Turkey’s Erdogan blames child bomber for attack that killed 51

A suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14 carried out the attack on a wedding party in the Turkish city of Gaziantep on Saturday that killed at least 51 people, the president said.

The attack was the deadliest in a series of bombings in Turkey this year, and President Tayyip Erdogan said Islamic State was likely behind it.

“Initial evidence suggests it was a Daesh attack,” Erdogan said in Istanbul on Sunday, using an Arabic name for the hardline Sunni Islamist group. He said 69 people were in hospital and 17 were “heavily injured”.

A destroyed suicide vest was found at the blast site, officials said.

Islamic State has been blamed for other similar attacks in Turkey, often targeting Kurdish gatherings in an effort to inflame ethnic tensions. The deadliest was last October, when suicide bombers killed more than 100 people at a rally of pro-Kurdish and labor activists in Ankara.

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  • Richard Frick says:

    If obslama had a son, he would want him to be just like the bomber.

  • Tiger says:

    Erdogen is not a friend but a fiend to us and his people. He has 50,000 in jails for the last uprising. He blacks out news and he needs taken out. He wants Sharia Law, he is a Dictator and nobody knows how many of the military he has killed and never will know.

    He was buying oil from ISIS and Putin took the trucks and tanks out. Exposed O for not doing it. O said well he was worried about the environment. Sad thing is none of these leaders including ours will ever suffer from any attacks only the people suffer.

    Every notice that. In all wars only the people die never the leaders and representatives that start the wars. What is up with that?

    1. Phillip_in_TX says:

      Well, not always. There have been “leaders” who have been “taken out” when everything was said and done. Unfortunately, not enough of them though.

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen not the right ones being taken out today. Merkel comes to mind along with O.

  • junkmailbin says:

    Islam has np more maral code. They simply follow the dictates of the sociopathic pediophila rapest Mootimid

    1. Phillip_in_TX says:

      They have 5 things to offer “Death, Destruction, Misery, Oppression, and Brutality.”

      I think I’ve figured out why the Democrats live them so much!

  • PC Bob says:

    Since kids wouldn’t want to do it for the 76 virgins, I wonder just HOW they talked them into it? They can’t recruit adult men anymore, because they all know there aren’t any virgins left in THEIR society! They are all ‘indoctrinated’ by the age of 7 or so! LMAO

  • Rodney Steward says:

    How low can a cult go, taking kids and using them as animals, I guess the older people have wised up and said, NOT ME, I DIDN’T JOIN FOR THIS SH$T!! Sad people die for nothing, but it is called Satan’s army!

    1. Harry J Schaubel says:

      As low as people let them. B4 long it’s gonna take a nuke to get rid of them. Unfortunately, Dear Leader’s plan is to bring them here knowing we wouldn’t want to nuke our own country.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        The worry is with our borders and the terrorist bring in their own nuke or dirty bomb, been proven anything can come across our borders with Obama’s blessings!

    2. Tiger says:

      They do worse than that. They strapped bombs to babies and little children and threw them in front of our convoys and send them with suicide belts to go into areas the soldiers are. They leave children in cars with bombs and the parents run.

      They are less than animals. Animals protect their young.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        You’re right, animals protect their young, but I can not believe the power this cult has on it’s followers, it’s beyond sick!

        1. Tiger says:

          Over 86 famous people from history etc and more from our Biblical history of the Saints had nothing but bad to say about Islam. They have been causing suffering through the slave trade and all they did before the Crusades and after for centuries. It is as if a Demonic Force of millions has plagued us.

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