Baltimore In Flames As Sharpton Plans Visit…

by The Daily Caller
April 27, 2015

Don’t worry, Baltimore. The Reverend Al is on his way.

Al Sharpton said Monday that he is going to visit Baltimore this week against the backdrop of violent riots and looting in the aftermath of the funeral of the late Freddie Gray.

“I have been asked by many in the Baltimore area since day one to get involved in the justice for Freddie Gray movement,” Sharpton said in a statement. “I will come to Baltimore this week at the invitation or Rev. Westley West, who has led vigils daily there, along with local clergy, and morning radio show host Larry Young who has headed our Baltimore chapter of NAN for the last decade.”

Sharpton wants to organize a two-day march next month to protest the death of Gray, who passed away from injuries after being seized by Baltimore police.

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  • sn says:

    sharpton is nothing but an instigator of trouble. What the heck is he doing roaming the streets of America; free to cause problems. He should be in jail for TAX evasion. How many millions of dollars does he OWE in back taxes? Oh, obamy will pardon him for sure……

  • John Mackey says:

    Just what the city of Baltimore needs is racist reverend Sharpton showing up in the midst of all this. Someone needs to tell this self proclaimed reverend to keep his nose out of it that his help is not needed or wanted. Where is his lap dog Jackson? surprised he’s not going to Baltimore as well.

  • John says:

    It would seem that the only result that accompanies Al Sharpton is more color unrest. Racial is the wrong word because all of us are descended of the same race by way of Adam and Eve. With the police not being allowed to do their jobs insurance rates will rise causing a raft of other unhealthy conditions for American society.

    1. smankes says:

      i say let them live were they riot. not move them to a better place. clean up were you live rebuld or stay as is.but the bleading harts will move them to a better place give them money so they will feel better and they can steel som of the money. riots are good it develops money. payooffs steling and thaet is good for som. bad for the paleface who pays for this.if the bleading harts assholes bled like there harts we would run out of kotex fast.

  • Michael Stageman says:

    Well assuming this piece of psuedo religious shit comes to town and incites riots then the police could arrest him then find someone with a light aircraft which they are about to have forclosed on and for the police to rent it for 24 hours. I am sure there is a licensed pilot who has done some sky diving would agree to fly it and put shittown in the back under the pretense of flying him home when over a very large piece of wilderness or ocean the pilot would jump out parachute to safety and bingo the headlines would read “Shit Sharpton killed in light plane crash.” I remember this scenario from an old movie I think.

  • the redhawk says:

    Well let’s see what this TURD, Sharpton, will have to say about Baltimore being Run by a Black Mayor ( an IDIOT0 and a black Police Chef ) Who kept the Police from Stopping LOOTERS)
    Who is going to BLAME But His Professional Thugs and Dirt bags anarchists he Shoved into Ferguson?? Some of which Cong Mellon Head Cummings said came to Baltimore….???

  • teaman says:

    Maybe this time the ultimate race baiter will make enough money to pay his taxes! Nah……I don’t believe he cares about paying up!

    1. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      I have to believe that there are many on either side of issues that believe Al Sharpton needs to stay away. He can bring about no good and he can not stop any bad

      1. the redhawk says:

        Sharpton the HEADINASS Money maker from RIOTS should spend his time PAYING TAXES ,,,,

    2. K9 says:

      maybe someone will shoot “rev al” and put him out of his misery, that would be the best thing to happen since the discovery of this country

      1. MARINE60 says:


  • Gerry says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that anyone who wanted peace in Baltimore would ask this weasel to come to their city. They are asking for more trouble, more rioting that will last a lot longer than 1 or 2 nights. It is my opinion that obama is probably sending the weasel there to further advance his racial agenda so that he can declare martial law. I also believe that the stand down order to the police came from much higher than the mayor of the city. sharpton is going there for one reason and one reason only — to incite the people and to help the agitators who were sent there to continue with the rioting.

  • Gary Picha says:

    Sharpton only is involved to put gas on the fire. The black bastard should be shot. F the niggar.

  • I wish protesters would throw some bricks at him. I think he’s been paid off to instigate martial law

  • dww says:

    I hope he is arrested, put in a dungeon, and throw away the key. He is such a corrupt individual, and all he wants is his name splashed everywhere — even if it’s against his friends!!!

  • william says:


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