U.N. chief warns border control policies must not discriminate

by Ned Parker | Reuters.com
February 1, 2017

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday emphasized the need for nondiscriminatory border controls, comments widely seen as a criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump’s temporary freeze on U.S. entry for all refugees and citizens from seven Muslim nations.

“Countries have the right, even the obligation, to responsibly manage their borders to avoid infiltration by members of terrorist organizations,” Guterres said on Tuesday.

“This cannot be based on any form of discrimination related to religion, ethnicity or nationality because that is against the fundamental principles and values on which our societies are based.”

Guterres did not mention Trump or his policies by name. The UN chief had made similar comments on the weekend while attending the Africa Summit in Ethiopia and on Friday at events commemorating victims of the Holocaust.

A diplomat at the UN, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the statement was intended as a commentary on Trump’s actions.

“Blind measures, not based on solid intelligence, tend to be ineffective as they risk being bypassed by what are today sophisticated global terrorist movements,” Guterres said in his Tuesday statement.

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  • Netencho says:

    Well…what else do you expect from the ones trying to implement this Soros World Order Bullshit, and trying to control the whole world with their sewer trash.
    They have no business dictating to what we can do and not do to protect our country and people. So I will say…..THIS COUNTRY IS A CHRISTIAN NATION, and your Racist, Radical, half breed idiot….is not in-charge NOT YOU IDIOTS NOR ANY ONE ELSE CAN SAY WHAT WE CAN AND CAN NOT DO! So….. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df223ce99aaa5144da6b625cffac53331c914f1eee7f350dabd611f42414ab02.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/717b380ca0148e413f04b658c1e6eb7ff95472dde281b8431b8733bd910d6ac1.jpg

  • reverand on the west coast. says:

    who the hell does the UN think they are to tell us who we let in and who we don’t. we have more at stake the the UN does not have to live with the consequenses of a distroyed country, beside that the UN only is interested in forming a one world nation. besides of which, I recalled other countries being selective as to who they take in. like canada for example. after the last terrorist attack that canada had done to them they said they would from their on only take in women and children. so if they can do it. we should be able to take in chirstians only if we want. tell them it is that way or we take none.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The UN is one of the worlds worst problems, it’s none of their business what we do, this trash needs to be CANNED!

  • justinwachin says:

    Our secure borders will help lessen the chance that someone can do harm to the secretary general or other UN officials. If Buddhists were launching terrorist attacks against Americans I would be in favor of blocking Buddhists from entering the country. Many Muslims probably enter our country seeking a better life and having no desire to cause trouble. The Trump order is not designed to keep them out of the U.S. The Trump order is intended to pause the influx of those coming from potential trouble areas until our screening process can be improved.

    1. Kx Brien says:

      justinwachin, don’t be fooled. Any Muslim entering this country may be a potential “I knew what was going on but I didn’t say anything ’cause I can’t go against my faith” Muslim. Surveys have been taken in Muslim communities (here in this country) regarding Sharia Law and Jihad and based on their faith, 80% said that whatever Sharia says, they would follow and in a big majority would frankly prefer. Also, jihad is a part of the teachings of Mohammed.

      They believe that if you are an infidel (non-believer), you can be killed or forced to convert. I’m not saying that they personally would do it, but they also would NOT object to one of their own doing it for them. Why do you think that the vast majority of Muslims WILL NOT STAND UP AND CONDEMN IT! There certainly enough of them to do so as we are told most Muslims and peace loving people.

      Islam has never had a reformation like Christianity. You don’t see Christians following the “eye for an eye” or sacrificing animals, etc. type of life or any of that type of brutality in the Old Testament. Fundamentalist Muslims (Islamic Terrorists) still follow Mohammed’s teachings from the 6th century.

      Anyone coming to this country should have to be able to become a true American, not a Syrian-American, Iraqi-American, etc. An American who may be very religious in his or her faith, BUT also be totally committed to following the laws of this great land, NOT of their chosen religion.

      1. justinwachin says:

        Part of the problem is Muslims in America aren’t speaking out publicly against Sharia law and Islamic violence.

        The Old Testament law was partially invalidated when Israel lost its sovereignty. The conquerers dictated the law rather than the religious leaders. Christians see the sacrifice system ending with the crucifixion of Jesus. The New Testament book of Hebrews made the case for Jewish Christians no longer making animal sacrifices. After all, if the blood of Christ is not sufficient to cover our sins how can a lamb’s blood be any better.

        I agree that when someone comes to America they need to identify themselves as Americans and seek to assimilate into American culture. I have made the case in other posts that the religion of Islam is responsible for creating the environment they are fleeing in their old country. We don’t need their failed religion here.

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    The UN has long been a PC, liberal loser organization that the US would do well to ignore. If you do not discriminate at all then that means no discrimination against terrorists, fool. And europe is SUCH a good example of how to handle muslim immigration since they have had such peaceful, wonderful results. Reality itself speaks against this UN idiot, one merely needs look at recent history.

  • Honorable Servant says:

    Discriminate is a verb,

    recognize a distinction; differentiate.”babies can discriminate between different facial expressions of emotion”synonyms:differentiate, distinguish, draw a distinction, tell the difference, tell apart;

    I believe it is our right as a country to discriminate at our boarders to protect the people of this country. What fool would think a bad person will arrive at our border and be let in because we did not discriminate or look over his/her history. If you are from a country that teaches to kill infidels and American is on your radar as the biggest infidel why would we not want to discriminate? We have systems in place to PROTECT the citizens of the Unite States. If you are not a citizen and don’t plan on becoming a citizen by assimilation in to our culture then go home. If you are not assimilating or going home then I discriminate you to be trying to take over my country. This may get by half the people in America but the other half is watching vigilantly.

  • CAROL CLARY says:


  • JC says:

    To the UN chief—-this is our country not yours and by making that statement you have ID yourself as a racist —-you have no business in preaching what a country does to protect it self—further statements like that will get your crappy UN organization defunded

    1. Retired says:

      Not fast enough .

    2. Rebeccawbroderick says:

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