Israel moves to mute mosques’ call to prayer over loudspeakers

JERUSALEM – A law to muffle mosques’ amplified calls to prayer in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem won preliminary approval on Wednesday in a charged parliamentary session where Arab legislators denounced the measure as racist.

Supporters of the bill say it is aimed at improving the quality of life of people living near mosques who have been losing sleep. The calls usually begin sounding a little before 5 A.M. through loudspeakers mounted on minarets

Opponents say the legislation, sponsored by right-wing parties, impinges on the religious freedom of Israel’s Muslim minority. Arabs make up almost 20 percent of the population and have long complained of discrimination.

Two versions of law won initial approval and will go to committee for further discussion before any final vote in parliament, in what could be a lengthy process.

“You are committing a racist act,” said Ahmed Tibi, an Arab lawmaker, told supporters of the legislation.

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  • geraldcuvillier says:

    Please re-read my comment. I am not siding with the Muslims, I am pointing out how they discriminate against Christians and Jews in their own countries and now they want special privileges in other countries.

  • Tiger says:

    Israel should get rid of every single Muslim in their country and totally take out Hamas. They will never have peace until they do and what people don’t know about Islam and their (puke) mosques, is that they do this call to prayer for the sheer knowledge of knowing it is heard by everybody, even those who are not Muslims. They build minerets to make sure their buildings are taller than Christian churches. There is absolutely nothing these people do that is not part of their “Submission”, nothing. They consider themselves above everyone, read the Qur’an no infidel is to sit higher than a Muslim, no book can be before the Qur’an even on the shelf, CAIR made sure bookstores understood that here in America, no infidel can hold a higher position in a job, on and on when in fact they have never even entered this century.

  • justinwachin says:

    I’m glad to see Israel is taking a stand for the comfort of most of its citizens. If Muslims wish to pray at 5 a.m. that is fine with me. We live in the 21st century they can buy and alarm clock or be awakened by a call to prayer app. Jews and Christians shouldn’t be forced to hear an early morning wake up call just to satisfy the works-based religion of Islam.

    The Arab lawmaker he charged racism should realize that everyone isn’t Muslim and they don’t want to be awakened by the call to prayer of a different religion.

    In our town all the hourly bells and chimes are required to go silent at sundown. They aren’t allowed to ring until 8 a.m.

  • geraldcuvillier says:

    Just think of how Jews and Christians have been discriminated against in the Muslim countries. Suck it up cupcakes.

    1. Tiger says:

      Hey Gerald what discrimination? The Jews allow the slaughtering, filthy Muslims no only to live among them but to give them a voice in the government. The Christians same thing, sadly.

      Tell me how many Muslim countries allow the building of churches? Tell me is there not a Christian Genocide going on right now in the ME? The UN thinks so and what religion is it that is totally intolerant of any other religions? ISLAM. SO TAKE IT DOWN THE ROAD.

      Tell ya something else Gerald Americans want to suck up and spit out back into the damned sandbox all the refugees crud running into our country and 75% are men.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    The call to prayer is racist. The Koran calls us infidels “pigs and monkeys” and the “worst of creation”.

    Anyhow, what sane person wants to listen to some wailing sandnigger praising his Allah guy? Most of that wailing sounds like the caller is about to reach orgasm while he is fucking his goat or sheep.

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