Calls For Texas Independence Surge In Wake Of Brexit Vote

After residents of the UK voted today to leave the European Union, the movement for an independent Texas may be gaining serious momentum, with thousands online calling for a “Texit.”

The largest group agitating for secession is the Texas Nationalist Movement, which has been promoting its own version of Brexit, called Texit, over the past several weeks. The group has taken inspiration from the pro-exit campaign in Britain, noting that the two movements share many of the same principles. Daniel Miller, president of the TNM, told Australian website, “The vast majority of the laws, rules and regulations that affect the people of Texas are created by the political class or unelected bureaucrats in Washington” — a sentiment which echoes the arguments made by the British Leave campaign.

Vocativ analyzed use of the phrase “Texit” since the beginning of 2016, finding that use of the phrase exploded when the Brexit results were announced on Friday, June 24. As of publication, more than 5,800 people on Twitter used the phrase, a five-fold increase from the day before. 1,745 people tweeted about Texit between 7:00 and 8:00 AM London time, the hour when the final results were announced, with more than 3,000 Texit tweets posted in the hours since.

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  • justinwachin says:

    If Hillary Clinton wins election in November I think a lot of people in other states will begin to talk about the same thing. A Hillary Clinton appointed Supreme Court will be just like her–corrupt and an enemy of the Constitution.

    Our Constitution is a model for the world and is still a very good governing document. Unfortunately our country is being overrun by idiot voters who elect politicians that ignore the document and trample on our rights. It’s time we the people tell Washington that the states, not the Supreme Court, determines marriage laws. It’s time we tell Washington that killing millions of innocent babies a year for profit is not a right granted by the Constitution. It’s time we tell Washington we are ready to put God and education back in the local school systems.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    All 50 states should secede and leave the District Of Columbia high and dry. Then build a wall around it and make it a prison.

    1. retiredairforce says:

      And leave the 535 crooks on Capital Hell as inmates.

  • Dawn says:

    You hit the nail right on the head Warren. Have a great day!

  • ken51136 says:

    If Hillary gets into Washington as president; then exceeding from the Union would be one of the smartest moves any state could make. They could decide who is dumped in their state, what their money (tax dollars) are spent on, and the best part is Hillary would not be in control of Texas’s borders and the will of the people. The state could write laws that work for the people and not the liberals in Washington. Those who disagree could move to a state that suites their way of thinking ( Liberal Welfare State where no one works and everyone is on welfare. ( I wonder how long that state Would Last?)).

    1. Shaymamma8 says:

      ken, the word is secede not exceed. You must have graduated from one of the under funded Texas schools!!!

      1. ken51136 says:

        Funny, I didn’t have to put the right word for both of us to know what I was referring to. When the Liberals say anything; no one can see through the Washington lie the spew out. I live in a state that was dumb enough to vote for Clinton, and Obama twice. They fall for the America the free, and believe the can get everything for free; because the liberals said they would give it to them with little concern to the working tax payers and retired tax payers.

        1. Shaymamma8 says:

          You are correct, I am a retired teacher,and I am used to deciphering nonsense, therefore, I knew what you were trying to write. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

          1. ken51136 says:

            I’m sure you also know that the mind and eye can see a word that is not written correctly and know what that word is without seeing it spelled out a letter at a time. 2nd; everybody makes mistakes including you. I designed and built homes and I bet you could never do the things I can do; But I don’t criticize you for your inabilities / faults. It would be a waste of my time to tell you how to spend your time.

    2. retiredairforce says:

      Many of those states are liberal welfare states on the verge of bankruptcy like Mexifornia and the Democratic People’s Republics of Illinois and New York.

  • jmortensen says:

    All States should Exit .. States rights have been depleted by a corrupt Federal Government .. time to follow the Constitution ..AS WRITTEN !

  • Blue 3 says:

    I’d apply for citizenship immediately. Also, anyone who says self-deportation is foolish would find out just as fast they were wrong.

  • Luke says:

    If that radical wacko clinton is elected by some uncanny and unscrupulous reason I will move to Texas and help them leave this gimme society of libnuts.

  • Shaymamma8 says:

    I hope you who are calling for Texas to be an independent state realize that the government will pull every facility they own from Texas, along with any unused monies from the government, and anything else that says USA on it. Hopefully, someone will get the ball rolling soon, and get this over with. Long live the USA!!

    1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

      While the Feds may pull all projects out of Texas. the pendulum goes both ways. The US gov gets no more taxes from Texas either and it has long been proven that the flyover states (of which Texas is one) pay much more tribute to the Fed government than they receive in benefits.

      1. Shaymamma8 says:

        TPP, not true, look it up. Someone has fed you a banquet of bullshit!!!

        1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

          It is quitre obvious that you are nothing but a troll. consequently I will not even discuss the subject with you. Texas should with draw from the union and put toll gates on the interstates going east and wes and north and south. It won’t be Texas that will be petitioning for relief from the tolls and expenses of traveling through Texas

        2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

          Gee its amazing ! ! ! according to the tax and spenders every state receives more money and benefits from the federal government than the amount of taxes they remit to the feds . . . . Damn I have to get a calculator like that..

  • Zap says:

    The loss of Texan electoral votes would leave the rest of the conservative states to the will of leftists and perverts.

    1. rhuland says:

      So they can/should also secede, Just indicentlaly, the US needs Texas a lot more than Texas needs the US. Time for a new Confederancy? The south and west (except CA) could easily accommodate a new conservative government based on the ORIGINAL ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, and let the liberals tax themselves to death in the East.

  • obama says:

    It would be good riddance. A new route for that wall.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      It would really be a good thing, they would decide on who goes and who stays, and not the Gov.!

  • Frankie Boy says:

    When can I apply for citizenship ? Hope they make it illegal to be a Democrat !

  • Brahman says:

    If Texas does “Texit” it would create a magnet for people to be drawn to a State without Federal rules and regulations.

  • bobnstuff says:

    It does sound nice to get rid of Texas but short of a revolution it can’t happen. There has been much written on the subject but it all boils down to the fact that once joined the can just leave. We fought a war over that, you may have heard of it, The Civil Wars.

    1. gerald Hughes says:

      If they decide to leave the feds will do nothing, You don’t fight war on the same continent when both sides have nukes.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        8% of all employees in Texas work for the US government. there are 200,000 US servicemen serving in Texas. If Texas would leave the union these people and the money they spend would be gone as well as the military bases. Texas would have no navy or any other defense except the National Guard. ICE would be gone as well as the border patrols, they would move north to keep the Texans out of the country. All services provided by the US government would be gone and they would be on their own. As far as I’m concerned Texas can leave any time they want but first they need to give back everything that belongs to the US government.

        1. gerald Hughes says:

          Wouldn’t have to worry about that they would cheerfully give back anything belonging to the government.
          They would stop all welfare and foodstamps, within 2 weeks you liberal dem bloodsuckers would have all of the Mexicans in your areas
          Lose ICE, lol why not scrub they are doing nothing.
          Texas would ask for volunteers station them at the border, shoot anything crossing illegally, illegal immigration would stop in a week.
          Within 6 months 2/3 of the non hispanic population would be living in Texas.
          as well as half the businesses that can travel.
          With in 2 years you garbage would be in the streets rioting and burning because they can no longer fund your handouts.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Yep, and another is on the way, Obama’s going to make sure of that this summer!

    3. rhuland says:

      And indeed it was an illegal war, sponsored by a power-hungry president from the north. The Constitution was believed by almost everyone at the time to assume that if you joined you could unjoin. Since the north was trying to economically strangle the south, the only logical course of action was for the south to secede. It had nothing to do with slavery, which was already a dying institution and would have been gone anyway in another 20 years. Lincoln was the worst president, second only to Obama, this country has ever had.

      1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

        I don’t know about lincoln being the worst second only to the 0webomb . LBJ and FDR were also very destructive to this countries financial stability. If lincoln had lived he possibly could have melded the country back together via comprimises.

  • Dawn says:

    Maybe more states will follow. Show that we are tired of all and the many
    people in govt that sit on their butts and do nothing. Too many in govt. now.
    That money could go to other good causes. Go Texas.

    1. Warren says:

      To Many plus very overpaid with ridicules Benefits also way to many Days & time Off try calling a worker at the VA after lunch on Friday There should be no Unions allowed for Taxpayer Paid Workers. Set a Market Wage for the Job & Social Security is a Federal Retirement Fund if they want they can band together for an additional Plan & pay for themselves like we have to. Gov Workers do not pay into our Retirement ( SS ) why should we be paying into theirs?

  • J.B. Young says:

    Sounds like a good idea considering the garbage we have in Washington.

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