Angry Mob Derails Charles Murray Event at Middlebury College, Sends Professor to Hospital

An angry mob of protesters injured a professor after derailing an event at Middlebury College last week featuring American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray.

Murray, who is perhaps best known as the author of the controversial book The Bell Curve, was unable to speak at an event held at Middlebury College on Thursday. Murray is also a member of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a well-respected think tank dedicated “to defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom and democratic capitalism—limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility, vigilant and effective defense and foreign policies, political accountability, and open debate.” Other members include Arthur Brooks and Christina Hoff Summers.

A group of student protesters began reciting a prepared chant as soon as Murray took the stage.

The students were concerned with a portion of Murray’s writings that suggests that the relationship between race and IQ may be due partially to genetic factors. Students called him a white supremacist, despite his scholarship suggesting that East Asians have higher IQs on average than Caucasians.

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  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “Students called him a white supremacist, despite his scholarship suggesting that East Asians have higher IQs on average than Caucasians.”
    Facts are irrelevant to student leftists. Feewings and communist talking points are the order of the day.

  • RuFus92 says:

    What a sorry state of affairs this country is in.

  • Luke says:

    liberals seem to have more animal tendencies than human

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Explains how they can go gaga over PETA and still love the baby sacrifices done by Planned Parenthood.

  • justinwachin says:

    Okay. Are they planning to protest at the local abortion clinic next? After all Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, the queen of eugenics. Planned Parenthood slaughters a larger number of black babies per capita than white babies. Planned Parenthood, like Hitler’s Nazi Party, is founded on eliminating “inferior” races. They will not say that, but if you plan a strategy well enough you don’t have to say anything.

    Colleges bill themselves as a place where there can be a free exchange of ideas. It seems that only works on a certain range of ideas. The administrators should send a message to the student body that shouting down others isn’t what truly open-minded, tolerant people do. What we are seeing on many college campuses is a move toward incivility in the name of tolerance and social activism. The campus police should have restored order. A vocal minority of childish idiots should not be allowed to deprive others of the chance to hear a guest speaker.

  • Tiger says:

    Arrest them, let them cool their jets in jail for a few months. This isn’t a protest this is a hanging mob. They need a lesson. I remember as a young girl there was a black doctor and scientist who said on TV there is a difference in the size of the brain cavity in whites and blacks. He said the blacks brain cavity smaller and he also said the average IQ of blacks was 80. He was fried for it and he was never heard from again.

    1. goldie says:

      Truth is unfashionable these days. We now must say what the sjw’s want us to or we will be beaten – this by the ‘tolerant’ left.

      1. Tiger says:

        Law and order back on the books they will get what is coming to them, others are getting it. Will take time for them to get the message but sooner or later someone going to take these punks down with a fist.

        1. goldie says:

          Trump supporters are starting to fight back and denounce the left’s tolerance hypocrisy.

          1. P-daddy says:

            I heard it before, it’s time to fight back. Let’s roll.

          2. Tiger says:

            I sure am ready to do just that but like I say my area all stay clear of. Military town. Ranchers and farmers and good ole boys and real outlaws.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    Rude people behaving like little satans.

    1. Tiger says:

      The last 40 years of Communists running our schools has worked, they have good little Brown Shirts who now even beat up old people.

      1. Brianakpriest says:

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  • chocopot says:

    I have only two questions. How many arrests were made for this overtly criminal behavior? How many of those will be prosecuted?

    1. Tiger says:

      Agreed time for them to go to jail and play with the big boys and girls who will welcome them.

    2. Kx Brien says:

      They should be arrested, convicted of felonies and removed from school. The only kind of future these little lefties deserve. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are sooooo proud!

      1. chocopot says:

        Agree to all you say.

      2. goldie says:

        They like to hit old people over the head for freedom of speech and hide in violent groups – cowards.

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