Climate talks start Monday: Paris hosts world for the earth

IN THE strongest-ever push for a global agreement on climate change, leaders and monarchs from nearly 150 countries will assemble under one roof here on Monday, hoping that the show of solidarity would force a different result from the one six years ago when they last gathered in such numbers for the same cause.

Unlike any previous climate change meeting — an annual year-end event — the two-week conference in Paris will kickstart with the high-profile presence of heads of states and governments in possibly the biggest congregation of world leaders ever.

Each of these leaders — 147, according to official information — will speak for around three minutes on Monday in support of the UN-backed push for a global agreement after two weeks of talks at Le Bourget, the oldest airport in Paris that is now used only for the famous biennial air show and as the home of an aviation museum.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    What a perfect Gathering of World leding TURDS to come Under attack by ISIS.. just to wake them out of their DELUSION of WHERE the REAL DANGER LIES…

  • IronPhoenix says:

    “Climate change” is a $22B-25B per year SCAM.

    Any pundit that does not accept the first two points below is a delusional monosynaptic microcephalic moron. Anyone ignoring 4 & 5 has a severe case of cranial-rectal inversion. (3 is just an “oh, by the way”)

    1 – The overwhelmingly primary source of energy/heat for this planet is the Sun. Stars get hotter as they age; this is a simple astrophysical fact, not subject for debate. Sol has been getting provably, though very slightly, hotter. A very small change in something so massive and influential has a notable effect here. Want to compensate? See #2…

    2 – Know what “albedo” is? Simply put, it’s the apparent reflectivity of a celestial body as seen from space. The greater the albedo, the more stellar energy is reflected back into space. For a simple example: what is hotter, a grass field or an asphalt road? What appears brighter from space, the polar icecaps or a huge asphalt parking lot? That brightness represents energy that is NOT being added into our ecosystem (it’s being reflected back into space). If all roads and rooftops (and other human construction) were albedo-positive (or at least neutral), there would be less solar energy added into the mix. Simple physics. By the way, before you wave off roads as insignificant, take into account that the total area of asphalt in the USA alone is some 33 THOUSAND square miles, or about the area of South Carolina. A parking lot the size of a state would add a LOT of heat to the mix, wouldn’t it? (rhetorical question, as we all know the answer is yes). And this isn’t even including other dark man-made things, like roofs.

    3 – Ever stand outside on a hot summer day and put your hand over the outside part of your air conditioner? Pretty warm, huh? Multiply that by a few billion. Want us “deniers” to take you seriously? Turn off your AC. Don’t want to turn it off? How about driving a Prius or riding a bike? Forego private air travel? Guess you don’t practice what you preach. Don’t preach it until you practice it.

    4 – A decent eruption (Mt St Helens, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, etc) puts more carbon into the air in MINUTES than all of mankind could do in 300 YEARS. Going to regulate or ban volcanoes? If not, forget regulating anything else (why should someone care about going 5 over the speed limit when murder is ignored?). Can’t control volcanoes? Yeah, we know. Too bad. If you insist on trying to regulate humanity, start with China.

    5 – A single fair size wildfire, like those common in California, undoes all the “carbon reduction” of 30 years worth of all those driving a Prius. Speaking of California, how about ending the fake crap and end the drought – we know it’s a sham.

    “Climate change” is a HOAX, and we are no longer falling for it, nor do we appreciate it.

    And it’s not just me…

    Top Democrat Physicist Shoots down Climate Change:

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