With debt limit raised, Obama launches $1 billion ‘climate resilience’ fund

As part of his administration’s broad effort to fight global warming, President Obama will propose in his 2015 budget a new $1 billion “climate resilience” fund, and the White House expects the proposal to gain traction despite the controversy surrounding the issue.

“The idea of a climate resilience fund is something that should be and we expect will be supported across all parts of the country … the need to be prepared, the need to take steps that help our farmers and businesses and communities deal with the consequences from severe weather events is evident to everyone across the country,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Friday.

Specifically, the effort will be designed to spur new research into how communities and infrastructure can be better prepared for the impacts of climate change and to fund new technologies “that will make us more resilient in the face of changing climate,” the administration said in announcing the initiative.

More details about the $1 billion fund will be released when the president unveils his 2015 budget next month, but administration officials are casting it as yet another piece of a bigger plan to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change.

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  • reggie says:

    How about stopping chem trails?

  • paintinc56 says:

    There has been 0 warming for 15 years now, the climate “scientists” are baffled by that FACT. The global warming charade is all about P O S politicians USING SCARE TACTICS & BRAINWASHING to feast on the taxpayers entrails without them saying a word. Even though HARD SCIENCE, not the bought & paid for kind, has PROVEN that climate change has been occurring since time beginning, the brain dead masses are clueless, as always, & believe everything their leftist propaganda machine media tells them to. Obama has doled out 100s of BILLIONS of $$ to his top donors, family & friends under the guise of clean energy grants & loans. Several of these green energy companies went under shortly after receiving those nice, fat, TAXPAYER PROVIDED loans & subsidies, never having to pay a dime of all that money back.
    ELITIST POLITICIANS, ROBBING TAXPAYERS BLIND, LYING, CONNIVING, BRAINWASHING & LAUGHING IN OUR FACES. NONE of them would SPIT on the best part of us, NONE of them are FORCED to live by the laws they pass & NONE of them EVER suffer any consequences. As a matter of fact they are worshipped by the brain dead masses & in spite of ALL of their CORRUPTION are voted in over & over & over again.

  • PLW says:

    Climate change has been in progress for centuries!!!! The obama Administration just wants to bankrupt the United States of America. He loves to spend tax payers money for whatever reason!!! He & his Liberal Democratic Progressives continue to dismantle America!!! Welcome to Obamaworld!!!! Truly SCARY!!!

  • junkmailbin says:

    anothe billion down the rat hole of Obloviates friends.

  • volksnut says:

    devastating impacts of climate change – he just never quits with his lying and just keeps on repeating falsehoods – with no hard evidence whatsoever – in fact theres RECORD cold in many areas with no SHRINKING of Polar ice at all in fact its growing – How about improving disaster response and relief as climate events are INEVITABLE – THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN – THEY ALWAYS WILL BE – UNPREDICTABLE – THATS THE WAY OUR PLANETS ECOSYSTEM FUNCTIONS – ITS DYNAMIC NOT STATIC –

    1. Graywolf12 says:

      There you go, using facts to refute theory. How dare you object to what the gods say? It is time everyone read and repeated your comment all over the web, on call in radio programs, and in letter to the editors of news papers. We are loosing this war unless we all act.

      1. volksnut says:

        i know – united we will have to stand –

  • CTH says:

    Impeach the communist now. The boy president/dictator is a shame and disgrace imposed on an otherwise near sane country.

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