Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Are We Insane?

June 25, 2014

Let me get this straight. Two of our most implacable foes on earth are at war. They are doing everything they can to wipe each other off the planet. They are well-armed, have enough supplies and are half a world away from us. And our president wants to join the fray. What?

As anyone not hiding in a Kandahar cave knows, the latest battle royal in the insane asylum otherwise known as Iraq is between the crazy Sunni ISIS – Islamic State of Islamic State, or something – and the equally batty Shiite-Iranian Iraqi government. The thugs from ISIS have been marching and marauding as they move east from Syria, having been armed, funded or inspired by the Sunni cheering section, including al-Quaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and Emirate of Qatar, among others.

These brigands take no prisoners, executing their rivals as they go. They have raided banks, stealing fortunes. They have captured heavy arsenals, including aircraft and chemical weapons. They have conquered cities and expropriated oil fields. They are better funded and more scary than al-Quaeda ever was. Their number one goal: destroy Shiites. They have announced they want to kill every Shiite they can find.

In the other corner, we have the Shiite militias and what’s left of the corrupt and inept Iraqi government that our feckless president consigned to the ash heap when he bolted out of Babylon faster than Sadaam Hussein’s press flack “Baghdad Bob.” The Malaki regime in Iraq is the placeholder for the terror regime in Tehran. After Obama decided to cut and run out of Iraq before the regime could be stabilized, and before he got a status of forces agreement with Maliki, the political hack who clawed his way to power, Iran moved in. It wasn’t hard for Iran to establish a satellite in Iraq, since 2/3rds of the populace is Shiite.

To be fair, American idiocy in Iraq didn’t start with Obama. There’s plenty of blame for Bush in this mess. The nation-building naiveté of our 43rd president will forever mar his legacy.

Once Saddam Hussein was taken out, many argued that the United States should have headed home. Others posited that we should have enabled Iraq to be divided along ethnic lines, particularly enabling our Kurdish allies to break free of the Sunni-Shiite melee and form their own nation. But Bush had dreams of making them “just like us’ – forcing democracy on a people that, given the vote, were more likely to elect corrupt and feral candidates than modern day Jeffersons and Lincolns. Two trillion dollars and thousands of American lives later, Bush’s dream became a nightmare.

If it’s possible, Obama has been even worse. Hard to blame him, though. When he was inaugurated as our 44th president, he had no foreign policy experience, an ideological hostility to American leadership overseas and far more sympathy toward Islamic radicals than his predecessor. Again, I don’t blame Obama. He is what he is. The folks to blame are the American people, who twice named this man Commander-in-Chief, knowing his baggage. The problem is that he, and perhaps the most incompetent national security staff in history, are running the show.

The current feature presentation – the march of ISIS to an early apocalypse with the Shiites – is the result of Obama’s weakness and rushing the American military off the battlefield before we could manage our withdrawal. Obama’s response to the mess of his doing? Let’s get back into the fight. Perfect.

Democratic Presidents have always want to pretend they’re the second coming of Kennedy, but Obama is actually doing something about it. He’s sending 300 advisors to Iraq. Sound familiar? Jack Kennedy sent advisors to Vietnam. I don’t need to remind you what happened next.

The difference is that, in Vietnam, at least, our allies weren’t as dedicated as our foes to destroying us. That is not the case in Iraq. Both sides want us dead. How did the Shiites thank us for Obama’s gesture of sending 300 Americans into their caldron? One of their crazy clerics – Nassir al-Saedi – adjured his followers to kill our advisors on sight.

Both sides in this mess are terrorist killers and crazy, which begs the question about our re-entry: are we insane? Unless I am missing something, we have limited goals in this conflict – other than, perhaps, the goal of seeing the Kurds break away from these kooks once and for all. Otherwise, our goal is the same that we had in the previous Iran-Iraq war.

When Saddam Hussein faced off in the 1980’s against the Ayatollah Khomeini, America was presented with a war we could support – from both sides. And, under the sapient leadership of President Ronald Reagan, that’s exactly what we did. Directly and indirectly, through our Israeli and European allies, the United States provided weapons to both sides of that conflict and quietly hoped the war would never end. The opposing armies were drained of half a million combatants, and then the United Nations succeeded in stopping the conflict. Thanks a lot.

For over 25 years, those of us who are sick of Islamic terror purveyors have been pining for another great title bout, and finally it has arrived: the evil ISIS versus the maleficent Shiites. On the undercard is vicious Assad of Syria versus ISIS understudy al-Quaeda.

America should sit back, grab a six-pack and wait for the smoke to clear. When it does, the Middle East will be a safer neighborhood.

Instead, our president wants to drag us into this mess. He’s supported by the histrionic and imperious John McCain, and a few other misguided Republicans. If they have their way, we’ll see more dead Americans and fewer dead Islamists. For what? So the Iraqis and the Iranians can stop fighting each other and focus all their efforts on us?

Are we insane? Yes, because we elected Obama.

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  • awegweiser says:

    Rather good of you to make mention, however mildly, of Bush – the President who triggered this entire mess and the President who negotiated the withdrawal of forces. (And you sort of forgot the role of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bremer, et al, who caused the death of 4400 Americans and many thousands of others, and then they strolled away unscathed).
    Instead you slam Obama for honoring that agreement. And incidentally, had Malaki (sp?) not refused a status of forces agreement, which would protect our people from what passes for Iraq justice, our troops would still be there – and dying! For that we owe our President thanks and the gratitude of many, many families that will not see their sons and daughters murdered for nothing.

  • Parfie says:

    My wise Mom said “no amount of ‘war’, will change ANYONES MIND about their personal religious beliefs. Good Lord! The asshat in chief GAVE THEM WEAPONS, TANKS ETC….I CANNOT STAND the evil in this mans soul, as he demonstrates every SINGLE DAY, how much he hates US(A)!!

    1. awegweiser says:

      Ask your wise Mom how she voted during the Bush times. He was the “asshat in chief” who started the weapons providing. And it was Bush who thought he could change all those religious nutballs, who have been feuding for centuries, into a nice quiet, picket fence democracy. And why not direct some of your ALL CAPS fury toward a number of evil people in the Congress and the Supreme Court, slowly dismantling our democracy.

      1. Busdriver Bill says:

        Stupidity isn’t a partisan political problem. We’ve had it in spades in both party leaderships over the history of the 20th century. The real stupidity is falling for a party-line when confronted by world problems. (Where is Silent Cal, when we need him)?

      2. Parfie says:

        Darlin, I hate to disappoint you…my Mom didn’t vote for that idiot either, nor did I. My FURY has been very utilized from POTUS on down to Senators and Representatives. I haven’t tried to write the Supremes, because, it is quite apparent to me now… That with 10+ years of phone calls! cell or landline! remote control of cell phones to turn mics on, cameras and videos, even with your batteries out… POTUS has ALL the dirt on anyone he needs. Look at the case of Chief Justice Roberts for example, has adopted 2 children of 100% Irish Decent, and these children were adopted in Africa, as Ireland does not allow outside adoptions. That’s why, I believe, that he wrote a flaming negative opinion on ACA act, and his agreement decision….which is barely there…

        Untied we STAND….quit being so witchy, it’s unproductive, and will not be responded too again.

  • Peter Locke says:

    I feel badly about ‘The300’, but I’m more worried about Obama and gang doubling down…or worse WHEN things don’t go their way.

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