Burning teepees, floating buffalo and zombies: Dakota Access pipeline protest plagued by ‘fake news’

The photo was startling, showing teepees engulfed in flames with a caption condemning police for setting a Dakota Access protest camp on fire.

The only problem: It wasn’t true. Even as the image created an uproar Thursday on social media, websites such as Gizmodo and Snopes reported that the frame was taken from the 2007 HBO film “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.”

The picture, which appeared under the heading “International War Crime” on the left-wing Alternative Media Syndicate, also had been doctored. The original publicity shot included no snow or bales of hay, but as Gizmodo’s Matt Novak pointed out, the picture accompanying the Dakota Access story did.

“Even [though] there was strong militarized police presence on Wednesday which resulted in 76 water protectors arrested, the police did not set fire to the teepees,” Native News Online reported.

Into every political battle a little propaganda must fall, but those involved in the Dakota Access pipeline clash worry that the deluge of disinformation has gotten out of hand, inflaming pipeline foes and making the situation on the ground more perilous for protesters and law enforcement alike.

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  • Rodney Steward says:

    Free lessons from CNN, or CBS, MSM, MSNBC, ABC, they’re all the same, with all their 50 viewers! Now that Trump has given the OK for work to continue, here comes trouble again, and things are going to start ending a lot different, but something has to be done to these ISIS food idiots!

  • solog says:

    What happened at Standing Rock with the peaceful protesters, was wrong! The county, government and company used county officers from different jurisdictions and different states, as well as, the military to use uncalled for force and tactics against the people protesting. The guns, equipment and everything else used was issued by county, state and government agencies, which are funded by county, state and federal taxes, and they used these agencies, funding and resources for a company. On the other hand, you have violent protests and riots in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Chicago, etc….and there is no resistance. In fact, law enforcement receive a stand down order….pretty pathetic!

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      These rioters are getting out of hand like every where else, and if they don’t let up, someone’s going to die! If the local law is like every where else, Obama has taken away the things needed to deal with OUT of control thugs, PAID to cause serious trouble!

    2. goldie says:

      That is a lie. Those ‘peaceful protesters’ at Standing Rock, Native Americans excepted, destroyed a bridge, burned trucks, started fires, killed horses and cattle on private land… I could go on. Not to mention the filth they left on a flood plain – where do you think that will go this spring? Right into the ‘water is life’ that they are trying (?) to protect. (lies). Some of these paid and professional protestors were also involved in the Inauguration threats which the FBI found very interesting. I know, I am there. Even the Standing Rock people want them gone.

  • justinwachin says:

    It seems the liberal activists are the masters of fake news. They have an agenda and will use whatever lies are needed to advance it.

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    2. justinwachin says:

      Note the blocked user was a spammer pushing some Google scheme. I selected the block user option in the upper right corner of that post so it would not interfere with reading/discussion.

      1. Ramon1710 . says:

        Problem is after Disqus cuts the marketing moron’s account for spam abuse, the same guy uses the same picture and a new fake name. This is about the 8th name I’ve seen tagged to this icon.
        Sometimes his uses other pictures. Past names have included Hesterfesta, HeidiMcNaulty, MelissaScott, KarlyCody, ClaraFisher, CynthiaSuuceda, CynthiaNesbit, et al.
        Disqus needs to close off his IP address.

        1. justinwachin says:

          I agree with you on Disqus cutting off the spammer’s IP address. Until they do, I would encourage everyone to choose the Block User option when they see a spam message on this website. I mentioned what I did because I didn’t want anyone to think I blocked a reply to my comment which I disagreed with.

  • David Stewart says:

    Yep, a Commiecrat standard ploy; never let a crisis go to waste or even Create a crisis whenever possible!

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