140 Inner City Chicago Stores Charged with Food Stamp Fraud

As the number of Americans on food stamps grows, so, too, do fraud and abuse. Food stamp “trafficking,” in particular, has grown so much that 140 stores in Chicago’s inner city have been cited for food stamp fraud, many of them shut down as a result.

With African Americans suffering badly during the Obama administration, the number of Americans on SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is at an all-time high, having increased by around 19 million Americans since Obama took office. According to the National Review, the number of black households on food stamps has risen 58.2 percent since 2008. And while the U.S. government has been cracking down on fraud and abuse, store owners are still tempted to illegally exchange cash for food stamps.

Typically, store owners will give SNAP holders fifty cents on the dollar in cash while redeeming the food stamps for the full amount with the government. While recipients may be losing a portion of their benefits by “trafficking” in food stamps, having the cash allows them to use the money for illegal purchases like drugs.

“We see a lot of it. It’s a major problem. It’s our tax money that’s basically funding these criminal operations,” Assistant State’s Attorney David Williams told the Chicago Tribune.

But the money is also useful for legitimate expenses like rent, electric, and other bills for which SNAP cannot be used. And with the real median income among black households falling nationwide from $35,945 to $35,398–a 1.5 percent drop since 2014–the extra hard money is often welcome.

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  • Tyronne Shoelaces says:

    Welcome to Obozo’s hope and change America.

  • robert sanders says:

    tell the black community to go out and GET A JOB.

  • jngtelco says:

    Getting the 140 stores is great but where is the list of Food Stamp Fraud users and why have they not been taken off Food Stamps. As a Tax Payer I am tired of paying for all this Fraud!

  • Tiger says:

    Out where I live the corner store, the only one around here takes food stamps for booze and everything. Happens all over this country. It has been going on for years. My neighbor a professional yet, who got a DUI and is still rocking from those consequences is hooked on prescription drugs and she knows all the docs so can get them. She is now on food stamps until they get on their feet and she has no problems with taking them and trading them for those drugs. She is a Mental Health Counselor. Yepper.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Seems that her and Hellary have a lot in common!

      1. Tiger says:

        Yeh and the sad thing is she paid a lawyer 20,000 to get it dropped to a first DUI when really it was her 4th. She is in the system and new her therapist so he didn’t make her clean up. We expect to find her dead in the road someday she gets really wild when high. Oh and she retained her license her lawyer saw to that also.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Sounds like she’s doing much more than handing out money!!

          1. Tiger says:

            Well you are sharp there for sure. Well known around town and the saddest part is she is a really intelligent and nice woman when not strung out. I am about the only one who tolerates her anymore. I tell her to get it in one bucket before something terrible happens to her.

            I can’t be mean to someone or cut them off because they are sick with drugs or alcohol. We used to help them to get on their feet by giving them money but found out she abuses her husband, a real weeny and takes it for drugs. So no more money.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Like you, I’ll help anyone I can, but after a while if they don’t want to help themselves, they have to be cut off! Sad people get this way!

          3. Tiger says:

            A waste of a beautiful woman and a beautiful mind. Yesterday I told her if nothing else look how you are losing your looks and your figure. You are too young for that, I said that would sure be a wake-up call for me.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            We can only hope for the best and she’s been lucky so far, so many people aren’t lucky but maybe there’ll be a wake up call somewhere! With a friend that goes by Tiger, I’d say she’s in pretty good hands!!

          5. Tiger says:

            Ahhh thanks. I feel so blessed I just can’t turn my back on people who need help. Gotta keep my life balanced, with the way I fight libs need to offset it with good.

            Speaking of which look at this. Of all the things H has done this is the icing on her cake and a nail in her coffin and Trump needs to get this out there.

          6. downdraft says:

            Tiger…we gotta vote…we gotta find a candidate that is like a “Junk Yard Dog” … like the ones junk yards buy and put in their junk yard to catch and bite thieves who steal his belongings at night…
            I’m sure you might recall from Judges in the Bible God when got mad because the Israelites were worshiping idols, and grossly misbehaving…He found someone in one case named Samson…Samson was a womanizer, a roust-a-bout, one who “had been around the water front” so to speak…and told him to clean house…that He (God) would back him up, furnish him soldiers, and weapons…just clean house…
            Samson was His “junk yard Dog”
            Samson did his job, God rewarded him…then later when Samson screwed up He…you got it…He dumped Samson too…
            I see Trump much like that “junk yard dog”…Trump is no sweet heart…but he knows his way around the water front, …and he ain’t too bad a guy, he is smart, he isn’t much of a gentleman, lousy vocabulary…just don’t give him the keys, keep a reign on him and keep him well fed with the likes of Hillary

          7. Tiger says:

            Amen and David killed and St Paul killed and the mind of the Almighty is something we don’t understand but He knows what to do.

          8. downdraft says:

            “the mind of the Almighty is something we don’t understand but He knows what to do.”

            …that is why I have to discipline myself to not take back my concerns which I turned over to Him…as you point out He knows what He is doing…WE just don’t know what we are doing.

            If we “take it back” from Him…then i means we don’t trust Him!

            So, when I say “Trump”…I am taking it back…when in actuality He might have “Charlie Brown” in mind as His choice “junk yard dog”! :>)

          9. Tiger says:

            I am just praying daily for the Almighty to drop a fireball on H and O.

          10. Tiger says:

            Trump is all we have and anyone who hasn’t listened to his speeches and thinks otherwise is the problem not the Almighty.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            This is sick and evil, and it’s bad to say, butHellary is one woman I wouldn’t mind at all to see dead!!

          12. Tiger says:

            I agree and so do millions. Nobody that evil goes down easy. I know seen it.

          13. Rodney Steward says:

            I just have a bad feeling that the system is going to put her in the house to preserve their power they feel like they’re loosing, and bad things will happen under her rule!

          14. Tiger says:

            She is the “Walking Dead” think on this they had nobody else to put into this race. She will stroke out and die. Be positive. This Nation built on Christians and won’t die now.

          15. Rodney Steward says:

            By having nobody else make you wonder if Obama is really leaving, and this whole election is a smoke screen for what ever may be taking place!

          16. Tiger says:

            He already said when overseas he wasn’t leaving Washington but hanging around to make sure his agenda was in full swing. She is a shoe in.

          17. Rodney Steward says:

            I’M thinking positive, I’M thinking positive, I’m thinking positive, …………. 🙂

          18. Tiger says:

            We know that positive thoughts work. We are thinking bringing down this corrupt governent and they thought Hillary a shoe in, think on it who else did they have, but she is so vile, so evil so corrupt like a rotting corpse she is going to take them down and they will fall like the house of cards they are.

          19. Rodney Steward says:

            And we the people??

          20. Tiger says:

            Well Rodney “We the People” still exist and they know it and fear it.

          21. Rodney Steward says:

            We did take the oath, and I know what I’ll have to do if pushed!!

          22. Tiger says:

            Millions of us know that is why H and O want our guns.

          23. Rodney Steward says:

            And why they’re having the VA to kill as many as possible, and disarming our Vets.!

          24. Tiger says:

            Trying to use PTSD and age as a leverage to condone it hasn’t flown yet, they keep trying.

            Not many of us coming home from these wars if medical and witnessed wounds etc or downrange are free from PTSD.

          25. Rodney Steward says:

            They’re very quick to claim U have a problem, I have a friend that was in the Gulf war, and as soon as he came home they told him he had a problem, they put him on three different Meds. and all 3 said may cause suicidel thoughts! No wonder there are more suicides than ever with the Vets!

          26. Tiger says:

            Easy way to get rid of our men isn’t it. Now they tried to hang that dx on me when I left but I said no thanks too much stigma with it plus noway do I take medications. I take herbs and only take an antibiotic if absolutely necessary and hasn’t been necessary but a handful of times over the last 15 years.

            Just like putting little children on Ritalin when I was working Baylor Shifts so I could work in my children’s school for years I watched as the classrooms became over crowded and the teachers more frustrated and more and more children being put on Ritalin, which we knew had terrible side affects and many have died when they grew older. These children were not ADD they were bored or not fitting into the teachers, “Norm”. My youngest one of them. They tried to actually tell me the school board could make him go to a psychiatrist and force me to put him on Ritalin. I told him you try cause he will be out of this school in a heartbeat, your problem is he won’t fit into your criteria test him, I give you permission. They did and in the third grade he had the mind and analytical perception of a high school senior. Hasn’t fared him well, like me he can’t be BS’d and bosses don’t like that. Except the military where I excelled. They love people with minds. Or they did.

            So his IQ off the wall and they changed their tunes. Yes they have many ways to kill us and like a doctor told me long ago, Cancer is a business find a cure and see all the millions of people out of work including drug companies.

          27. Rodney Steward says:

            This is the same thing that happened to my Nephew, but they put him on something that like to have drove him crazy, but he was smart enough to stop taking it without letting anyone know! He went to a doctor or psych. that said he was bored, and his IQ was way above the class he was in! Now he’s in the AIR FORCE, and has a highly classified job as a jet mechanic for the B1 Bomber, and is sent all over the world working on them! He loves his job, but he’s said that Obama has basically destroyed them, having to use used parts, letting his main help go for no reason, and most are older than him and were great at their jobs, and some with 17 years time, no retirement, just screwed! Obama is doing this to all of our military, making us weak, and showing his hatred for this country!

          28. Tiger says:

            Good for him. Yes I know what O has done. I hear from active military all the time.

            We sure need Trump.

          29. Rodney Steward says:

            Yes we do, I have 3 family members in the military, and they all hate Obama and Hellary, and they’ve said anything about God is a very bad thing now, and when I was in it was pushed on us to go to church, now they’ve all been shut down, but they have places for muslims to pray! I’d go in their and pi$$ on every prayer rug in there!

          30. Tiger says:

            LMAO good idea and yes Christianity wasn’t forced on anyone during the times I served from 1988 to this war. The troops just wanted the pocket Bibles we handed out and the Chaplains were our soldiers best friends downrange, boy those Chaplains really came back with scars on their memories. Yes under O everything is Islam but that will end also.

            Here is something I wish you would pass on it is what is being taught in Islamic schools. This is in America also. Oh and the Elvis Presley picture is an advertisement so click anyway my friend.

            See ya Monday.

          31. Worried Vet says:

            My wife and I knew a young lady like that, she was a beautiful girl and a great personality. She let crack control her even with all the help she received. She died alone in one of her dads rent houses at 23. Her dad found her when checking on the house.

          32. Tiger says:

            Sad and you know who we have to thank for our drug epidemic, Mexico.

          33. Worried Vet says:

            Yes and open borders that make it to easy for the gangs and drugs to come in. These idiot liberals must want to destroy this country because common sense tells us open borders are dangerous.

          34. Tiger says:

            The EU is now trying to tell Europe to drop all it’s borders and be open to the world.


          35. Worried Vet says:

            Well they have wanted that since WWII, when the allies set up the borders in Poland.

          36. Tiger says:

            Going to get ugly. Vigilante groups now forming all over Europe. WWIII on the way.

          37. Worried Vet says:

            I’m afraid your right. Even here people are fed up.

          38. Tiger says:

            Boy are they ever. I tell you the next attack that is big Muslims going to get burned out.

          39. downdraft says:

            WV…right…and isn’t it pathetic that we pay good tax money to finance drug rehab centers and psychotherapy, then continue to open the borders to “new recruits” for those psycho wards?

          40. Worried Vet says:

            It’s a huge scam. People hooked on pain pills are put on methadone. They go to these clinics everyday five days a week to buy meds. They keep going on time and they up the dose instead of lowering it. They keep it up and then go once a week to pick up their supply. This goes on for years and they don’t get off drugs. It’s a legal drug dealer instead of rehab. Its a cost for medicine in cash of average 60bucks in two states I know of. They bill Medicaid for most visits since most are on Medicaid. Most have to take Medicaid transportation and that’s billed. It is a huge racket. Sometimes cabs are used if no transport is available. I have seen this with family so they can’t tell me it’s not common. For over ten years it’s been going on with a family member. She started out hooked on pain meds and now she is on methadone and it’s legal. All the government is doing is controlling the addicts amount of drugs. It helps keep them off the street and not stealing or worse for drugs with some but not all. Anyone can look it up and see how many clinics are in your area and this is funded for the most part by taxpayers. The actual cure rate or percentage of them getting clean has to be very low. I have talked with many who have been on this for years, some for a decade or more. I don’t get how it’s legal and I really don’t get what good it’s doing. The patients for the most part from what I found will not work and don’t contribute anything. Out of 100 maybe more I found two that work but still take methadone. Some have children who are hooked on it when born and have to be weaned. They wonder why people know the government isn’t good at running anything. This alone has to cost in the billions each year to just Medicaid. I told a big shot years ago and a few politicians hire a crew to audit and pay them a commission on what they saved. They all said it couldn’t be done.

          41. Worried Vet says:

            It’s truly sad, we have family we spent over 30 grand trying to help, borrowed and borrowed and none of it helped. They still have problems with drugs, are homeless and losing their kids. Now because of what we did trying to help my wife and I are in bad shape. To hear them tell it though we’re no good and useless because after taking care of them for almost two years and to the point of us being homeless and losing all we have, it’s not enough. So my advice is tough love or they will drag you down with them. We are still trying to claw our way out of the mess were in, and it’s not easy believe Me. We don’t have anyone standing around paying our bills and buying our food. Hell we don’t even have a ride to the store. We decided to just do what we can for us. We’re to old and tired to try and support others. We still can’t help our selves with helping, we have stray dogs we feed when we can and to raise money we have s little yard sale going on, but we still have gave away things to people we know That are worse off than we are. It’s who we are and we will until God needs us. I know when people put their faith back in God things will get better.

          42. Rodney Steward says:

            I didn’t say anything about it but it sounds like my wife’s son, it was awful, I was always good to him and tried to help him any way possible! But he always seem to run with the wrong crowd, got on meth, got to doing stupid thing, stealing, name it, he tried it! But the best thing that happened to all of us, he got in some serous trouble and went to prison for 4 years, he’s been out about 5 years now and is still doing great! We can only hope he stays that way!

          43. Worried Vet says:

            Great. He understands OT starts with him and he is the only one who is able to fix it. I know we pray every day to get this fixed, soon they will hit bottom and God willing it will be enough. Thank God yours found out in time.

          44. downdraft says:

            You are a good person…tough love is difficult to administer, but effective…but it is still difficult because He expects us to be compassionate as well.
            Compassion, tho, comes in many shapes…including tough love!
            How did you say she abuses her husband? (cheating etc??)

          45. Tiger says:

            She actually hits him and she has cheated. We are helping him also.

          46. downdraft says:

            If he has ignored her cheating, and allowed her to hit him…then he is beyond your help…he needs a psychiatrist, or a body guard…or hangs around because she makes a lot from cheating (crude sounding I know, but more common than one might think)

          47. Tiger says:

            Who knows he isn’t quit right himself. But I know an abused person when I see one. He is abused.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Now who would have ever thought that such a thing could happen in a model city as Chiraq! This model city even has the strictest gun laws that work so well!!

  • justinwachin says:

    Once again we are reminded of the utter failure of the Obama economic recovery. This is nothing but wishful thinking from an incompetent president.

    Businesses and individuals caught participating in food stamp fraud should be hit hard in the wallet. These people are looting the public treasury. When they are found the treasury should go after their wealth. Once the price gets high enough, no one will want to engage in food stamp fraud. A good starting point would be a $1,000 fine for every dollar of food stamp fraud. If someone fraudulently converted $100 in food stamps their fine would be $100,000.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Sounds in line for the city that nurtured Ovomit. Corruption is rampant.

  • Son Shine says:

    Don’t want to see anyone go hungry, but this money is not going for food. Thank the Lord someone is doing their job and checking. If you want to see deficit fall? Keep checking. Also check for voter fraud in these areas. Voters are selling their votes. They have to get drug money some how.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I kinda believe somebody will loose their job over this!

      1. Worried Vet says:

        I doubt it. I also doubt anyone selling them won’t get into any trouble. The system fails because of PC crap. Hhs is scared of being sued for being racist when they press charges. I was even told that by guy who was way up on the food chain with HHS.

    2. Mkay19 says:

      We could back to the way it was . Instead of food stamps give them a box of food every month. If they don’t like food ; get a job.

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