Pass the bacon: Danish Town Mandates Pork in Public Institutions to Aid Integration

January 21, 2016

Denmark is home to 5.6 million people and around 13 million pigs. Sales of pork products and live pigs account for more than 5% of the country’s exports and the product is considered integral to nation’s culture by many citizens.

However, due to mass-Muslim immigration and multicultural zeal, at least 30 of the country’s 1,719 daycare institutions have completely banned it or switched to halal, Ekstra Bladet found.

This led former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to strongly criticise the nurseries that dropped pork from their menus in 2013, which sparked a national debate.

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  • Accept the culture or send them back to the sewers they came from! No unaccompanied Muslim Males should be allowed into Europe. No Wife, no child, no entry! Come to Europe, you integrate fully or go back to the sewer you crawled out of! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul!

  • Pam says:

    Reading the full article, a former official with their immigration department thinks it is just “criminal” to put these “refugees” in a position where they would be in the same building (GASP!, maybe even in the same room with THE DREADED PORK PRODUCT Yet he doesn’t seem to have a problem with allowing outsiders to CHANGE THE “FOOD CULTURE” of their country.
    This cannot be for real, folks! This PC crap has got to be the modern interpretation of “new speak”, brainwashing by strictly controlling what people can say in public. These people in control are supposed to be educated and intelligent, so they CANNOT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THE UNADULTERATED CRAP THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS!

  • michael friend says:

    Bacon & eggs for everybody at breakfast and ham sandwiches fo lunch, and pork roast for supper.

  • jerry young says:

    if your an American your gonna have to love pork! every American should have a pig as a pet, unfortunately where I live we’re not aloud by law to have farm animals like pigs and chickens, but that may change if the SHTF like some are calling it who cares what a law says pigs will not only be a food source but a first line of defense against muslims

  • SDofAZ says:

    No more catering to the muslims about anything. Assimilate for go home in every country you think you might want to immigrate to. No Sharia law in the US, only the constitution. And as for BO, get your ass out of this country too. We are sick of your lying, sneaky pc crapola. And what really happened in Benghazi, the Fast and Furious gun deal and many of your other brilliant moves that have backfired? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Finally as soon as you join the UN, we will withdraw from the UN and kick their collective organization out of this country. So you BO will be kicked out with the rest of the trash! Go ahead, become their leader as your next job, you can fundamentally destroy it as well!

  • adbj102 says:

    You are looking at the future of America. The world bankers groomed and selected the Manchurian calling himself obama, They knew he was a radical muslim. It fit their plans to destroy America. As does multiculturalism and political correctness. The communists have long planned this, using the schools and teachers union they indoctrinated our youth, first they have to destroy the family unit, then true patriotism, then the economy. They have succeeded! Now they destroy our military, they have already finished off the education system, using perversion! THERE REMAINS ONLY DISARMING THE PUBLIC Then: GENOCIDE of the white race, you can see it beginning in the European countries that allowed in the INVADERS. WE ARE NEXT

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Only if we don’t stand up to this POS prez and his admin and this congress! Fight, vote and turn em out. Vote, Vote, Vote! No more career politicians, term limits, and close the dam border. Then deport every illegal alien, punish employers who hire em, and ship any ‘refugees” out who will not assimilate. No sharia law, no obliging of their religious demands especially since we won’t do it for christians, and vet any of them in this country now if they even waffle an inch for their ISIS fellows. And stay armed and ready for whatever these fanatic idiots bring on!

  • VirgoVince says:

    Force-feed PORK to the muzzies, maybe they’ll leave!!
    Are you spraying the blood on them? WHY not?

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