Jack Abramoff Exclusive: True Repentance?

August 4, 2014

John McCain doesn’t get enough credit for being on every side of almost every issue. His bravado sometimes causes his critics to forget that the current bombast is likely a recent position, and that his past includes a polar opposite position.

When the Republican Party was foolish enough to nominate him as their standard bearer in the 2008 presidential election, McCain had to correct a number of past indiscretions. There was that uncomfortable campaign finance bill he co-sponsored with leftist Senator Russ Feingold. Then there was that ridiculous global warming bill he co-sponsored with Connecticut Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman. But, most irksome to the new narrative that McCain was, somehow, now a movement conservative was his alliance with the bete noire of the Republican Party, Teddy Kennedy.

Together with the late Massachusetts Senator, McCain sponsored the infamous McCain-Kennedy Secure America and Orderly Immigration Bill. Of course, Kennedy sponsoring something called the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Bill must have been one of the great laughs of 2005, but that McCain was to be his bipartisan beard was even more absurd. At least Kennedy was an open liberal.

The bill would have granted full amnesty to illegal aliens who made it over the border without getting caught. All they needed to do was pay a fee of $1,500 and they were home free, American citizens. McCain continued to defend this disgrace, until the recent invasion from Mexico.

In March of this year, McCain was received an award from the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he announced that, when his bill passes, he will “forever make sure it is called the Edward M. Kennedy Immigration Bill.” That’s quite an encomium for one of the great rouges of American politics.

Teddy Kennedy was the symbol of everything wrong in Washington. Not only was a committed Bolshevik, pursuing hard left political policies for the over 45 years that he was in the U.S. Senate, but he was creepy.

Scores of Capitol Hill staffers had stories about Kennedy’s debauchery before he remarried in 1992. Unfortunately for me, I, too, had a story. As a young activist in the early 1980’s, I climbed to the second floor of a swank Capitol Hill restaurant in search of the men’s room, only to enter the wrong room and witness the statesman from Massachusetts atop some young acolyte on the floor. Yuk.

Kennedy was the hero of the left, but to conservatives, he was everything we thought was wrong with Washington. Self-entitled, bloated, indulgent, arrogant and utterly convinced that his leftist nostrums were the salvation of America and the world.

Fast forward to 2005, and there is John McCain, the liberals’ favorite Republican, co-sponsoring Kennedy’s ideal of immigration reform – which is basically ‘open the door, and come on in!’

It was no surprise to us that McCain would team with Kennedy, or any of the liberals. He fancied himself a sophisticate, urbane. He was the Republican of the future. The immigration bill was compassionate, and acceptable, in his mind. The problem is that it was, like so many of his ideas, wrong.

Recently, with the flood of children overwhelming our nation, it is clear why this idea was so foolhardy. The recent tide of kids being hauled from villages throughout Central America and brought to the American border is a result of our having a President who sends bad messages.

Obama’s bad messages to Egypt caused the overthrow of a longtime U.S. ally, and the installation of a radical Islamic regime. That regime armed their subsidiary Hamas in Gaza, with Iranian missiles and that ignited the current war. His messages to the mullocracy in Iran were no better, as he lifted sanctions and gave them a pass to continue to build their nuclear bomb.

Obama’s bad message to Russia was delivered in a sidebar to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, where he assured the Prime Minister that, once the pesky American elections were out of the way, he would have more flexibility for dear Vladimir Putin. We all know how that turned out.

The Obama message that had the most direct impact on America, however, was his bad message on immigration, and the possibility that he would grant amnesty en masse. Most observers, including the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, believe that the stream of young people, aided by infamous coyote transportation networks, is the consequence of this hope – to gain admission and citizenship in the United States of America.

Last week, Senator McCain decided to jump back into the immigration fray. This time, though, he is not lauding his deceased partner Teddy Kennedy. Now, he is an immigration hawk, decrying the influx of children at the border, promising to ship them home, and demanding that anyone caught at the border gets slapped with a monitor around their ankle.

This is the same John McCain who wanted to allow anyone that slipped into the country, to pay a fee and stay forever. If his McCain-Kennedy bill had been enacted, does he believe the flow from the South would have been less? It would have been far more!

As long as the border crasher had $1,500 in extra cash, or a weapon to liberate the funds from some unsuspecting American once he arrived, he’d be all set.

Is McCain’s new position on immigration a change or heart? Penance? Political opportunism? Or just the current ramblings of a politico too long in office, who either forgets his past or hopes we’re too stupid to remember?

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  • BH says:

    Did someone say they heard McCain say “I was for open borders before I was against them.”? It must be a Senate thing, first Lurch, now him.

  • Peter Locke says:

    We have to do the CORRECT (Right) thing now. If it’s the eternal plan, that’s good. If the eternal plan is something else, at least we attempted to take the correct path.

    1. BH says:

      What in the world do you mean?! I have never heard about anything you mention, and I keep up with the news.

  • bygeorge says:

    The GOP is, by all apparent signs, entering its death throes. John McCain has long been the best example of that dementia so prevalent to the masses that is the GOP. Positive, aggressive political leadership promoting conservative American values is completely lacking. A weepy “Speaker” appears to be indecisive and unsure and many of supposedly conservative congressmen and senators seem to be in it only for the money, not for the best interests of America.

    Nothing Obama say’s or does is challenged except when that challenge comes from the grass roots, Tea Parties and/or other politically concerned organizations. Americans should be horrified at what is happening to our country, all in the name of fairness, executed by a socialist slug whose sole aim, as he has stated many times, is to fundamentally change America. He’s doing it, no thanks to the fearful GOP and John McCain types.

    I turn off FOX News when ever they interview John McCain. He’s a loser. To me, and his opinion doesn’t count any more.

    1. Cynic says:

      McCain’s opinion has never counted with me. It was always apparent that he was crazy.

      Let’s hope that the Establishment GOP is in its death throes. And, hopefully, the Democratic party isn’t far behind. Both parties are filled with traitors who scorn the Constitution and the constituents they are supposed to be serving.

  • Maggie De Vore says:

    Who on God’s Green Earth would listen to this guy who has been lying all thru his political sham? Although I do agree with some of the sham.

  • JEM says:

    They are so out of touch with truth that they can’t figure out what true compassion is so they make it up as they go along. But they just don’t get it because compassion is not in their blood. They are a “brood of vipers” as Jesus would say.

    1. boone1 says:

      And John McCain is the head viper and should be shoot for what he has done to this COUNTRY.

      1. JEM says:

        I know how you feel but these politicians are possessed by power and greed demons. I think we are beyond fighting the evil. It is deep and global in scope. Do we have to try? Yes. Otherwise we are like them if we become apathetic and complicit. Evil must be faced but the reward for bravery and righteousness won’t be in this life. We are entering a period of tribulation. There will be massive sacrifice and persecution. It couldn’t possibly be any other way because there is very little “good” left on earth. Everything is corrupted. How would humanity make a 180 from what we see today? Our young generations are corrupted, ill-informed, without common sense. It takes several generations to instill truth and virtue. As unstable as the world is do you think we have a hundred years to fortify our position?

        Our country and the Vatican do nothing about the persecution of the Christians living in peace in the Middle East but they are completely bent out of shape over the Palestinians getting killed in the war, the war THEY started. They teach their children to hate and kill beginning at 18 months old. But The Lord will vindicate the saints and vengeance belongs to Him.

  • jdbixii says:

    It is either situation ethics or paranoid schizophrenia.

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