Won’t Take Trump Change

by FoxNews.com
January 28, 2016

The head of an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group says they will decline donations from the fundraising event Donald Trump plans to hold Thursday night as he sits out the Republican primary debate.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff said on Twitter Wednesday that his group had not heard from the Trump campaign and did not know which organizations would be involved in the veterans event.

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  • RuFus92 says:

    Is this the group under investigation for misuse of funds?

  • ohmama says:

    Weekly Standard delved into Donald Trumps record of charity giving. What they found was that Trump has actually given very little in donations to military organizations from 2008-2013. He has given nothing in the past to Wounded Warrior Project, which I think is why they turned him down. It’s quite obvious that Trump has not any particular interest in helping these organizations until he began his run for President. Can you blame them for not wanting to be used as political tools for his campaign, when he had done very little to nothing in the past?

  • mike says:

    wounded warrior spends more on itself than the veterans

  • Wayne Thorson says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see if Trump takes in enough to pay for the renting of the hall.

  • jondarmes says:

    Good, I guess the bastards at this charity don’t need the money then. Are they afraid Trump will want an accounting before he donates??
    GO TRUMP!!!

  • Jimbo says:

    You would think they would be honored if trump helped them.maybe they prefer hilliary.

  • daveveselenak says:

    Why is this even an issue? I am sure that their are a plethora of other organizations that will! I now know that this one is most likely a scam – fuk them!

  • Debbie says:

    Oh well keep your darn money, We will take care of our own,

  • DeweyL says:

    I guess they would like another president with no guts or brains. Trump is loud mouth and says what he thinks but he is the only one that just might be able to turn this country around. If he is smart enough to ask God for help he can do it.The bunch we have in the White House now Kicked GOD out so we are all paying for it. I am praying that every one in our Government that is not working for the good of our country will be removed and replaced with good Christian People that is not afraid to ask GOD for help.

  • Henry J. Gilbertson says:

    I’m a disabled vet. and I find it hard to take. but if you want to give to a veterans org. go to your local V F W or the American leigon post and give there to the charity that you wish to give to they get 100% of what you give.

  • nana says:

    i guess they have to much money their loss oh well i am sure some other group will be glad to take it you are just hurting the people that would benefit from it

  • Richard says:

    I don’t think we need a Dept of VA. every vet who has been injured in combat upon his discharge should receive a card like A CREDIT card marked U.S Goverment. you can go to any doctor or hospital and get the treatment you need. We the people will pay’s all bill”s medical, hotel if needed, and transportation if needed. The American people will stand by our VET’ because we care.

    1. Henry J. Gilbertson says:

      This is not true!!!!! I’m a vet with service connected disability and If I need to go to a hospital other then the V A I have to have permission first this also applies if I need to go by an ambulance other wise the V A will not pay for!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Marie Saqueton says:

        And by that time you are dead, yet Obama gave better benefits to illegals who can go to emergency hospitals real quick. Something is awfully wrong with this.

  • John S. Zimmer says:

    You, sir, are misguided and a dishonor to those you “claim” to represent. Viet Nam Veteran.

    1. Henry J. Gilbertson says:

      This is not true!!! I’m a vet with service connected disability and if I need to go to a hospital other then the V A I have to get permission from the V A this also applies if I need to go by ambulance other wise the V A wont pay for it!!!!!!!!!!

  • cowboy says:

    At least he’s wanting to do something to help our veterans, which is something the rest of the candidates could learn from.

  • Dan Menard says:

    How legit is this Iraqi/Afghan Vets Group anyway? Would they (do they) actually have authority to receive funds of any sort and for what cause are these funds being collected? Till this posting I have never heard of them. As a long time member of the VFW, American Legion and Wounded Warriors, you would think this supposed organization would have been heard from before now! Something smells foul and perhaps bogus with the claims of this supposed group!

  • ADRoberts says:

    I believe the money is supposed to go to the WOUNDED WARRIERS group. You know who they are. They are the ones who more than half of the money goes to the guys who organized the charity and have NO wounds at all.
    You know. FAKES.

  • Bruce Kevin Jones says:

    The point is the top CEO’s of both of these organizations will not be PAID anything to allow any funds to come to help out to give money to ‘their’ veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq. And they would be better served by letting their constituents die from lack of funding instead of receive any money from a man that shoots from the hip does not have a giant political SUPER-PACK supporting him in his campaign. He does not have a hidden agenda and does not have the experience the other contenders have in cheating the American people out of their rights and coming up with new ways to capitulate to every tiny terrorist group and nation state. He does not lie and speak like he is trying to not say the wrong thing. I like a guy that sounds like Reagan or Coolidge or Lincoln.

  • MikeS says:

    Trump is like the ringmaster at a carnival side show. He talks a good game, loudly, but the minute you start asking straight questions he runs for the hills.

    1. Bruce Kevin Jones says:

      That is a lie Mike S, you go up to him and ask him this same question and he will tell you to your lying face you ask him why he seems to YOU to be a ringmaster in a carnival I DARE YOU!.

      1. MikeS says:

        Wow. Now you tell people they lie about how they feel about another person. You’re taking a big bite off the BS table now. He simply looks, sounds and acts like a side show carnival host to me…always has. He is ducking the debate because he is afraid of what he might have to answer for. So what if I said it to his face. He would just be loud like he always is.

    2. Frankdidit says:

      I see we have a liberal in our midst. Thank you for the no nothing input.
      DO SOME RESEARCH. If you do, you may not sound so stupid!!!!!!!

      1. MikeS says:

        Yes, Trump is much like a liberal in the way he talks and behaves. Good of you to point that out. The research put out there over time for all to see shows that. I dare say many will be disappointed when they find out he is not the savior they think he is.

        1. jondarmes says:

          Couldn’t be more disappointed than with what we have now, TROLL!
          GO TRUMP!!!

          1. MikeS says:

            I am disappointed also. Trumps is not the answer Mr. Troll.

  • Carol Ann Rohr says:

    Yes, Anthony your right. I lost 2sons and I give dinners for the vets I have a hard time getting them brought in the bus to have an enjoyable time. Not much caring at the va if it puts them out any hear all the time of their long waits for app.and having to wait

  • buggs says:

    Maybe the head of this group is just scared of how this will put a microscope on the inner dealings of this organization and open up the money trail of what happens to donations.

    1. JACK3889 says:

      They spend big paper running nighty TV ads numerous times.

  • Ken says says:

    Their choice – they must be happy with what they are getting lol Sounds more like a political agenda

  • Athanasios1 says:

    If they don’t need the money, then President Trump will give it to someone that needs it.

  • Warren Moulton says:

    I guess they are proud of the way the VA treats all vets and can slam the door in the donations they are lwayd begging for.

  • Walter Flatt says:


    1. JACK3889 says:

      FOX has lost a lot of stature as a conservative reporting agency since Obama.

  • Meg says:

    Maybe the money should go to the vets that need it and by-pass the big CEO fees. I am sure a lot of people know of vets in need.

  • Walter Flatt says:


  • Dee Styles says:

    Oh….so the actual vets never declined Trump’s invitation….only the head of the Group….and I will bet he has a lovely home,one or two cars….a fair size bank account…. but has no compassion for any other Vets unless they are being helped by his group….I would say that is downright selfish…someone is trying to help the Vets and unless you approve….they are out of luck…. From day 1 of his campaign he has brought to light the plight of the veterans and vowed to help….He is a man of his word and he is following through….SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!

  • mallen11 says:

    They will be foolish not to accept the contributions. Our wounded veterans need more help and this administration is not helping.

    1. Robert D Campbell says:

      What I want to know mow much of the money that is contributed gets to the vets and how much go to operating expenses

      1. mallen11 says:

        I am sure that can be found out just like the Wounded Veterans organization. At one time I heard they don’t get most of the money and I also heard this past week that the veterans get 60%. I am sure a lot goes to the TV advertisement too.

        1. NSB FL says:

          Remember that this is NOT the Wounded Warriors group.

          1. mallen11 says:

            Yes, I know, I was only referring to them as an example.

          2. reggie says:

            What I posted above is the Wounded Warriors. A CBS News investigation has raised questions about spending at the popular Florida-based Wounded Warrior Project.

      2. reggie says:

        WTSB news: “Veterans we spoke with in Tampa say they are sickened by allegations that the charity spent $26 million in 2014 on expensive parties and conferences. It’s nearly the same amount the Wounded Warrior Project spent on combat stress recovery, which is its top program.”

    2. David Kledzik says:

      Exactly. The vets probably don’t get the lions share of that money anyway. Shameful.

      1. mallen11 says:

        And they need it very badly. Trump did a great service for our veterans. I hope the money will be used wisely for those who need it.

  • mike says:

    They need to get rid of that sorry ass. The way veterans are treated and here is money to go to the good of their cause and this clown refuses to accept it, And he calls himself a vet,A vet of what stupitidy

  • Foxy says:

    I think it is very narrow minded not to accept donations from Donald Trump, a self made billionaire. But you will canvas donations from the general public some poor, most of whom feel guilty if they don’t donate to your cause. Shame on you!

    1. David Kledzik says:

      He probably doesn’t like Trump. Probably likes one of the other candidates. It’s too bad when the head of this veterans assoc. puts his ego in front of his charity. It’s really about the vets isn’t it, as you said shame on him.

  • anthony says:

    I guess the Iraqi and Afghanistan Vets Group would rather have the Obama WAY OF TREATMENT AND CARE FOR VETS, WHERE VETS ARE NOT GIVEN TREATMENT OR WAIT FOR MONTHS TO RECEIVE TREATMENT, some dying before they get to see a doctor…

    1. Tim Barnett says:

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    2. JACK3889 says:

      No, they would rather you pledge $19 per month and no explanation of how the money is split out between them and the Vets. I’m not calling it another Red Cross that retains about 90% of every dollar they bring in, but it well might be. True veterans organizations dispense 100% of donations to the cause intended for.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Most donations will only give about 15% of it to the cause and the rest is kept by those asking for the money. Bob Doles wife was paid $250,000.00 and all of her expenses paid just so she could ask for money.

        1. Lina Klus says:

          I quit donating to any, since I know only a fraction (very little) of the money goes to the recipients who need help while the “administrator” gets the rest of it to support their lavish life style.

          1. truthseeker says:

            Your right. We gave $400 Million to Haiti and that did not even buy them a tarp or a bottle of water. Shameful. I know.

      2. CB Michael says:

        Stories about veterans benefiting from wounded warriors has been around for some time and now it’s out in the open. Some get help, mostly the owner gets a fat check and the high life. No more from me.

    3. Lolly811 says:

      No, maybe they would rather have the CRUZ WAY which would be meaningful change for Vets as apposed to a one time thing to vamp up his ratings.

      1. James Jones says:

        regardless of his motives he isn’t attending the debate and chose to instead do something positive for Veterans. As a vet I appreciate his effort even if it a once and done. He will help more than any other campaigning hopeful on this night alone.

        1. truthseeker says:

          If I was Trump I would of skipped out also. It is the same thing over and over, like listening to C-Span Senator Debates. Donald Trump decided it was time to move to other discussions that they kept ignoring and that is our Veterans.

          1. Mister Vice says:

            It was a bad move on Trump’s part. It looks like he is afraid of Megyn Kelly. Better to stand your ground and fight. At least you get points in respect. Being absent opened the door for her and the rest of the candidates making comments about him in his absence and he couldn’t fight back.

          2. truthseeker says:

            Gossip as Sin. Psalm 5912 For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride; and for cursing and lying which they speak.. False, malicious reports, Exodus 23:1 ” Thou shalt not raise a false report; put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. Megan Kelly was so unprofessional and disrespectful to her guest . ” No one has the right to make you feel inferior, without your permission” by Eleanor Roosevelt .

    4. NSB FL says:

      Keep in mind that this is NOT the Wounded Warriors group.

      1. Dodie1990 says:

        I read where Wounded Warrior is anti 2nd amendment. I wrote and asked them, got no response but they have never solicited me again. I used to send them money all the time. Plenty of other veterans groups that are not anti 2nd amendment.

        1. David Kledzik says:

          Would like to know the answer to that myself. I can tell you the vets coming back that they represent are not anti 2nd Amendment, that much is for sure.

          1. Mister Vice says:

            Amen brother!

    5. truthseeker says:

      Funny how we hear the cries for our Wounded Warriors on TV on a daily basis, but when someone answers the call, Pride of a few get in the way. Can’t take care of our Veterans if those few choose to decline the help.

    6. truthseeker says:

      I looked up this Paul Rieckhoff . He is the founder and CEO of the (IAVA) which only has been in existence since 2004 . He worked in Wall Street to give you a good idea of where the money will go. No accountability of where the money is going. He was in the National Guard and started out as a Specialist than got a Degree and became a 2nd Lt. and was soon out . Not exactly a career Soldier.

  • JC says:

    The people who run your organization and that you have elected to speak for you are doing you a disservice by telling everyone that they will not accept donations from Trump’s event—he’s the best friend vets have and the one that can help them the most—talking bout cutting your nose off to spit your face—all i know is you have elected the wrong people to speak for your organization—-how stupid can you be !!!!!

  • James Bowser says:

    Why is some corporate lawyer talking about not accepting money for veterans. Now we can see as Trump has told us how messed up these organizations are. Let’s get the low ranking veterans in charge of these places. The officer’s are just bought and paid for.

  • Valor says:

    I am delighted that Trump has stirred the political pot unlike anyone has ever done. However, I have the strong sense his present positions on a variety of topics are developed for what he thinks the voters want to hear.

    1. anthony says:

      So who would you trust if not Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio..all beholding to SPECIAL INTERESTS, ALL FLIP FLOPPING ON ISSUES FOR POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY…

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