Tunisian suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack faced past German terror probe, official says

BERLIN — The prime suspect sought in the deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market — a 24-year old Tunisian migrant — was the subject of a terrorism probe in Germany earlier this year and was not deported even though his asylum bid was rejected, a senior official said Wednesday.

The suspect — who went by numerous aliases but was identified by German authorities as Anis Amri — became the subject of a national manhunt after investigators discovered a wallet with his identity documents in the truck used in Monday’s attack that left 12 dead, two law enforcement officials told The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, a clearer portrait took shape of the suspect, including accusations that he had contact with a prominent Islamic State recruiter in Germany.

German authorities issued a 100,000 euro ($105,000) reward for information leading to his capture, warning citizens not to approach the 5-foot-8, 165-pound Amri, whom they described as “violent and armed.”

His record, however, further deepened the political fallout from Monday’s bloodshed — pointing to flaws in the German deportation system and putting a harsh light on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s humanitarian bid to open the nation’s doors to nearly 1 million asylum seekers last year.

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  • CCblogging says:

    If you have wondered why the Globalist elites of America and the Socialist EU are committing national suicide by importing murderous Muslim people? Two reasons, complete culture change and eventual martial law. The Globalists have a plan and they are working hard toward enslaving us with their United Nations fascist NWO. George Soros is financing much of this evil. The Globalist/Elitist powers and their puppets aka our leaders Examples: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have intentionally inflicted this mass Muslim invasion on the western world by turning the middle east into a greater hell. The Globalist elites demanded the overthrow of Saddam and Qaddafi so they were disposed of by Globalist puppet Bush and Globalist puppet Obama. The Socialist Fascist leaders of America and the EU have destroyed stable regimes in the ME and created the vacuum now filled by ISIS. Obama and Hillary armed ISIS and turned them loose on us and the world. The ME instability is causing the Muslim exodus, some are coming to escape & many are coming to kill. Why are the Globalists doing this to us? Culture change, more left wing voters and to cause civil upheaval and fighting. Why? They want a reason to step in and declare Martial Law thus seizing total control of our populace. That’s why Obama and Hillary want our guns. If we are helpless, then their dream of a UN fascist, socialist world government can be shoved down everyone’s throat. The NWO is called UN Agenda 2030 and it is scheduled to be fully implemented in just 14 years. Obama and Hillary have been implementing UN Agenda 2030 in increments so Americans won’t know or feel the coming impact on their lives and freedoms. . This nightmare world government erases our nation’s borders, voids all American law. Our US Constitution will be worthless paper under this UN world government. The Globalists have made Islam the official NWO religion because it demands total control and that’s what the Globalists want, TOTAL CONTROL. Believe me, there isn’t any spiritual beliefs held by these creeps. Some of these NWO Globalists pushing this NWO insanity are David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Pope, Michael Bloomberg, the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg group, members of the Council On Foreign Relations and members of the Tri-Lateral Commission. These people control our money, their propaganda news media’s instill constant fear and they keep us in constant wars. Educate yourself on this very real threat to our freedoms! We must get out of the UN Now! We must stop the Globalists or the Republic Of America is finished.


  • Wolfman says:

    So this is what Obutthole considers a refugee??? They start their crap the American people will have to help Trump gather’em up and adjudicate as necessary….Gitmo could fill up real fast ! One American dies from an attack by these jackwads and it’s on Obutthole and the Dems. There should be trials awaiting all of these politicians and bureaucrats being complicate for harboring the enemy and treason…there have been multiple witnesses to these outlaws being processed improperly into America and that is all you need to prove treason!!!

    The connection of Hillary and Russia ( Uranium sales), the actual signing or not signing of the Iran treaty by Iran and if not signed…why is Obutthole doing actions as if it were??? Hillary and the emails…the list is too long to repeat here!!!
    Incompetence or total Dereliction of duty cannot go unpunished!!!

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