You’re Hired! Trump to reveal VP in NYC…

by Mark Hensch | The Hill
July 14, 2016

Donald Trump will announce his running mate this Friday in Manhattan, the candidate said Wednesday.

“I will be making the announcement of my Vice Presidential pick on Friday at 11am in Manhattan. Details to follow,” Trump tweeted Wednesday night.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort told reporters of Trump’s plan earlier Wednesday in Cleveland.

Speculation is running rampant over Trump’s ticket ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Trump on Wednesday summoned possible running mates to Indiana as he nears a final decision on his pick.

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  • jnora says:

    I am pretty disgusted, people. Fox News is covering the tragedy (73 so far dead) in the terrorist attack in Nice, France and ABC and NBC had Hillary on one of the networks dissing Trump and Obama was on the other network speaking to someone about the BLM problem (probably igniting more fires). Do they not think this should supercede that? Even now, the two networks locally are covering the Pat Summit funeral instead of the France thing. Not to demean Pat Summit, as she was a wonderful person and coach, but come on people, the world is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Trump has even postponed his 11:00 tomorrow announcement of the VP out of respect for the French people. THAT is presidential!

    1. downdraft says: right!
      Things are going to hell in a hand-basket (a phrase that shows my age)…and the rest of us just preach and moan…
      Our Military has the Constitutional authority to step in and stop this “cra-” (i.e., manure), but not the vital male or woman parts…those Obama did not dump are wimps and not the most strategic when it comes to the Constitution…the real leaders he “retired” because he knows he can’t handle that kind of talent and strength.
      If you sit back and inventory the circumstances that have hit all citizens…you will know that we are already on the brink of a citizens’ revolution…BECAUSE WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE if we are to save America…
      No Military, our last great hope…
      No elected representatives (just those who put their head between their legs and concentrate on crap that is no priority
      But…America still has guns…and because of that Obama has not attempted to initiate his final move to become this nation’s DICTATOR because all hell will break loose…
      But, once he gets control of our Guns…we are lost!
      Keep your Guns America…your Constitution (what’s left of it) gave that amendment to us as a gift

      1. jnora says:

        Whatever you do, Americans, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! That is the first thing that Hitler did to the Germans…he de-armed them! That made any revolt ineffective and he just took over. We cannot let that happen to us. If Trump doesn’t win, we are dead!

  • Walter Flatt says:













    1. Rodney Steward says:

      She loves the muslim ways as much or more than Opey!

      1. jnora says:

        Then let them move to a country where they practice Sharia Law (without any exemption for their notariety!)

        1. jnora says:

          One thing is for sure…no one would rape her! Oh, how nasty is that!

    2. Kar'ing says:

      YES! YES! YES!

    3. downdraft says:

      Walter Flatt

      ….it is a shame that you don’t get angry, and remain so calm >:)…but yes, you are right…some of our Pastors are a bit bewildered at what is coming about…but I must remember too that they are just average citizens like us out here, they have their faults, but one thing they still have is love for Him, and His love as well!

      And in some denominations where the body of the church “hires” its Pastors, they place pressures on him or her to turn the other cheek, so to speak, regarding certain sins…the additional pressure on the Pastors has to do with possible unemployment because of a few persuasive members of the church council…

      But…I can’t place blame on the church/Pastor for the mess we are in…WE are the ones who played a key role in ALLOWING the vermin into our offices of honor….WE are the ones who are responsible, and I can’t ignore the responsibility I might have ignored, by saying…

      “it wasn’t me, I’m just one of the sheep!” But Walter Flatt, keep the pressure on anyway…it definitely might make a difference!

  • ADRoberts says:

    Will this be an eye opener as to how liberal he still is? Or will this be just another effort to deceive concervatives.
    Don’t trust in man. Trust in Jesus Christ.

    1. downdraft says:

      Yes, I do!
      In your judgment, when Trump selects his running mate…how would you decide it was as Jesus plans?…or not as Jesus plans? I sense some dislike of Trump…but if he is selected by the GOP would you accept the decision as an answer?.
      I am not attempting to be abrasive about your comments, but would like to know your position on it.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        You won’t get one, he talks this stuff but God don’t do politics and he talks in circles a lot!

        1. downdraft says:

          Well…God does everything! And He’ll do whatever method He wishes…Q” “…he talks in circles a lot”…who???
          Thnx Rodney

          1. Rodney Steward says:


          2. jnora says:

            Yep…that is why I told that guy above he’d be sorry he asked that question.

        2. jnora says:

          Remember that God DID give us that pesky FREE WILL, you know.

      2. They all raised their hands quicker than you can say “Jack Splat” except for Trump, he eventually said he would support the nomination for no one really believed he could get this far. Now I have all the names of the TRAITORS TO THEIR OWN PARTY WHO WOULD RATHER SELL US DOWN THE RIVER TO TOTALITARIAN RULE. NAMES OF THE REPUBLICANS WHO WILL NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP THE CLEAR WINNER BY FAR. He was not my horse, Ted Cruz, our firebrand from Texas was. But as saddened as I was, I got behind the guy that WE THE PEOPLE had chosen. Here are the names of the Republicans who tried to refused to nominate his VP pick, but they said they could not changed the rules that would allow the Republicans to do this. HERE ARE ALL THE TRAITOR’S NAMES AND YOU WILL ALSO NOTICE EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE EMBEDDED CAREER POLITICIAN ESTABLISHMENT WHORES WHO WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR HILLARY THAN FOR TRUMP TO CONTINUE THEIR LEACHING OFF OF OUR RESOURCES AND TAXING US TO DEATH: John McCain–not a surprise, Lindsey 1% of the voters voted for him, mainly I suppose it was only his family. John Kasich, Marco Rubio, All of the Bush’s including Jeb who had also promised to get behind whomever won. Carly Fiorina (she took issue with the comment about her face), George Pataki, Rand Paul–very surprisingly, he too will not give Trump the support over superficial reasons as he raised his hand at the debates saying he would. Nikki Haley, no surprise there, Mitt
        Romney. Kudos goes out to Cruz, who even when his children and wife were attacked by Trump, he will stand behind Trump and will speak at the convention, if asked. As I have always contended, this shows he is a man of his words and will not let party stupidity control him. A true FIREBRAND FROM TEXAS.
        So now you have it. If you Senator is one of the above, please to to his Facebook Page, his page to his constituents or email showing your displeasure, for the one thing that will get a politician’s attention is a constituent calling asking why they would stand with the winner who did the hard campaigning and has earned his nomination. These Senators are only afraid that their cushy money from lobbyists, or from voting for lucrative contracts thereby stopping the status quo is unfathomable. P. Kathy Kleiman

        1. downdraft says:

          P.Kathy…I sure as hell would not like you to be angry at me! You’d shoot me out of the saddle! You have done your homework well…THNX

          1. jnora says:

            She IS a pistol, isn’t she? Also, an eloquent one.

        2. jnora says:

          Boy, have you ever hit the nail on the head. I have lost all respect for the Bushes. They would give up their country for their egos. All of the above that you mentioned. It is all about the “good ole boy” network. I pray that Trump is elected and that he shakes up D.C. like it should be shaken up. The corruption is on both sides. I am ashamed to even call myself a Republican anymore and never thought I would say that. I am not so much for Cruz anymore, even though he hugged me when he was here because one of my friends shouted out that I had just lost my son to suicide. Had there not been a Trump, I would have been from Rubio because my nephew knows both he and Bush and he told me that Rubio is the real deal. Although, I didn’t like his stand on immigration. I am so strong on the immigration issue, that Trump got my vote.

      3. jnora says:

        Boy, will you regret asking that question…LOL.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          I guess that was your way of disparaging me. You thought I would not see. Now you can laugh. I found you out. But God always knew who you were.

          1. jnora says:

            Get over it, AD! I was kidding and you know you are controversial on this site.

        2. jnora says:


          PLEASE read the article by Breitbart and you will be stunned at what is in it. Ryan is nothing but a guy that does deals under the table!

      4. ADRoberts says:

        Lots of demanding I obey what you believe I mean. NOT.
        Jesus has nothing to do with Trump except to allow a wicked nation (America) to be punished by a likely wicked man. NOTHING about Trump speaks anything of God. Every time he tries to claim a faith, he fails because he has NO BACKGROUND and no activity.
        And by the way, I long ago, marked the Establishment Republicans off as being complicit in the works of the Bilderbergs and ONE WORLD ORDER.
        And just about every day, my belief is proven to be true. Paul Ryan’s every word and action, including the last budget prove I was right.
        So, he chose Pence. Does ANYONE know anything about Pence? My evaluation of this choice was that it would be for effect.
        So Pence is a Catholic. That does not get me excited as we see what a radical pope they have.
        God help us.
        But he, like Trump does SAY the ‘right’ things.

        1. downdraft says:

          About Trump…I can see the lack of exposure he has to a religious faith…he isn’t even a newe one still drinking warm milk.
          But I recall Judges from the Bible telling us about God being ticked off at those who deny him and worship only icons…so he chose some real tough cookies, non-believers one way or another, to go forth and clean things up physically…AND HE furnished all the support and weaponry needed to do the job.
          These guys were His Junk Yard Dogs…some, after finishing the job, themselves embraced idols and icons, so God kicked them out and replaced them…
          America needs a Junk Yard Dog for the time being…
          Do you have anybody in mind?

          1. jnora says:

            He didn’t kick David or Solomon out. They were even in his favor eventually. God knew their hearts. Don’t broadbrush people, AD.

          2. downdraft says:

            Reading Palms I sometimes wonder about David…but he never denied God’s omnipotence, and when pushed came to shove he yelled “Help”.

            And Solomon sometimes was no sweetheart either.


            That sounds like us out here.

            I believe , at least sometimes, that God “ain’t gonna take us where He can’t keep us”…

            then again, I can see too that He might just be silent and let the rocks fall around us…

            its then, when the rocks get so close…that we pray…that is what He wants to happen to us…

            …he wants us to finally realize its HIM who is in charge…

            and that WE NEED HIM, and like the Israelites,
            …we turn to prayer, …

            and that’s when He finally moves to help us!

            Did I say that right???

          3. jnora says:

            I don’t think God MAKES things happen to us, but rather He ALLOWS them to happen to us. He will not, however, allow more to happen to us than we can bear. I know that. When my son committed suicide and I was all alone (my family was estranged over a will and my only other son is very mentally ill and hasn’t spoken to me since before the funeral…not at the funeral even), I had no idea how I was going to deal with it all alone. Then my church family and my Christian counselor started showing me love and caring and it made it much easier. I was still at the point of wanting to commit suicide every day. I was considered a “no risk” because my faith was so strong and it is a sin and I just wouldn’t do it. It is awful to be at the edge of the cliff all the time. When it got to the point where I could not bear it, I could actually feel God easing the pain. It was the weirdest feeling. Some of the pain just went away and it has done so several times since then. God did not promise us a problem-free life. Our lives are but a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. I feel like no matter how many more years I live (I am 66 now) or how bad it is, it will be worth it to have my reward in heaven…that I WILL have. I trust in the Lord that I will have it because I have done the best I can to love the Lord, I have been baptized as He has commanded, and I try my best to live life as a Christian. I ask forgiveness for my sins every day because I know I sin every day. I love the Lord beyond all else…yes, I know I will live with the Lord forever. That is what keeps me going. I have experience unthinkable emotional hurt and yet have made it through it. We are stronger than we think. God gives us strength to cope with things than we ever imagined. So, don’t ever give up everyone. There is always hope of eternal life for all of us if we will just obey God’s commandments. Peace to you all.

          4. downdraft says:

            Young lady…I am beginning to rejoice in God’s gift to me which includes the ability to JUST KNOW when I am before a believer, one of such strength and dignity…
            And that person is you jnora…
            God don’t want any wimps in His army…but he especially wants soldiers LIKE YOU…you have paid your dues, young lady!
            I’ve been “around the water front” so to speak, and have almost 20 years of experiences on you…
            …but it is a God’s warrior such as you who keeps me humble…thnx

          5. jnora says:

            As you make tears roll down my cheek. You have paid me the ultimate compliment and I needed that so much. I know now what God has left me here living this miserable life to do. Thank you downdraft!

          6. downdraft says:

            …now smile again, dad-gummit!

            (my 4 kids always like to kid me and mock me saying “dad-gummit” when I get mad…as I would never choose to use vile 4 lettered words…even when they all 4 might really screw up…it paid off!…

            all know Him, and know how to say “HELP” to Him when things get really challenging for them…

            Just another private note:

            My 2 daughters are adopted…one Caucasian, the other and youngest sweetie is Korean…the oldest daughter is currently: a USAF executive officer for a General; a Fighter pilot; and a Test Pilot…

            I would not fly in front of her for all the tea in China…I taught her to drive and know full well the damage she is capable of doing :>)…so I know for sure she yells “HELP” often to God.

            Keep it simple, jnora…just yell “HELP”…He will hear…

          7. jnora says:

            Downdraft…I just returned from my counselor. I have been wondering why my Lord is keeping me here living a horrible life full of sadness and loneliness (not very good friend material due to my sadness). Your return message let me know. My counselor read our back and forth and I thought he was near tears. I told him that the Lord is keeping me here to testify to others. Not to “woe is me” them, but to simply tell those who believe and those who don’t believe my story to inspire them to turn to God. I now have a purpose for living and for that I thank you very much Downdraft! God bless you and I hope I have helped you if even just a bit.

          8. jnora says:

            Hope you read this after my edits.

          9. downdraft says:

            ” She is the only family I have now.”…you might search out a “church ” family, perhaps a small women’s group that is p[art of a bible teaching ministry.
            The women, usually composed of young house wives as well as some with more life-experiences, attend once a week during the day…given your grasp of the bible, you could certainly spread the gospel …the younger ones are there because they want to know!…
            The many small groups soon begin to bond with each other, and “take care” of each other…all Christian ladies…
            You have a lot to share about God…the less experienced will start in a group with the thinking that God is Santa Claus…then they begin to mature…you don’t have to “jump” right in, just start off quietly and prudently with a group until you understand to dynamic… you will find the opportunity to share your many, many skills and gifts…just a thought
            My USAF: I graduated from The Citadel in Charleston, SC…was commissioned an officer in the USAF, and reported to duty to flight school…spent time in Morocco, Madrid, Germany, and the entire tenure in SAC (Strategic Air Command)…I often shared my dubiously exciting adventures and experiences with my two boys…and they sometimes yawned :>)…but to my surprise a lil’ girl in a granny dress was peaking around the corner…and believed every word of my adventures…one day while she was at college she called me and said ” Guess what I did today”…so I sat down first and then asked: What!
            “I went sky diving” she said…”3 times”
            I responded by telling her…”Didn’t I tell you never jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”
            A few years later I pinned on her wings, as a 2nd Lt…her instructor pulled me aside and said he wanted to tell me about an incident in class with my daughter…he said he told the guys (and only lady) that one day they will have to jump out of this sucker (jet fighter)..and have any of you jumped before?…the young studs looked around to see who answered, and no one did…then this lil’ hand raised, it was my daughter, and he asked her “did you jump”?…she said yes sir…15 times…well, he said to me those studs just slunk down in their seats and groaned…when you got your wings everyone was assigned to a particular air base, command, and type of aircraft…there were only 2 fighter planes available…and she got one of them…and was assigned to the same air base as I was for flight training in Texas. She saw combat in Iraq…wrote me about her first engagement of the enemy, from the moment she lifted off to actual engagement…and that her aim was perfect and lethal…and that she did a victory roll on the way back to her base, pulled out a Snickers bar from he boot and awarded herself…while looking upward at the stars, thanking God for her safety, and having been properly taught to do her duty…she lost a close friend whose plane exploded in mid air, also on his first Iraq mission….she also sent me a beautiful American flag she had tucked under he aircraft seat while on that dangerous mission, wanting me to have it as a reminder of her love for God, me, and her country…She is now a Colonel, and married to a Colonel, a good Southern boy who had called me for permission to marry my daughter…he ended his request with SIR! (but in the south it comes out SUH!)
            JNORA…every accomplishment my children earned…had nothing to do with me…they believed and serve God…and often are confronted with challenges they believe beyond their skills…so God fills in the blanks…and they give Him the credit…
            A great deal of my experiences with God came from gifted persons very much like you…Godly people who have experienced real wounds, but embraced God anyway…they really ministered to me…I was a mess…but I found out everything can change with “Shiny Knees” at prayer…
            I talk too much!

          10. jnora says:

            Well, my new friend, Downdraft, you contacted someone that is a talker, too. Who cares, we have something of substance to say! I must tell you that I have been going to church, literally, all of my life. My father was an elder in the church. I became a Christian when I was 11 years old and was baptized for the remission of my sins. I had my rebellious days and, unfortunately, married the wrong person and it ruined the rest of my life. However, it was my mistake and I blame no one but myself. He was a diagnosed sociopath, but I did not not know that until after we had our two sons; thus, the genetics of mental illness being passed down to both of them. I have lost my blood family with which I grew up due to a will. When my mother, my fabulous mother that was like an angel to me and everyone else, died I realized that she was the glue that kept the family together. People were on their best behavior so as not to hurt my mother. My controlling sister went crazy taking over and started lying about me saying awful things that were untruths to anyone that would listen. When my father was in ICU from a tractor accident only 6 months after my mother died, my sister had kicked me out of her home, making me homeless because I could not bear her controlling every move I made and lying about me. If I turned on my computer, she would stand behind me and watch. You see,I was going through my second divorce. This time, after waiting 20 yrs. of being single, I married a real con artist that used my good credit and put me deeply in debt. He writes a financial column for many newspapers all over the country and was a portfolio mgr. for rich people. I have many very rich people in my family and that is what he was going for. He would say that since he was self-employed that it was easier to use my credit than his. He even left me pain for a $15,000, 3 carat diamond ring plus a lot of other things in my name. I found that while we were both supposed to be taking care of our elderly parents after my mother died, both in Florida, he had set up house with a former girlfriend in the city he was in. We had only been married a year and a half when I caught him. I got my divorce about two weeks before my father died. I was the first Peabody that was ever homeless. I moved in with my oldest son who is a captain in the Army at Fort Hood. He stayed there his entire career. Only four years active and then he used his clearances in his four years inactive to get one of those “I’d have to kill you” jobs for an independent contractor in Virginia. It has made him a millionaire. He told me if I ever needed to go to long-term care that he would not pay a penny for it. One of the elders at our church said that I would always have a room should I need it. The church has done so much for me spiritually, emotionally by paying for my counseling for four years now, and financially. They have helped me with medical bills, electric bills and so much more. Sorry this is so long, but what I wanted to tell you is that I found out one night, the day after Thanksgiving, ( I spend every holiday completely alone, except last Christmas our county mayor invited only me to his family’s Christmas dinner ) from my other son that my son killed himself and that he didn’t have the emotion to help me and you call someone from church and then he hung up on me. Those are the last words my son said to me. He didn’t even talk to me or sit with me at the funeral. Within 30 minutes I had the county mayor and his wife at my house along with another elder and his wife and one of the deacons. They stayed with me until midnight. I had an endless line of people coming to help me and it continued for a long time. At the funeral I was not allowed to even look at the flowers or make a copy of the registration book. 95% of the people they are did not know my son or his wife, as they were from the church I attended and they knew and loved me. My daughter-in-law left no seats for me and my family or Freon Reese and she feels those seats up with my grandson’s little friends. One of our senators and his wife are very good friends of mine. They came and said that they loved me and wanted to sit by me. It was SRO And they could not sit by me. She didn’t even tell us when or where the service was. I had to find out from the Coroner and the police. You are correct, I have paid some dues, but there may be more to pay, but I am willing to pay them. I did not need to make this so long especially during a speech I really wanted to hear on TV, but it is uppermost on my mind and I wanted you to know. Godspeed my friend.

          11. downdraft says:

            Its healthy to get pain out of your system…then to move on, as you are doing with your counselor…he has a skill and a gift, and is helping you.

            Sounds like he has you starting your new life with the “Basics”…starting again with the basic, “Love your God”…then continue to get your knees “shiny” by kneeling and praying on them.

            Let me assure you…He has wonderful things in mind for you…beyond your wildest dreams!

            I have found that there are some things in my past I have no further control over…so I let them go to God’s hands…

            I have also learned that once I let God handle them, I DON’T Take Them Back From Him!

            And once I ask for His forgiveness…Bingo! He gives it…and I move on, never having to revisit that which has already been forgiven.

            I admire your progress, and grasp of your circumstances…and believe me…He has you in the palm of His hand…because you are special…

          12. jnora says:


          13. jnora says:

            I admire your ability to let things go and move on. Unfortunately, I do not have that ability and I know that is what God wants us to do. It is hard with me living alone and having no one else in my life. Forgiving myself is the hardest thing there is for me to do because I feel so very unworthy. I can’t get on my knees to pray because they are so bad that all I would be able to think about was how badly I hurt… LOL. I am pretty disabled in that respect. I have let things fester and me and, yes, my counselor is fabulous and without him I don’t know where I would be. He boost me up and helps me through these things. What you told me yesterday has done so much for me because I thought I did not matter in this world. However, I see now that I do. I see that God has a purpose for me. For that, Downdraft, I thank you. I will never forget this conversation as long as I live. You have given me the push I need to continue to inspire people. It may not be many people because my depression hold me down in many respects and it is so severe that it keeps me housebound most of the time. I also have something that probably never would have come out had I not live with sociopaths for 45 years now. It is something called borderline personality disorder. It is actually misnamed because it is not borderline anything… It just stays the same. There is no cure for it, you just have to learn to manage it and that is what my psychologist is teaching me to do. I have a group therapy class for six weeks and I will begin the end of this month that is specifically for people with this disease. Perhaps that will help. The mayhem it causes in one’s life is OCD, perfectionism, and trouble with relationships. That is why I stay by myself most of the time. I don’t want anybody to hurt me, as I get hurt very easily due to this disease, nor do I want to hurt anyone because of it. I also suffer from PTSD. I have that many traumas in my life, including a rape at age 17, as a virgin. Even the effluent are not immune to rape. Looking back on my early life I know I had this to some degree and I know my father had it to some degree. However, he had the most loving wife in the world to help him through it. I only had Sociopaths end it not only manifested itself, but it made it of a higher magnitude. I controlled it pretty well until about 2000 when I married my second husband. Before then I had a great career and excelled in it and my self-esteem was very high and I was extremely busy traveling all over the world in the hotel business. Then in 2001, my world stopped and the trauma and the tragedies settin 2001, my world stopped and the trauma and the tragedies set in; hence, the PTSD. It does not have to be on the battlefield. Thoseawful events keep ruminating in my mind and handicapping me and that is why I go to my Lord… So I can cope with life and not be incapacitated. It is God and only God and that keeps me going. I have cried buckets of tears over this and people tell me to snap out of it. They are looking at it from the viewpoint of a mentally healthy person, not as one that started out weak. I know that I won’t make it until God sees fit to take me home. Matter how bad it gets, I will go through it to get my reward. I will go through it with dignity and if I can’t I will hide it from others and suffer behind closed doors. God knows how I try. I have many physical problems that keep me down, also. I am your kid from my father early degenerative bone disease. It isexcruciating and I have been on disability for the last four years and that sickens me being the conservative that I am. Social Security told me that with my mental and physical condition there is no job that I can do. I try my best to sew a little, but my back and my neck limit me severely on that. I have sewn for nearly 60 years, I am good at it and I love to do it. My physical and mental condition keeps taking things from me that I used to enjoy so much. Now I just seem to sit. I was going to straighten up my house this morning, as it is very hard for me to do even that. I woke up and it took me a long time to get out of bed because I hurt. Now I sit with a terrible headache caused by my neck and can’t seem to anything even while I morphine. I had them cut my morphine in half

          14. downdraft says:

            …You speak of your weaknesses…

            …its strange…but I can only see your strengths…

            …and in you, I see that God don’t make junk!

          15. jnora says:

            Of course He doesn’t. Funny that you should mention that phrase. When I married in 1971, my dear mother made me a book that was composed of all those newspaper comics (I hate to call them comics because they were very prolific) about “God don’t make no junk!” I was actually looking for it the other day and could not find it. Made me sad. She was a wonderful optimist, but unfortunately, I inherited my father’s pessimism. I inherited nearly all of him except his ability to choose wonderful spouses. Thank you for the compliment. Part of me seeing my faults so clearly is my disease. I am a very half empty person and I wish that were not true. I AM starting to count my blessings and realize how fortunate I am in the blessing department, above all in those the fact that I was taught about God and have Him and the Holy Spirit in my heart. Believe me, I am no saint, but I surely do love the Lord!

          16. jnora says:

            I changed that wedding date to 1971 instead of 1979 as it should be. Wanted to make sure you picked up on that. I should proofread things better. I get in a hurry. Here it is almost 4:00 and I haven’t even eaten lunch. For a while there, I was eating almost nothing. I eat when I am happier. Hence, the big loss of weight. I am eating better, but refuse to gain the weight. I gain a pound and I lose a pound now that I am where I want to be. I do not want to have to buy all new clothes again!
            The convention is starting to gear up for tonight. I am entranced by it. Those kids of Trumps are amazing, aren’t they? If nothing else, he was a great father. I think he has lots of good attributes. I admire people that are hard workers, also. My parents taught us a great work ethic. Now I just can’t work hard. Have no motivation OR strength. Just worn out. Worked so hard for all my life. My son criticizes me for it. Said I should use my mind and not have to work so hard. Well, I have 4 years of college, but married instead of doing my internship to be a teacher. I know now that I would have been a lousy teacher. I did much better in business and loved in much more. I KNOW I could not teach in secondary education nowadays. I can hardly stand to order fast food. The kids are ignorant and I don’t even blame them. I blame the school system and the government. What a mess. I am glad my granddaughter will be going to school with kids that want to make something of themselves instead of thugs. Who knows what my other two grandkids will have to deal with…I guess I will never know. Heartbreak again.

          17. downdraft says:

            I was thinking…you might consider writing a book…then researching how to…and then what it is you want to covey, why, and to who…you have 2 equal choices to write about…the first being your pains and “woe-is-me’s” as you called them…or your strengths and riches…

            …Give it some thought…

            …beware of embracing only all those reasons you think you Should Not…

            …but give a lot of similar thoughts to Why you Should…

            …Pray about it…

            …and it should take no more of your energy than that which you now have for the issues America is facing (hang on to that activity)

          18. jnora says:

            Downdraft…See below one of my replies that I accidentally sent to myself. Sorry…it was supposed to go to you. Also, I just spent a couple of hours (putting a lot of thought into the reply) replying to you and it ended up in the black abyss. I have always said there are gremlins in this Lenovo computer. I hate it! Broke the touch screen the first week I had it and have had a cracked screen ever since. Heavy laptop, too. However, I am blessed to have a computer. Anyway, it was probably too long or too religious or personal…maybe they wouldn’t let it post. Who knows. I do need to shorten these epistle-length messages. Sorry for them. One more reason to write a book, eh? Pray that Pence and the others do well tonight at the convention. I still am wary about Cruz. There was already one incident this afternoon when Trump was flying in that Cruz made a sort of snide remark that showed what his true motives were. He will be running in 2020…mark my words! Pray for our country.

          19. jnora says:

            You are an inspiration to me and it is people like you that give me the strength to keep on going along with God’s help. My eyes are tearing up even as I write this. Tears of joy, of course.

        2. jnora says:

          AD, is there ANYONE that you would approve of for President or is it that you just like to demean people? You are judging people to the Nth and that just isn’t right. I actually gave money to Paul Nehlen that is running against Ryan and I have very little money to give. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and, instead of dogging people, give money to the opponents of those you do not like?

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Wrong. To JUDGE, you have to 1. Declare guilt. 2. Pronounce punishment 3. Make sure that punishment is carried out.
            Now of what I have said to ANYONE, has it be blatantly wrong? I think not. And that is why so many seem to be upset. The old saying is, “THE HIT PIG SQUEALS”.
            Now, I turn the question back on you. Do you really have ANYONE you are supporting who is REAL and going to keep their word and do good for America?
            You last statement is just illogical. Why give to the LESSER OF TWO EVILS.
            Why support wicked men. I only point out the fact that NONE of these people are NOT in the control of the elite. NOT A ONE.
            So, I have shown you that I have NOT judged anyone. I have evaluated their opinions and ideas and found they faulty and defective. They put their trust in men who have ONLY words. Only rhetoric and ALL their actions are bad. The good guys bailed. Probably when they were “gotten to” by those same elite.
            They got to Palin. They got to Cruz. In fact, they are SOOO DETERMINED to maintain control that I suspect that NO ONE would be able to run without them FORCIBLY taking control of them
            Why would I say this. The Bible says what will happen in end times.

          2. jnora says:

            I would say the guy that said you talk in circles is correct. AD, you have a nice word to say to anyone and it is getting very old. I’m going to quit responding to you or at least try and I hope everyone else does, too. It is such a downer and I don’t need that.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Actually, you never receive criticism from anyone. And you have verified that by your stories of your family and how they interact. So rather than risking doing you in by pointing out some of your faults, I will just give you my favorite verses. John 14:1-3. And yes, this is one of those verses that I say so often, I guess you could say I talk in circles.
            “Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in the Father? Believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many MANSIONS. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place. And if I go, I will come again, that where I am, there you will be also.”/
            Hope you don’t find a way to make that into a “downer”.

    2. jnora says:

      You said how liberal “he” is. About whom are you talking?

      1. ADRoberts says:

        The obvious. Trump.
        1. Pro abortion. His words say prolife, but his actions, giving to Planned Parenthood, says proabortion
        2. Pro amnesty. His words say build a wall and close the border. But his actions say hire illegals in such numbers that he was fined ONE MILLION. He backed Rubio’s Gang of Eight when they were working for amnesty.
        3. Pro homosexual marriage. His words say no. But then he turned and told Kim Davis to obey the law of the land. That when there WAS no law authorizing issuing homosexuals marriage licenses, since the SCOTUS cannot MAKE law.
        4. In favor of universal health care. He did realize that America hates Obamacare so he SAYS he is against it. But his LAST statement was that he did not want people dying in the street.
        5. He says that he is pro-2nd Amendment. But not that long ago, he was in favor of much more gun control. Then, just about the time he announced his run, he suddenly became pro-2nd amendment.
        6. He says he will MAKE JOBS for Americans. But he has business manufacturing in China and Mexico. And so far, NOT A SINGLE MOVE to bring them back to America and make those jobs for Americans. So it is obvious it is, once again, JUST WORDS.

        Even his choice of Pence is suspect. I have NEVER heard anyone but the Media call Pence a conservative.;
        And then, he once said that his PRO-ABORTION sister would make a great SCOTUS.

        1. jnora says:

          First of all a G he is not pro abortion. And of discussion. I truly believe Trump is a man of his word he does not like to fail and if he went against what he said he would never be trusted again and he does not want that. He wants to succeed and to go against what he said would be failure. He does not want to fail and I don’t think he will unless Congress is against him totally.

          Never would he be pro amnesty… Not what is happening now in the world. That is one of his major tenets and he would be impeached if he did not keep his promise on Amnesty, he would be impeached.

          As for the hiring of the illegals and I have said this before on this discussion, I spent most of my career in the construction business and a good part of my career with Turner construction company which is one of the largest construction companies in the world. They build skyscrapers and I have been on some huge jobs. When you have so many subcontractors and so many jobs going on at one time, it is nearly impossible to police them, especially when they look as we do. They were Polish and would not stand out. I don’t know if it was in Chicago, but there is a pretty good chance it was. There is a huge Polish population in Chicago. I am surprised that is the only one he was fined four with all the buildings he has built. It happens so much more than you would ever believe. In New York, everyone has to pay their graft to the politicians. It is part of doing business there. These are things that most people not in the construction business and not in the business of building skyscrapers do not know. There are many illegals working on jobs for nearly all the big companies. Truth be known, Trump’s record is very good in that respect. He also builds very nice buildings. His construction requirements are very high and he does not cut corners. I have seen his buildings on the inside and I pretty much know what to look for and they will be here for many years to come.

          You can be very against Obamacare and still not want to see people dying in the streets. There are other ways to keep people from dying in the streets, AD. You are taking huge liberties there.

          Trump is one that does obey the laws. Personally I would not obey a law that goes against the word of God. I would probably do what Kim Davis did. Most people would obey the government. We cannot fault him for that because Hillary would go above and beyond we know for sure. We must pick the best one that we are offered! We will not agree with everything that they believe in, that is for sure. However, if you do not vote or vote for some other candidate, it is a vote for Hillary Clinton and she will drive us even further toward communism and sharia law will be even closer to us. Personally, I don’t think God would want that for our country. Women are God’s children also. AD, for you to encourage people against Trump is to push them toward not honoring God’s will. Surely you know that Hillary’s platform is not God’s will. We must take the best that we are offered… I will say that over and over again if I have to do so.

          Perhaps he knows something about his sister that we don’t know. You know, AD, people do change their mind about things and this most recent terror attack in Nice France has, I think, moved Trump
          to perhaps change his choice for VP. Pense’s people caused many leaks and I am sure Trump did not appreciate that. I think that Trump realizes now that he needs a very strong Vice President. If it were my guess, he will switch gears and choose Newt. Trump realizes that we must get this ISIS thing taken care of once and for all. He and Newt could do that. I know that you could tear Newt apart

  • pmbalele says:

    I hope it won’t Paul Bryan or Newt Gingrich. If any of those the ticket is DOA. Both are liars and hypocrites.

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      I hope it won’t be Chris Chistie

      1. jnora says:

        He is too much like Trump. I heard on the news today that it is similar to a marriage and that is right. They need to complement each other. One needs to have what the other one doesn’t have.

      2. pmbalele says:

        Wait a minute you two – What is wrong with Chris Christie – just because he is fat disqualifies him as VP. Of course the WH would need a military copter to lift him from his house to the WH. But I see both of you are overweight. Before you talk low on Chris you better join Nutrisystem. By other way did you hear Trump running mate? Governor Pence. What a loser – Pence hate elderlies like you, Blacks, and overweight women. May be that explains it. Trump has dumped 3 women so far and treats his present wife as a pet. Did you see Trump nip his wife on the butt in front of cameras? That was disrespectful. One thing. If you want to save your SS benefits, please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

        1. Dolores Adams says:

          It is not because he’s fat. My husband is not over weight because he passed away. I am fit for my age.
          Not nice to comment on someone’s appearance.

          1. pmbalele says:

            This country hates fat people.

          2. jnora says:

            This country IS fat people.

          3. pmbalele says:

            I hope the following will hate you say that; Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Pence and Trump. They can sue you for defamation.

          4. jnora says:

            Probably not because they are public figures.

          5. jnora says:

            Aren’t you smart enough to know that you cannot be sued by public figures for calling them fat???? I didn’t even say anything that isn’t true if they could sue. You see, people have to prove that it is a lie in order to win. Man, you are a trip.

          6. jnora says:

            This discussion is not really too fond of you, either, pmbalele. May want to go to a liberal discussion where you can be with your own kind, or can’t they carry on a discussion. Can’t spell or what?

          7. jnora says:

            My condolences. Some people on here are so unfeeling. I lost my son to suicide and some were really nasty about it.

          8. Dolores Adams says:

            Sorry to hear about your son. I just can’t fathom people making nasty remarks about some one’s death no matter what the cause. Some people are just naturally mean.

          1. pmbalele says:

            Hogwash” Repubs and TPs are avoiding their convention. They are in disarray because they hate both Trump and Pence. So please join me and vote for Hillary.

          2. jnora says:

            She is such a crook and has blood on her hands. Does that not bother you? If everyone in the country could have seen just tonight of the Republican Convention, they would vote for Trump. It was GREAT! Especially Guiliani and Melania Trump. Rick Perry gave a great speech and they had the Lone Survivor, the two that were at Benghazi and even Willie Robertson. The theme tonight was Keep America Safe. Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary are on the side of Black Lives Matter when they are SO in the wrong. Those cops were cleared because they were innocent. If the cops were wrong, I say punish them. Hillary is actually FOR these cop killers. Says volumes about you and your morals.

          3. pmbalele says:

            She is such a crook and has blood on her hands. You really listened to Giuliani- who is ugly and has speech impediment; Melanie Trump who is treated like a pet by Trump; to Rick Perry the drunk who has a stone at his door-step with “No “N” allowed in this house. And those you call great speech. They should have hired me. I could have been more effective. After all, we are told 99% who attended were drunks. That is why they were overdoing clapping hands and shouting. If all these will spend 1 week at the convention drinking and doing drugs – who is then working at home? Illegals they want to deport. TPs and Repubs are hypocrites.

          4. jnora says:

            It seems that you have nothing good to say about anything connected to Trump and we are tiring of your ranting. Then again, we cannot find anything good to say about Hillary. She was telling her supporters about needing income equality while wearing a $13,000 jacket (still looked like a Mao Tse Tung Yak, though). Maybe she should wear one from Walmart, ya think? I like rich people…we need rich people. I never worked for a poor person, have you? You seem to hate fat people so much, then why do you like Hillary so much? You are a low information voter and you just follow Hillary like the Pied Piper over the edge of the cliff. Enjoy your fall to the bottom! Bye!

          5. pmbalele says:

            I guess you did not hear that Melania Trump lied to all GOPers at convention that she is a college graduate. They went to the collage and found no name of hers existed. So Melania lied to all GOP at the convention and on TV. then she cribbed on Michelle Obama speech. Trump is done as WH candidate. Let us support Hillary by voting for her on November 8. After all Melania is an illegal herself.

          6. jnora says:

            I watch the news almost constantly and have heard nothing about her college degree. Believe me, it would be on all stations. No one would WANT to plagiarize Michelle Obama, for crying out loud. Some idiot “I am sure former by now” speech writer borrowed a phrase or two, but I feel sure that Melania or Trump did NOT know it. That speech was from her heart. Michelle Obama was like a huge clumsy horse up there. Michelle Obama is a leech off the government and just likes spending our tax dollars on things for the Obamas. Melania will, I am sure, pay for her own stuff. Trump WILL be elected because Hillary is such a crook and such a bad candidate. People with any sense at all will vote for Trump. Hillary talks to people about income inequality while wearing a $13,000 jacket. What a hypocrite!!! She made countless thousands, oh excuse me….millions of $$$ while Sec. of State and you are not suppose to make money while Sec. of State. She is taking money from countries that sponsor terrorism. Shall I go on about the “emails” and all the other corruption, not to mention the “foundation”? I guess you think a criminal president is OK??? Hmmmmmm? Like I said before, you really are too uninformed for this discussion. If you can’t see through the Clinton rhetoric, then you are one of the gullible rats following the Pied Piper off the cliff…

          7. jnora says:

            She came here legally, hot shot! Somebody help me here…we need to stand up to this idiot… He/she has been misinformed, most likely by network TV. Networks that barely covered the death of almost 100 people in Nice, France. They chose, instead, to show Hillary dissing Trump in her $13,000 jacket talking about income equality… Ha…and Obama meeting with BLM people. Tell me the media is biased!

          8. pmbalele says:

            I hope you read my posting explaining what a bribe is? Please take 101 law before you sound more of a hater of Obama and Clinton for their accomplishments.

          9. jnora says:

            I’ll bet you can’t name three GOOD accomplishments that Obama did during his 7 1/2 years in office.

          10. jnora says:

            They have no accomplishments except the harm they did to this country… All for personal gain. Someone had better pipe in here and back me up!

          11. jnora says:

            This guy is as loony as AD Roberts!

          12. pmbalele says:

            Yes I can. Here are Obama accomplishments if you do not know. Obama added 15,000,000 new private sector jobs in his first 7 years- beating both Reagan and Bush during their 8 years as presidents. Bill O’rielly and his right wing media always talked down about President Obama’s accomplishments. In 2008 Bill O whined why his insurance premium jumped by 25%. The following two years with Obamacare his insurance premium increased by mealy 6%. Still Bill O’rielly had guts to talk down about Obamacare. That was dumb. Bill O has been whining that the economy is bad. But as pointed above government records show Obama created more private sector jobs in his 7th years than Reagan or Bush II created in their 8 years. Look around-you will see people driving new American brands-good looking cars and SUVs. I am planning to dump my Toyota for an 8 cylinder Lincoln Navigator. Reason-gas price now is $1.69 a gal. People are eating in restaurants again and giving big tips to workers there. Just go to airport terminals-people are traveling to other states as tourists. They have money to spend on luxury items. Obama even decommissioned Bin Laden, Yemen and Libya guys. I know we still have local jihads; but Ms. Lynch and CIA are on top of them. In 2008 the deficit was increasing by 10% and the country was bankrupt. Now there is deficit reduction by 16%. Last year President Obama was voted as most admired and loved person in USA and world. Hillary was voted as most admired and loved woman in USA and the world. For this reason, Hillary is the best to take over when Obama leaves. Please join me to vote for Hillary in November. Forget about these Trump and his GOP morons. Thank God they are still fighting one another. One of them –Ted Cruz was not even eligible for the WH job. In fact, I have no idea why you and other Repubs cannot tell Cruz to pack-up for Canada or Cuba. Got it now? Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          13. jnora says:

            I don’t know where you got your stats! Obamacare…sure people have insurance, but the premiums are very high and no one can afford the very high deductibles. 15 million private sector jobs? Please back up with proof. Hillary’s disapproval ratings are VERY high. People don’t love liars that get caught. I, too, wish we could get rid of Cruz. I despise him. He creeps me out. I want this country saved and Hillary will do just as Obama has done or worse. Obama has put more debt on us that all the U.S. presidents COMBINED!!!! Those private sector jobs are probably the illegals that come in and work for rich people for peanuts. Hillary couldn’t even pass the security clearance for her top secret clearance to be president. Heck, my son has that. She said she turned over all job-related emails and the FBI said there were thousands she did not turn over. She also received and sent emails that were marked classified. Then there is this foundation. Another entire ball of wax. Why should we elect anyone that is under investigation for such awful crimes and cannot keep state secrets safe. Someone who puts them on gmail and has an unsafe server in her basement bathroom? There is so much that is amiss. I assume your are fairly young. It is your generation that will have to pay that $20 million debt! BTW, gas was $1.79/gal. when he took office. That has little to do with the president, anyway, unless he lets loose of some of the reserves which he has not done. Being a Christian, I am so against abortion. To me, it is not a choice, but murder. Especially that barbaric partial birth abortion where full-term babies are left to die or they have their brains sucked out of them. All because it is “inconvenient” for the mother. They will have to answer for that before the Lord. Oh, yes, socialism and communism really work. Look at Cuba…they barely have anything to eat or clothing and are driving patched up 1950’s American cars. I have a friend from Canada that used to go down there for vacation and he would give away most of his clothing and shoes to the hotel staff because he felt so sorry for them. Do you really want that? How many people do you know that go to Russia for medical care. My daughter-in-law is Chinese and both her parents are physicians. Her mother was head of pathology at Beijing Hospital. Her father was a neurosurgeon and came over her when my DIL was 15. His English was so bad, he had to do research at Walter Reed. Her mother stayed in China. Now, both are retired and neither of them have squat after all that education and hard work. They may as well been a plumber and a waitress! That is what income equality is. Who would want to be a doctor then? Oh, and we WILL keep our guns, especially here in the South. We have a right to protect ourselves and our families. The first thing Hitler did was to de-arm the population. Keep these things in mind. Oh, and the 5% unemployment? That is because they didn’t count the ones that quit looking. The unemployment rate for young black men is 42%. Good ole Obama. Still want more of it? Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs. Doesn’t that sound better. He will reduce taxes for EVERYONE which will stir up the economy and bring companies here instead of pushing them to other countries. All the regulations (that Trump would get rid of) are hampering small and large businesses out of business or making them lay off people. What more can I say? BTW, Hillary is NOT beloved. Over half the people despise her. She is also a terrible candidate. All that screaming and sticking her cheeks out at us. Sure doesn’t have the charisma her husband used to have, that is for sure. I need to quit these long entries, but you keep putting this stuff in front of me and I must stand up for right.

          14. jnora says:

            I try very hard not to read your postings but they keep coming back like a virus.

          15. pmbalele says:

            Thank you for reading my postings. I want you to vote for Hillary. I think I told you about my experience in one state court. I was sued by a state government Agency- Corrections for passing their exam high. So as defendant I had to attend the court hearing. You know by now that I am Black. So this White female government attorney, with anger, at one time exploded in court: “Your honor look at him – this person was not qualified and cannot qualify for these high paying supervisory positions – just look at him. He cannot even talk.” So the judge let her talk until he had enough it. The judge then said: The State certified him as qualified; and I see you’re not HR person.” The judge told-her off. Now just imagine-a government paid attorney accusing a state agency of blatant discrimination and in open court. What does she and her friends talk behind the scene about Blacks. That is why I am encouraging to get out of that hate bubble and be an ordinary American. There are still some racist there who do not believe Blacks are regular Americans. Vote for Hillary who sees Americans as Americans.

          16. jnora says:

            Never entered my mind that you were black. I don’t think in those terms. Doesn’t matter a whip to me because I am, in no way, a racist. I go by your character. You must take the chip off your shoulder! There are bad and racist people (it goes both ways you know) in both cultures. I am so scared of Hillary and the world she would make for my grandkids. Do you know that the blacks are MUCH worse off since Obama took office? She wants to let in 510% more Syrian refugees without vetting them, as they have no papers at all and ISIS has already told us they are going to infiltrate the US via the refugee program. Does that sound right to you? Higher unemployment, lower wages, more food stamps and, in general, way worse off. Pull yourself up, stand tall, and you WILL succeed, especially now that the whites, especially in government jobs are under the microscopes. The 17-year-old black kid that mows my grass has about 3 businesses already. He is already a success and no one even sees his blackness. We are one in the sight of God. Remember that. We are ALL His children and He loves us all the same. I began crying at church a few weeks ago because the preacher started talking about suicide and my son committed suicide. A black woman sweetly took me to the prayer room and she prayed with me and we were like one Christian…we were one with God. Did I think of her as black? Of course not! I have tried to be extra nice to blacks and, on many occasions, have been treated very badly in return. Please don’t assume that we all hate you or think we are above you because we aren’t. We are all Americans…plain old Americans. If God isn’t in your life, put Him in your life. If He is in your life, put Him in your life more and more every day. It will bring peace to you. I fear the division in this country. If you go into a church, you will not find that division and that is because all those people are living as one with Christ. That is all I will say. Actually, I was surprised to hear you were black. If I offended you in any way, please forgive. I don’t EVER want to hurt anyone. I try to be kind, but sometimes on here, my patience is thin and I am passionate about Hillary Clinton doing such damage to our country already. She has totally messed up the mid-East. She will take us to the road to Communism. She is a follower of Saul Alinsky. In the forward to his book, “Rules for Radicals,” he states that one of his mentors is Lucifer. I am sorry, but that goes against my Christianity. If you are not a Christian, you have no idea the peace it brings you. Remember always that eternity is such a long time that mortal man cannot even comprehend it. I, for one, do not want to be in eternal torment because of a short time here on earth. Living as a Christian makes you happy because you know you always have your Lord to lean upon. Yes, I have had some terrible pains in my lifetime…more than probably anyone you know. God does not do bad things to us, but rather allows them to happen and does not promise us a problem-free life. He will not give us more than we can bear, though. However, God has always been there for me and has shown me signs that He is there for me. It brings me peace and it could bring peace for you also. I don’t mean to sound like I am preaching because I am not. I am just telling you my personal story and how I have something that is the most precious thing ever to look forward to at the end of my life…a heavenly home. Yes, there is more than just this problematic life. Try to look at the entire picture, not just one incident. I have been passed over for jobs BECAUSE I was caucasian! We all need to be one in America. That is what our founding fathers meant for this country to be and that is what God intended for us to be. Please turn away the anger because it only hurts you. Godspeed!

          17. pmbalele says:

            Re-read what you wrote – you will find mostly reflect you’re a racist.

          18. jnora says:

            Not one word in there was racist. Your chip is showing!

          19. jnora says:

            That was just a ripple and it is over and it failed. End of story.

          20. jnora says:

            What in the heck are TPs? BTW, the convention is great and those who aren’t there are missing something wonderful. Those people broke their pledge, so I have lost respect for all of them, even the Bushes. Your party and people that think like you are going to cause a war in this country. You spew your hatred because you think everyone should be the same. Some people work harder and are smarter than others and they should not be punished for that. I have never worked for a poor person, have you? We need rich people. For those killing cops? We should just seal off their neighborhoods and let them have no cops that they hate so much. Think that would make them happy? Then they could just have anarchy like that movie “Escape to NY.” BTW, they are voting in Trump as the nominee right now on my TV set. How about that?

          21. pmbalele says:

            But you know TPs and Repubs are corrupt, hypocrites, sexists, racists and full of jealousy people. Tell me why they hate Trump. These are same people who have been bugging Obama to build an electric wall in the South to kill Mexicana; but not with Canada – because Whites live in Canada. Repubs also wanted to ship out all illegals; but they don’t have workers. But the same people hate Trump for what wanted in their candidate to do. Is that not dumb? Yesterday Ms. Trump did it all to dump Trump as WH man. Melania lied she has degree and her speech was copy of Michelle Obama in 2008. Trump made it harder for himself when he chose Pence as running mate. People in his state hate Pence for being a racist, bigot and religious guru. Why can’t you give up with Trump and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9am. I am.

          22. jnora says:

            Because she isn’t evil crook! She is prone to taking bribes that affect the whole world. Now isn’t that a reason not to vote for her?

          23. pmbalele says:

            The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties. Neither Clinton or Hillary accepted bribes when they were invited to give speeches. When Newt went to banks and was given more than $1 mil for speaking engagements, were not being bribes. Newt was a private person. The same with Hillary and Bill Clinton. They were paid that much because they were perceived by donors as good people. Those were not bribes.

        2. jnora says:

          Hillary wants to increase the Syrian refugees by 510% even though the terrorists have said they are going to sneak their operatives in with the refugees. Now, doesn’t she make wise decisions? Sheesh…..she wants more Democrat voters eventually. Instead, they will kill off voters of all kinds and eventually make Sharia law the rule of law in the U.S. Are you ready for THAT? The best case scenario with Hillary is Communism. Straight from Saul Allinsky’s manual for radicals….HER Bible.

        3. jnora says:

          You need to go to another discussion. You are too uninformed for this one. It is messing up a good conversation.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Gingrich and Sessions are the best bet really, but this WHOLE circus has been nothing to brag about!

      1. downdraft says:

        Looks like that…but, just who and what is necessary for them to have that makes one the best choice this nation needs?
        We all have preferences that bounce all over the map, but IO wonder exactly what, who, and why a person is the best choice needed by this nation…better put: “What does the nation need?”

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Simple, if you liked Obama and his agenda, vote Hellary! She has said that she would continue his twisted agenda, which includes destroying our Constitution! With Trump we get to keep it a while longer, your choice, I know mine!!

          1. Anouk says:


          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Yes SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. jnora says:

            Amen to that!

        2. Rodney Steward says:

          Sorry, got off track, we’re talking VP’s! Gingrich knows the system inside and out and can be dirty at times when needed! And Sessions is about as honest as a politician can be, big on the Constitution and for the border, and he’s from my state also!

          1. downdraft says:

            I believe that about Gingrich too…and I guess what we need is a “Junk Yard Dog” to clean the yard of scum…
            …if you want to search about God’s approach to those who offend Him check out Judges in your Bible…this is where God got ticked off at those who worshipped “idols” and not Him…

            He selected some tough cookies who were mean as heck to go out on His behalf and “clean house”…He even supplied them with the necessary resources to do it…

            In essence, they were His “JUNK YARD DOGS”!

            This bring anybody to mind?

          2. jnora says:

            Check out Romans 13:1-7. I can do all of it except respect Hillary and honor Hillary because it is not due her. Check out the ESV version.

          3. jnora says:

            Look at King David…he was an adulterer and a murderer. Also, was the in the lineage of Christ. Was in favor with God after repentance. God knew he had what it took. Read Romans 13:1-7 and it will make you feel better. We must know that God is in control. If you read the ESV version, it will tell you to respect and honor them (I read it as if they are due). I will NEVER respect and honor Hillary because I don’t think it is due her. I will, however, obey the law, pay my taxes, etc. I will obey the law unless they ask me to do something that is a sin.

          4. jnora says:

            Trump can do the dirty work when necessary. He needs someone to show him the finesse and ins and outs of making things happen in Congress (House and Senate for those who don’t know).

          5. downdraft says:

            Yep…and as you’ve pointed out he isn’t fearful of “doing what has to be done…he will just DO IT!”…that is why he has a following…people are tired of “double-talk” coming from the wimps they elected…most who are fakes…(fakes like Obama who seems to believe his own press releases)…
            These wimps look for “photo-ops!”…then seek to make you think they are on to the problem, when in actuality they haven’t any idea what it is, where to start, and want first to be certain if their actions would not hurt their imagery!

          6. jnora says:

            They keep saying that Trump doesn’t give details (Hillary doesn’t either). Trump is not privy to what he will have to work with either! What Trump will do is have great people and advisors around him. He isn’t afraid to take risks with things that are controversial, but are fairly sure to work. Obama is doing NOTHING and these lunatics are taking over. I fear he will declare martial law and cancel the election just to stay in office. He is definitely on the side of the BLM killers. That is dreadful for a U.S. President or anyone else. If the true stats be known, they would disprove what all these people are saying. I honestly don’t know who would want to be a cop nowadays. I may consider starting to ride with my former Harley group. They will be safe. So will most of these redneck groups here in TN. Wait until the government tries to take THEIR guns away from them. They won’t go down without taking someone with them!

      2. jnora says:

        Gingrich would make a great VP, but too much baggage and too much like Trump. Brightest man in politics for sure. Sessions would have been great, too.

    3. downdraft says:

      What about the other candidates? What are their back grounds? Are they liars too…and I’d appreciate you sources, I don’t do a lot of research.

      1. jnora says:

        I live and breathe politics and Pence is a great choice. He complements Trump. Just what he needs He doesn’t have skeletons in his closet, either. ANY Dumbocrat that Hillary may choose will have skeletons in his/her closet because all Dumbocrats do either devious, unethical or even illegal things in their lives. That is the nature of their tenets.

        1. downdraft says:

          Agree…Look…Trump is scary to those who fear him most because “he recognizes crooks when he sees them and will expose them”…

          Trump is uncouth, slow on grammar when speaking, but communicates well in spite of it…its one of the reasons he is followed by so many…

          And King David…at first”’ he probably wasn’t the greatest narrator , nor the best author , nor read anything beyond how to keep sheep…
          and of course how to use a sling shot!
          Now we have stereotypes called a “politicians”…their image is BS, lengthy sentences, smooth talkers, fake elite, know-it-alls…when in reality they would starve to death outside of that community of fakers …
          But Trump lays all his vital parts on the table and wins…he isn’t smooth, yet ye is, he seems crude yet he isn’t…but so far he is the TRUTH!
          If he isn’t that “junk Yard Dog” I speak of…then God will show us who, soon.
          But according to the guy complaining to God HE didn’t save him from drowning in a flood…God said: “What do you want…I sent you a row boat, a power boat, a helicopter, and you rejected them all saying “No…I prayed and God will help me!”

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