Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Not Reagan Republicans

March 21, 2014

Castigating his fellow Republicans seems to be John McCain’s favorite hobby. Last week he smacked conservative icon Ted Cruz because the stalwart Texas senator had the nerve to observe that Republicans lose elections when they nominate moderates. What a shock.

Cruz reminded voters that there was no President Dole, President McCain or President Romney. McCain, with his usual faux modesty replied that Cruz’s recitation of McCain shortcomings was fine by him – since he can take it. But, to drag in poor Bob Dole? Well, that’s just too much.

Hardly a day goes by without some McCain utterance calibrated to drive patriotic conservatives to despair, assuming any patriot conservatives still listen to the Arizona senator. Not content with an assault on Ted Cruz – who, I assure you can take it! – McCain also denounced those Republicans wondering why we would be rushing billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine as unworthy to carry on the traditions of Ronald Reagan.

Joining a long line of moderate Republicans who probably hated Reagan, or were at least ashamed of his unabashed conservative principles, McCain thinks he has been chosen from Above to declare the fitting heirs of the Reagan legacy. How many times must we – who really did support and work for Ronald Reagan – be subjected to these nouveau conservatives boldly proclaim in the media that, were Ronald Reagan alive today, he would have be removed from the Republican Party. What horse excrement!

Ronald Reagan was above all a conservative. He would have opposed vigorously the various liberal nostrums disguised for conservative consumption – many of which were sponsored by none other than John McCain.

Does the Arizona senator really think Ronald Reagan would have signed onto his McCain-Feingold bill dismantling our free speech in elections? Does he think the Gipper would have loved his McCain-Kennedy legislation opening our borders for an immigration invasion? Does he seriously believe that, after a career of fighting the nutball environmental movement, Reagan would suddenly sign onto the McCain-Lieberman global warming conspiracy?

These are but a few of the idiotic, liberal positions the fraud from Arizona has supported. Heck, these are only some of those that he wrote! Yet he, like a few other Republican media hounds, has the temerity to use the memory of Ronald Reagan to attack conservatives?

As a leader, a politician and a man, John McCain is no Ronald Reagan. Reagan was not only a champion for freedom and liberty, he was truly an example for all of us. The media now use his image – as does McCain and other RINOs – to bash conservatives, but not too long ago, the media were busy disparaging Reagan and burying his legacy.

I recall the Reagan years in Washington. The left was constantly attacking the president. There were marches and protests and all manner of vile assaults. Reagan bore these indignities with the greatest of dignity and grace. He showed us young conservatives how to respond to the left, and even how to relate to those not in the political battle. Of course, these stories were deeply buried by the press.

Readers of these pages are likely to know more about Ronald Reagan than most, but did you know this?

On March 12, 1984, President Reagan visited students at Congress Heights Elementary, a school primarily attended by African American students. Reagan decided that he was going to choose one of the kids to be his pen pal. The student chosen was picked because of his merit. He was a great reader and writer, even though Rudy Hines was only six years old.

Even though he was still president, Reagan faithfully wrote back to Hines several hundred times before the end of his term. These letters included the famous Reagan doodles, as well as pictures. They also included personal advice and commentary on the national and international issues of the day.

Ronald Reagan certainly didn’t need to show a six year old boy such courtesy, but he did. He was that kind of man. I know this personally, since, when as a somewhat older young man, I was granted an audience in the Oval Office with the President in 1981, I froze and could hardly move or speak. The president rose from his desk, walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and set me at ease immediately. I was a very young 22 years, and certainly didn’t merit the personal attention of the leader of the free world – but there he was. Just as he was there for Rudy Hines. And countless others around the world.

Ronald Reagan forged and led the modern American conservative movement. His positions on issues replicated the conservative and tea party leaders and grassroots of today. When John McCain or any other Republican in Name Only has the nerve to try to reshape Reagan’s past, we need to remind them that the time for honoring themselves is soon to be at an end.

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  • edgineer says:

    The real lesson? People want a clear choice between 2 opposing parties. They do not want Democrat lite carried out by Republicans.

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