114,000 Tennessee immigrants now eligible to vote…

by Jessica Bliss | The Tennessean
September 21, 2015

Leticia de la Paz’s family has two major motivations for pursing U.S. citizenship.

They want to move past the discrimination they feel as foreign-born residents, and they want to take part in choosing a leader who, as de la Paz says, “will care about immigrants and a better future.”

She shares these sentiments through a Spanish-language interpreter, as her 25-year-old daughter, Gabriela, works through a crowded room at Nashville’s Global Mall where dozens of Middle Tennessee immigrants are completing the paperwork that will put them on the path to naturalization.

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  • KDC says:

    Oh, goody. Kiss this election goodbye with the uninformed liberal immigrants!

  • Denise ogrady says:

    Bob stuff go lay by your liberal dish! Oblowhole did this for votes only!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      I guess you don’t want the whole story, maybe you should return to you country of origin. The funny part of all this is the Hispanics should be republicans but the party doesn’t like them and drive them away.

      1. Bob2002 says:

        I disagree that the Republicans do not like the Hispanics, its just that we want them to come here legally.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          The republicans like the ones that speak perfect English and have assimilated. As long as the Hispanics maintain their culture the Republican party wants no part of them. Haven’t you been listening to those nice people running for president, Trump being the champ but most of the others falling in step.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Another misleading piece. You would think from reading the headline that 114.000 just became able to vote when the article talks about a small group starting on the path. We are a country of immigrants and the number of legal immigrants is limited. Don’t think it’s easy to get into the US as legal immigrant, it took two years for my son in law and he had two masters degrees and one PHD. Unless you are older and have live here form 10 to 20 years depending on your age you must speak English. You also must take a test that most people born here couldn’t pass.

    1. KDC says:

      “take a test that most people born here couldn’t pass.” Want to know why that is? Because our school systems are run by progressive /communist/socialists and they dont teach the kids anything. If they do manage to teach them, they push their communist agenda. Forget our American history. It’s riddled with lies even from when I was a kid. So don’t get so high and mighty with your immigration comments..

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I have taken the test and passed it with no problem but I did take a lot of American history and did well in it. Some times I think you should have to take the test to run for office, then the people like Trump would have a clue how the government works. My guess is you haven’t had to help with homework lately. I hate the new math but the rest is not bad. I don’t depend on the schools to do all the teaching, didn’t with my kids and don’t with my grand children. I know my schools are not run by communist / socialists. We elect our school board and they reflect the community.

        1. KDC says:

          Ours in Mass. are socialist infiltrated. But, then there are loads of moon bats here, too. That’s why I’m moving. Don’t want to get stuck here with these creepy people. Btw I am constantly educating my granddaughter on things they never taught her in school. One example being a notary. Went through the whole thing with her. Look up moon battery. Hope you don’t fit the description.

  • niko says:

    I want to know who’s paying fur the interpreters salary,oh wait I know the American tax payer. Letecia needs a 2by4 to the head then dumped on the other side of what ever fence we have between mexicants and Americans!!!!

  • carpkiller says:

    A wall with laser guns and motion activated sensors. Puff.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    She shares these sentiments through a Spanish-language interpreter

    Read more at 1776 Coalition: http://www.1776coalition.com/other-news-1/114000-tennessee-immigrants-now-eligible-to-vote#ixzz3mNtwCcDz

    How can any immigrant deal publicly with any American issue when they refuse to even learn the language.

  • Mary Ann says:

    We can’t take care of our own people, so why are we importing more? This is really disgusting. I really do think that we should shut the borders of this country to ANY immigrants! We don’t need them.

    1. KDC says:

      Why, to tear down the Soverignty of the United States!

  • VirgoVince says:

    WHY, WHY, WHY are we still importing more 3rd world garbage, they DON’T deserve to be IN OUR country and SHOULD be forbidden entry?? They can’t fix their own countries, but they think they should change OURS! Bullshit!
    EVICT them ALL, by ANY means necessary! They have NO rights here and ALL gotta go, ASAP!

    1. Mary Ann says:

      I totally agree with you VirgoVince! What the hell is going on here? I know what’s going on. We have an illegal immigrant president, so why shouldn’t he let some of his brethren in? They really should all be ousted from this country. Love your post.

    2. Bob2002 says:

      Its called liberalism. Liberalism is responsible for allowing a Muslim to become president of the USA. Of course, the RINOs can not see the forest for the trees. They believe (as do the Democrats) that if we cater to Third World refugees other countries will love them. That is also why they never questioned Obama’s birth certificate.

      1. edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

        Some of these people may have been here for 15 – 20 years and for some reason or another not been able to attain citizenship until now; yes, I agree she should be able to speak and understand English. Some cities have teachers who will work and teach people like her such as OKC.

      2. primitive says:

        WE have no RINOS. Only Republicrats and Demicans!

        1. KDC says:

          Oh, okay. Whatever you say. As if…

    3. primitive says:

      Perhaps they have no rights here and no standing, but people are not garbage!


  • reggie says:

    She can’t f***ing speak the language and she’s eligible for citizenship? How many years has she been here? What bs! Leticia, and the rest of you, you are a disgrace. I’m speaking as the child of an immigrant parent who busted chops to learn the language and integrate into this society. You’re nothing but a bunch of parasites who want to bring in more parasites for us to clothe and feed. Once the money runs out, you’ll all go back to where you came from and we’ll be holding the empty bag.

    1. Mary Ann says:

      You’re right reggie! if you can’t or don’t want to learn the language, get the hell out! We have enough problems in this country without importing more. They are a bunch of leeches who want to take and take and never give back. Sickening and disgusting. Great post.

      1. Bob2002 says:

        When my wife became a naturalized citizen 5 decades ago, one of the requirement was she had to speak English. Since then they have changed the rules to allow anyone who could not speak English to take the test and give the oath in their native language. How stupid is this!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It still as requirement, the test is given in English only unless you are over 50 and have been here legally for 20 years or are over 65.

          1. primitive says:

            But for others, do they provide interpreters?

          2. bobnstuff says:

            The exam will be done in your native language It’s called the 50/20 rule. http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/tests-you-will-need-pass-become-us-citizen.html

          3. KDC says:

            Oh, is that anything like when my daughter took a driver’s test and had to answer 30 questions? While the immigrant next to her only had to answer 15? Was that 50 ques. for the citizen, 20 for the immigrant rule.?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            If she had gotten them right they may have let her go with 15. I guess you didn’t read the link. My guess is you would be in trouble if you had to take the citizens test.

          5. KDC says:

            No, it’s just the double standard with illegal immigrants. Give me a break, I know all about that test.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I believe we need an immigration policy that works for everyone. We don’t have one now and I’m not convinced the Republicans want one. I read the bill passed by the Senate last year and have no problem with it. I don’t see illegals much if any in my area so I can’t speak about a double standard. Of the 100 plus people I work with only one is an immigrant. We get people coming through the store from all over the world, Almost as many from Israel as Mexico. I Speak some Spanish but speaking Russian would be more useful. We also have a large number of Hindis in our area because of the three Temples near use. We are a country of immigrants and it is what makes us strong. I remember the stories about the Irish immigrants and the hate they had to go through. The sea of change is rising and you can either rise with the tide or drown.

          7. KDC says:

            We already have laws in place. We need to adhere to them. This influx of illegals has got to stop. They should not get benefits paid for by Americans…period. We are a country of laws. A country of LEGAL immigrants…NOT AN INFLUX OF ILLEGAL USERS! The key word being ILLEGAL. And the other word is ASSIMILATION.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Have you looked at the laws on the books, They are a joke. It’s cheaper to pay the fine for hiring them then to pay Americans. The laws can not be enforced with the manpower we have. If the illegal isn’t from Mexico they must have a hearing before sending them back but there aren’t enough judges so there is a 60 week backlog. As of right now being here illegally is the same level of crime as a speeding ticket. Do you want to pay to keep a illegal in jail for over a year for a crime that small. These laws have never been enforced, by any president. The Law passed by the senate goes a long way to fix many of the problems.

        2. Rx7pj says:

          No, read the requirements. There is a link at the bottom of the article.

          1. Bob2002 says:

            It does not matter what the naturalization requirements are because this Administration has changed so many laws (illegally of course) that these laws are ineffective. It appears that Obama and company cater to Hispanics more than they do to a natural born citizen. The sooner he is out of office the better off our country will be. We must get back to enforcing all laws equally and following the constitution.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I can’t fined any change in the naturalization rules from the Administration. If you have a link supporting you statement I would like to read it.

          3. Bob2002 says:

            You know good and well the Obama regime would not publicly change the rules, but silently they will instruct the ones running the program to allow as many people from certain countries easy access to citizenship by speeding up the process and taking short cuts; such as no testing if they can not speak English or by allowing those who can not speak English to be given an interpreter. .
            Just look at what the DHS has done in enforcing the border. DHS has instructed the Border Patrol to allow illegals to come over the border and they are not to arrest them. Even those arrested are not monitored for compliance to show up in court at a later date.
            Nothing this Administration does would surprise me and particularly in the areas of border control and naturalization, because they want more Democrat voters.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            In other words there were no changes but you have been lead to believe that there were. Just like the story told by a no name border patrol agent that had no proof. It’s real funny that you can’t even say where you got the “facts” from.

          5. Bob2002 says:

            The “facts” speak for themselves. Obama has proven he believes he is above the law and he believes he can change law by his Executive Orders. For instance, look at how many times he has changed his ObamaCare law. Executive Orders can not make law. They are to be issued to only implement a law; not to change a law. If you want proof of Border Patrol Agents being told to not arrest illegals crossing our borders, do your own homework and “google” it. Now you Obama loving troll do not answer any more of my blogs because I am tired of trying to educate you on what is happening with this Administration.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I have done my homework, to bad you haven’t, You believe what ever you are told as long as it is anti Obama. EO’s are legal. He has used them like every other president. The number of them he has created is no more then other presidents. Had he broken the law he would have been impeached. If you don’t understand these things it’s because you don’t want to. As far as the border, The President asked for more agents, but the house said no, as the house does for everything he asks. he asked for more judges to speed up immigration hearings but the house said no. The senate passed a bill that addressed the problem and the house wouldn’t even look at it. My guess is you never looked at it either. You see I took the time to educate myself plus even though I’m not all that impressed with the president I’m even less impressed with how the republicans have just said no and tried to block everything. I could explain the Presidents way of dealing with the immigration problem and the illegals in our country, but I know it would be a waste of time on a hater like you.

          7. Bob2002 says:

            EOs are legal only if they do not make law or change current law. Only the Congress has that authority per our constitution. As I said do your homework. Are you a native born citizen? As for impeaching Obama, McConnell and Boehner told Obama when they got control of the House and Senate in the 2014 election that there were two things they would not do. Number one is shut down the government and Number two is they will not impeach Obama. So do not tell me if Obama was doing anything illegal he would be impeached. The president never asked for more agents because he never wanted to close the border. He is a Democrat and you very well know what Democrats stand for; more illegals to be converted to Democrat voters. Obama tried to allow illegals to obtain everything citizens have (Amnesty), but a judge in Texas stopped him.
            I am not a hater, but I am for impeaching Obama because he has never enforced all laws equally. In the 2008 election, in Philadelphia the New Black Panther Party stopped white voters from voting by standing at the voting booth door with base ball bats and batons. This was brought to Eric Holder’s attention and he chose to not pursue it.
            Then the Obama Administration allowed “the Fast and Furious” fiasco to go forward whereby weapons were sold and given to the drug cartel in hopes of getting the public behind him for outlawing guns. The fiasco part happened in 2010 when Border Patrol Agent “Brian Terry” was killed by one of these guns. Even though Eric Holder was held in contempt of congress, the congress chose to not do anything to Holder.
            What we have going on in this country right now is both political Parties protect each other and this causes the Citizens to be the big losers. Until we rid our country of Socialist Democrats and RINOs who are taking their orders from special interest groups such as GE, George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the Chamber of Commerce, nothing will change. That is why the best candidate for the 2016 election is Donald Trump who is beholden to no one.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I guess you don’t remember last year when all those children were coming in and Obama asked for more judges and more agents? Oh your Black Panther in Philly, One man standing 200 ft. from a polling place. There were no bats or batons, just one guy who was black. Oh and fast and furious, 410 guns. The tracking device failed. There’s a gun shop in Chicago the put that many into the city every week but the NRA fights any law that would stop them. As far as taking orders from special interest groups, look up ALEC
            Trump is a joke, Which Trump are you for? He changes daily.

          9. Bob2002 says:

            Oh, I remember last year when Obama allowed all those so called children coming from Central America. He had his people put out the word in Central America that if anyone reaches the US border, he would allow them to enter; and they were not only children; many were gang member. Then a few months later he misused our tax dollars to fly their relatives to the USA, put them up in Hotels, and gave them welfare. You obviously are blind because there were at least two New Black Panther members on the porch of a voting station with bats and batons.
            Fast and Furious, there were 2000 weapons involved between 2009 and 2011.
            Trump is much better than your Hillary (liar, liar, your pants are on fire), or the socialist Bernie Sanders.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Once again you prove that you get your information from unreliable sources. Under the law passed in the Bush years all the children had to do was go up to a border guard and ask for asylum and they had to be taken in and given an asylum hearing before the could be sent back. It’s the law. I don’t know were you get your facts from but you are being lied to right ad left. If you check your facts on Fast an Furious you will find that in the end 410 guns was it. One thing I have learn from reading about Fast and Furious s there is s much miss information out there it can be hard to see the truth. Why would anyone trust facts from web sites with no authors name on it? I ran into half a dozen like that. Have you ever heard of Operation Wide Receiver? As far who lies the most

            Trump http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/


            Bernie http://www.politifact.com/personalities/bernie-s/

          11. bobnstuff says:

            And you know bloody well that if Obama does anything that the republicans will hold 8 hearings to try to find some wrong doing. There is a small detail in all your stories that is missing, Proof.

      2. reggie says:

        Thanx. I used to have some sympathy and volunteer taught English to immigrants. The sponsoring church used to give free lunch to the students. That area had a large number of ill eagles predominately hizspanik. The other ethnic groups came to class every Saturday. The hizpanik ill eagles stood outside then pushed to come in for free lunch. The church finally had to hire a guard and lock the door. After a few of the ill eagles told me that I needed to learn Spanish, I was done. Send them all home. I don’t care where they’re from; no legal, no speak da language, no assimilate, me no want u.

    2. Rx7pj says:

      Did you bother to read the naturalization requirements.? There is a link at the bottom of the page.

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