Orlando nightclub shooter’s dad condemns homosexuality in new video

by FoxNews.com
June 13, 2016

The pro-Taliban father of the Orlando terrorist who slaughtered 49 people in a gay nightclub released a video Monday hours after the massacre saying, “God will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

Seddique Mateen, the Afghan-born father of gunman Omar Mateen, previously had distanced himself from his son’s early Sunday attack inside a packed Pulse nightclub.

“I didn’t raise him that way,” Seddique told ABC News. “We gave him enough love and care and education that he knew better.”

But hours later, Seddique Mateen posted a video – which was not recorded in English – to his Facebook page condemning homosexuality, and saying it’s “not an issue that humans should deal with,” CBS News reported.

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  • ch says:

    Coming from a a place where homosexuality is a sin, but it is OK for a muslim man to have sex with a boy as being a pedophile is ok. To me that is being a homosexual if you are having sex with a boy.

    Disgusting pigs–sorry oinkers didn’t mean to offend you

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Muslims just don’t understand how Christians can live with other religions without starting a war with the one they disagree with.There is nothing in the Christian Bible about killing the infidel, In fact it recommends just the opposite.

  • John says:

    President Ike had it right deport every illegal like he did in the 50’s and tax all imported fuel and food from other countries.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Most christians condemn homosexuality but they do not have a bible clause that permits murdering them like the muslims do, nor would they do so.

    The sodomites belong in a mental institution.

  • PORCH MONKEY says:

    He was a Fudgepacker

  • Phil Esposito says:

    F you Ellen. Where were your tears for the 12 straight people killed in San Berardino? You bull dyke bitch.

  • Jim Baum says:

    Most people seem to over look one critical detail about all of the recent shootings. Every single one of them happened in a “Gun Free Zone”. As bad is the body count was and it may well keep climing as some of the wounded die as a result of their injuries. Why are we not blaming the fact that so called Gun Free Zones, are Not Safe Havens. But magnets that attract the kind of people hell bent on doing as much damage to people and things (life styles), that the killers do not agree with! Maybe we should all take a moment, and be glad. That that nut cake was not wearing a bomb vest. The carnage could have been a lot higher.

    1. badbob85037 says:

      When the court found the owners of that theater in Colorado had no responsibility to their patrons even though when they put up their mindless signs taking everyone’s right to protect them self so it gave them the duty of doing for those people what their signs had taken away ‘their right of protection’. That day also took away my faith in the legal system in this country and since out of the three it was the last one with any type of honor we might as well bow down and disarm or hang all three branches and start over.

  • Ken says says:

    Spoken about as bluntly as Rev. Pat Robinson in his comment Sunday afternoon that those murdered and injured got what they deserved. In one of his more unChristian moments Pat gave all Christians a bad name. The Muslims are all for goats and young boys – some great religion.

  • Skip Plummer says:

    The shooter came from a whole nest of wierdos.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Ah, the moslime view surfaces. Glad Daddy is showing his real feelings. To the moslimes it is the gay’s fault. To BO it is our fault. To Hillary it is not enough gun restrictions. But to Trump it is a hate crime via a moslime born and raised in a family where daddy obviously feels the same. An imported moslime even if he has been here for some time. Their ways do not change, their agenda does not change, and obviously they do NOT ASSIMILATE. That is quite clear in daddy’s message when he decided to tell his truth. Ship em back to their countries of origin. These back stabbing monsters only strike when they know the targets will be easy to kill. No gun zones means you are a target whenever they decide to let you know what they really think and believe. There is no conscience with these lunatics. And they do lie just like BO. All of em.

  • justinwachin says:

    I disagree with homosexuality, but I’m not going around murdering or harming gays. These guys need to understand that in our country everyone does not have to live their life in a way that we agree with.

    It is my understanding this nightclub was operating legally. Anyone who went to it should not have had to worry about someone going in and shooting the place up. By the same token, Muslims wouldn’t have the right to go into a restaurant and start killing people because the place served pork products. The Muslims who can’t stand the freedoms offered in our country should take a plane back to their home country. We don’t want to live under sharia law; our Constitution should be the law of our land.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      The point here is daddy has not assimilated into the culture. And the next point is even the moslimes like daddy raising a second generation actually born here still are fanatics and should be deported. Get rid of em. Send em back to the hell holes they came from. Any of them or all of them can for whatever reason they drum up revert to murder and feel justified. NOT HERE NOT EVER. In fact daddy ought to be facing charges cause it is obvious he encouraged his child to kill the fags.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I think the father’s Facebook post says it all. He can act surprised and shocked that his son would commit such a horrible crime, but he should realize the rant he posted on Facebook would make him out to be a liar.

        The murderer probably heard a lot of this while he was growing up and finally decided to do something about it. The rest of that family should be told to pack up and head home. We aren’t going to tolerate vigilante justice in the United States, especially when the justice is based on sharia law.

        1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

          While I’m not a gay, I realize they have rights, too. I have worked with many and found them to be just as hard a worker as straights and some make very good friends.

        2. Ken says says:

          Don’t forget the son (murderer) was playing the gay game too – Daddy probably put even more pressure on the son.Put the old Pig on a plane with a one way ticket to anyplace he wants to go.

      2. CharlieSeattle says:

        Devout muslims can never turn their back on the murderous teachings of the koran or ever become true Americans.

        They are allowed to lie about it and practice Taqiyya, much like our President does.

    2. Quester59 says:

      Sad, because if Hillary wins, she’ll allow those rag-heads, to SET UP ZONES WHERE SHARIA-LAW, WILL BE ENFORCED!
      And as the zones grow, so will the Muslim Cults, until one day, your head will be on their chopping block!

      1. justinwachin says:

        The militant Muslims have a lots of people on their kill list. They want to kill Jews, Christians, Israelis, Americans, gays and women who are not subservient to their husbands. Once they run out of people to murder on that list then they will go after other sects of Islam.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    I suppose Obama believes the shooter just HAPPENED to be a Muslim with Muslim parents, who abhor homosexuals and feel they should all be wiped off the face of the earth, but was not a Muslim terrorist. Where’s a good psych? Obama has lost touch with reality. And, he’ll remain our supposed leader for another seven months? God help us. No one else can anymore.

    1. Keni_Washington says:

      God has been helping you since January 2009 when Obama was sworn in. He’s been sending you all the signals and blessings you could want. But God is also culling the Human species of dimwits who can’t function in the 21st Century forward. So anyone who doesn’t get the gift that Obama represents will perish without functioning offspring and within a generation or 2, well, maybe you know the rest?

      1. Ritaritarita says:

        You must be the devil’s advocate Keni_. Anyone who believes what you just wrote is mentally ill or just plain evil!

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Can’t disagree rita. His post is demented.

          1. Ritaritarita says:

            Thank you for your comment.

          2. Keni_Washington says:

            Mentally ill or plain evil? Go ahead, toss a coin — after you get one from panhandling — and let me know the answer. I’ll own it RataritratratiritaritaRat.

      2. John says:

        There will not be another generation if the fags all marry each other. Thank goodness.

      3. margaret says:

        Keni, you are a sick nut. OBUMMER is a liberal communist , who along with George soros and the dumbocrats are destroying this nation. THERE IS NO GIFT THAT OBUMMER REPRESENTS. READ YOUR BIBLE . GET THE FACTS

  • Mys77 says:

    Homosexuality is a sin…and one way or another…leads to death. I didn’t say it, God did.

    1. Diane Brenner says:

      God wasn’t referring to physical death so much as the death of a homosexual’s soul unless he repents and begs forgiveness from God.

      1. Mys77 says:

        Everyone dies…aids didn’t stop gays, and that was and is a self imposed death sentence of their own doing.

        1. Keni_Washington says:

          The so-called “god” you delude yourself uttered such blather was dreamed up by desert-wandering nomads who had to devise some way to keep their women and their homosexual sons under control. Usually they just killed them just like Omar.
          Over the past 2500 years there have been hundreds of versions of the Bible. There are at least 20 versions today (Protestant, Roman Orthodox, Greek Orth, Russian Orth, Coptic, etc… ) The coming versions of the Bible will completely ELIMINATE all prohibitions against homosexuality; all control over women will be gone. All encouragements for violence and other primitive barbaric gibberish that keep you Right-wingers wedded to your hatred, bigotry and guns will be gone and YOU will be totally LOST back in that 2500 year old wilderness. When the Bible 21st Century comes out: Enjoy!!!

          1. edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

            GOD will judge the gay/lesbian/transgender lovers when their time comes, Should they ask Him for forgiveness he might save them, but otherwise these sicko’s will go to hades.

          2. Keni_Washington says:

            God represents love. I have it on good authority that your name is already scratched off Her entry list. You will instead be in the cesspool of Hell with Trump, Reagan, Nixon, Cheney, Hitler, and thousand others His cult. Enjoy!!!..

          3. Mys77 says:

            Lol..you have it on good authority? Lol how often do you and satan converse? God represents holiness, authority, righteousness..obedience, judgement….and honey…you are completely off your rocker if you think your version of “love”…permits fags to fornicate like rabid animals.. I do believe you are diseased.

          4. John says:

            you know Keni GOD loves you or He would have put you out of your misery long ago. For GOD so love the World that he gave His only begotten Son that Whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life

          5. Mys77 says:

            Sorry, couldn’t stomach any of your bs, but know this..everyone in that nightclub uttered a prayer, exclaimed OH MY GOD. And everyone knew where and who to turn to when facing their death….theirvlives were ending in a horrific way, and they knew the choices they made with their lives brought them there. Now they all will have to justify it before God. Thats the truth, it is over for them, now what are you going to do, give God a hysterical history lesson?

          6. Keni_Washington says:

            If God really does represent love then your name is already scratched off Her entry list. Enjoy your time in Hell with Trump, Reagan, Nixon, Cheney, Hitler, and thousand others His cult…

          7. Mys77 says:

            You have some deep issues that you need to deal with. Talk about a weird and confused response…You want God to approve repulsive homosexuality? Not going to happen, you think you are going to get mankind to approve it, not happening. If you are a freak of nature, you are a freak of nature…you choose to live and act that way, God gives you the choice. You reject God, He will oblige and leave you on your own. Heaven, love, mercy, joy, peace eternal life is not what you want, fine. Go away and do your own thing.

          8. margaret says:


          9. Mys77 says:

            Foolish comment by a fool.

        2. Diane Brenner says:

          Gays brought aids upon themselves. Aids can kill the body, but that disease is nothing compared to the consequences of dying with a dead soul. They will reap what they sow.

      2. Mys77 says:

        Death of body and soul….unless you think aids doesn’t kill the body ?

    2. SDofAZ says:

      But the rest of us do not murder them. There is a line that this man’s son crossed but daddy obviously condoned it. And that is the problem with this whole moslime community developing in this country and other countries where this view of murdering and beheading what you do not like is NOT shared. Being morally wrong is one thing but wiping them from the face of this earth is another. And you know what? They will do the same thing to you for not being a moslime eventually given the opportunity. Got it, mys77?

      1. Mys77 says:

        Listen up you twit…one way or another homosexuality is a sinful life, that leads to death. By their own choices, their path leads to death. Thats the truth, face it. Those young people behaving that way, mocking and rejecting God are now dead, unsaved, and dead. That is a tragedy all around. We all face death daily, and if you are not right with God, and die, there are no second chances. Thats my point, trying to get homos to repent before they truely are unreachable and gone forever.

      2. Mys77 says:

        When was the last time a homo organization, group, or individual demand the president do something about the slaughter of Christians. They have been harassed, murdered, beheaded, crucified, mocked enslaved…and the self absorbed demonic gays said nothing…and now the same ones, revolting and perverted, want our prayers? Want the prayers from Christians to support their lifestyle? Unbelievable…. the homos will never change, they belong to satan, and satan used one to claim his own. God was rejected, satan was embraced. I hate saying that, but its the reality of where we are now. Either you belong to God, or you don’t . And the choices the homos made was defiant and clear, God was not their priority. All of those died unsaved.

  • rockcut says:

    I think this attack was more motivated by a hate of homosexuals than for political reasons.

    1. andrew says:

      Something was said about Mateen having witnessed, and been repulsed by two men kissing somewhere…
      Which is indeed repulsive, and downright sickening… No excuse to randomly kill the sick men that just don’t know any better…

      1. Mys77 says:

        The homos know better, they don’t care…wonder if they care now.

      2. Diane Brenner says:

        This time it was a club full of gays. Which the Muslims abhor. But, it could just as easily have been Church of Christians who the Muslims equally abhor. While they are permitted in this country, we are ALL at risk.

    2. Diane Brenner says:

      Muslims believe all homosexuals should be killed. It’s not politics, it’s their firm conviction.

      1. Keni_Washington says:

        Yes, radical Muslims, the US Christian Right, Ultra Orthodox Jews and plenty of other superstitious, hateful and backward dimwits. Every GOP led state legislature in the US has passed Anti-gay Hatebills. Shameful.
        Here is his Most Honorable Excellency Indiana Gov Mike Pence signing his Anti-gay Hatebill RFRA that he had to quickly walk back and which may cost him the next election.

        1. Mys77 says:

          Listen up….an evil muslim killer murdered all those people. God did not do this, Republicans did not, the nra did not, Christians did not. Those people in the club were doing exactly what they wanted to do, acting they way they wanted to, no one stopped them…their choice to be there. They rejected God, they rejected Christian teachings, no one stopped them. Now you and your rants are blaming the gop, christians, God and politicians because one of satans own showed up and took equally unsaved people out? Unbelievable…you don’t think there are consequences for sin? I hate what has happened, but even worse is little twits like you still don’t get it. All those people in that club were unsaved….you should be angry about that…the killer and those people are not with God, they are with satan.

          1. andrew says:

            The part that is saddening, is that mateen took their lives – before – they had any chance to actually listen to those trying to get them to repent… Now the chance is surely gone.

      2. John says:

        Muslims believe everyone should be killed even people of there own faith.

  • RETROBOB says:

    Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Who woulda thunk it?

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