Video: Islamic State ‘Cubs’ Kill Prisoners in Mock Combat Drill

by Ben Kew | BREITBART
March 30, 2017

A shocking Islamic State propaganda video shows a group of pre-pubescent children hunting down prisoners in an abandoned building before executing them.

In a film released by ISIS’s Al Hayat News Agency, armed boys known as the “Cubs of the Caliphate” can be seen checking each room in what initially appears to be a standard combat drill.

Rather than practicing with artificial targets, the children shoot down real captives, who despite being handcuffed try to avoid execution by moving from room to room.

According to Sky News, who refused to show the full footage due to its graphic nature, prisoners are shown begging for mercy and screaming in agony, before all of them are finally killed.

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  • Bob says:

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the “Religion of Peace”. I don NOT blame ALL of Islam for this type of crap, but they are self identifying themselves as the “Islamic State”. I DO blame those of the “Religion of Peace” who do not condemn actions like this, or who remain silent. Had these been Christians, how would the reaction be different? When a Pastor was holding a Koran burning, an action I felt was idiotic, the media portrayed him in the worst excesses of the Crusaders. Every time an American service member comes even close to the line, they are fried in both the press the Military Courts. Yet the MSM is deafeningly silent about this. Are they afraid to believe that we are at war, and have been for more than 3 decades, with “radical Islam”? I know they won’t use the term for fear of being labeled as believing Trump.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    We had better start teaching our kids about guns, and about the real world. We had better do something about our “snowflakes” and we had better do something about our educators.

    1. Climax says:

      We can’t do that because it will taint their fragile little minds. Remember there are no loser or winners in any game and everyone gets to go home with a participation trophy. Maybe we should send some of these bleeding heart liberals over there to try an convince these little Tallyban children the proper way to do things, and of course, those guns gotta go. After all it might scare someone. America better wake the heck up and get smart quick because the enemy has already invaded and has been killing Americans. These actions are covered up by the Liberal news media because they don’t want to scare us, we might actually change our attitude and vote in someone with some brains.

  • justinwachin says:

    This is what radical Islam looks like. Satan seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

    Our efforts in the Middle East have failed because our leaders don’t realize what we are fighting against. We are fighting against a demonic force whose only goal is to destroy human life. This same force was at work in the Iran/Iraq war before President Bush launched a war against Iraq in 1991. In that war Iran and Iraq were doing a good job wiping out the other nation’s future generations.

    The real problem comes down to the religion. Islam is a violent religion. Every place where it is allowed to dominate is a place of poverty, misery, oppression and violence. The god they serve is a repurposed moon god. It is not the same deity worshipped by Christians and Jews.

    It’s sad and scary to see children being turned into cold-blooded murderers. Rather than trying to reform these kids the best thing we can do is to wipe them out along with their evil trainers.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    OMG! This absolutely heartbreaking and destible. This is savagery at it’s finest. So when all these liberals including the ones in our government think it is okay to now let refugee children into this country without extreme vetting they should think twice. When these kids are radicalized and think nothing about killing innocent people they don’t give a damn about killing our children especially given their so-called liberties that paint them as innocent children that don’t know any better. This is another reason why I voted for President Trump. When are liberals going to wake up and realize how serious ISIS is about using any means necessary to kill us? They don’t give a crap about who you are are or where you are. All these liberals and some Republicans who are trying to stop Trump’s travel pause better hope they know the karan inside out because they will be targeted just like the rest of us.

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