Jimmy Carter: Hamas Leader Is Not a Terrorist, Wants Peace

by Joel B. Pollak
May 4, 2015

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas this weekend at his headquarters in Ramallah, and declared that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is not a “terrorist.” Carter said that he would not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because it was a “waste of time,” and that Meshaal not only wanted a “peace process,” but would commit to recognizing Israel as part of a deal brokered by Saudi Arabia.

Carter is detested by many Israelis after comparing the Jewish state to apartheid South Africa, and apparently justifying the use of suicide bombing in the first edition of his 2006 book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. He brokered the Camp David Accords in the late 1970s, which saw Israel trade the conquered Sinai peninsula to Egypt in exchange for peace and recognition. Since then, however, Carter has been a malevolent presence, and may even have convinced then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to reject generous peace terms in 2000, resulting in the bloody second intifada soon afterwards.

In addition, Carter also called for new elections in all of the Palestinian territories, including both the West Bank and Gaza. The rival Fatah and Hamas factions, however, which govern the two respective territories, have been unable to put their own past differences behind them.

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  • California70 says:

    I wouldn’t trust Jimmie Carter as far as I could throw him.

    He is an anti-Semite, and it is as plain as the nose on your face. It’s obvious he hates Israel.

    He is the one that started all this mess in the Middle East in the first place, when he dumped the Shah of Iran back in the 1970’s.

    Who does he think he is kidding? All one has to do is read his book!

    He was the first President in this Country to come out of the Trilateral Commission. Obama is the second.

    Any questions?

  • Smitch says:

    Carter has a sack in his mouth, and not a peanut sack it’s a nut sack!

  • OH YES…that is correct ONLY if we assume that jimmy boy is in his right mind and NOT NUTS!!!!…well, I think he has lost his rational thinking capabilities and is nuts!!!

  • podunk1 says:

    Here’s a plan! Make Carter ambassador to Palestine & Hamas, move him there, & never let him return.

  • Louise says:

    What a nutcase, meeting with another nutcase! Bet they enjoyed their ‘visit’. By the way carter ASKED to meet with PM Netanyahu and PM Netanyahu REFUSED, so carter is not only a nutcase but a lying nutcase. Looks like his family would take better care of him, he must have dementia or something.

    1. Walt Tendee says:

      Jimmy Carter has become the National Nutcake and the National Disgrace. And he grows peanuts. Hopefully his church will disallow him to participate in teaching “Sunday School” classes. He has violated God’s pronouncement as set forth in Genesis 12:3.

      1. Gene Burke says:

        Is Carter the nut case or is the nuts that want war without even trying for peace.

  • Adelle says:

    That man is a mental case and I always wanted to spit in his face and tell him so back when he was an embarrassment as president. I am related to him so I can tell truth on him. he is an embarrassment to the entire family BiBi is the only world leader I would even talk to. The others are not worth my time, and especially all the murder muslims and liberal pinkos. I hate murder muslims even worse than Jimmy the idiot. I can’t see either him or them in God’s heaven as they have only murder for Jews and Christians in their hearts. Maybe he and O. will be the first and 2nd. part all the peple going to the pit of hell.

  • General Bull Krapper says:

    Does “The Home For Effed Up Libs” know their star patient has escaped? — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • enubus says:

    I suspect Carter sniffed peanut dust for years and as we all see the results are each and every time he opens his mouth and utters nonsense. We as a people are embarrassed that he was once President.

    1. the redhawk says:

      Problem with JAMAAH CAWTAH is that he is an HEADINASS Loser being Overtaken by Obama as the LAST IN LINE of WORSE Elected (D) Officials ever and he cannot be just one of the PACK.. He’s got to be NOTICED or ROSLYN will Give him a 2×4 across his Noggin

  • James in Texas says:

    Former President “Peanut-Brain” says that Hamas wants peace with Israel and just “everybody”! So, I’m guessing that all the folks who find themselves “Dead” in the countries where Hamas rules all died of “Peace”? Hamas is an Terrorist organization, Period. Always has been and always will be. The Israelis will only find peace when the day comes that very single member of Hamas, the PLO, and the “All those other Terrorist organizations” find they way to their heaven, where ever that may be!

  • David Kuchera says:

    For once Carter said the truth!!1 The Hammas leader just wants peace! HE JUST WANTS A PEACE OF EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND IF HE DON’T GET IT HE WILL CUT OFF MANY HEADS! See Carter was correct!

  • Jarhead says:

    If his wife or children care about him they would have put him away in an asylum LONG AGO.
    Or at least not be allowed in public without proper supervision.

  • the redhawk says:

    YEAH JAMMAH CAWRAH…. Seen any Swimming WABBITS lately???

  • David Byrd says:

    Sometimes.your past actions come back to bite you. I voted for Carter and his performance was indeed unbelievably bad at home and abroad. This President continues to use Carter in Foreign Affairs. Obama knows Carter will sound off like others Obama has surrounded himself with e.g. Biden!. Our nation is the greatest nation this world has ever seen. How is it possible that we are now being led by so many who are ignorant or maybe on purpose destroying the efforts of so many of our fallen soldiers’ who have kept us free. Carter was a failure .. Please retire at home!

    1. punisher says:


      1. Gene Burke says:

        So was Ronald Reagan, look how well he done. Oh that’s your point.

  • Helen Allen says:

    Jimmy Carter has about common sense as a wooden dummy. Carter was a sorry President then and he still shows just how little he knows now. He still thinks he can talk to the enemy while the enemy is planning to cut his throat.

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    First off, Jimmy Carter should not be allowed out in public without adult supervision. Secondly, now that he is out of our country, his passport should be pulled and denied reentry. He is the prefect example of liberalism is a mental disease.

  • teaman says:

    Carter is a fool, but so are most Dummycrats! It has already been proven over and over again that Hamas is a terrorist scumbag outfit supported by Iran, the Obambulating Manure Spreader’s best friend!

  • Gerry says:

    This coming from the 2nd worst president in America’s history. The jerk who granted amnesty to all the cowards who ran to Canada to get away from serving their country and a person who lives in obozo’s little make believe world. He wouldn’t admit that bin laden was a terrorist . carter just needs to live out his life in silence and walk down the path of lunacy with obozo and ALL his minions.

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