Report: 100,000 College Students Selling Themselves For Sex To Pay For College

by Breitbart
March 27, 2015

The three-year survey of 6,750 students by the ‘Student Sex Work Project’ found that one in 20 are involved in sex work to pay their way through university.

Most of those students are involved in “indirect sex work”, with the five main activities for men being stripping, erotic dancing, “naked butler”, performing in pornography and selling sexual services online.

Women were more likely to sell sex on chat lines as well as take part in erotic dancing, stripping, glamour modelling and selling sex online.

More male than female students are involved in sex work, the study also found.

The student found that around five percent of respondents had worked in the sex industry, with more than half wanting to cover basic living costs, and 45 percent wanting to avoid debt. Over 50 percent also said they were motivated by curiosity about the sex industry, while 44 percent were seeking sexual pleasure.

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  • gavinwca says:

    Why not, they are getting screwed with a worthless, overpriced, un informing education, by this socialist, fascist education system. If they are going to get screwed anyway they might as well get paid for it.

  • Sheileagh says:

    Are you kidding me? Lots of us went to college… it was difficult… took money… loans.. grants… we worked (all kinds out there) & paid tuition fees back per lengthy ‘plans’… some are still paying…, but no prostitution was ever necessary. Those who resort to it are doing so because they love to ‘party’, enjoy sexual escapades & actually prefer ‘loaning’ themselves out, rather than “breaking a fingernail” doing more laborious work… & they want FREE condoms too? This is more ‘bull crap’ behavior influenced by “Hollywood standards”… it’s a pathetic & utter disgusting disgrace!

  • HapHarris says:

    Why am I not shocked-? I’m beginning to wonder when they will remove the word “morality” from the dictionary.

    1. illbeyourhuckleberry says:

      Is it still in there? What version do you have?

  • robert says:

    Does this tell us how out of line the cost of higher education is and just how desperate some people to get an education. What does this say about our country. German students don’t have this problem, French students don’t either. I guess people are right we are becoming a third world nation.

  • empty pockets says:

    Somebody…quick…call Rep Barbara Lee (D-Ca) …from Pete Kasperowicz, The Blaze:

    “A senior House Democrat has once again issued an apocalyptic warning that climate change will hit women harder than men, and that it could drive millions of poor women to engage in “transactional sex” in order to provide food and water for their families.”

    She’s too late? It’s already happening! And it’s going on at…colleges? So-called “institutions of higher learning”, which have become, thanks to gov’t increasing interference and progressive ideology, indoctrination centers of higher costs, lower standards and zero morals.

    Perhaps these college students are merely getting on the job training for the “climate catastrophe” we’re supposedly causing. We all know there’s likely to be NO other job for them even after they graduate what with the economic disaster of Barry’s policies including the purposeful ramping up of importation of aliens–illegally and ‘legally’ to compete for what jobs there are.

    So…get really GOOD at your new profession, students. Who knew we had reached the point when even prostitution required a useless college degree.

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