California May Break with Trump, Create State-Level Single-Payer Health Care

by Awr Hawkins | Breitbart
March 1, 2017

As President Trump talks of revealing a replacement for Obamacare in March, the state of California is talking about going its own way and instituting a single-payer health care system for state residents.

Such a system would allow the state to designate an agency to serve as an insurer; all residents would pay into that agency which would, in turn, pay doctors and hospitals when residents needed medical care.

According to the Los Angeles Times, single-payer health care has long been a goal of progressives in California. Bills to establish it were passed in 2006 and 2008 but were vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, however, advocates say the combination of a pending Obamacare repeal and the Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) push for such a single-payer system during the presidential election may have set the stage for securing the one-size-fits-all system.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    IT’ll Be interesting HOW MOON BEAM plans on FUNDING this nEW ODUMBOCARE ( MOONBEAMCARE) while Businesses nad Folks are ESCAPING the ZOO Known as KALIPHORNIA

  • Janis says:

    Calfornia, please leave the Union. Can’t happen fast enough. Remember, you DO have to take Nancy Pelosi with you.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      ALL of their ELECTED (D) IDIOTS PLEASE!!!

  • NM Leon says:

    Just as long as the rest of us don’t have to bail their sorry libtard arses out, go for it.

  • justinwachin says:

    If the people of California want a single payer system that is fine with me. According to the 10th amendment to the Constitution, issues such as health care should be handled on the state level. Free health care is not a constitutional right regardless of what some sleazy politicians say.

  • Ken says says:

    Good idea CA – you be sure to take all your Illegals into the program for RESIDENTS too. How will you handle Medicare? I sure am glad I bailed out of that flooding, burning, shaking, over taxed State 10 years ago.

  • Bob says:

    That states are taking responsibility for their citizens is the goal of this administration and it is great to see that CA has come on board. (That will get them to change their tune about this program)
    If they actually think they are going to start a massive program like this to cover all citizens and, know the “progressives” out there, non-citizens with out Federal assistance, they are the dreamers. They can not fix their infrastructure, like dams and roads, but they can spend what money they have on private law firms to combat the feds and illegals getting free health care? Seems kind of fishy to me.

  • P-daddy says:

    I can see the Great California Bailout, coming. The social programs are going to topple this State.

    1. Ken says says:

      Pity!!!! BUT no bail out – wear your big boy pants for a decision that may have undesired results. Do it on your own and you own it.

    2. Retired says:

      If they do so , stop all federal money to the state and watch them sink over night .

  • mort_f says:

    Go ahead and ‘opt out’. If enough states follow suit, Obamacare will not need to be repealed at all. A return to constitutional federalism, it should never have been a Federal government function. Nor should the Federal government provide bankruptcy protection for states.

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