Chappaqua limits traffic on Clinton’s road

NEW CASTLE – The road where Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, lives in Chappaqua has been made a local-traffic-only street for security reasons and to reduce tourists from flocking to the cul-de-sac.

The Town Board this week voted to add Old House Lane to the list of such roads. Hillary and Bill Clinton have lived on the road for more than 15 years, moving there when she ran for a U.S. Senate seat.

Chappaqua is a hamlet within New Castle. The Town Board also added one other road, Green Lane, to those restricted to local traffic only. It’s a short cul-de-sac that runs parallel to Old House Lane.

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  • justinwachin says:

    That should make other residents happy. They will not have to worry about a bunch of visitors driving through their community to see where the super-wealthy live.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    special treatment every way including which rules and laws apply 🙁

  • Nana Monster says:

    As a resident of Upstate New York, all this broad did was buy a house here to become our senator and promptly did NOTHING for our state. Why anyone would be stupid enough to vote for her is beyond me. She’s been lying and cheating and hiding evidence since the Nixon Era.

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      also they used the house more as a vacation home than actually living there. This is probably the longest she’s been in residence in the 15 years.

    2. reggie says:

      socio and psychopaths have no honor, no shame, no embarrassment. They see their viewpoint, and either them to forward their agenda, or you are against them. If so, you will suffer consequences. The general population has 5% male, and 1% female. It’s a continuum disease. Think of the 1%, who are they, how did they get there?

  • Dudley Hill says:

    This only happens if your name is Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      or Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi…and did you see that the socialist Bernie just bought a third home?

  • Holy Joe says:

    Local Chappaqua Laws for the Defense of a well known Criminal Family – Clinton’s Cosa Nostra ?

  • reggie says:

    Great idea, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ group.

  • Watchdogman says:

    I suppose a civil war will happen if Clinton is elected..The pig of NY, Criminal, liar, probably murderer and ugly!
    It would cleanse this nation of haters of America Republic that has devolved into a Democracy!

    1. Holy Joe says:

      If their really is a God, maybe a few well deserving sinners will be struck down before November 2016 ?

    2. reggie says:

      or bozo will ‘create’ a civil war and declare himself king/

  • Phillip_in_TX says:

    Who would want to see where Hillary “Rotten” Clinton lived? I don’t want to be within 100 miles of that “cackling witch!”

    1. reggie says:

      I’d hate the smell of used adult diapers. Jave never smelled one, but…don’t want to either.

      1. reggie says:

        Love the spell correct that doesn’t know how to spell. Jave is I’ve

  • junkmailbin says:

    She elite ban the unwashed masses from their fiefdom. Time to drive on the road get a ticket and than take it to court.. Roads are public domain.
    This would be a good law suit to plaster all over the news.
    Since hilary wants so many Sirians brought in, barracks on her and her neighbors land would be great

  • Webb says:

    Security for The Elites…But Not for the Average American!

  • GrizzMann says:

    Democrats in the elite class all live behind fences. Why do they hate them for the country?

    1. Luke says:

      They should all be living behind bars..

      1. Phillip_in_TX says:

        And, some should be standing in front of a “tall wall” and receiving a “21 gun salute.”

        The problem with just being in prison is the chance of escape.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

          Or above a drop box with reusable hemp around their worthless necks!

    2. reggie says:

      Because they want us gone. they want the population reduced to 500 million down from around 7 billion. Every war, abortion,murder, fatal disease or accident helps their cause.

      1. Katie Jones says:

        No not gone for then they would not be able to transfer our hard working money up there to them. In my opinion…

        1. reggie says:

          The Agenda 21 is slowly being incremented. Read up on the rural farmers being driven out, Listen to bill gates on ted talk, The state of WY owns the wind, the state of OR owns rainwater. Easier to control 10 hire rise bldgs. Than 10 farmers who grow their own food..

          1. Katie Jones says:

            What is interesting to me is the people are not fighting this? Don’t they realized all of this is regarding their food?

          2. reggie says:

            The problem is that votes don’t count. The 10th circuit of appeals overturned the overwhelming majority vote that wanted to reinforce that the law is only US law. The ruling allows sharia law in the US. In Tx a Federal Judge Lynn Hughes overturned a vote, stating that the voters had no right to vote. CA – James Stewart was put in jail for 10 days for selling raw milk, which is allowed, with a ‘warning’ label. His customers were all part owner of the cows. It was like a cooperative. MI had armed raids on small pig farmers. Slow and steady…

          3. Katie Jones says:

            The 10th is a very liberal court as well as the ninth Liberal court as well. The put out nothing and I hope they get replaced by Donald or do they vote for these idiots??

          4. reggie says:

            Two problems, voter fraud, and the fact that these judges think they’ll be part of the elite. They won’t. They’re nothing more than useful idiots doing the dirty work of finishing off the Constitution, and when their job is done, they’ll be down in the trenches with the rest of us; it will be too late.

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