CNN debate: Christie, Paul on main stage; Huckabee out

by David Jackson
December 14, 2015

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, bounced from the main stage at the last Republican debate, will return to prime time Tuesday in Las Vegas, CNN announced Sunday.

Christie, relegated to the preliminary debate Nov. 10 in Milwaukee, will be on the main stage in Las Vegas along with businessman Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

“Christie has seen a resurgence in recent weeks, particularly in New Hampshire, a key state for his campaign,” said CNN, which relied on both state and national polls to determine debate participation.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    IF the CNN trolls stick to asking Meaningful and Intelligent Questions CHRISTIE COULD really COME OUT SHINING!!!! BUT it is a HUGE IF given What they are and WHO they CAMPAIGN FOR….THE CLINTONS!

    1. truthseeker says:

      You really need to look at what this New Jersey Governor has done and forget about what he is saying. He has had a lot of practice in telling people what they want to hear, but will do what is in the best interest for him.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Well iF we were to lok at the BIGGEST regurgitator of LIES, just look at how much longer BHO-ZO’s ears get BY the DAY….Get off the JIOHN , get bHO-zp to join you and seek the REAL TRUTH…( like Why is DHS nOT vetting Terrorists…how mnat Released Gitmo Juhadists go back to kill Americans .why Loretta Lynch has not put SHI-LIER-RY in Prison YET..Etc)

  • 7papa7 says:

    IMHO they need to change the parameters in order to cut down the number of people on the stage so that they have time to make and support all of there points. Having people up there that don’t have a chance to win is a waste of time. I think that all should have a rating of say 10% or more, that would cut it down to those who really have a chance to win.

    1. Phyllis says:

      Rand Paul is still there because he is the only one doing his job where the constitution is concerned and trying to campaign at the same time. I don’t see Christie as president but would be unstoppable as an attorney general.

      1. 7papa7 says:

        Those who don’t really have a chance to win are just taking time away from the viable candidates. Requiring 10% of the electorate is not at all unreasonable. If you can’t get 10% then you are most assuredly are not going to win. I would like to see Gowdy or Gohmert as AG. They are fantastic.

      2. truthseeker says:

        No! Gov. Chris Christy has stated, ” We cannot deport all of the Eleven Million , so why not give them a fair chance”. When asked to elaborate he stated, ” We should make sure they all can go to school K-to-12th grade.” How much would that cost? answer Twelve thousand per child per year. How about Social Security? He stated we would have to raise the age. So raise the age limit for those who have worked all their lives as citizens, but give all of these Illegals the chance to qualify for the jobs the Citizens in this country are looking for. Again NO! to Chris who loves to hug Obama.

    2. Mrs. O says:

      7papa7 I agree with you. There just isn’t enough time for the candidates to say everything they want to say.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Especially when DUMBASSES of CNN ask Long , winded MEANINGLESS questions

      2. 7papa7 says:

        they need to take maybe the top 4 and give them the time to make there points. CNN especially needs to understand we are not liberals and want to know exactly where the leaders stand on different issues.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      Come on MAN….It is CNN
      and ONLY dumb NON journalists WORK THERE

      1. 7papa7 says:

        Point well taken.

    4. truthseeker says:

      It almost sounded like Mike Huckabee was getting out. CNN knows that no matter how hard Donald Trump works he cannot get up to 50%, cause of the bottom feeders. They are keeping in to pull the numbers down on Trump just to spite him.

      1. 7papa7 says:

        Those who are in it are in it to win. I doubt that they would stay in just to drive Trump’s numbers down. It is to expensive to do that. They may be waiting for Iowa to see how they do and then get out if they do poorly there.

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