Conservative Group Estimates Over $80K Loss Due to IRS Targeting; Judge Throws Out Lawsuit, Citing No Ongoing Controversy

by Samuel Smith - CP Reporter
October 28, 2014

In interviews with The Christian Post, leaders of organizations whose lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service was dismissed claimed their fundraising and advocacy efforts were harmed by the IRS harassment, and other conservative groups were effectively abolished by the IRS targeting.

Last Wednesday, U.S. District judge Reggie Walton dismissed the cases against the IRS filed by conservative political advocacy groups True The Vote, Inc., Linchpins of Liberty and several other groups. The groups sued claiming the IRS illegally targeted them because of the nature of their political speech and knowingly stalled the approval of the group’s essential tax-exempt statuses for a multitude of years.

Although it took over three years for many of the groups to get their statuses, Walton dismissed both cases calling them “moot” because the IRS eventually granted tax exempt status, which was the main controversy of the case. Without an ongoing controversy, Walton wrote, his court does not have authority to decide the case.

Linchpins of Liberty President Kevin Kookogey told The Christian Post that Walton missed the larger issue in the case, which is the IRS’ pattern of targeting conservative groups for an “unlawful” delay of tax-exempt status. Kookogey said that for many of the groups involved, status was not granted until the IRS finally had to “submit something under oath.” Kookogey said Linchpins of Liberty plans to appeal the decision.

Kookogey added that the multi-year delay in status put these groups in an bind they were incapable of overcoming as they needed tax-exempt status to guarantee donors a tax write-off for their donations. Kookogey said many other groups that have faced the same issue have not been able to survive the wait.

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  • Bev says:

    How much you wanna bet this judge had a little push or, shall we say, a nudge from Hussein’s admin.? Maybe his family was threatened? Did Withholder tell him how to rule in this case? Or what would happen if he didn’t rule in their favor? EVERYTHING about this bunch of traitors is suspicious.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Exactly. I think Justice Roberts was threatened about Obamacare.

      1. Bev says:

        I believe that as well. I think there’s a LOT of threatening going on in this administration. We see how Withholder talks while in Ferguson, just stoking the flame. They’re troublemakers from the get-go and I’m sure they’ll stop at nothing to get their way.

        I used to have a memo saved, but after a mysterious computer crash, I lost it. It was from the WH, called “By Any Means Necessary.” I’ve been studying a LOT since I heard about the “Stupid American Voter” and other things Gruber’s saying. None of what I’m finding is good. He’s worse than I thought.

        Check this out —

        EVERYTHING I’m finding out is troubling. When we have Liberal professors saying he’s abusing the Constitution, you KNOW it’s bad. Now the immigration EMERGENCY? Why now? Why not in his first two years when the Democrats had it all? They could have passed ANYTHING. They passed what we now know for sure was a total lie, “thanks to the lack of transparency in politics” and stupid American voters. God help us. Our REPUBLIC is gone. Wait till you check out the BHO = Socialist/Marxist page.

  • Stuart Shepherd says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

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