MI5 boss Andrew Parker warns of ‘intense’ terror threat

by Gordon Corera
October 18, 2017

Andrew Parker said there was currently “more terrorist activity coming at us, more quickly” and that it can also be “harder to detect”.

The UK has suffered five terror attacks this year, and he said MI5 staff had been “deeply affected” by them.

He added that more than 130 Britons who travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight with so-called Islamic State had died.

MI5 was running 500 live operations involving 3,000 individuals involved in extremist activity in some way, he said.

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  • Tiger says:

    The UK will continue to be attacked until they are gone. This is nothing new, they like other countries in Europe opened the doors and they fled in. They are not acting out in America under Trump, if they do that will be it. We have had it.




    1. Rodney Steward says:

      All to please the UN by giving up their guns, that the UN (NWO) wants world wide!! The UN is just a front!! Our time is growing short my friend!!

      1. Tiger says:

        Yes but trump is making hay while the sun shines and Europeans awake now. If he can he will throw them out.




        1. Rodney Steward says:

          It was just on FOX that we are on an alert for another 9-11 style attack!! The gutter rats are past due!

          1. Tiger says:

            Well we have been on the verge for ages now. When or if it happens Americans will take it upon themselves to burn Muslims out.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            And this is why the left has staged this Nevada shooting to push gun control, they know what will happen!!

          3. Tiger says:

            I don’t think the dead people were staged. Their faces are out there. This happened, there are so many video showing so many shots, from so many different directions and I keep remembering that woman who warned them all would die, they were surrounded. Something happened, if it was a gun running program to ISIS gone bad, like Fast and Furious, a CIA and FBI killing for the reasons to take our guns, it backfired.

            We are not stupid people and we are not buying it, all they did was make us more aware of how many more guns we need.





          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I’m not talking about the DEAD at all, just the people that did it, the Mandalay Bay hotel is hiding something! This was a Terrorist attack in my book!

          5. Tiger says:

            My book also, but which terrorists? Our own agencies? ISIS? We most likely will never know.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            I’m still leaning toward our OWN!! The System wants our guns PERIOD!!

          7. Tiger says:

            Smells like it for sure.

          8. Tiger says:

            I think that the more terror we have the less they are likely to get our guns. It seems to me a wrong strategy.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            It’s what they want, look at all of Europe, they played the game for the UN/EU that’s a front for the NWO and that’s what they want for us, and let the muslims do all the dirty work to have someone to blame! This is the 10 Rep. turncoats with the leader being on Soros’s payroll, Carlos Curbelo (FL) with a Bill for guns, and Peter King (NY) – Leonard Lance (NJ) – Patrick Meehan (PA) – Ed Royce (CA) – Chris Smith (CA) – Erik Paulsen (MN) – Ryan Costello (PA) – Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL) – Charlie Dent (PA) – and Dem. Seth Moulten (FL) also has a Bill and a Soros employee! They want everything that will make a weapon shoot faster and that would cover Triggers to anything else, period!!

          10. Tiger says:

            Won’t happen.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            I hope you know for a fact, but I trust you completely !!

          12. Tiger says:

            Rodney you and I know how many people with unregistered guns? You and I know how many militias out there? You and I know that millions upon millions of Americans buying guns and more than ever after an event like Vegas, we summarize therefore, the government will never totally disarm all Americans.

            They didn’t manage to totally disarm the Jews, but they went like cattle to the slaughterhouse, never questioning anything, we won’t do that. Also think of the mountains and the wilderness in America, noway. There will always be Freed Birds Rodney.

          13. Rodney Steward says:

            You thought about running for Gov.!! 🙂 🙂 I’d vote for you as many times as I can!! 🙂

          14. Tiger says:

            My past is not all without some dark sides, they would burn me alive. All my enemies, I have made many through the years fighting authority figures and taking down bad people, including a CEO or two, no way.

          15. Rodney Steward says:

            That’s the life of a Tiger, you’ve probably killed more people than I have but I’m glad we’re on the same team!! LOL, I’ve got enemies too but that’s life I guess most everybody does and some you just can’t forgive on some things!!

          16. Tiger says:

            There are a few things I don’t forgive, haven’t killed anyone but capable of it.

          17. Rodney Steward says:

            I was just joking about that one part, but like you, capable!! What did you think of the 3 loser Presidents giving their half way speeches about Trump and everything else good that he’s done, like messing up their playhouse !! 🙂 Carter, Bush and now at the bottom of the list Obama!

          18. Tiger says:

            I think that the more they talk the tighter the noose is drawn around their necks, Trump is running circles around all of them. Everyone seeing his progress. Any criticizers are ignored. Obama still doesn’t get it that he is the reason Hillary lost.

          19. Rodney Steward says:

            Exactly, but they’re pushing hard on the brainwashed Millennial group to get out and vote, and they say that Sanders is still their socialist pick!! SAD!!

          20. Tiger says:

            Wouldn’t take long for them to find out somebody pays for the goodies, since they are the youth they would work where the government tells them.

          21. Rodney Steward says:

            The scary thing is it worked so well for Hitler in Germany, he started with the school systems, and there’s the Antifa thugs, where Hitler had his brown shirts!! The kids we have today are really that stupid, I got behind a older woman in the checkout line that ask the cashier if she would fill out her check so she could sign it, and the girl could not fill it out, she didn’t know how!! I was blown away and she let me do it for her, another victim of common core!!

          22. Tiger says:

            My grandchildren do not learn hand writing. The parents have to request it being taught. They depend on their computers for spell checks and for grammar, of course I am one to talk, grammar goes out the window I post so fast, but they just don’t understand how quickly everything we know of today, could be taken from us.

            Sometimes I wonder if all this electronic dependency was not part of the Communist plot, not put up in the 45 goals that I have put up. Get the U.S. banking and every single home and family, business etc. dependent on electronics then attack and take it all out. Also I wonder why the cell phones and other contraptions are getting so big, they are not convenient like the small phones were.

            I also see, everywhere I go, even at a nice restaurant, families, all of them on their contraptions during the entire time. I warned my family about cell phones and all this, long ago. Think how easy it is to track someone. Then you have drones, now we are hearing there are so many different types on the market and warned, yes they could carry weapons that could kill. Now you tell me why our government would go along with all this drone buying when they are telling us of another huge attack on the way?

          23. Rodney Steward says:

            Our family has been good at trying to teach them things like it should be, not telling them that school is wrong but teaching them something along the lines that we were taught and trying to make it fun and new! Like slowly teaching multiplication tables! And you’re so right about these D’N cellphones!!! My wife and I went to the Doctor the other day and walked in, people everywhere and if I had been a terrorist I could have killed everyone in there, not ONE person looked up to see what come in the door, SAD! Talk about the drones, seen one the other day, probably from the Fort 20 miles away, military size but I have a friend that is a Dorne Freak and builds his own and has some bad a$$ toys, one will carry 20lbs, it’s amazing!! I heard about the shooting in your area or close by, and the picture they show of the killer walking, the way he’s dressed looks like a muslim!

          24. Tiger says:

            I sent my one set of grandchildren the Rush Limbaugh books on all our Founding Fathers, the Pilgrims etc. They loved them and Rush did a lot of work getting it right in these books. Also my sons are 100% conservative, my daughter is in the 1% of money makers, has her children in good schools and watches everything they read etc.

            Yes we have a serial killer on the lose and yes it is so easy to kill many of us at one time. Our enemies know it also. For sure.

          25. Rodney Steward says:

            That is super Tiger, seems you’ve done a super job and proud for you as I am my family, it’s called morals that make us want our kids to be special, but sometimes there is always that ONE that has to be straightened out!! But I wouldn’t expect anything different from you, you’re one of the best my friend and many respect you on these forums!! And these enemies are helping on this gun control push also!!

          26. Tiger says:

            So nice of you and I feel the same about you and so many good people on these forums. We are not wasting our time, we alert one another of petitions and of situations and we do good work for our country. The net can be a super place to get action.

            My sons got into a mess now and again, but I think it is a Right of Passage for boys from boyhood to adulthood. They both had a little night in the county jail for foolishness, like the boys I grew-up with in my teenage years in McKinney, Texas. I was notified, they were in their teens and I told the cops, scare their pants off. I could have gone to get them but didn’t. Different time back then. Believe me that was their last brush with the law. LOLOLOL

            My children and the children in our neighborhood, that came through my home like Grand Central Station, piled into my car through the years for great explores and beach time, saved my life, kept me young, gave me hope to make a better life for me and mine. First husband just bad through and through, without those children, friends of my three, in and out for years, right up to them going to college and coming back to visit, I don’t know what I would have been.

            Children were the Joy of my life and the light in my days, such nonsense and drama as they grew-up.

          27. Rodney Steward says:

            We were old young once and most of it I wouldn’t change for nothing, had a night in the jail once and only once! I grew up in a small little town in Alabama, and every body knew every bodies business it seemed and if you did anything at all wrong the WHOLE town seem to know it! And now I’m back near this little town that’s grown a little, but it’s just the simple life that I love!! And there’s one thing about it Girl, we know where we both stand when the SHTF!! 🙂

          28. Tiger says:

            Amen. Again and again, I could hardly wait to get out of Texas, see the world and now am right back in that tiny environment. I used to go to Love Field, the international airport outside Dallas and watch the flights take off for the places around the world. Always said one day I would board one and see that world and I did.

            If I would have had a decent husband, my fault didn’t listen to my parents, I might never have accomplished the things I have, planning and scheming and dreaming of how to get another education, get my children out and make a good life for them, was a driving force. Had I married my first love, he would have been a coach and we most likely would never have left McKinney.

            I now have 100% hindsight and can see at 10 year intervals the path that I was going down and would eventually follow, seems like everything just fell into place, like the pieces of a puzzle. I lived a good life and if I died today, I have no regrets, but for my children and grands my only worries, and why I fight for America to come back and for us to rid ourselves of these plagues and cancers within.

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