UK Outlets Refuse to Show Texas Mohammed Cartoons

May 4, 2015

Major UK news outlets have refused to show the cartoons drawn at the Texas art competition where two suspected Islamist gunmen were shot dead.

The Daily Mail and the Times showed images of security officials guarding some of the cartoons, but the cartoons were covered with black boxes. Meanwhile, other outlets have not even shown censored images.

Sky News and the BBC, for example, both showed a man painting one of the cartoons in their report, but only the back of his easel was visible.

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  • BHR says:

    The free nations are letting our freedoms be taken away. What a bunch of cowards. We constantly have to fight for freedom, freedom is never free.

  • Driver_S says:

    Wenny, you need to take off those rose colored glasses. There is no plan in the Muslim belief to accept people of other faiths. The Quran tells them to kill all infidels that don’t convert to Islam. It tells them to take over the world and dominate in the name of Allah. Those Muslims that people say are “good people” are just waiting in the wings biding their time while others slaughter Christians and even some groups of Muslims. If these “good” Muslims were against this annihilation of others they would fight against them and stop the carnage. Muslims have been terrorizing no believers for centuries. Their faith demands it and that’s why we as Christians need to destroy the evil that is Islam.

  • John VanderKelen says:

    The United Kingdom appears to be more Muslim than Christian.

  • Gerry says:

    It appears that the once ” Great Britain ” is not so ” great ” anymore if they have succumbed to the muslim rhetoric. Have they allowed these radical POS to take over how the Brits do business anymore. Instead of living in fear of these bastards — you have to annihilate them BEFORE they have a chance to instill fear among the citizens. After all — think about it — they always go after unarmed innocent people — is that someone to fear — I think NOT. To hell with political correctness wipe these bastards off the face of the earth right along with those who want to embrace them like our very own fraud of a president.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      Could it be that our British cousins are afraid? Or maybe they are just over run by “political correctness”.

    2. Bill says:

      The UK is scared of Islam!

  • Wenny says:

    Palms up is less threatening than pointing a finger. Try it some time.
    From a Christian

  • Vicky says:

    Paris police could have stopped the slaughter if they so chose, just as Texas police stopped the same slaughter by islamists here. There are many in the US and in our individual communities that would have allowed a muslim attack. Many traitors here prefer to protect our enemy. Muslims should not be allowed in the US, it is illegal to allow the enemy into our country to kill us. It is against every law America has. Make no mistake, Islam and any who worship allah are the enemy to all who do not worship allah. Many politicians and citizens are trying to make America into the world’s playground. They work to make the US an international hub where all evil is welcome from everywhere. They want America to be owned by world leaders as a vacation spot for the corrupt and amoral. They want to kill our sovereignty, our rule of law and erase all Christianity along with all patriotism. As Americans lose their knowledge of who God is and their desire to live within God’s mandates, along with enough love of their country to fight for it, the United States disappears.

    1. Wenny says:

      Such prejudice! I am glad the police got these guys in Texas and I agree with the news outlits and other countries for not showing the cartoons. I am a Christian but eighty perecent of Muslims are good people and these cartoons are very disrespectful to their faith. It would be no less respectful if they did this with Christ. Also the 1st amendment of the US Constitution, prevents attacks against and protects people of other faiths. That is why the USA is so grerat. All you are doing is speading hate with your message. If you attend church, this is not what your faith teaches.

  • william says:

    The reason that is,,, !THEY SALUTE with their palms up!

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