Priorities: House Leaves For Recess With No Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

The House is leaving for its summer recess until September 8 without voting on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of the recent gruesome videos released of the abortion giant’s practice of harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for sale to biomedical companies.

A House leadership aide reportedly told The Hill, “In order to enact legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, we need more Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate to support our efforts.”

Thousands of Americans participated in rallies across the nation Tuesday to urge their state and federal lawmakers to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of the revelations in the videos.

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  • 30 YEAR VETERAN says:

    This is just another reason that we should VOTE THIS CONGRESS OUT OF OFFICE and re-elect some people who will do their JOB FIRST and then take a VACATION! Looks like to me that Congress has been on nothing but a VACATION since the last election………………….Get off your BUTTS and Do you JOB CONGRESS.

  • Steven Swanson says:

    Their leaving , never knew they got back ??????????????
    Worthless Bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pete G says:

    republicans= no good. Democrats=worse.

  • pete G says:

    They won’t get these butchers in the democratic party to defund anything because most are afraid of voting against Obama because he will have their a$$.

  • pete G says:

    What these people really need is their a$$es kick so far out of office they will never think of coming back.

  • 9400budlang8406 says:

    As usual with congress, all talk no action.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    I don’t trust these rinos either, they know that they are going to have to act on this. There is a lot of evidence, there is a lot of talk, and there is the video. A lay person might think that this is enough to simply defund on. Unfortunately it is not. All this stuff has to be brought forward, examined, as this could lead to a criminal investigation, and charges against Planned Parent Hood, as well as defunding. Pro-Life Republicans and Democrats, are going to have to be 100% sure of everything before they begin to bring down the hammer. To jump into this based on what is known now, could backfire. It just came out a few days ago, about intact baby parts being sold, so are they killing full term babies too?
    This is not going to go away, even if they and the media try to ignore it. This might even become an election issue. The mess has only started.

  • reagangs says:

    It seems that we still have some RINOs that cause a lot of gridlock when the chips are down. There are plenty of other good women’s free government funded provided health care providers besides the notorious Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood commie butcher shops. Close down PP and give women better, non abortion, health care.

  • Seedman says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s boy friend has other things on his mind. To whom much is given much is to be expected. Evolution promotes immorality which results in unwanted bothersome pregnancies, which results in the death of convenience.

  • John Scott says:

    Time to clean the WHOLE House, and 1/3 of the Senate, every 2 years. One term and OUT!

  • Jon's On says:

    Boehnerd really needs to go. This pile of crap has done nothing for the American people and everything for b.o. and his cronies.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    I wonder which country these guys (and gals) work for? I’m pretty sure it’s not the USA.

  • srw says:

    One of Boehner’ s “key” people are involved in planned PP. McConnell $11 MILLION for Obumotrade. Boehner $5 mill. Ryan $3 Mil. Follow the $$$$$$$$. What Obumo/Dems/Repub are doing to the country and our citizens is the same thing PP is doing to babies. Cutting out the good parts… heart, liver, lungs,..etc selling it off to the Geo Soros of the world. And like a heart to be useable .. it has to be kept on life support to extracted… the Obumo adm is trying to cut all life support. But the American people are a strong, caring and want to save our country. Unfortunately those that agreed with us to get elected are more interested in $$$$$$$$.

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    It’s very simple. Americans are screwed. Enjoy life while you can. Won’t take long before the whole country falls apart. The winner is Obama. We are the losers. All of congress, needs prison time.

  • fred says:

    Has anyone put up a calendar of how FEW days these criminals actually WORK? We should fire them all and get new people to represent WE THE PEOPLE for a change! This planned parenthood scandal is being swept under the rug as predicted…to many socialist/communists support this criminal organization, and the MSM won’t cover it like it needs to be covered! They are all criminals too! Boycott the msm, and every single DC crook that’s supports the organ factories they furnish with “product”! This is Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD in real life! Wake up people and exterminate these vermin!

  • BG says:

    How many babies can be murdered in that time!

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Time for patriots to take up arms and correct this insanity! Enough already!

  • Peter Smith says:

    Go on vacation and don’t come back. We are better off without them. And Boehner, he can stop breathing during his time off, he’s just wasting oxygen anyway.

  • This RINO Led Congress is just as corrupt and pathetic as the Democrat controlled Congress! Term Limits on Congress is needed! Too many make it a lifetime of leeching off the taxpayer and working for themselves and not We, the People! Both parties suck bigtime! God Bless True Conservatives like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, James Lankford, and handful more, who are the only True Patriots doing the job they were hired to do! The rest suck eggs!

  • jdbixii says:

    If and/or since government can not legislate morality, it stands to reason that the consequences of not being able to do so are going to present themselves.
    Evil is a choice. It is not an existential reality. The fact is that the left has done everything possible to make an economy out of the failure to exercise right and responsible choices and the consequences resulting from that failure. It is that simple. They can attempt to legitimize it as “separation of church and state” or however they might wish. The fact remains that theirs is a grotesque perversion of the right to choose and the cause-and-effect logic which ought to govern freedom of choice, considering the consequences resulting from the alternatives of choice. The education system is, obviously, not teaching children to THINK rationally with respect to their behavior and, while we could expect some small measure of failure from people who are mentally handicapped, the idea that fully one fifth of the pregnancies resulting yearly are terminated by abortion is indicative of the fact that a sizable percentage of
    women are simply not acting responsibly with respect to sex, conception and the preventive measures against unwanted pregnancy.

  • Bob2002 says:

    This is the same old story. The Republican Senate passes a very bad bill and the House does not take a vote on it, but goes on recess. As soon as they return from recess, Boehner rushes this very bad bill through his RINO controlled House and passes the very bad bill. This pattern will continue until the Republicans in the Senate and House remove these two weasels (McConnell and Boehner). Come on, Senate and House, do your job and rid your ranks of these two Obama enablers. We conservatives are fed up with their deceit, lying, obfuscating, and downright bad and not in good faith, passing legislature. We put the Republicans in charge to stop Obama; not to enable him to continue to destroy our way of life. Racism, gay and lesbian legislature, continuing to fund ACA, Amnesty, and every bad thing Obama is doing to our country is getting old. Do your job and stop Obama. PERIOD.

  • ABBAsFernando says:

    It is all about the MONEY! Democrats or the Communist Party USA works with Planned Parenthood toward the very same goals of eventual realization of a One world Government, Sadly today it seems Republican leadership are now communist agents as well

    Nothing is going to chance unless We the People clean house and put in place honorable individuals loyal to the United States Constitution. Not to their own self interests,

  • ABBAsFernando says:

    It is all about the MONEY! Democrats or the Communist Party USA works with Planned Parenthood toward the very same goals of eventual realization of a One world Government, Sadly today it seems Republican leadership are now communist agents as well

    Nothing is going to chance unless We the People clean house and put in place honorable individuals loyal to the United States Constitution. Not to their own self interests,

  • pennysca says:

    Would someone please tell me why they weren’t defunded? What did Congress leaders say there excuse is . I really don’t get it.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Boehner and McConnell are arrogant with their power. They control their minions exactly the way Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi controlled the Democrats in order to get ObamaCare passed. Nothing has changed since Boehner and McConnell took control of the House and Senate. They are all in bed with one another and that is why we must rid our country of all incumbents; especially RINOs and Democrats.

    2. Craig Wilson says:

      It was determined that PP is NOT doing anything wrong. Only less than 4% of women that use PP are for abortions. 96% of women use PP for cancer screenings, breast exams, etc…………..

  • Seedman says:

    The Confederate Flag has no taxpayer funding, is at best indirectly connected to the nine West Virginia slayings and yet within days is banned at numerous government locations. Planned Murderers is taxpayer funded, directly responsible for tortuous deaths of thousands of babies, yet Boehner and McConnell refuse votes which at the very least would show the American people where each politician stands on this moral issue. As for me and my house, we will be on the LORD’s side.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Good analysis.

    2. BG says:

      Saw one reporter saying they didn’t have the 60 votes needed to get it through. We need to know EVERYONE who has blood on their hands and no heart. They are dangerous people.

      1. Seedman says:

        The 60 vote threshold is a cop-out. In the time a poll is taken a vote could be done. Polls often are wrong and surely fluctuate. Not voting is a smokescreen legislators like Nancy Pelos’s boyfriend and McConnell hide behind. There will be no hiding from God.

        1. BG says:

          No argument there. It’s chilling there wouldn’t be 100% willing to abort Planned Parenthood.

          1. Seedman says:

            Right, very chilling. Too many fear men more than God. Big mistake.

  • Tom M says:

    Call that sorry bunch of politicians back and completed the peoples business. Y0u don’t need a vacation if you don’t work and they both Socialist and Republicans neither have done a thing worth a crap.

    1. pete G says:

      Tom, They don’t give a shit what we think anymore under this screwed up dictator. The country is falling apart, to damn many ignorant people who believe this GD fool.

  • The redhawk says:

    What the HELL… Why not go on Vacation?? These NUMBNUTS don’t do anything when in Session anyhow??? Well may be Post Office Names…..

  • Lorraine M. DeNicolo says:

    How dare they take a break. It could be one of their kids having an abortion.GOD WILL JUDGE them ALL!

    1. The redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE!!!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Face it – if it was REALLY important to them, they’d have stayed to take a vote. But in reality, all their stomping and yelling and threatening is just for show, just for you all so that you’ll donate to their campaigns. They really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about fetal tissue or sealing the border or keeping American jobs in America (GE is saying that they’ll be sending 10 BILLION dollars of work overseas if the Export-Import Bank doesn’t get reauthorized).

      Yeah, a LOT has changed now that Republicans are in charge of Congress. Whoop-de-f*cking-doo!

  • Mae says:

    That gives us a month to get the message out that it’s a political mistake to keep funding PP. Flood their inboxes with emails and cover their desks with incoming snail mail. Jam up their phone lines with our calls. March in our streets and in front of PP clinics to protest the murder and dismemberment of babies to sell pieces of their bodies to the highest bidders. Publicize that PP, by the sale of livers and hearts and kidneys has proven unborn babies are not just blobs of tissue. By the proof they have given us, we must now call abortion infanticide, genocide, murder.

  • savage24 says:

    This bunch of cowards retreat before the battle even begins. Boehner has become the Speaker of the White House, not the House of Representatives.

    1. The redhawk says:

      These NUMBNUTS might as well Leave….They are USELESS anyhow…

  • 7papa7 says:

    These people are as bad as obama. obama heads to the golf course during a critical event and congress heads home. If they would work as hard to do the countries job as they do planning and going on vacation the country would be much better off.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The difference is Obama can do his job on the phone, the House has to be there to do theirs. Why do we elect people who don’t want to do their job or at least be honest about why they can’t, like the fact that millions of women get all their health care through Planed Parenthood.

  • 90integrags says:

    Nothing like stroking the crazies some more. You’d think there was an election coming up or something.

  • podunk1 says:

    Time to run away from home. It’s a whorehouse is not a home!

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