Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Thanks Grandpa

March 28, 2014

I have just returned from speaking on two college campuses in the MidAtlantic and Northeastern parts of the nation. The students are part of the Millennial Generation and are fascinating. They don’t fit the mold that we of different generations recognize, but – for better or worse – they are our future, so be better get to know them.

One thing that is immediately evident in any discussion with that generation is their need to have a modicum of control over their lives. Sure, some of their views of elders and tradition don’t quite match the approach of the rest of America and some of us resent that deeply. But after scores of discussions with this generation across our nation, I have decided that they are not alone in blame for this disconnect from the past.

The Millennials are, after all, a generation socked with $17,559,531,054 in debt. At least that’s the amount as I type these words. That doesn’t even include the mountain of personal debt most of them carry to obtain a college degree. Or the fact that, more than any generation since the Great Depression, their job prospects are bleak.

Plus, they are being handed an America with rapidly diminishing international prestige. We have not been so lowly regarded across the globe since George III was reigning monarch of these colonies. Much of the blame rests with those who decided to elect an inexperienced community organizer for president. Lurching from crisis to crisis with no global vision or understanding of our friends or foes, the years of hope and change have left us pretty hopeless and shortchanged.

We all suffer because of Obama – but let’s not forget the decades of political leaders recklessly spending money we didn’t have on indulgent luxuries we can’t afford. My fellow Baby Boomers cluck our tongues over the state of our nation, but the generation that will suffer long after we’ve returned to the dust is this one, the Millennials. Maybe they’re not wrong to look askance on their elders?

With this in mind, I wonder what one young Millennial must think of a certain elder, who happens to be her grandfather. The Ralston Reports discloses yet another scandal engulfing the US Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. It seems that each rising sun brings another Dirty Harry malversation. This one pretty much sums up why Millennials need to worry about some of their elders.

The incident that has sent Nevada into high dudgeon involves Senator Reid using campaign funds to buy lavish and opulent gifts for his supporters. Setting aside whether his contributors knew or would countenance Harry spending their money on trinkets, the focus of politicos in his state is on the fact that, in doing this dirty deed, the Senator used his young granddaughter as the proverbial bagman.

Ryan Reid, the granddaughter sucked into the latest Reid scandal is, by all accounts, a young and talented artist. Her grandfather dragooned her into his vile political netherworld by having his campaign transfer tens of thousands of dollars to her over several years, so they could conceal the use of these funds in an inappropriate manner, buying gifts for his supporters. When the media caught wind of this, Reid scampered to reimburse the funds from his own purse. Meanwhile, young artist Ryan now joins the unfashionable club of political slicksters, a club in which I once had a membership card.

Grandpa Harry, always on the prowl to turn his scams and grifts into moral crusades, immediately attacked the media for having the temerity to raise this matter. How dare they discuss his poor, sweet granddaughter. This is surely another example of the coarsened and partisan attack culture of Washington! Ah, so sweet to a grandfather come to the aid of his innocent grandchild.

Of course, like every one of Reid’s moral stump speeches, this one reeks of rapacious hypocrisy. His granddaughter may have been a victim, but it’s not of media attack. She’s a victim of her abusive grandfather.

Anyone who would drag his artistic grandchild into a cover-up political scheme deserves to be investigated by Child Protective Services, or perhaps to have his character enshrined among the evil politicos of Netflix’s hit television show House of Cards. Tragically, Harry Reid is not a fictional character. He’s real and he’s the leader of the United States Senate. Hopefully, the American people will correct that this November.

Ryan Reid is a millennial. She has been saddled with a burden that will last for years, Grandpa’s protestations notwithstanding. Her elder, in his arrogant lust for power, sullied her future. Now she knows how her fellow Millennials feel about their elders – especially when their elders act like Dirty Harry Reid.

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