Carlos Beruff already labeling Rubio a ‘career politician’

It took less than 48 hours for Marco Rubio to nearly clear the field in what had been a crowded GOP U.S. Senate primary.

One after another, Republican candidates — some who had campaigned for more than a year — dropped out last week rather than face Rubio, one of the GOP’s leading figures nationwide.

The last Republican standing in the way of Rubio claiming the nomination is a brash Manatee County homebuilder who has drawn comparisons to Donald Trump.

Carlos Beruff seems determined to fight on regardless of the overwhelming odds against him.

“I feel he’s personally, organizationally and mentally engaged” in the race, said developer Pat Neal, a long-time Beruff friend.

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  • dmttbt says:

    He has already proven he is a career crook. they don’t even mention anymore that he was under investigation for misuse of campaign funds several years ago, and he finally admitted it and said it was just a book keeping mistake or words to that effect. Jesse Jackson has a son that went to prison for that same thing only he was so unprofessional as a crook, he said yes I have been doing it for 4 years. These are crooks, don’t even say honorable in the same sentence with them.

  • justinwachin says:

    The people of Florida need to consider how well they are being served by a senator who is traveling around the country seeking another job. There’s a real possibility that Marco will hit the campaign trail ago in 2019 if Donald Trump loses in November or decides to be a one term president.

    I’m not against a person having dreams and ambition. I can’t help but wonder how well a state is represented in the Senate when their senator is not actually at work.

  • snowyriver says:

    I personally would think that running for president when you were Constitutionally not eligible, would end Rubio’s political career. Szme goes for Ted Cruz. Neither was a “natural born citizen” as required by our Constitution.

  • Bingolady says:

    If we want Trump in the WH in 2017, we must do our part to put him there. It is going to take more than just blogging. Let’s all get to work.

    1. helensatmary says:

      I agree. Too late to come up with a new candidate. As long as he has a VP who like Gingrich or someone with his knowledge who can keep Trump on track we will be fine…..His intentions are honorable, he loves America and will, with the help of a seasoned, knowledgable VP will make America proud. We do NOT want Killary who destroys every thing this Country stands for and we will also LOSE OUR LIBERTIES> She is another Obama and perhaps worse! She has absolutely no love for the Consttiution which keeps us FREE!!! And we do not need Rubio. He adds nothing to the Congress.

      1. Bingolady says:

        I agree completely. I really like Gingrich.

      2. snowyriver says:

        VP has nothing to do with it.. Trump needs a cabinet of the sorts that Reagan had, and pay attention to them.

        1. dmttbt says:

          ok, do you want him to start now?

  • carpkiller says:

    He is a crook, liar and backstabber

  • champion2211 says:

    Now it is the voters time. Now if all politicians were made to be volunteers for the job, no pay, no allowances, no nothins except the job itself. Just as it was when our forfathers started this country. They got no pay, no allowances, but the one thing is they have to be elected by the people and if they don’t do a decent job we can vote them out or just plain fire them. This is the people’s choice. This is all politicians plus no more than 3-3 year terms. All they get is a thank you if they do a good job. No retirement, just maybe a thank you.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Just like the election in 12 that should have removed Obama, we now have a nation that cares NOTHING for the quality of the person or how much he will serve the people. They are only concerned with appeasing the “power” and getting an edge.
    Just one more indication that God will judge us. Even those who would oppose the wicked who lied about being against amnesty, are willing to bow to those who are the most deceptive.

    1. Jimmee41 says:

      You are nothing but a whiner…your ONLY choice is Trump or else you support “H” by default. You seem to be quite confused…and self righteous!!!!

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You know, I just heard a report from James Dobson that Trump has become a real Christian. And because I trust Dobson, I am reconsidering him
        BUT YOU just undid it all. The typical Trumpster attacks are sickening. And stupid. You are guaranteed to alienqate the very people you need to win over.
        But that is not what you are about, is it.
        No, you are about smearing, demeaning and insulting.
        And all of this while UNABLE to actually defend him.
        I make points and prove what I say by facts and the very videos showing Trump doing and saying what I say he says.
        Let’s see how many names: whiner, “support H by default” confused and the ultimate for a NONCHRISTIAN who has no idea what it is to be a Christian, SELF-RIGHTEOUS.
        I am sure that you are enjoyinig yourself. For sure, you do not plan to actually win anyone over. But that is not what a Trumpster is about. You are about domination, insults, and proving how irrational and irritating you can be.
        Guess what. YOU SUCCEEDED.

        So in the spirit you have created,
        “You are nothing…….” LOL

        1. Jimmee41 says:

          I guess we are even then since you seem to be a character assassin yourself…and don’t know it!!!!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Character assassin? How so. Did I say something that was WRONG or a lie? Of course not.
            You continue to push YOUR opinion. Not just push it. You demand I cave and accept YOUR way. NOT going to happen.
            Now I challenge you to admit one thing. My opinion has so little respect that I have not changed a single person’s opinion. Do you agree? If not, they you give me more credit than I give me. And if you agree, why do you spend so much emotional energy trying to do me in?

          2. Jimmee41 says:

            You present yourself so self righteous and Christian yet you are so easily offended. My apologies. Consider looking at what you write from the point of view of the receiver. Perhaps you will see your need. I have said nothing more than what you have said. Have a great day!!!

          3. ADRoberts says:

            You seem to have a lack of logic. I went back and read what you said. The FIRST thing was to call me a WHINER. LOL
            My, my. And now you claim that I am easily offended. But that WAS your intent, wasn’t it? Of course it was. So now you want to backpedal and say we are alike? So was the words, “My apologies” are real apology? Of course not.
            So you called me a character assassin. And I asked you to prove it by pointing out how I had falsely demeaned. You ignored my challenge.

            “….nothing more than what you said.”
            It will be tough for you. But for you to have any credibility you have to quote my words and then your word, showing them to be the same.
            Now an interesting point. You linked an accusation that I am “self-righteous and Christian with an apparent anomaly that I am easily offended.
            Just admit it. You wanted to offend. Then you complain when you think I have responded as if I were offended.

      2. dmttbt says:

        Why does everyone forget that Trump got more votes for repub primary than anyone in history. Now the GOP leaders are saying stupid stuff like we might not back him because we don’t know if he is qualified for the job. To those people I say shove it up your . The people have voted and that is who elects people not you, you sorry excuses for politicians. It is the politicians fault that Trump has done so well, I don’t mean he is not the right candidate but with what we have had anyone should be able to do very well. With the exception of Hillary.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Of course he wants back in the drivers seat, he misses those $500 hair cuts, and most of all, the almighty POWER!!!!!!! And he also wants another shot at the White house, he’s young enough to wait awhile longer, and maybe he can learn to improve his attendance record!!

  • ralph says:

    Rubio did not do a dam thing that he was elected for he is nothing but a communist trash not worth the time of day

    1. helensatmary says:

      We do not need Repeat, repeat, repeat. Those who do that are there for their own enhancement. We need three term limits in the Congress and two terms in the Senate. No more than that. Exceeding that limit is only for the financial benefit of the encumbant….Not for America!!!

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