Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Harry Reid Liars

March 7, 2014

We don’t live in interesting times. We live in astonishing times. Our nation is being led by a president who has less foreign policy sense than untenured college international studies professors, if that’s possible. Our economy has been in crisis every minute he has sat in the Oval Office. His administration is a disaster in every department and agency. Yet, somehow, just when a reasonable person would conclude that President Obama has to be the worst politician since Jimmy Carter, along comes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

With millions of people scrambling to ensure that they will have a doctor to attend to their family once the Obamacare debacle finally kicks in, and with the nation ready to grab pitch forks and torches to skewer and immolate the politicos who rammed through the obliteration – Oblameration? – of our health care system, Harry Reid decided to march to the floor of the U.S. Senate to label every American who has the temerity to complain about this debacle a liar.

Yes, we’re all liars. There are no problems with Obamacare. No one is losing their insurance. No one is losing their doctor. In a reverse Seinfeld aphorism, Reid proclaims: it’s not me, it’s you!

Sometimes I wonder if Reid’s staff is full of comedians constantly playing a joke on their boss. Who writes this stuff? No one is losing their insurance? No one is losing access to the doctor of their choice? Really?

Last week I had surgery to repair my shoulder. Over time, my rotator cuff gave out, and my doctor expertly patched me up. In the exam room a few days before the surgery, just as Harry Reid was taking to the floor of the Senate, my doctor shook his head as he told me about one of those Harry Reid thinks is a liar. His father.

My doctor’s father is also a doctor, and quite an accomplished one. Now at the age of 75 he is slowing down a bit, and like the rest of us, has to rely on doctors for his medical needs. And, like many of us, he has had medical insurance for years. At age 75, he also has some pre-existing conditions, as one can imagine. Well, Dr. Father of My Doctor was being treated for his condition when Obamacare arrived. His insurance policy didn’t provide sufficient birth control and gynecological services to comply with the President’s new mandates, so it was cancelled. He is not alone. A legion of seniors who have no need for pregnancy-related or other irrelevant insurance provisions have seen their long-held policies cancelled since they fail to meet the new, idiotic standards.

None of this surprises anyone with a pulse, as anyone with even a dim wit knows that once you hand over something that works to the government, that’s the end of it.

My doctor’s father then tried to do what we are all bidden to do by the arrogating and arrogant rulers of Washington, DC: sign up for Obamacare. After hours of navigating the infuriating and inane website, he was finally able to secure insurance. But you know the story didn’t end there, right?

Once he finally secured coverage, he had a bigger problem: his pre-existing condition. The new policy excluded coverage for the condition that caused him to seek medical attention in the first place. So, this gentleman, having served our nation as a Naval surgeon in the Vietnam war, having served thousands of patients over the years with care and competence, having fathered a son who now serves thousands more, has no medical insurance to cover a preexisting condition that requires medical attention.

Worse, on top of the ignominy and difficulties of being denied coverage for this need, my doctor’s father is now labeled as a liar by the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

Can things get any worse? Stick around. Once the Democrats are done milking the Obamacare implementation delays to save their electoral prospects in 2014, things will get a lot worse.

Then we’ll all be Harry Reid liars.

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  • Mons. Leclerc says:

    Jack you are right on the money. I like your style of writing and you obviously know what you are writing about. You have spent years in DC as a lobbyist and right now it is that insight we need to really understand what this mess in Washington is all about.

  • Tom Leist says:

    My only thought is why doesn’t have medicare and a supplement.

  • irategramma says:

    We all know who the liar is ….one guess and his initials are HR. As horrible as obamacare is, we need to recognize it as a distraction being used to deflect our attention from the freedom stealing agenda being played out under our noses by one world order activists. Things like agenda 21 destroying our way of life and common core in our schools brainwashing our children in socialist beliefs. We absolutely need to repeal obamacare but as important is to stop the march of agenda 21, common core and the UN power grab.

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