Religious, racial attacks heat up home stretches of campaigns

A Republican candidate for state Senate in Washington is being attacked anonymously for his Catholic views through a cartoonish flier that says he “has always worn his church on his sleeve” and has best represented the people of “the Vatican.”

It’s one of several over-the-top rhetorical attacks that pop up in the last weeks of election season, when identity politics and national security scares are pitched to a polarized electorate.

In the South, race-based appeals are popular ways to rally black voters, while Republicans tie opponents to terrorists.

In Washington state, the anti-Catholic ad targets Mark Miloscia, a Democrat turned Republican. It portrays the former state representative from Federal Way wearing a rosary and pope’s miter and carrying a briefcase adorned with the Mississippi state flag.

“Republican Mark Miloscia came from the Deep South … with plenty of baggage,” the flier reads. “‘Mississippi Mark’ has always worn his church on his sleeve. Rather than represent the people of Federal Way, he has best represented the people of The Vatican.”

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  • LastBestHope says:

    2010 – type wave election on the way and Democrats are very afraid.

    Every vote matters. Be there for US on Nov 4

  • olf says:

    Dear Lord please bring out your people and remove the left haters of sound principles. In Jesus name Amen

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      Malala Yousafzai gives $50,000 to reconstruction of Gaza schools

    2. I Seigel says:

      Yeah, no right haters around here. All the haters just happened to be from the left.

      1. olf says:

        The Lord your God is waiting to hear from. I hope you will deny satan and confess your sin. Where he is going you don’t want to go.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Can you go back to the Lord’s Prayer again? I loved that. It was so much more entertaining than this mindless drivel.

  • Frank A Rampino says:

    this is religious racism

    1. I Seigel says:

      Not really

  • armydadtexas says:

    once again, the democ-RATS spew forth thier HYPOCRACY! democ-RATS are RACIST, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI Women and ANTI-AMERICA. The only thing they are pro is POWER to CONTROL

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      How Christian of you to say so with such conviction albeit misplaced, violent in nature and oh so childlike.

      1. armydadtexas says:

        By all means tell me where I am not being factual. Tell me what happens when a Black person leaves the democrat party, because they discover they are conservative! I can tell you easily. That person is immediately demonized as an “UNCLE TOM” or is “STUPID”, example: C. Thomas Supreme Court Judge, etc. Tell me why the mention of God or the Bible has been demonized and outlawed in the Public School. I can tell you. democ-RATS have twisted what the Constitution of the United States says in the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment states: FREEDOM OF Religion, not from religion Who is it that continuously blames America for all the ills of the world? Obama has now gone on multiple apology tours around the world, blaming America for the world’s ills. I can tell you.
        etc, etc, etc. You leftiist democ-RATS no longer can hide behind stealth, fear and intimidation. We know what you are truly about. You are a bunch of “child like” THUGS

        1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

          Yes indeed a rapist as an example. You chose well, a perfect example to make a point, just not the one you attempted to put forth.

          1. armydadtexas says:

            There you go, blowing up your credibiltiy with more of the democ-RAT RACIST blathering. You are nothing but a far, left wing, radical, extremist, Marxist, dolt! You are A loser, cry baby, hypocrite. Typical leftist. I won’t bother responding to your typical leftist attempt at demonizing someone who refused to walk on to the democ-RAT plantation. You go ahead and stay there and rot, like the little democ-RAT you are. Raymond, you are clearly a brain dead loser. Accept it and go back to doing what ever you leftist loser do.

          2. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            And you are a judgmental fuck head nothing more.

            YOU ARE A LIBERAL IF …

            1. You are able to form
            your own opinion without the influence of television.

            2. You are colorblind when
            it comes to race or national origin.

            3. You are serious about

            4. You believe a woman has
            the right to make her own medical decisions without government

            You believe education and health care should be subsidized for the
            common good.

            6. You believe government
            is “of the people, for the people and by the people” and not just
            for corporations.

            7. You believe in “Liberty
            and Justice FOR ALL”.

            8. You believe in the
            separation of church and state.

            9. You believe in, and
            have even read a book or two about science.

            10. You believe people are
            more important than corporations.

            11. You believe that
            affordable healthcare is a basic right – not a privilege (for the

            12. You believe that the
            Bible and the Constitution are not interchangeable.

            13. You can find Iraq on a
            map while understanding that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

            14. You consider all the
            facts on issues instead of calling your grandparents and asking them
            what to think.

            15. You do not believe
            corporations are people too, friend.

            16. You don’t believe
            that being a woman is a “pre-existing condition”.

            17. You have left a
            restaurant because Fox News was on the television.

            18. You know how to read a
            map and understand there is a world outside our borders.

            19. You know the
            difference between adhering to the Ten Commandments and merely
            preaching them when convenient.

            20. You know the
            difference between fascism and communism.

            21. You know what being
            socialist actually means.

            22. You like books, not
            viewing them as merely being kindling.

            You prefer to breathe non-cancer-causing air and drink non-toxic

            24. You read food labels.

            25. You registered
            Republican so you could vote for their weakest candidate in their

            26. You remember that
            Reagan increased taxes on the rich.

            27. You remember that
            Reagan strongly believed in the separation of church and state.

            28. You think that sexual
            relations between two consenting adults is their personal and private

            29. You try to live up to
            the ideals Jesus taught such as brotherly love, taking care of the
            sick, the elderly, the poor.

            30. You understand that
            “trickle-down economics” is like a “pissing contest” in that
            nobody ever wins – everyone just ends up getting wet.

          3. Bill Krueger says:

            Anybody that says this current government is of the people for the people and by the people is quite frankly a quart short. Even a blind person can see we have a government of the party for the party and by the party period. And we are to blame because we voted life time politicians into office and now they feel they own us and America.

          4. armydadtexas says:

            You wouldn’t know, nor do you have the capability to think for your self. You are hooked up to the far, left wing, radical, extremist, anti-American, Anti-God, Anti-Christ, cool aid. Same brain dead, foaming at the mouth tripe as the idiot n sleaze. You are as culpable in the left’s contempt for the United States as Oblow-hole. And Obama has proven to be right on the border line of treason.

          5. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            Whilst you know it all share it with anyone that will listen, presume to speak for God and are as judgmental as almost any other moronic right wing dipshit.

          6. olf says:

            Thank you Jesus for the attributes that give freedom, joy, love and peace that surpass all understanding.
            Discernment, reason, love, joy, righteousness, prosperity, brotherly love, selflessness, wisdom, truth and justice for all. Amen

          7. Bishop Robert M. Paris says:

            Raymond is an interesting person. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He uses language that would make a Sailor blush with shame, and his ideas are largely drawn from Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton.

          8. Bill Krueger says:

            You may not like this Raymond but I pray that one day you will understand how serious of a mistake you make when you call the Triune God a rapist. The Creator of life, yours and mine, who could have created every human being from the dust of the earth but instead created man and woman and then created the reproductive process so His creation would do the work of reproducing human beings. Is it any wonder He had the power to impregnate Mary without intercourse. I will pray for you because I want you to become a follower of God before your judgment day. Jesus suffered and died for you as well as all of us so that when we leave this earth we have the opportunity to suffer no more and even if you don’t believe that, it doesn’t change the fact that He did it.

          9. I Seigel says:

            I’ve read thru this entire string of posts, and I can’t find the part where Raymond said that the Triune God is a rapist. Could you show me that please?

            He mention the word “rapist” in an earlier post, but I believe he was characterizing Clarence Thomas as one, since ArmyDadTexas used “C Thomas” as an example of a “stupid” “Uncle Tom” in one of his ludicrous rants.

            I swear, these Army and Marine guys here all have PTSD or something. Or they’ve been taken over my some demonic Saddam plague or something.

          10. Bill Krueger says:

            It well could be Raymond wasn’t referring to God but he wasn’t clear since this whole conversation centered around God and spread out from there. If I was wrong I am man enough to apologize but I’ll still pray for all those who attack God and put those of us down who believe in Him. And by the way I am neither a Marine or Army. Unfortunately I was not able to serve our great country in the Military Service but I have served her in every other way I can. I pray this puts to rest your concern about PTSD when you read a counter opinion.

          11. I Seigel says:

            Sir, I appreciate and thank you for a very reasonable and reasoned response.

            I was not referring to you, by the way, with my comment about PTSD. I was referring to the frantic ranting and name-calling from ArmyDadTexas in this thread. My apologies for not being clear.

          12. olf says:

            Thank you Bill Kruger, for speaking truth to the lost.
            God Bless your way as you continue spreading the word of God. All who seek truth will meet Jesus. Amen

    2. olf says:

      Please don’t feed the trolls. (leftist haters) Deny them their reward system by ignoring their folly. Thank You Dear Lord. In Jesus name Amen

    3. Kelly Guthridge says:

      Least we forget they are also Pro Muslim too

  • CTH says:

    What puzzles me is why so many democraps express a disbelief in God but insist on their divine right to govern us.

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      As opposed to the right wing that says they want smaller government then insist on going to the Drs office with women and tell them how to be treated by the Drs? Yeah ok asshat you are the party of no government

    2. I Seigel says:

      What puzzles ME is why so many Republicans express their belief in Jesus, but then go against His teachings every chance they get. You believe in Jesus on Sunday, give your donation or whatever and you call yourselves “people of God”.

      Then on Monday, you rant and rave about “takers” and “moochers”, instead of showing compassion and charity, which is Jesus’s teaching. You want to close the doors to others who seek a better a way of life or who are escaping from murderous drug gangs and corrupt governments.

      On Tuesday, you rant and rave about abortions and the sanctity of life, but then refuse to provide support for needy mothers, refuse to support policies that would promote parenthood, refuse to support teachers, better schools and higher budgets for education, refuse to support programs that would help drug users and gang members stay out of trouble. You could care less about that baby after it’s born.

      On Wednesday, you again stomp your feet about lazy “takers”, insisting they get jobs and stop living off the taxpayers. But then you turn right around and won’t support a decent minimum wage and you vilify labor unions which, historically, have helped to form a middle class in this country by negotiating decent wages and safe working conditions. And this would even the playing field so that there’s no incentive for businesses to hire illegals, because they would have to pay the same decent wage to everyone.

      On Thursday, it’s screaming about gays. Never mind that Jesus and the Bible said that all men (and women) were made in God’s image.

      On Friday, you just look forward to getting drunk after work. And getting together with your buds to whine about the democ-rats.

      On Saturday, you pretty much ignore your family and watch sports. Maybe go to the rifle range or dress up like Duck Hunter.

      And then it’s back to Sunday again and time to show how religious you are.


  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Catholics are most compassionate and moral people. Mark Miloscia has been part of helping the neighbors in Federal Way, and people of Washington State. He was a good and decent person with big heart, and brilliant mind. His track records of performance had exceeded expectations, and beneficial to the citizens of Federal Way, and Washington State. We need him right there at the Olympia Capitol building, to defend us.

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      Actually speaking especially moralistically Wiccans surpass Catholics who have such wonders as the Inquisition and the Crusades in their past. Christians in general have quite a checkered history, generally speaking. Wiccans on the other hand have been persecuted ( still often are).

      1. papa_r0n says:

        That’s pretty ” STUPID “!

        First, Tell my a religious belief that doesn’t have a checkered past and second, why are U doing comparisons with the Inquisition and Crusades.
        We’re in the here and now, with today’s religious issues and where they would go from today onward !

        1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

          Awwww did I cause a black eye to the great and powerful? Tell me were you born an adult or did you grow up? While growing up did you formulate habits that you retain to this very day? So did the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church and trying to hide it’s past is foolish and would be near a lie by omission. Now you aren’t willing to lie are you? Also if you read my post you already have your answer to your question on a religious belief that actually does not have a checkered past except in Aesop’s Fables and other Fairy Tales. If Catholics thought they would have whatever they tried to do to others return on them threefold perhaps you would have a point. What you have now is denial. Oh and do you really think calling me stupid is Christian? Ask your God for forgiveness for losing your temper and for attempting to offend another human being and have a pleasant day.

          1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            Oops silence? Need help answering? LMAO ROFL

          2. papa_r0n says:

            No, you just can’t fix STUPID,so remain the MORON you are. BTW, I have no problem telling people things to their face either. Your response is so off center, a response to you is just a waist of time. As I’ve seen with your other post, it seems others feel the same way. BTW , AHOLE, your seemingly legal interpretations for the most part are opinions. That’s why in matters of legal disagreement, sometimes even both sides could be found wrong. Just look at our government, run by so many genius attorney’s, like yourself and look how these geniuses screw up our country day after day, year after year. So try taking your head out of your BUTTHOLE with your sarcasm and try doing something to benefit the world, like walking in front of a speeding train or something and rid us of yourself !!!

          3. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            Such Christian virtue exuding from you papa.

    2. olf says:

      Please Praise the Lord, in asking for honest, true elections that deny any more corruption of the leftist immoral occupation in our government. In Jesus name Amen

      1. I Seigel says:

        Why don’t you ask the Lord for honest, true elections that deny ALL corruption? Is it that you’re OK with conservative, rightist corruption, but you don’t like leftist corruption? Or do you just think that conservatives are all pure of mind, body and spirit and evil only resides in the left? Tell me – inquiring minds want to know.

        In God’s name, Amen.

        1. olf says:

          Our Father,who is heaven, hollowed be the name, The kingdom come, the will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we, forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation.
          For Yours is the Kingdom, power and glory, Forever and Ever Amen
          All corruption / evil will one day be stopped and judged. Corruption is infested millions, leftist teaching is at the lead in evil currently. There will be many more on all sides who will be judged and thrown to the curb. Starting with the sickest teachings first. All will be vetted and face the truth. Seek yea first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you. Matthew 6 :33 . Thank You Lord, for hearing our petition, and cries of forgiveness. In Jesus Name Amen

          1. I Seigel says:

            Olf, I gotta tell you – this is one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a long time. OK, I’m going to switch to capital letters now, because I want to yell, and I want to make sure you hear me. But don’t worry, I made sure the Lord is OK with it.

          2. olf says:

            Thank You. God Bless you to your path.

          3. I Seigel says:

            God bless you, too. But I doubt you will find your path. The Lord helps those who help themselves. But He doesn’t take kindly to the willfully ignorant and those who do not seek nor are open to the Truth.

          4. olf says:

            God Almighty is the way, truth and life.
            What ever is bothering you it can be corrected.

    3. I Seigel says:

      I guess you missed the part about the Inquisition, the Crusades, the witch trials, the Nazi collaboration, the child abuse, the mass graves of Irish babies. But, oh yes, the moral superiority of Catholics is unquestioned.

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