Central Texas businesses have mixed Open Carry policies

by Estephany Escobar
January 1, 2016

Businesses in Central Texas are making a decision on their policy regarding the new open carry law in Texas that takes effect on January 1.

Retailers in our area have mixed policies or no rules yet.

Bird-Kultgen Ford in Waco, which currently allows people to carry their weapons concealed, said the policy has not been a problem.

Customers will be allowed to open carry at the dealership in 2016.

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  • raffaelecafagna says:

    They like it or not , it is the Law ; Open Carry is here to stay .
    An Armed Citizen is a Polite Citizen and a Law Abiding Citizen ; that is US , WE the Americans . In Life there are any sorts of people and any sorts of police officers ; some good , some bad some ugly . Some policeman/woman should be garbage collectors not Law Officers ; majority don`t have a Clue about the Constitution .
    Many Americans are also ” Trouble Maker “. At First contact every policeman assumes we are Trouble .
    If you treat a person or policeman with respect , that person or policeman has no argument against you . No matter what , no matter the situation , keep your cool ; stay cool ; belligerence will not solve anything .
    A policeman`s life is on the line of fire , day in day out . If you are asked , say yes sir .
    With this new law there will be problems ; not for us law abiding citizens , but for that one person acting stupidly .
    Being Polite is not being Afraid ; Being Polite ( Respect ) is having Knowledge . Only Licensed C.H.L. can Carry open. Have your C.H.L. with you always and Current ; If asked , just comply . Be informed about 30-06
    and 30-07 . Before entering an establishment or grocery stores look , posted on the door and very visible , for 30-06 or 30-07. Do not disobey those rules .
    My friends , be safe always.

  • I Seigel says:

    This new law apparently affects about 925,000 Texans who already had concealed-carry permits. Now they will be allowed to openly carry. Do they have to wear their permits around their necks, so the public is assured they’re legal and that they’ve submitted fingerprints and passed a criminal background check?

    So I’m waiting for the news story in the not-too-distant future where a group of young Latino men – we could call them a gang, if you wanted – are walking down a neighborhood in McAllen or hanging out in a bar in Brownsville carrying Glocks and AK-47s, just minding their own business and the cops confront them and ask to see their permits. Or maybe other people in the neighborhood get spooked and call 911, like what happened with the little kid in Cleveland, or they decide to “stand their ground”. Or maybe this would happen with a group of black men in Amarillo or Midland.

    It’s just great when good white Christians are openly carrying. Let’s see how EVERYONE gets along when fully armed and openly carrying.

  • ADRoberts says:

    What are they afraid of? The liberal wimps who will whine and cry will not do anything to the business. And the business COULD wind up being held liable for patrons being shot and killed by criminals who will NOT obey their desires.
    What a bunch of idiots.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Afraid of anything, everything, except their own path of self-destruction, caused by abuse of the Constitution that provides their freedoms [by way of requiring personal responsibility in their actions]. As H.L.Mencken observed, “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

      1. ADRoberts says:

        God help us. At the base of their lack of intelligence is their lack of wisdom. And that is based in their rejection of Jesus Christ.
        First a person has to be aware that they lack wisdom. Then they could go to the book of James where it says, “If anyone lacks wisdom, he can ask God who gives generously to all …….”
        It is not difficult. It just requires a person to stop being their own god and accept the real God.

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