Iran nuclear talks: Benjamin Netanyahu lashes out against deal

Benjamin Netanyahu set himself on a collision course with Israel’s Western allies on Friday after lashing out at an impending deal over Iran’s nuclear programme and warned that his country would not be bound by it.

Speaking before meeting John Kerry, the US secretary of state, the Israeli prime minister effectively accused Western negotiators of caving in during talks in Geneva and handing Iran the “deal of the century”.

“I understand that the Iranians are walking around very satisfied in Geneva, as well they should be, because they got everything, and paid nothing, they wanted. They wanted relief from sanctions after years of a gruelling sanctions regime,” Mr Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport.

He called the proposed short-term agreement “a very bad deal” and said Israel “utterly rejects it”.

“Israel is not obliged by this agreement and will do everything it needs to defend itself, to defend the security of its people,” he said in comments that strongly hinted at the possibility of military strikes on Iran’s nuclear installations, which Israel believes are being used to build an atomic bomb.

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  • JONDO says:

    We better listen to Netanyahu before we listen to our pack of fools, Every thing Obama and his cronies ever done has failed This deal we cant afford to lose.We need a real President to take care of this, and its not this Moron thats sitting in our White House.

  • SniperToo says:

    I knew that the Muslim, usurper, Dictator in the white house of Chicago Thuggery would give up Israel, just didn’t know how soon. Kerry, you need to be handcuffed and dropped in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. ASAP
    God will destroy the evil who attacks his chosen children. Mark my words, he will.

  • awegweiser says:

    Netanyahu is opposed to anything that will thwart his desire to start WW III with Israeli nukes (which, of course they do not admit to having).

  • modernminuteman says:

    Kerry the fake war hero is a traitor to the USA and Israel! Obama has never cared about Israel/s security or ours and Israel cannot afford these piece meal efforts by Obama.

  • Ranchman says:

    The globalists have planned on bringing Iran down all along, nuke or not. But with Iran building reactors and enriching uranium, what else would it be for except the bomb? Something has to give here, whether Iran agreeing to stop its enrichment, the U.S. agreeing to take a hard stance against Iran (not likely with Obama, it seems), Israel taking the initiative to bomb Iran and knocking out the reactors, or a multinational coalition agrees to act, either strengthening sanctions and crippling Iran’s economy or bombing them. It looks as if the Prime Minister is right, Obama is not prepared to act. A real American president would not have any problem acting on this.

  • Busdriver Bill says:

    Israel is not a signee to the “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Pact,” nor has it ever allowed inspections by any regulatory body. Iran IS a signee. Whom should we trust? Whereas, I do not sympathize with a militant Islamic government, it seems plain to me that Israel’s agenda is to overthrow or eliminate virtually the entire region’s sovereign states, for the sake of a “Greater Israel.” And the fools in the US just watch it unfold, like a soap-opera. And our government keeps spending our young, and for what US interest, I ask? Our 51st state (the tail) is wagging the dog.

    1. Sue says:

      Well said, Bill.

      Over 8 million a day is given to Israel by the US. Why?

      1. Thomas Viveiros says:

        how many decades have you all been Jew Haters ?

        1. Sue says:

          Whenever anyone says anything that doesn’t agree completely with the Israeli line Ye old Jew hater comes out. It doesn’t wash. Disagree with me by all means but don’t use silly phrases. How long have you been a Sue hater? 🙂

          1. Thomas Viveiros says:

            if someone said “I’m going to wipe your home off the face of the earth ” what would you do get on your very calloused knees, worship them and then hope they leave ? LoL.

          2. modernminuteman says:

            Well said my brother!:)

          3. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Thanks MMM from very near the land of the Minuteman which was a weapon also my father was all to familiar with ..

          4. Sue says:

            Propaganda at it’s finest. That’s not what was said and the sad part is you know it too.

          5. Thomas Viveiros says:

            @least we know where you stand Sue and your comments can confirm that you are every bit as dangerous as Al Qaida to most citizens of the world. Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and that is not propaganda but is a fact proven by how many brave Americans have been killed and injured by IED’s with Iran’s name all over the IED’s .

      2. modernminuteman says:

        Because Israel is a very good ally and works closely with our military and our country. Iran on the other hand is an oppressive terror supporting country. Very simple!

        1. Sue says:

          There are those that call Israel the same thing.

          1. modernminuteman says:

            well then why has Israel with the ability to wipe out any muslim country they want has never done so even as thousands of missiles are fired into their country on an annual basis? They have always been a loyal ally of the USA!

          2. Sue says:

            USS Liberty. Why won’t they sign the nuclear proliferation treaty? Are you suggesting Israel doesn’t attack?

          3. modernminuteman says:

            You seem to like to put words in peoples mouths. i said they have the ability to level any muslim country they want but never have. they will not sign it because they reserve the right to defend their country if needed and i do not blame them for now the first time they have a president who is not an ally of Israel in the Muslim in chief Obama!

          4. Sue says:

            Note the word “suggesting”.

            “they will not sign it because they reserve the right to defend their country if needed” WHAT????????????????

          5. modernminuteman says:

            why should Israel do anything the NWO wants? should they do what Obama wants? NO! They are constantly attacked by the U.N. who looks the other way while missiles rain down on Israeli towns. they are a country the size of Rhode Island but everyone wants them to give up land? so i say to you SUE WHAT????????

          6. Sue says:

            I believe justifying nuking another country says it all. Thank you for your answer.

          7. Ann Wilson says:

            Yes minuteman. Israel is a democracy and it’s enemies of course don’t care for that. Unfortunately since the Obama administration came to be we are no longer loyal to Israel. Obama tries to act like he is neutral, but we know his background and he speaks their language well. Besides, one can not serve 2 different sides. You are loyal to one and not the other no matter how you look at it.

          8. Ann Wilson says:

            Who are those? Terrorists and or those blind to the situation. I’ll take God’s opinion over man’s.

          9. Sue says:

            As you should but we are not God’s. There are many Arabs living in Israel along with Christians. Hopefully God takes care of them too.

          10. Ann Wilson says:

            There is hope fore every person through Christ Jesus.

      3. Ann Wilson says:

        If that’s true it’s still not enough to combat the evil Israel combats non stop. They have a right to exist as a nation though surrounded by countries that think otherwise. One answer to your question, God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who do not.

        1. Sue says:

          Thanks. I think Israel is paranoid in it’s appraisals. Countries lie for their own benefit. Israel is no different.

          1. Ann Wilson says:

            When Iran and Russia have a desire to possess nuclear arms and the reason being to attack Israel and other nations, us included I wouldn’t call that paranoid. Besides I have friends in Israel and I certainly will believe them over those with a very distant opinion based on no facts whatsoever. Do some research.

    2. modernminuteman says:

      Tell me Bill why has Israel not used ever any nukes and they could have leveled any Muslim country they wanted? Iran who has constantly vowed to bury Israel gets nukes they will use them. they use terrorism every where they can so i would say Israel has all the credibility and Iran has none!

      1. Ann Wilson says:

        Do not know if you are a Christian, but if so the Bible tells us of what some call ” the battle of Ezekiel”, which is found in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Israel will one day strike first as a defense. Russia, Iran, and other nations will then move in full force to come down hard on Israel. This is when God intervenes.

        1. modernminuteman says:

          Yes Ann i am a Christian so that gives me 2 reasons to stand by Israel.

    3. Ann Wilson says:

      Well Bill, I think I will trust the one that doesn’t want to see all Jews, Americans and those who do not believe as they do murdered. Think I will believe the one that doesn’t murder women because they think it is their right to. Think I will trust the one that just wants to exist peacefully in their little country the size of New Jersey and not take control of the world.

  • Sue says:

    Iran is willing to talk at the table and guarantee their nuclear program is peaceful. I don’t understand Israel’s unwillingness to sit with them. It’s a step in the right direction.

    1. Thomas Viveiros says:

      How long have you been a Jew hater and been on your very calloused knees to the biggest terrorist nation on the planet namely Iran ?

      1. Sue says:

        How long have you been saying the same old thing? Can’t be banging those war drums. Try a different approach.

        1. Carl Mason says:

          let the saudi’s spill their blood and use their money against iran.

          1. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Now Now Carl do you really think the House of Saud would help the State of Israel ? I’ll have to give you the Jew hater Extraordinaire Award pal lol .

        2. Thomas Viveiros says:

          How long have you been on your very calloused knees to the terrorist Mullah’s who run iran there Sue ? Are you a no good lazy smelly muzzie also or just one of their NAZI allies ?

          1. Sue says:

            You’re good at spin words anyway albeit old. muzzie, nazi, etc.

          2. Thomas Viveiros says:

            I can imagine none in your family were killed by the Nazis like in my family so I am not fan of that ilk and just to let you know my family has been involved in the War against Muzzie terrorism dating back many centuries including my dad who did also back in the early 1930s but the difference is his menthods of putting this type of terrorism worked and the present one doesn’t. Why ? back then my dad discovered that brutal retaliation worked and had long lasting effects in making them remember the price is high if one wants to be a terrorist. Todays PC methods just do not work .

          3. Sue says:

            I agree with your last statement. Centuries? Could you expound on that?

          4. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Part of my family originates from the Iberian Penninsula where Spain and Portugal are located and where the no good lazy smelly muzzies want back . Any more questions Sue ? Just ask and sorry for the delay reply as it’s very busy here .

          5. Sue says:

            Ashkenazi or Sephardic? Wouldn’t fighting for centuries suggest trying another way?

          6. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Neither as my family is not Jewish which should be obvious from my last name.

          7. Sue says:

            Not necessarily but thanks

    2. modernminuteman says:

      You sound like Valerie Jarrett!

      1. Sue says:

        Who is Valerie Jarrett?

  • librtyship says:

    Sooner or later, probably sooner our anti Israel actions are going to bring the wrath of God down upon us and that will spell a very quick end of the USA!

    1. Thomas Viveiros says:

      Kerry the yellowbacked cowardly backstabber of our troops just twisted the switchblade into The State of Israel’s Back. Nothing new for that scumbag Jew hater and not surprising in the least .

    2. FIRE1949 says:

      A slight correction, “the usurper’s actions will bring GOD’s wrath down upon the USA” if We, the People don’t bring the insanity to a halt. Pray for Israel AND the USA.

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