Netanyahu: Iran Nuke Deal ‘Will Bring War’

by Adam Kredo | Free Beacon
August 5, 2015

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rallied more than 10,000 Jewish leaders and activists to reject a recently inked nuclear accord with Iran that the Israeli leader believes “will bring war” to the region and provide the Islamic Republic with a nuclear weapon within 10 to 15 years.

Netanyahu, who spoke Tuesday afternoon on a conference call organized by the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA), urged those on the call to do all they can to defeat the deal and stop the Obama administration from enacting it.

“This deal will bring war,” Netanyahu warned. “It will spark a nuclear arms race in the region. And it would feed Iran’s terrorism and aggression that would make war, perhaps the most horrific war of all, far more likely.”

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  • Robert Wilson says:

    Mr. and Mrs Soros,(Formerly husband of Michelle) since on their honeymoon, have not the time to contemplate how they will sink Isreal.

  • 7papa7 says:

    Once again we find Netanyahu right and obama wrong. I can only hope that this won’t happen while obama is in office. I hope we get a strong pro Israel president who will be shoulder to shoulder with Israel when the time comes that we must attack. It needs to be a joint effort to make a real impact on the world. Then all will know that America is tough and it will stand with Israel.

  • Howie Subnick says:

    We still have no idea who the PRICK is in the White House nor do we know where he is from, where he was born or ANY other information, THAT IS TRUE AND CORRECT! Those who are sitting on their hands always saying, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, HAD BEST GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. Terrorism is knocking on our door, The first time was 9-11 and the terrorists are ready again. We don’t know where nor do we know when, but it is a SURE BET THAT THEY WILL COME. You don’t hear from the Hollywood set like we did years ago because they see what has gone wrong since Obama took over. There are ISIS training camps in the United States and our citizens walk around like they are ass kissing buddies. Who knows more than the Prime Minister of Israel. PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES ARE SCARED SHITLESS AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. WHAT A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS AND NO ONE WILL STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TEAR DOWN OBAMA AND THROW HIM TO THE WOLVES. KERRY AND OBAMA SHOULD BE KEEL HAULED AND LEFT AT SEA FOR THE SHARKS TO EAT. GOD BLESS ALL THE LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE FIGHTING A WAR TO KEEP US SAFE!

  • Eric says:

    Yes WW3 is on its way this is written in the Holy Bible, Iran, China & Russia will all attack Israel its all falling into place Obama the Muslim is all for Israel’s destruction as well as the U.S.A’S!!

  • Seedman says:

    Israel being the “apple” of God’s eye equates to His protection. Not so the the United States. Kaboom. So interesting that such a pure man as skunk Obama is the set man.

  • sagan22 says:

    Obama wants us all praying to Allah.. butts in the air 5 times a day… all on welfare breeding likes rats.

    1. Eric says:

      You are Right on! Wish more Americans would wake the Hell up!

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Jews who continue to support Obama in large numbers continue to give evidence that far too many Jews have a death wish. It’s in the genes.

  • kate777 says:

    God bless Prime Minister Netanyahu as he loves his country and wants to protect it. Too bad our President, President Obama does not feel the same way, he is selling out the U.S. of A. What a colosal error the American voter made when they twice elected Obama as President. Those Republicans who failed to vote in the last election are twice more to blame as they could have put an end to this madness by kicking him out of office. President Obama should have been impeached years ago for all the lies and deceits he has performed as well as violating his Oath of Office. What an absolute shame to have Obama as President.

    1. Ameripat says:

      I and everyone I talk to totally agree with you. We all feel so helpless! We call and write our congress and senate and nothing happens from either party. They are all Traitors as far as we are concerned. Time to take up arms…not sure what else to do!

      1. kate777 says:

        I would not give an excuse for President Obama to declare Martial Law as that would do the trick in keeping him in office. Nor would it be smart at this point in time as much as I hate it. We have to use the Vote, and yes, there is vote fraud but we have to continue to try to get those in Office out of Office who are betraying this Nation, whether Democrat or Republican or Independent, through the vote. Many would like you to believe that the vote does not count, but it does as had those Republicans and even Democrats and Independents who did not like what President Obama and his Administration was doing to this Nation had voted in the last election, we would have had Obama out of office. No, the vote does count and those that keep saying it does not are in the business of discouraging one not to bother to vote as want to destroy our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and put in another government as they, the Democrats, tried to do with the passage of The Affordable Care Act, to turn this Nation into Socialism. As frustrating and tiresome it is to continue to fight, we have to do it, through vote One more thing, one can start a Re-call for those Representative and Senators who have not kept their word in each State. It is a lot of work but it can be done. There are plenty who would like to step in their shoes to make things right.

  • ONTIME says:

    I am willing to bet war will come much sooner and be more destructive than we can imagine considering all the well armed countries involved and the fanatics of the left and islam that have a death wish to end the world as we know it….The west and other major religions had better get their head out of their butts and decide to put a end to this growing hatred and intolerance, it is a sick cancer of the zealot of death and the time is now to stamp it out….

  • ZACAL says:

    Jews and Blacks have one thing in common. The irony is the republican party freed the blacks from slavery, and it’s the republican party that stands strong in relentless support of Israel.

  • KDC says:

    Just what BO wants. Give his Muslims brothers the upper hand against Israel. Let’s face it, anything BO does is not good for anyone except his agenda.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    No kidding!!!

  • Ron Kohn says:

    The truth is that Obama hates the Jews but the Jews still like him. That is a hard nut to figure. Some still think he’s doing a good job. What the hell?

    1. lea82835 says:

      It’s regrettable, but unfortunately some Jews think that if you “go along, you can get along”. Have so many already forgotten Hitler. As a Muslim, he is allowed to LIE to the Infidel and you can find pages and pages of his lies on the internet. He is bringing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the Country and no one is questioning him. They are in our Universities, our daycare facilities, spreading their Hate for America. He meets regularly with the Radical Muslim Brotherhood. I write and email the Whitehouse, my Congressmen and rarely get an answer to my specific questions regarding Him and the Muslim community. Illegals are walking across the Border and NO ONE STOPS them. Obama hates the Jewish Community and the United States. He prays to Allah for their destruction.

    2. holland180 says:

      You are soooo right! Go figure why they can continue to support him but many still do!

  • Rowland says:

    Netanyahu himself is a barrier to peace in the region. The only alternative to the deal IS war.

    1. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

      What would be YOUR answer then? If you lived in a country being bombarded (literally) daily, what do you propose? When you’re dealing with Islamists who believe it okay, nay, REQUIRED to lie to “the infidel” what do you propose besides criticism of those who ARE living under those conditions?

      1. podunk1 says:

        It’s time to end terrorism NOW and in absolutely now way fund it! Add it up from Obama’s Arab Spring, throughout the last 7 years Obama has been very active in building the Cali-fatal.

        Weapons for ISIS wasn’t a mistake – They were abandoned by Obama with a big sign, “come & get it”… as in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and now an alliance with Iran (an enemy of everyone… especially God)!

    2. Ken V says:

      Rowland you are drinking too much of the Obama Kol Aid. Remember you have an Iranian, Valarie Jarrad advising him. Wake up idiot and see what’s going on around you.

    3. KDC says:

      Bologna! Netanyahu is looking out for his country’s defense and it’s people against the insurgence of evil all around Israel. You don’t see Israel attacking other countries. Retaliation, yes, but the Muslim countries coming against Israel warrant retaliation. One other thing, Israel wins in the end.

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