democrat won, than so be it. Maybe the GOP (Carl Rove in particular) would learn a lesson from it that they need to maintain integrity – especially when campaigning against your own – and not stoop to the levels of the Marxist progressives.

    1. Vern Davis says:

      GTM who the Hell are you talking to about maintaining integrity, none of the Democrats in Congress have any integrity, that also includes the President, who has less integrity than any other Dem. I guess Mr. 615
      you have never heard of George Soros, he makes Carl look like an Angel, so do your homework before you pick on the wrong folks.

      1. gtm615 says:

        I hear and agree with all that you say about the Dems. But please read carefully what I said. “They (GOP) need to MAINTAIN integrity” (not keep heading this direction with games like this) “and not stoop to the levels of the Marxist progressives (democrats)” (ie not go to the depths of fraud the demos are already fully entrenched in)

    2. proudtexan62 says:

      You liberals must be dyslexic. It was the Democrats who did that in Mississippi. Go back and read it again. You’ll see. They were behind so they went to their usual plan, FRAUD!!!

      1. gtm615 says:

        You’re right, it was the democrats that did it, but it was the GOP behind Cochran that encouraged and campaigned for their vote as well as provided money to the Unions to bribe voters.

    3. TAM44 says:

      Admit it you’re a democrats lover.

      1. gtm615 says:

        False! In fact I am a Democrat/Progressive/Marxist despiser. But, I am also a voter fraud despiser no matter which party it comes from. My concern is the direction I see the GOP heading. As a result I see myself more and more shunning both parties (which appear to be headed toward a one party system) and becoming a “Constitutionalist”, Tea Party or Independant.

    4. Dondh says:

      You’ve got it all wrong gtm615, it exactly the other way around! It was the dumborats who, as they are presently doing in an effort to save the Senate, who are Marxist progressors and liars! Apparently you have had your head buried in the Mississippi mud!! Get a life live the American way, not the communistic way, if you even know what that is!!

  • regulus30 says:

    give me liberty or give me death;; but never give me a f***king RINO.

  • regulus30 says:

    NONE OF WE THE PEOPLE [TEA PARTY] WILL assist if not acknowledged first;; all progressives are the same regardless of party so why vote for RINOS without conciliatory moves to the right ???????????

    1. bobnstuff says:

      If 76% of a party thinks one way and 24% thing differently, who is the RINO?

      1. regulus30 says:

        RINO == republican in name only [aka ; progressives];;;Tea Party “CONSERVATIVES”;; Constitutional Supporters not pseudo liberals. Does this help? the percentage of progressives or conservatives has “NOTHING TO DO ” with the term RINO; except to a liberal.

      2. regulus30 says:

        you low info kool aid drinkers make me laugh;; to keep from embarrassing yourself “STUDY UP” before opening mouth and inserting foot.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          24% of the republicans identify themselves as Tea Party, must members are moderates so who are the true republicans, the ones that work of decades to build the party or the new members that try to take over. I’m Old Guard Republican and I will not give up the party I work for with out a fight.

          1. regulus30 says:

            what the party ideals were 40 /30/20 years ago are NOT WHAT THEY STAND FOR TODAY;;so it is irrelevant unless you are concerned about the direction of BIG GOVERNMENT and a blurring line between one party and the other emerging into PROGRESSIVES; which then produces a single party “OLIGARCHY” ;; MAYBE it is time to rebuild it so they are an effective deterrent to MARXISM.

          2. regulus30 says:

            JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING WAS REPRESENTATIVE OF THEIR VOTER BASE 30 [THIRTY] YEARS AGO DOES “NOT” mean it is still doing that. The DC establishment wants your money and the power to spend it as they see fit “NOT THE WAY WE SEE FIT;; the Constitution gives we the people the right to dissolve a big government that no longer provides for our safety well being and freedom in order to form a more representative government for the people and by people. Have you missed the latest stats, 1.] stagnant economy, 2.] high unemployment 3.] outrageous price increases in food, fuel, clothing, building materials 3.] uncontrolled government debt [17 trillion] dollars, 4.] a sick GDP growth of [1.6 %] 5.] loss of international power and regulating control of radical islamic militants, and communist aggressors [Russia], 5.] over intrusive government regulations in your life and mine 6.] destruction corruption and lying to maintain power. Hey if you like it that’s fine ;”NOT ME”.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I don,t know where you live but in my area things are booming. National unemployment is at 6.1% and in my area it’s 5.1%. I have faith in those numbers because we could not find enough people to fill all the openings at work. GDP was 4.1 last quarter and averaging over 2% per year, not great but better then most of the world. Just so you know Russia isn’t communist anymore. The government is smaller now then it was 6 years ago and spending is down. In 6 years if things keep going as they are Wal-Mart will have more employees then the government. Yes we have government regulations but we can breath the air and drink the water, unlike some other countries. Yes there are things that need changed but as I see it the Tea Party would throw the baby out with the bath water.

          4. regulus30 says:

            what are we going to do with the 13 million jobs that have been eliminated to make it [6.1 %];; the work force participation rate is reduced to create a fake number; why are there 27 million more people on food stamps; why has median family income shrunk [$4,000.00] per year; why are employees working fewer hours at reduced pay; why are 43% of Americans on some form of government assistance; why are companies leaving America to escape high corporate tax rates ; why is the unemployment rate for public workers at 2.8% ; why is gasoline at [$4.00] a gallon ; why is steak at [$11.00] a pound; why are healthcare costs soaring; why are we fighting Islamic terrorists in nations that have disposed leaders; why are there 20 million illegal aliens here ; why are the IRS, State Department and the Department of Justice under investigation? Oh yes I forgot Russia is now a free Republic like ; America [well they are close right]? good luck in your wonderful environment; most of America is different and suffering, but you are just fine;;you obviously live in a very small world;;try expanding beyond your own comfort level.

          5. Vern Davis says:

            Well Bobaloo, you must be living down south if your state is doing that good. Below is a list of what the Tea Party would like to happen to the USA, so please tell me what is wrong with this list. Obama and the Dems want none of these things in America’s future, so maybe if this country is going to continue as a free nation we need the help of the TP folks.

            1. Illegal aliens are here illegally and they must go. 2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable. 3. A strong military is essential. 4. Special interests must be eliminated. 5. Gun ownership is sacred. 6. Government must be downsized. 7. The national budget must be balanced. 8. Deficit spending must end. 9. Bailout and stimulus plans are illegal. 10. Reducing personal income taxes is a must. 11. Reducing business income taxes is mandatory. 12. Political offices must be available to average citizens. 13. Intrusive government must be stopped. 14. English as our core language is required. 15. Traditional family values are encouraged. 16 Secure our borders.
            These ideas sound great to me, and if you are a person that truly loves the USA you should also like them.

          6. proudtexan62 says:

            You are right on Vern!!! I have been a Republican for 53 years and have been very proud to be until the last six years. Watching it evolve into Progressives (RHINOS) has driven me to the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the old GOP. We are for WE THE PEOPLE, our Constitution, border security, repealing Obamacare, sending ALL THE ILLEGALS home and refusing amnesty to all but those who really qualify for amnesty. There is not one single illegal Obama has allowed to flood our Texas (AZ, and CA) borders that truly qualifies for amnesty, reinstate our military to the numbers who are actually able to defend this great country if needed. I went to Iraq in 2003 when I was 60 years old to fulfill a job that supplied total life support to our brave young men and women who were sacrificing all for us!!! I stayed five years and that job was the most rewarding of any I’ve ever had except motherhood. We are living in the most corrupt era of our American lives and only we can stop it. We know what it will take and it’s up to us to get it done. Complacency is no longer going to save us. I could go on and on about what we need to do but I won’t because each of us knows what HAS TO BE DONE!!! I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me!!!! I am a red-blooded, gun toting, real live daughter of my Uncle Sam and I won’t stand for having Republicans who have been loyal Americans in the past become progressives, actually I call them middle of the aisle liberals. The Tea Party will stand with the Republicans in November and 2016 but the Republicans better “get it” and stand with the Tea Party whose aim it is to save our great Republic and not allow it to go further downhill than it already has. You have to fight fire with fire. Ted Cruz has stood up and continues to stand up for AMERICA and AMERICANS. All the GOP can say is that he is ineligible to run for office…..he’s not a natural born American. Well, tell me this, what natural born American do you see out there almost every day on the political stages fighting for America and her citizens? Who do you see verbally challenging Obama and his shredding of our Constitution? Yes, Ted Cruz. He may not be a natural born citizen but he is one of the BEST SONS of Uncle Sam I have seen lately!!!! There are many others who have done the same, Trey Gowdy and Mike Lee to name a few. There are many too many of the GOP in Washington today who talk way too much and do entirely too little. They claim to have a position but that’s all it is…..talk!! NO ACTION! Well, folks, I’m a senior citizen but I can tell you I have been on the right politically since I was a very young woman and we have reached the point we have ONE MORE CHANCE to get this right and we’d better cease and desist with this, I’m the GOP and we are the Party of Reagan and we know how to fix America or I’m the Tea Party and we stand for America and her citizens and are dedicated to doing what it is going to take to snatch this country back from the evil jowls of socialism!!! WE had best STAND TOGETHER come November 4th and again in 2016 and GET THE JOB DONE. It’s not about you…..it’s about this country and every man, woman and child in it. I don’t care who you are or where you came from, if you think this country can stand another failure from the conservatives in America, you go ahead with your complacency and we’ll all meet up at the nearest FEMA camp when it’s all said and done. If you are a TRUE son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother or sister of UNCLE SAM, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving!!!! That picture you see now of Uncle Sam, yes, he WANTS YOU but today, this month, this year and for all years to come HE NEEDS YOU!!!!! If we, as leaders in the citizenry actually get off our lazy backsides and lead, doing something constructive, instead of pointing out the differences in the GOP and the Tea Party positions, we can get this job done!!!!!!! Those who are working hard in Washington to support us not only need us but DESERVE to have us back them up!!! There are Democrats in Washington who will never become members of the GOP but they support our position because they are intelligent Americans and there is no way they can support their present party’s position! Let’s be like the Piped Piper, line them up behind us and let’s march to the first victory in November!!!! IT’S NOW OR NEVER, folks!!! DO or DIE!!!

          7. bobnstuff says:

            1 Throw the people giving them jobs in jail, no jobs and they leave. 2 Pro-domestic employment is a must but at a living wage. 3 Just how strong a military do we need? We are larger then the next 4 countries combined. 5 Gun ownership is sacred but should the mentally ill have them? Back ground checks on all gun sales. Also make the owner responsible for anything do with their gun. 6 Government should be lean an clean, but still able to do it’s job. 7 & 8 are the same you must tax if you are going to spend, no unfunded wars. 9 Bailouts and stimulus have been used for over a hundred years so I don’t think there is a problem with them but Bailing out the rich is not something the government should be doing. 10 Tax reform is needed, make everyone pay there fair share. If you want a strong military 11 Fair taxes for all business, why should GE pay no tax while shipping jobs overseas. 12 Public funding of elections, no outside money. 13 intrusive government must be stopped, get out of our bedrooms and doctor offices, 14 Our founding fathers didn’t believe in a national language so why should I? 15 Just what is a traditional family?

          8. razorm says:

            Thats your problem bob, the country is falling apart. But in your own little world an head things are just fine. Your a MSM drone

          9. CountryBoy says:

            bobnstuff — the Republican party LEFT ME years ago…. They are no longer the party of Reagan or Gingrich…. and have NOT been so for many years…. they have become Democrat Lite….. they have moved to the LEFT to take up the void left by what used to be good Democrats which have moved even further to the LEFT towards Marxism…..

            Can YOU tell me WHAT the Republican party of today stands for ??? I will bet that YOU cannot….

          10. bobnstuff says:

            I agree that the Bush years were tough to be a republican. Bob Dole was the last republican that ran for president that I could get be hind. I’m still a republican because of the people in my local party, great people who still believe in good sound government. I know I shouldn’t but I still hope some good level headed people will appear once again and lead. Government is all about both sides working together and making deals, Reagan was great at it. I don’t see anyone in the Tea Party being willing to give a inch to gain a mile.

          11. wearyconservative1946 says:

            Excellent post.

          12. regulus30 says:

            IN MY PARTING COMMENT;; it is the right and the responsibility of the TEA PARTY to challenge and question all BIG GOVERNMENT advocates;; AND INSURE THE GOVERNMENT perform it’s Constitutional requirements serve and protect ALL AMERICANS.

  • CountryBoy says:

    Will the ‘GOP establishment be ‘mending fences’……… NOPE

    The ESTABLISHMENT is already putting in New RULES in their committee to PUNISH anyone that does NOT agree with THEM…….add to that they have been shown to have been working with Democrats in order to beat Tea Party candidates……

  • Dondh says:

    If these two bodies don’t get together, then we have lost and that incompetent and just like our president seeminly anti-American, Harry Reid, will still be Senate Majority Leader and then Hillary Clinton will be our next president! Heaven forbid either case come to fruition!


    1. bobnstuff says:

      Did you know that our founding fathers weren’t all Christians. Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were not. They made it a point not to setup a theocracy. There for we are not a Christian nation. They also didn’t believe in the “It’s my way or the highway.” as the far right seem too.

      1. TAM44 says:

        I believe you have that wrong, it’s my way are the highway democrats who has shoved that obamacare crap down our unwilling throats and These democrats wants our country unprotected to let in terrorist and law breaking illegals that has no respect for our laws or the American citizens. They also let in people with every known diseases to spread to us too. Obama is our number one enemy and the democrats are also our enemies as they back Obama to the hilt in his quest to destroy this country.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Boy do you have a sort memory, in the nine month leading up to the passing of the ACA Obama went to the republicans over and over and gave in time and time trying to get there support. He gave up the public option with the single payer. The republicans played him like a fiddle and in the end still didn’t vote for it. Later he asked for the funding to close our borders but once again the republicans said no and then complained when he didn’t do it. You do know that the flow of illegals crossing our borders is at a ten year low and only about 15% of what it was in 2005. We have double the border agents over just ten years ago. Obama has deported more people the any president in the last 50 years. The Tea Party would let the country go fail before they would do anything that might support Obama, If the republicans had work with Obama instead of against him they would have gotten 90% of what they wanted, he is a tower of Jello. The only reason Obama got elected was that the republicans ran losers both times. The people that are lining up for the GOP in 2016 look just as bad.

          1. proudtexan62 says:

            Bobnstuff: You are the one with the short memory. Obama never gives something for nothing. He goes to the Republicans and offers concessions that are not good for American to get them to support his radical socialist agenda. The Republicans have refused to accept a bribe that will further damage the country to get his “blessing”. How about Harry Reid. How many bills are there in his desk drawers (over 180 at last count) that the floor of the Senate has never seen. This country was stupid for voting for Obamacare because while there may be a handful of people who actually are benefiting from it, there are millions whom it is hurting, cutting all the way to the quick, creating more Americans in poverty and on food stamps! That is something we should like? Not in my 71 years of life is that logic. Your statement about the flow of illegals across our border being at a ten year low, you must live close to the Canadian border. I live in Texas! You are dead wrong and there is no need to deny that. You can call me names and show your ignorance but the flow of illegals in just this year has been in the millions on our border. We don’t have double the border agents we had ten years ago. They are getting killed by illegals so they are not signing up for the job down here. We have Texas Rangers, National Guard and Texas Militia down here at our border trying to stop the illegals. It is the responsibility of the federal government to secure all the borders of this country and Obama has refused. Why? Because these illegals are his voter base. Obama has deported no one. Immigration in TX, AZ and CA have deported a lot of them but they just come back within the next week. You liberals have somehow been vaccinated with a drug that makes you see Obama as a savior. If we fail in November, all of you will be in the same position we are and that is slaves to a social dictator. He doesn’t care about you and believe me, he HATES AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS. HE DESPISES OUR MILITARY. HE was trained well by socialists, Marxists and communists and he is a horrible mix of them all. On top of that he is a radical Muslim who supports not the good Muslim people but the radical barbaric butchers who are running rampant and gaining power all over the world. At last count, ISIS had over 30,000 members and many of them are already in this country, having come in through those borders that you say are so secure. Obama flooded our border with children to divert the border security agents having to care for them so his terrorists and illegal male age voters could come through unchallenged. If you want to see white when it’s black, that is your prerogative but you will see if we fail. The Republicans didn’t run losers, your president committed fraud and he will try it again. In the precincts in PA, there were instances where 110% of
            eligible voters voted. That is not just impossible, that is FRAUD!!! It will happen again this year and in 2016. You give me an example of a Democrat that is poised to run that is not criminal, dirty, nasty and has blood on their hands and yes, I’m referring to Hillary Clinton. Is the long list of people who crossed her and Bill Clinton while he was governor of AR and POTUS who ended up “mysteriously” dead not enough to make you THINK??? I guess not. If they tell you they are wonderful and great, you just eat it up. Look at this country. If you were here 20 years ago, we were a prosperous nation. Today we are all but bankrupt and that’s by the design of Obama and his ilk. If the liberals get back in, we will be….thanks to you and your colleagues!!!

          2. TAM44 says:

            Keep backing that lying treasonous sissified boy barack hussein obama who is all out to destroy this country. The majority of the people did not want that crap they had shoved down their throats. that ugly witch nancy Pelosi said we have to pass this bill to see what’s in it. No you read the damn bill first you democrat from hell. Obama is this countries number one enemy and those that support him are also our enemies. You are the one with no memory at all and fail to see with Obama there is no light at the end of the tunnel, only the death of our country.

          3. I Seigel says:

            Yo, brain-dead TAM44! Did you know there was something called “Term Limits” for the President? You might want to actually READ the Constitution and its amendments, so you can edumacate yourself a little. “…and fail to see with Obama there is no light at the end of the tunnel,…” “No light at the end of the tunnel”??? You only have 2 years to wait. Get over it and work for your chosen candidate in 2016.

          4. TAM44 says:

            You black and stupid too?

          5. I Seigel says:

            Whatever I am, I’m far more coherent and saner than you are. Go off and play with your cats now, little girl.

          6. wearyconservative1946 says:

            LOL. And you have the guts to tear someone else’s post to shreds?

          7. Dondh says:

            Plus bobnstuff, this guy only won on illegal voting machines, lies about the Republican candidates, especially Gov. Romney and others, and media bias! These last two elections were two of the most corrupt elections ever, plus I still maintain this present guy that’s in the White House is as illegal as those illegals crossing our borders now, especially along the Southwestern borders! Not only that, he’s a muslim supporter, why shouldn’t he since he was born into a muslim family. Also, his wife is the worst 1st lady this country America has ever had when she publically stated, “I hate white people”! Check that out if you don’t believe me! This guy gave us change alright, all in the wrong direction towards socialism, communism or totalitarianism, which ever you prefer! He is as anti-American and anti-Judeo-Chistian as we’ve ever had in the White House. Not only that, look how many muslims he’s got on his staff! Check that out as well! This guy has also over looked congress illegally when he put a number of things into law. Those things among others have been more than enought for IMPEACHMENT. IF he’d been a Republican, he’d have been long gone even during his first term! He is the biggest deceiver of the American people this country has ever seen! HE HAS GOT TO GO BEFORE HE TOTALLY DESTROYS OUR COUNTRY!! You can check any of the above information and you’ll find everything is true!!!

        2. I Seigel says:

          Geez, what a jumbled up mess you wrote here. Almost unreadable. Please stop mangling the English language – assuming you’re a native speaker, which perhaps you’re not. Maybe take an “ESL for Dummies” class?

          1. TAM44 says:

            You didn’t have to read it dumb $hit, now go FYS.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Nice! So classy. Let your cat type your messages in the future; they’d be more readable.

          3. TAM44 says:

            I hate cats and a hole like yourself, deal with it.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Do you kiss your husband with that mouth? Yuck!

          5. TAM44 says:

            I’m no she, so go talk to some of your BROs.

          6. Dondh says:

            People like you TAM44 should not be allowed in any public comments using that kind of language! You need your mouth washed out with soap! I hope I never read anything you ever right again unless you can clean up your language! That just shows your low grade intelligence because you don’t know what proper language is!

          7. wearyconservative1946 says:

            I think Tam made her thoughts very clear and I agree with every word.

          8. I Seigel says:

            I’m glad you could interpret her jumbled ravings. I couldn’t. Nice to know you agree with her. Thanks for that info.

  • William Neal says:

    If the Tea Party and Republicans don’t get it together and come up with a unified strong candidate to support here in Louisiana, Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu, will be returning to DC. come November. She is hammering the repubs with a very effective TV ad campaign bringing tough issues right up front. There have been calls for at least five debates and the Repub candidate only wishes to participate in one. Neither Repub candidate is popular among voters or known and their message and policy platform non-existent. .

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    The Tea Potty is as diverse as it can possibly be. Some groups have even faced off with drawn guns. They have “deposed “leadership, they all have varying thoughts on so many subjects that it is simply foolish to believe that even with an apology and as many “never agains” as they could muster that Republicans will ever truly join with this diversified bunch of fools who had some good intentions once upon a time but were kidnapped into stupidity. Boehner has now renamed them. He refers to his 19 or so real Potty members as knuckleheads.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Good things happen to those that wait, best thing Mitch and the boys could do is publicly apologize to the Tea Party, that won’t happen, the Republicans sided with the communists of the democratic party to trash them.
    Now they fully expect the Tea Party to come to their rescue, after the Thad Cochran buy out I will sit at home before voting for a RNC’s pick for anything, they are as corrupt as the communist’s on the left.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Moderate side with moderates. There are still people in government that want it to work. As far as I know there are no communists in our government, look up the meaning of the term. Why should anyone in the real republican party have to apologize to an outside group of right w that is trying to take it over,

      1. gtm615 says:

        It is interesting you say there are no communists in our government since at least 80 are listed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus which is declared allies with the Communist Party USA. So, I guess you could call them PINO’s Progressives in Name Only, but Communists in deed and mindset. What’s more, if the Democrats are not Communists then why is the CPUSA suing the Democrat party for stealing it’s platform. In other words, Democrats are Communists but just by another name.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          As I have said read the definition of what a communist is and see if any of the millionaires in congress fit the definition. Also what who told you that the Congressional Progressive Caucus is allies with the Communist Party USA? They are supported by a large number of liberal groups but I could find no link to the CPUSA. Just because Allen West and Glenn Beck says something doesn’t make it a fact.

  • ArtPope says:

    I thought the Tea Party was non-partisan. Am I incorrect?

    1. patriotism-matters says:

      Your psychology of guilt will not work.

    2. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      You were correct before the leadership of varying groups were deposed by money and idiots. They quickly became something other than the idealists that had founded the small groups all over.

  • The_Frog_Prince says:

    Start with Mississippi NRSC and your involvement with voter fraud in that race.

    1. I Seigel says:

      I did not hear about voter fraud in Mississippi. However, there was just a news report about fraud discovered in Georgia voter registrations. Out of 85,000 new registrants, the state found 25 that were fraudulent. You do the math. Or I can do it for you: that’s approx.03%. Yep, that’s a HUGE problem alright!
      There was no report, by the way, that the fraudulent registrants purposely did anything wrong. “Fraud” could have been done by students registering at their campuses, instead of where their parents live, for example. Or a just-divorced woman using her married or maiden name by mistake.

      1. gtm615 says:

        I would suggest you check into matters here. It has been proven that in the Republican primary over 10,000 votes came from democrats who had already voted in the democrat primary. Thus, they voted in a second primary too. Cochran won by 7000 votes. In other words, is win was solely the result of voter fraud.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well I am shocked at this news. If it has been “proven” that there was fraud on such a massive scale, can you explain why Delbert Hosemann, the Republican Secretary of State for Mississippi, hasn’t launched an investigation and nullified the results of the election? This certainly sounds like grounds for impeaching the Secretary of State. Either way, it doesn’t sound like a huge group of illegals voted, or people who weren’t registered. It sounds like registered voters were allowed to vote twice, which, surely, the Secretary of State can prove.

          But on a closer reading of the issue, it also appears that the Democrats who voted for Cochran didn’t actually do anything wrong. They are allowed to vote for whomever they want, per the law. Maybe they law needs to be changed?

          1. gtm615 says:

            You are absolutely correct that they should be going after the Sec. of State. Although it was contested, it was dismissed because the powers that be delayed providing the necessary information for sufficient time to force discovery past the deadline. And for your second point on voter fraud, you would be correct again if they voted only once. However, it was found that they voted twice. Once in the democrat primaries and a second time in the republican primaries..

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