Agency’s request for 52,000 rounds of ammo for Hoover Dam prompts inquiry

In a move that’s prompting questions about the stockpiling of weapons by the federal government’s nonmilitary agencies, the Bureau of Reclamation wants to buy 52,000 rounds of ammunition for use in law enforcement at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

After learning about the purchase request, Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei vowed to inquire with the bureau about its operations, number of officers carrying firearms and how much ammunition it uses, according Brian Baluta, a spokesman for Amodei.

Department officials declined to provide specific information to the Sun regarding details of the ammunition purchase request. “We want to limit the amount of information any bad guys might have about our protection capabilities,” said Rose Davis, a Bureau of Reclamation spokeswoman.

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  • Another attempt to take ammo off the shelves! It is imperative that every American find out who all the State and Federal Employees, names and address’, in your prospective areas, so that if Obama and his Administration of Islamic Homosexual Sewer Slime and the lowlife Idiots who follow this Satanic Fecal Dropping called Obama, make a move against We, the People, then they, their families, and their property shall also be open for attack! These Leftist Cockroaches want to take our Freedom, then the majority of them will die trying! Hopefully, the Kenyan Monkey will be the first to go! It will be a great day for our Nation and it’s people when we wake up with Obama’s obituary as the Headline! Talk about starting the day with a Smile!

  • Magnus Erectus says:

    Basic problem is that our muslim jihadist in the WH, has failed to get his desire to confiscate all firearms, so he is doing the next best thing…he is getting his supporters in government agencies to buy lots of ammo, so it won’t be available for us “commoners” to buy.

  • elda says:

    Do you think it possible this has even the remotest connection to “Jade Helm”?

  • Texas Belle says:

    An enemy would probably resort to explosives to destroy the dams. Ammo would not be a defense in that situation.

    1. concerned says:

      Resorting to explosives is the reason that a new river crossing was built and trucks are not allowed to cross the dam.

  • nonstopca says:

    Just another stock pile for “Obama’s private army” He has them EVERYWHERE.

  • concerned says:

    Some seem to forget that there are those who would come in and destroy that dam and release all the water that is stored behind it. We even went to the expense of building a separate bridge so that only certain vehicles were permitted to cross it. Even then they have to be inspected to make sure that they are not large truck loads of explosives that could damage it. Just try to take a tour through the place. You would think that you were getting on an airliner and they make sure that you don’t even have a small pocket knife. I mean think of all the damage someone could do to that cement structure with a 4 inch pocket knife. It is clear at least to me that this is just another “control the people” thing that is being put forth by those with power and has nothing to do with security of the facility. Those getting on airplanes go through the same inspection except if they are of Islam where the real danger lies. Little children and old women are treated like terrorists and those with that background have a free pass. Israel has the right idea and they focus on those who are really terrorists and leave the other people alone. We could take a lesson from them and be more secure in the process. This is just more of Obama’s arming his private army to control the American people. Many federal agencies are going through the same process with millions, no billions of rounds purchased of hollow point ammo. Pray tell why are they storing hollow point ammo? It does not take much to understand that it is to control the American people.

    1. Terry Spencer-Hoekstra says:

      I’m not at all sure that the real enemy here is the Muslims. Who’s buying the ammo?

      1. concerned says:

        You are right, this ammo is intended to be used on citizens of the USA. No person of Islam is going to give a hoot about a dam full of water.

    2. concerned says:

      Some did not understand that the first part of this was tongue in cheek, the first sentence.

  • jerry young says:

    are they afraid someone from California will try to steal a drink of water? unless there is a need to shoot at a rat or something like a politician trying to overstep their authority then about a thousand rounds per officer on site is sufficient, replace this once every 5 years just to keep it fresh, I have bought and shot ammo much older than that, as long as it’s stored properly the life of unused ammo should be longer than 5 years, when I go to the range to practice I use my own ammo so should they! and yes I know that having security to guard against terrorists is neccesary but you don’t need a whole army there at the same time, backup can bring any extra ammo and any ordinance needed.

    1. elda says:

      There isn’t enough water there to get a glass of water. It is not the drought that is taking all the water, it is trying to support Las Vegas in the middle of the desert. The city has grown way to big like LA they have no water of their own only that which they vote to take from others.

  • oldvinnie says:

    Not that much per officer.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If you have 52 officers and the shout 100 rounds a month at the range that ten months worth.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        I taught marksmean ship to the membbers of several large police deoartments, most of them fire once a year for qualification

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