Turkish PM slams refugee policy of ‘Christian fortress Europe’

by Yahoo! News
September 7, 2015

Berlin (AFP) – Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu on Sunday criticised the “ridiculously small” share of refugees the EU is accepting, labelling the continent the “Christian fortress Europe.”

Turkey had taken more than two million people alone from war-torn Syria and Iraq, creating “a buffer zone between the chaos and Europe,” Davutoglu wrote for Monday’s edition of Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily.

He criticised as low the financial contribution the EU had made in support of Turkey’s effort, according to excerpts pre-released in German by the conservative newspaper Sunday.

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  • VicBailey says:

    These muslim morons have overpopulated and destroyed their way to make a living and we’re supposed to let them do the same thing to us, NOT! Wake up they could have been just as prosperous as any other country had they decided to come out of the stone age. Yet they would rather rape and murder and think that the rest of the world accept their BS, I can remember back in the 70 most all countries in the Arab world was prospering, Even Iran, then they let the STONE AGE people take over and Chaos and Mayhem started all over again and they want to do the same thing to our country, HELL NO! Semper Fi.

  • KentS says:

    Perhaps Davutoglu should consider creating a coalition of the other muslim nations in the region to go in and root out ISIS, which is the root of the refugee problem.

  • adbj102 says:

    He is just going back to the muslim agenda of out breeding every other race and the muslim creed of making slaves of other peoples to pay for their breeding. As soon as they arrive they DEMAND everything free! And that their “Hosts” support them in the style of hard working people! But the communists in every European country twist the facts and DEMAND that the whole economic base of their respective countries be dedicated to the furtherance of Islam. Which is of course the MURDER of every white, Christian, and then they begin on other Muslims! Islam is a CANCER! That will return the WORLD to 609 AD. THINK, all of those “refugees” are from muslim countries that their politicial system has destroyed! Now they want to do it to ours!

  • This guy can kiss Western Europe’s A$$! Why isn’t he complaining about all the Islamic Gulf States who have not taken in one refugee? They have donated lots of money, but do not want these refugees in their countries! Well, neither does the USA or Europe! I can see helping all the families with children, but not all these young men, and the majority coming across the Hungarian border into Austria are young men! There is only one reason for that and that is for an uprising when their Satanic Iman gives them the call! No country in Europe should accept any of the young men, even though many of them say that they left their wives and children in Syria or where ever they came from! What kind of Husband/Man leaves his kids and wife in a WAR ZONE while they seek safety? Only ones I know of are COWARDS and LIARS! If they do have families, then they are Cowards! Or they are Lying to better their chances of staying! Kick the young men back to their caves or Europe and all other nations who accept them, will regret it in the near future! We can all thank the Kenyan Sodomy Queen, Hussein Obama, and his pathetic Arab Spring and the Arming and Financing of ISIS from Bengazi! He and Hillary need to be in Gitmo, the Traitors!

    1. VicBailey says:

      It’s better to have a martyr than a DEAD country! Semper Fi.

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